The Tumbler Batmobile Returns in ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Set Photo

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The Dark Knight Rises Batmobile Tumbler The Tumbler Batmobile Returns in The Dark Knight Rises Set Photo

Considering The Dark Knight Rises teaser trailer paints an interconnected storyline, drawing from Christopher Nolan’s critical and commercial hits, Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, fans may be wondering about the fate of one principle fan-favorite that fell victim to the Joker’s assault on Gotham City.

Fortunately, thanks to a recent set-photo, we now know that not only will the Batpod (aka Batcycle) be returning in The Dark Knight Rises, we also have confirmation that the Tumbler (aka Batmobile) will return as well.

The two set photos come courtesy of SuperHeroHype readers “Validus Monstrum” and “Ron” – and show the Tumbler and Batpod (under a blue tarp) arriving at The Dark Knight Rises set in Pittsburgh, PA. The second image features a Gotham Police SWAT van – with green production-tape covering two out of the three mentions of “Gotham” on the vehicle’s side.

While the return of the Batpod was hinted at in the recent Carnegie Mellon scene description, news that the Tumbler will also be back comes as more of a surprise – given the amount of damage inflicted on the vehicle in The Dark Knight.

Check out the Tumbler and Batpod image, followed by the Gotham City SWAT vehicle, below:

batmobile tumbler dark knight rises 570x466 The Tumbler Batmobile Returns in The Dark Knight Rises Set Photo


swat vehicle dark knight rises 570x427 The Tumbler Batmobile Returns in The Dark Knight Rises Set Photo

No doubt news of the Tumbler’s return will be mixed among Bat-fans – as some were hoping that the “death” of the vehicle in The Dark Knight meant that Nolan’s final Batman film would see the unveiling of a more traditional Batmobile.

Additionally, it’ll be interesting to see how the director intends to use the vehicle this round – since he’s managed to surprise moviegoers twice now: first, with the rooftop jumping scene in Batman Begins and second, with the destruction of the Tumbler (and subsequent “birth” of the Batpod).

Could the Tumbler sprout water skis this round and bring about the debut of the Batski or Batboat? What about wings – i.e. the Batglider, Batwing, or Batplane? Jokes aside, probably not, especially considering Nolan’s Bat-universe is grounded in gritty crime-drama reality (though, who would have ever thought the director would take-on Bane).

Batwing Dark Knight Rises The Tumbler Batmobile Returns in The Dark Knight Rises Set Photo

The Batwing from Tim Burton's 'Batman'

It’ll be very interesting to see what the director has planned. A basic highway chase would be a major letdown, given what we’ve seen the Tumbler do in prior installments, so here’s hoping Nolan has another trick up his sleeve.

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Source: SuperHeroHype

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  1. REALLY? They had the perfect opportunity to redesign that thing into something that actually LOOKS like a Batmobiile but no, they’d rather Batman’s ride continue to look like something from an upscale Mad Max movie. Yeesh.

    • i agree this was an opportunity to redesign the vehicle but i’m not sure HOW it would be better redesigned. it’s not exactly nolan’s style to produce a glossy black vehicle that has actual bat shaped features. i think the current design fits the current look and feel of the movie.

      • The Tumbler makes more sense than a Bat themed sports car.

        • But Batman is known to change or have a lot of Bat mobiles.

          • If you remember in Batman Begins there were two Tumblers.

    • To all who are upset that the Tumbler will be the Batmobile again, WHY are you so sure that’s true? Could it not simply be that Bruce takes the backup Tumbler he likely had (now the ONLY one) and decides to either modify it heavily OR go in a completely different direction starting from scratch (perhaps, as an example, using the sports car he drove to save Mr. Reese as the new template)?

      Why are you getting so worked up when we literally have NOTHING MORE than a picture???


      • While I suspect this is going to be about it Batmobile-wise, I completely agree. It’s utterly possible that Bruce decides this vehicle is becoming obsolete and that he decides to have a sportier backup for escapes.
        Plus, having said backup would certainly fit Nolan’s trend of pulling a big vehicular twist midway through just to delight the fans. He’s done right by us so far- don’t bite the hand that feeds just yet, everyone.

  2. what, i was expecting a new bat mobile. come on Nolan this is your third film, you gotta go hard.

