Explosive New Batwing Video from ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Set

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Dark Knight Rises Batwing Video Explosive New Batwing Video from The Dark Knight Rises Set

Some of the more interesting videos to leak from the set of The Dark Knight Rises have been the ones depicting the newest iteration of Batman’s Batwing (if, indeed, that’s what it’s called), particularly because they showcased Christopher Nolan’s continued commitment to giving us a Batman film not overly reliant on CGI.

Today we get to see videos of what will likely be the Batwing’s ultimate mission – pitting the vehicle against Bane’s Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck, or HEMTT for short. Plus, Tom Hardy talks about Christopher Nolan having full creative control on The Dark Knight Rises.

As we’ve previously warned, pre-release details, especially images and video, can contain MILD to MEDIUM SPOILERS for The Dark Knight Rises. If you are attempting to avoid spoilers altogether, please be advised to turn away now – you have been WARNED.

Below, we’ve arranged the videos as they’ll (probably) occur in the film: From Batman (in the Batwing) chasing down Bane in his HEMTT, to Batman firing explosives at the HEMTT,  to the same explosions occurring from the opposite angle, to the HEMTT being launched by said explosions into an opening in the road (to the lower level below).

Check them out, courtesy of YouTube users Smokeysify and Sdog1973 (via the Super Hero Hype Forums):






One of the coolest things about Nolan’s last two films (Inception and The Dark Knight) was his insistence on using as little CGI and as many actual stunts as possible. “Bad editing and continuity” aside, the Batpod/Joker chase scene in the middle of TDK is successful because the stunts are downright fantastic.

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There’s just something more visceral, riveting, and enjoyable about watching living, breathing human beings doing incredible, death-defying stunts as opposed to watching weightless, inconsequential action amid CGI explosions. If these videos are anything to go by (and one would presume that they are), it seems Christopher Nolan is attempting to exceed his badass stunt quota in his final Batman film.

batman fighting bane Explosive New Batwing Video from The Dark Knight Rises Set

Lastly, check out what Tom Hardy had to say to Scotsmen.com about Nolan’s creative control on TDKR:

“It is a little daunting. I want to do well, but I’m with the right team. I mean, Chris Nolan is brilliant. And he has relative carte blanche with the studios at the moment, so to step into a situation with a larger-than-life character in a larger-than-life world that is fully articulated and gearing up with such a massive amount of financial and creative support, it’s a fantastic opportunity.”

Of course, it doesn’t come as much a surprise that Nolan basically answers to no one on the film. After two massive hits in a row, it’s only to be expected. Hopefully, more films will follow a similar, practical effects-heavy route in hopes of obtaining similar success.

What do you guys think about the videos and actual stunts versus CGI? Let us know in the comments.


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The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters July 20th, 2012.

Source: Smokeysify and Sdog1973‘s You Tube Pages [via Super Hero Hype Forums], Scotsmen.com [via Comic Book Movie]

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  1. ooooooohhhhh!

  2. “Of course, it doesn’t come as much a surprise that Nolan basically answers to no one on the film. After two massive hits in a row, it’s only to be expected.”

    Too bad Sony didn’t get this Memo with regards to leaving Sam Raimi alone.

    • Rami wanted some fathe/daughter Vulture/Vultress high stakes robbery team up. That movie was long dead before it started.

      But I do like your Batman Begins reference.

      • I think he was referring to Spider-Man 3, not Spider-Man 4.

        • I think Ignur Rant was referring to Spider-Man 3, not Spider-Man 4.

          Sony just wanted to Venom in the movies as fast as possible…

          • No, Vulture was going to be Spider-Man 4. Raimi wanted Sandman only for Spider-Man 3, which is what I assume Raven 415 was referring to.

            • No, he wanted Vulture in #3 as well as Sandman. They even made it as far as actually entering discussions with Ben Kingsley for the part literally the day before they changed it to Venom.

  3. I know talking about upcoming movies is fun but, doesn’t anyone like to wait and see the finished product ? All these leaked videos of shooting is just a bit much.

