‘Dark Knight Rises’ Set Photo Reveals What Might Be The Batwing

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Batplane image from The Dark Knight Rises Dark Knight Rises Set Photo Reveals What Might Be The Batwing

It’s been a big few weeks for Batman fans as ever since production on Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises moved over to the public’s view in Pittsburgh and we’ve been gifted with set photos and videos galore. The best part is, is that the unofficial media has been very revealing, so much so that we’ve been able to confirm the return of a pair of Batvehicles and character costumes, through a photo of Bane standing on the Tumbler and the Batpod being ridden by Anne Hathaway, rocking her Catwoman suit.

A brand new photo from the set however, reveals what may be another vehicle in Bruce Wayne’s secret arsenal…

Bystander Ross Petrocelli managed to snap a photo during production earlier today and it reveals a new vehicular Batman-esque design we’ve not seen yet. It follows a similar design to that of the the top of the Tumbler and it could very well be a part of that, much like how the Batpod emerged from the crashed Tumbler in The Dark Knight Rises.

We all expected another vehicle to be introduced in the third Batman film – DC needs to sell some toys! – and there were rumors way back in March that The Dark Knight Rises would introduce a Batjet of sorts – could this be it?

Here’s the original image (click to enlarge)

And here’s a close-up of the important part:

The Dark Knight Rises Batwing Dark Knight Rises Set Photo Reveals What Might Be The Batwing

That definitely looks like something that could fly in the Nolanverse, and we can appreciate how it’s not actually designed to look like the Batman logo (a la Tim Burton’s Batman shown up top). That begin said, this vehicle may have added parts inserted through CGI effects and may transformer into more of a jet-looking shape.

With the plot spoilers we’ve learned from recent set photos, Batman will definitely need all the help he can get to save Gotham this time around, so another new ride is certainly part of the solution, especially if he will be going up a Tumbler (or multiple) himself. If this is truly a new flying machine for the caped crusader, than all the of the Batman vehicles we hoped to see are making an appearance to close out the trilogy.

Are you excited to see Nolan’s take on the Batwing and is this a photo of said vehicle? Or is it a bit too far-fetched, even for the Nolanverse version of Batman?

The Dark Knight Rises cast sees the return of Christian Bale, Gary Oldman, Morgan Freeman, Nestor Carbonell and Michael Caine along with franchise newcomers Anne Hathaway, Tom Hardy, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Marion Cotillard, Juno Temple, Josh Pence, Daniel Sunjata, Burn Gorman, Diego Klattenhoff and Alon Aboutboul.

The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters July 20, 2012.

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Source: Ross Petrocelli (via Batman-News)

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  1. Looks freakin cool

    • hell yeah!!

      • A double hell yeah!!!

  2. if he flies then the first teaser poster makes sense in showing the Bat sign over the city :)
    and yes i would be very excited to see him fly

  3. I’m sure it will fly. I can’t remember where I saw it, but does any one else remember the set photo, with all of the bystanders looking to the sky? It is highly probably, that it will fly.

  4. I don’t mind the tumbler, the bat pod is tolerable, but that thing is just hideous. It looks like a giant broken piece of a transformer toy.

    • Agreed. I actually liked how Burton made it look like the Batman symbol. I don’t see the problem with that.

      • Because it couldn’t realistically exist in Christopher Nolan’s Batman universe–or any universe with real laws of gravity, etc.

        Though, iconically, there is nothing wrong with Tim Burton’s Batwing.

        • And that thing can exist in a “realistic” batman universe? Let’s not forget this is a comic book movie. There can be some non logical elements to it.

          • Mr Sully,
            when they say realistic world they dont mean like our reality. they mean like the most realistic interpretation in the Bat world

              • lol Mr sully, i admit u r right. i suppose we will get more info on the subject in the future :)

          • Maybe people should say, “realish” or something, instead of “realistic,” to denote that they mean something more plausible(ish) on the spectrum of plausibility.

            If I had a nickel for every time I read the retort, “oh so (insert something from batman comics or Burton movie here) isn’t realistic but (Insert something from Nolan’s movie here) is?,” I’d have enough nickels to buy a couple of value meals at Mcdonald’s. And if you think about it that’s a lot of nickels. Not enough to retire or anything.

        • It doesn’t have to be able to fit within Nolan’s Batman universe b/c that was Burton’s vision for the Batwing.

        • Realistically helicopters arent suppose to be able to fly.

    • I don’t think thats the whole thing, its likely just the body and they will add wings to it via CGI

  5. Its gonna blow your socks of people,and the rest of your clothes.

  6. As long as they explain how it is he’s become this awesome pilot (because I’m sure there’ll be stunts) then I’m all for it.