    • putting a cartoon like sport car in this movie would not be going hard…it would be going stupid and childish.

  3. i was hoping for another Batmobile. i am surprised but i hope Nolan surprises me more in the third installement. :)

  4. I have no problem with this. I like the Tumbler.

    • Gordon also liked the Tumbler…”I gotta get me one of those” Batman Begins

    • love the classic batmobiles in the show and comic but….the tumbler is my favorite. it’s the only ride that has ever made sense for batman. anything else would be stupid in this grounded batman series.

  5. this is probally the 2nd one mentioned in the first movie :D

    • ^^ THIS ^^

    • I’m glad someone else remember that too.

      For those who don’t remember, the Tumbler was one of TWO that Wayne Enterprises had, both would be used to drag a bridge across a river.

    • you win this post. i guess some people only watched TDK.

  6. Screw a redesign, the Tumbler is bad@ss. Every time I see it, it makes me want one that much more. Imagine the fun those stunt-drivers have in that thing.

  7. the Tumbler the Batmobile the Batplane and Batcycle what next let Batman
    redesign his cape and he could fly like Superman or add webbing like the Spider and he can climb walls :)I love Bale as Batman he was as almost as good as Keaton was :)Didn’t Bane work for a character name Kingpin at one time or am I stretching that a bit ? Or was that Clayface that work for Kingpin ? Someone tell me please ?

    • You’re obviously never read the comics. Batman has access to the JLA teleporter and a motherf#$king rocket ship!

    • The kingpin is marvel not DC.Bane has never at any point been employed by any body all ways freelance.

      • That’s a lie, bane worked for Luthor, and ra’s Al Ghul amongst others. Now he always had his own agenda, but he still did their dirty work.

        • Yes, he worked for them freelance. Freelance is when you’re hired to a specific job, and the eployment ends when the job ends.

    • keaton is the exact opposite of what bruce wayne is. “mr. f@ckin mom” or “beetlejuice” isn’t a fraction as good as bale…and i think keaton rules.

      • Lets be serious Keatons Batman was 100 times better than Bale’s.

        • I disagree completely.

          Keaton had a good Batman voice, but otherwise wasn’t that great in the role. He was good as Batman only because of his voice, but was by far the worst Bruce Wayne and was horribly mis cast as a good looking billionaire playboy. Bale is the best over all Batman. He pulls off both roles very well and is by far the best actor to suit up in the suit.

        • pawn65…

          Let’s be serious: Ummm, NO. At best, one might say they both played the dual role in different ways, with different takes. Keaton, however, was NOT better than Bale.

          • @ Archaeon

            Ummm it’s hard to compare when their Bruce Wayne/Batman’s are at different ages in at a period of their career as being hero. Bale portray’s a younger version while Keaton’s older & more mature & mysterious. Back then Keaton proved naysayers wrong he took the role as did Nicolson took the role as the Joker.

            • Wally…

              I’m not quite sure why you’re responding to ME, since I did NOT compare the two. The only thing I DID say is that one was not better than the other, in response to pawn65. You should have made your comment to him or to Daniel F. THEY were comparing the two.

        • @ Pawn65

          I agree with ya about Keaton’s Batman being better than Bale’s. Bale would be better if he didn’t have voice he uses imo. If he was younger, Kevin Conroy would be the best Batman outta the two without a doubt.

          • Sooo, you’re just being hypocritical then? The two can’t be compared UNLESS Keaton is said to be better? REALLY? Ummm, no, Keaton was NOT better than Bale in the role. As YOU said above, the two take place at different points.

            • Yes Archaeon because everyone likes Batman to sound like hes on the toilet!

              • I have NEVER said I LIKE Bale’s Batman voice in TDK; I simply understand him using it. In BB, Bruce is trying to figure out his Batman identity, so his voice is grim, but not particularly out of place. In TDK, Bruce escalates the vigilante persona to match the insanity and extremity of the escalation of criminals in Gotham with the arrival of The Joker as a major player. It sounds horrible, which is the whole point. It’s grating and disturbing and uncomfortable…and perfect for the level of chaos in Gotham and Bruce’s frustration with that chaos and his own resolve.

                I have no doubt that Batman will have a quieter voice in TDKR, perhaps much like his voice in BB OR even more intensely quiet.