    • I understand this point of view, in part. But it’s not like the article headline didn’t let you know what it was about. I assume nobody forced you to watch the video?

      • No need to get touchy about it, was just an observation. A movie is just so dissected and exposed before it’s even done that it might run the risk of being over-exposed before anyone even really sees it.

        It’s apart of the technology nowadays but, all of this information seems like it makes the DVD’s with special features redundant since people can see the movie being made while it is actually being made.

        • welcome to the internet :)

        • You really thought that was touchy? I told you I understood part of your sentiment. I also said I didn’t understand the part where, if you felt that way, you’d look at articles like this. That’s all, man.

        • Slayer, if people want to go look at spoilers, then they can look. That’s their prerogative.

          For certain movies, I try to remain spoiler-free. I did that with The Dark Knight.

          But with The Dark Knight Rises, the spoilers were coming fast and furious and from all corners, so it was pointless to resist them as a whole.

          It would have only ended up with me being pissed, so I embraced them to a certain extent. I don’t look at them all though. I didn’t watch the videos above.

          But already having seen some takes of both dramatic and action scenes, I know full well they’re going to look different in the theatrical release.

          For instance, I doubt the new Bat vehicle is going to be moving slowly through the streets as I’ve seen in many takes.

          I say, to each his own when it comes to spoilers. If they end up ruining their movie-going experience, then so be it. I wouldn’t worry too much about others, you’ll sleep better that way. :)

        • dude, the link you clicked on to get here said “Explosive New Batwing Video from ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Set” and if that wasnt enough.. he even warns you “As we’ve previously warned, pre-release details, especially images and video, can contain MILD to MEDIUM SPOILERS for The Dark Knight Rises. If you are attempting to avoid spoilers altogether, please be advised to turn away now – you have been WARNED.” and then you watched the videos anyways and then you complained about it LOL

  4. I wish they could use live rounds

  5. Great videos… But why batman keeps on coming during the day? I mean… Unless if they turn the scene kind of dark and it could be like a sunrise or is going to be night/sunset kind of thing. I hope the ending is epic… And hope is much better than TDK. Because TDK was just an amazing movie. I hope we get to see the scare crow :D lol he is like the villain that always get cought lol xD but also cool. I want to see a cameo of a villian on this movie.

    • It might be to symbolize that he comes out of the darkness and becomes a true hero for the people of Gotham, no longer needing to hide behind fear and myth to save all of those who need him. Or it could be that his ride was stolen. Who knows?

      • It also could be based on the fact that Gotham is under siege and people are getting killed (probably?). It’s not like Batman can say, “I know that folks are dying, but it’s still five hours until sundown.”

        • Haha, good one Ben.

          I’m thinking either they’re going to darken the images by computer, or along the lines of what Ben is saying — things have gotten so crazy in Gotham that Batman has to fight while the sun is up.

          • Which is pretty huge, since crap hit the fan in TDK, and he still didn’t come out during the day as Batman.
            i.e. Bruce knew that something crazy was going to happen during Commissioner Loeb’s funeral, yet he went out as Bruce Wayne to handle the situation during the day time.

              • Lol… Well funny that y’all say that because before I post this comment I thought “bane is doing a lot of stuff the day” so I was guessing… Maybe batman just need to come out in the day and kick some ass. So… I am still hoping we get to see a cameo of another batman villain.

  6. I hope the climax doesn’t end up like Die Another Day (2002) with Batman fighting Bane while simultaneously Selina battles Talia.

    • I don’t think that was the reason Die Another Day was horrible.

      Plus, I’m pretty sure that was an action movie trope long before the 20th Bond film.

  7. The movie will be awesome,but it may not be as successful as TDK,i think d biggest movie of nxt yr will be The Avengers and maybe The Amazing Spider-man,frm wat i can see those movies have d potential to attract a lot of audience

  8. The other Superhero movies don’t stand a chance next summer… Spider-Man will do well. The Avengers is going to suck…

    • Dude… The avengers is gonna rock!!

    • N*gga please The Avengers is gonna blow Batception 2 out of the water.