  7. About time they give Bats a cool new vehicle (the Batpod don’t count lol) I hope that thing ain’t the Batwing tho. Bring on the Batboat, Batcopter I don’t care, any vehicle is fine with me (and give him some cool gadgets too, so far these movies haven’t been big on his gadgets).

    • I’m curious as to how the Batpod doesn’t count.

      • Well I mean it was just like a chunk of the Tumbler, not like a new vehicle. I just wanna see something new and wasn’t really impressed by the Pod.

      • I think the Batpod is a poor design IMO – when it went up the wall and rotated around in The Dark Knight, the audience laughed which is a fail.

        • Yeah Rob, I wished we coulda seen the Batwing when he went to China, and the Batpod shoulda been a regular Bat-cycle thing

          • Your not alone on that “Batwing in China” wish.

            • Yes, that would have been very cool indeed.

        • Yeah, that was lame lol.

  8. Looks like the wings will unfold in flight to form a bat symbol. That will be awesome.

  9. It may be a plane… If they added wings to it…

    My first impression was that it was the bat boat… if it doesnt have wings added to it, then it looks more like a boat…

  10. looks sick. Keep it up Nolan.

  11. it looks cool. It fits in with the rest of the vehicles in the nolan universe and that’s what matters.

    I just hope I really enjoy this movie, granted even if it tops TDK, its gonna be hard to top TDK for me considering im seeing all this stuff before the movie is even wrapped up! That being said I really think TDKR is going to have a great plot just on all the things weve seen so far!

  12. Hey, everyone, don’t complain that the fricken bat wing isn’t like tim burton’s-it was smart to make it look different and based off of how the batmobile became the tumbler, this would only make sense and it looks awesome anyway.

  13. Maybe in action it’ll look cool, but for now I’m not impressed. It really does look like a piece of a broken toy

  14. I’ve got a GI Joe plane that looks like that. I think Nolan raided my closet.

  15. If you really look at it it looks almost like the top part of the tumbler. Maybe an ejector part similar to the batcycle. I can see where the wings will fold out on the side and the bottom part. I gotta admit its cool. But they still need to finish painting over that decepticon logo on the left side.. (not really)

  16. This looks like it can morph into other shapes to accomodate flight or glide, it fits the design parameters established in the last two films.

  17. Know how when the batmobile goes into weapon mode? He lays down on his stomach. Well, this looks like it folds off of the batmobile. It seems that it could be plausible that IF this is the batwing, then it could be an extra edition to the new batmobile weapon mode where while he is in weapon position, the sides fold up and out and then launches using the rest of the batmobile as a launch pad.

  18. So is it being transported on the vehicle to the filming location? Or is it on a launcher like the glider they used in the Thomas Crown Affair?

  19. From what little detail I can discern in the picture (and that is VERY little), whatever that vehicle actually is seems to possess some basic design elements of the F-117A and/or the YF22 (or F22)…in other words (very appropriately), STEALTH.

    I’m thoroughly amused by those who are complaining about how bad it looks (from THAT pic, HOW can you tell?) as well as by those whose are gushing about about how wondrously great it is (again, HOW do you know?). I’m waiting to see a better picture before I judge. I DO admit, however, that I loved (and still do) the Tumbler AND the Batpod, so I am optimistic that this vehicle, whether an air or sea conveyance, will impress me…BUT I cannot tell yet.

    • I get what you’re saying, and I respect your point of view, but from that pic I don’t like the design. That is just my opinion. It just looks odd to me.

  20. Not much of a photo to be judging anything by.

    • Exactly.

  21. Why do all of Nolan’s bat vehicles look like oragami lol :)

  22. A. appears to be the rear of the vehicle.
    B does appear to have wings that fold.
    C. appears to have ailerons on the tail wings.
    D. I do not see what would appear to be a propulsion system.
    E. I do not see rudders of any type, will assume folded for transportation like the wings.

    Hovercraft, Glider, or bat jet if some type of engine is attached later.
    Should be intresting I do like the design feel, but until i see the cockpit jury is still out.

  23. Man! I think that’s the biggest “Spoiler” I’ve ever seen…

    • Hmmmm.. I think everyone needs their daily dose of “pun”ishment.. 😉

  24. On a serious note…I believe thats a camera dolly operating in front of the…um…thingy shooting it from a look up perspective.

  25. Impossible to tell. But they could have easily designed a jet similar to the thinner batman logo used in these films. If anything it’s a stealth plane that has VTOL and hovers.
    The Batwing from Tim Burton’s film is iconic, this probably won’t be.

      • I think it was

        “It’s time my enemies shared my dread.”

    • Nolan’s movies, though it does have flaws, have been iconic so far wouldn’t you agree? I mean in terms of Bringing justice back to the character, the villains, the money it made, etc?

      • Money aside, yes and no. Love BB and TDK was a great crime thriller and not a batman movie to me (note: crime noire is one of my favorite genres of film). And yes there were great aspects of the films I think no one has brought to the table yet; Ledger’s Joker was great, Murphy’s Scarecrow was awesome as well. I wont deny some of the bettter points of Nolan’s Bat-Trilogy (well at least the first two!).

      • I’m not saying the Nolan films aren’t iconic, I’m saying the designs used most certainly aren’t. The Tumbler won’t be remembered as fondly as the older Batmobiles, the suit in Burton’s movies is more iconic, the score from Burton’s movies is more associated with the character than any music in Nolan’s movies.
        And if this really is the Batwing, I’m not judging the vehicle itself because we can’t really see it very well and it might just be a piece of abstract art, then again Burton’s designs are better. The shot of the Batwing flying in front of the moon is iconic and unforgettable.

        • I get where you guys are are coming from. I just miss the old days when we would hear that one of our comic book hero’s was going to put onto the big screen, and we would get excited for it, Period.

          Now when we hear that our favorite hero’s are being brought to the big screen, we get on the internet and we complain about Superman’s Hair or His Facial Expression, or banes mask, Or Peter Parker has a Skateboard, or the bat wing doesnt look like a bat, etc.

          It almost gets discouraging for me to read comments because it just feels like so much of them are just filled with hate and negativity. Dont get me wrong, Im not saying people dont have a right to complain, they do, that’s why its screen RANT. But these projects arent even finished yet, and people just seem to make up their minds that not matter what, they’re gonna suck. Trust me, I want F*cking ears on catwoman too, lol! But im not going to say to hell with this movie now, and then bad mouth every single picture I see from here on out (seems like thats what alot of people do).

          I respect both of your opinions (not just on this topic, but others as well). But it just feels like people just would rather complain about things, than rather be positive or even hopeful for a good outcome for a movie. I mean were all here cause we love this sh*t. But it seems like alot of people (not you two) are here cause they just want to hate on sh*t.

          Like Green Lantern for example DSB, everybody just wanted to beat the thing to death because I guess it didnt live up their expectations (which were probably set way to high to begin with), and alot of people just decided it sucked too because it almost just seemed like “the thing to do”. But I for one agree with you. I went and saw it, and although it wasnt perfect (as nothing is) I enjoyed it and had a great time and definitely did not feel I wasted my money. To say “Green Lantern is a Failure of Epic Proportions” is totally false. (Kofi)

          Just seems like alot people want this thing to fail and hate absolutely everything about it, and we haven’t even watched the movie yet.

          Just Sayin…

          • You know, I totally agree with you on pretty much everything you said there.
            DOn’t think I want this movie to be bad, why would I? But, so far, to me and a few others, the early indications don’t seem great.

            The issue is more the relentless fans saying that it will be perfect and the best film ever, the bizarre unwavering faith they have in their glorious director. For me, it comes down to this, I can accept that this film might be great. But others cannot even begin to enetertain the possibility that it might be anything less than brilliant, and if you have even the slightest critism then you get attacked for voicing an opinion.

            Yet we know have this internet culture, where with set pictures and videos, we can all view something that is far from the final product and pass judgement. This is ultimately the wrong thing to do, but we all do it.

        • Yes i remember seeing that scene when i was younger and was like wow. Just the thrill from the first movie trailer it was like it came out of no where.

          • Yeah I agree with the Nolan Cult, “He can do no wrong, he is a god, its all part of the plan” stuff really gets old.

            Ill admit. LOVED BB, LOVED TDK, and im really looking forward to TDKR. But ill be the first to admit that although the tumbler was a freakin cool peice of machinery, its not really a bat-mobile. And like you said the 80’s – 90’s vehicles are really iconic, especially the bat wing moon scene, but I dont think that takes away the coolness of things like the bat-pod emerging from the tumbler, etc.

            But you are right with the internet age. It make ones wonder, what if we had screen rant in 89? lol, would we pick apart the original batman? Ha Ha, it would be awesome to see what people would hate on it back then. “Joker looks too much like Jack Nicholson!” LoL

  26. lookin good lookin good :)

  27. “That definitely looks like something that could fly in the Nolanverse”#

    It doesn’t look like something that can fly at all, regardless of propulsion or power, the basic needs of aerodynamics still come into play.