  9. So the batwing is more like a bat-hovercar…does it never leave 4 feet from the ground!? I wanna see a badass dogfight!

    • It most likely will be lifted of the ground with a little CGI. Also its likely that they will erase the lower half, which seems to be a vehicle mount.

  10. I’m almost certain that Dark Knight Rises will be the biggest financial success next year. I think that Thor shared much of its audience with Captain America, and of course Iron Man and Hulk came before both of those films, and we can expect that many of the audience members for those films saw Thor and CA as well.

    Don’t get me wrong, I mean, Avengers will definately bring in the biggest revenue for an MCU film to date, but whether or not that’ll greatly exceed the box office revenue of all their previous films is something I’m still questioning. Let’s assume that ASM does just as well as 2002s original Spider-man flick. That’s optimistic, but with the 3D price boost, I think it’s worth humoring the idea (who knows, it could make more). If that’s the case, then Avengers would have to make at least $821 million world wide to top ASM. That’s just shy of $200 million more than the current highest grossing MCU film, which is Iron Man 2. That’s pretty huge. What we do know is that as far as fan approval, Avengers is definately a more praised upcoming project than ASM. Whether or not the general audience feels the same excitement is another matter. Both movies will definately be a success.

    But then again, with Batman, people are expecting colosal things out of Nolan. When TDK came out, it was a phenomenon. Many people left the theater wondering what Nolan would do to top it, and whether or not topping the film was even possible. Then he comes out with Inception and people begin to debate over which film was better. Whoever reviewed Inception over here at Screenrant voted for Inception, even though SR gave TDK a shiny bright review as well. So people are definately still pooping their pants over Nolan’s work. Probably even more so than they were for TDK, which is saying a lot.

  11. Why is Batman out during the day?

    • Because Harvey’s gone, and Batman’s now trying to be the White Knight. ;)

  12. Its probably a day 4 nite scene.@Levi The Avengers will definately pull in a huge box-office revenue but not as much as ASM of TDKR,people expect Nolan to top TDK,but its not an easy feat,Raimi’s Spiderman lacked character development,people expect Webb’s version 2 be different,TDKR might make over $800m but d $1bn mark might be 2 high,ASM may take $700m and above,it all depend on a no of factors

  13. Am I the only one who has lost interest in this film? My attention has recently been going to “The Avengers”. Now, before you start bashing me and yelling “TROLL!” know that I am excited for this film, but I don’t know, something in my gut tells me it’s gonna be bad. I could be wrong, but I just have this horrible feeling. I think the problem is Chris Nolan has become too much of a cocky director and I’m really starting to get sick of his attitude.

    • @ Sammy Jankis

      You’re not the only one. Im looking more forward to The Avengers next summer because i pretty much already know what to expect from Nolan’s last Batman film. Im more interested in a team-up film than another Batman film.

  14. In that picture, doesnt Bane look like he’s in that assassins uniform like Bruce was in the first movie? I wish he wasnt trained like Batman, rather have him raised in a jail-cell like the comics…

  15. Creepy smile batman…

  16. Holy Crap nicks !…gets better and better

  17. Ack! :(
    I still can’t get over the fact that Bane is SO SMALL!

    *Sigh* – I’m still exited about the movie though…

    • @ TheAvenger

      I agree. I hope cgi will fix that or somthing. Bane is suppose to tower over Batman, not be around the same height. I look forward to this movie aswell but hope they do a better job with Bane this time. Grrrr, ticks me off how they ruined him in Batman & Robin for me till this day.

  18. YES !!!! YES !!! YES !!!! I AGREE WITH “RAVEN 415 !!! ONE HUNDRED PERCENT !!!! NUFF-SAID !!!!

  19. The inclusion of Selina/Catwoman in this film was a bad choice on Nolan’s part. I would be willing to bet that many people are going to leave the theater thinking the movie could have been better without her.

    • Relax ! Relax ! … did u saw the a report on Ton Hardy about the film ? his words were “Trust Nolan” we just got to wait and see the film

  20. theese dark knight rises spoilers all look like they came from the set of terra nova (think thats the new tv show)