                I’m looking forward to finding out.

          • LOL to me Christian Bale rates a lil above Val Kilmer as Bruce Wayne.

  8. I’ve liked the Tumbler from the moment we first got to see it in BB. It makes more sense that he would use something designed as a military vehicle rather than make a car that has Bat Wings. The look worked in the comics, 60′s series and even Burton’s Films but not in this trilogy.

  9. Please dont complain about the movie…if you dont like it exercise your legal right to not watch the movie and in turn take money away from the actors directors producers and everyone else. But complaining on a message board because the batmobile doesnt look like the tim burton batmobile is silly.

    Nolan’s batman falls into reality like what a real rich guy could be doing with his money versus going something crazy like adding weird wings to a car just so everyone knows its the batmobile. The tumbler rocks and it even has the jet engine in the back so thats pretty sweet.

    Now if the movie is bad when it comes out ill be the first to post it on the boards till then lets give the guy a chance. He already rocked two of the batman movies plus several others personally I’ve seen every nolan movie and they are all good. Guy can’t make a bad film.

    • So it’s silly to complain about it on a message board until you are interested in complaining? So we are only allowed to express our opinion when you see fit?

      Everyone has every right to complain about anything.

      I loved Begins and TDK, but have hated the Tumbler from day one. That has not changed so with it returning I have every right to not like it and express my dislike.

      complaining is no more silly than praising. Either way you are commenting on message board about a movie and expressing your opinion that very few will actually care about. Just because you accept everything thrown at you and will only be positive makes your opinion and right to express it no more valid than any other

  10. for everyone who’s fussing about this not looking like the Batmobile. Read a datblame comic. The Batmobile has gone through dozens of designs over the years. Its been everything from a sleek looking tactical sports car to a vintage roadster. this is just Nolan’s take on what bats would drive in his world. And really its well made for real world use, at least this thing looks like it can take a sharp turn unlike the Tim Burton’s bat limo.

    • My real complaint is that it’s an ugly pile of crap and is just a giant eye sore. It makes it look like batman is over compensating.

      I hate the practical or realistic argument. There is nothing practical about a tank.

      He’s fighting crime not insurgents.

  11. let us not forget that the tumbler was created as a bridging vehicle. 2 of them were made to jump in tandem across water to deploy a bridge. so even though it was destroyed/ or badly damaged in the dark knight it was either repaired or its “sister” took its place.

  12. I think those commenting on this topic would enjoy the link

    • This is the trailer BTW. Either click on my name or the link.

  13. Dont get to excited guys, that first picture was OBVIOUSLY from TDK, you can tell from the pic that its in the basement or whatever it was… and the second and third could just be from when the guys from the film needed it moved from set to set, the swat team may be from the EPIC scene when the semi flipped or with the hospital…

    Not gonna believe it untill I see it, and i so despritly want to see it in this film :D

    • Brandon – Yes, the top image is just a header image of the Tumbler from The Dark Knight Rises.

      However, the other two are from the shoot in Pittsburgh. They wouldn’t haul the Tumbler all the way across the country unless they were going to use it. Locals familiar with the PA studio have confirmed that the exterior shots match the outside of the set where Dark Knight Rises is shooting.

      • All i mean is that it COULD be photos taken when TDK was filming, I hope Im wrong, but unless I see catwoman or bane or someone or something that proves that this is from the new movie, im not holding my breath…

        I hope they are using this batmobile BTW

        • Dude don’t you get it, TDK never filmed in Pittsburgh… These pics were taken in the Pittsburgh shoot that is going on NOW! So NO they are not from when TDK was filming!!!

  14. Not complaining. I liked the Tumbler…

    Anyway, just saw the leaked The Dark Knight Rises trailer. /chills

  15. Guys, go and watch the leaked teaser trailer for The Dark Knight Rises on youtube

  16. is the batwing on the bottom coming out in the TDKR?
    by putting tht picture confuses me….

    • Not so far as we know at this point. I just put it in there for fun – since I had been joking about the Tumbler sprouting wings in the article text.

  17. Oh goody. Look at how cool the Batwing looks compared to the Tumbler.

    Just when I was starting to think this film might be better than the last, we get a shoddy and terribly ineffective teaser trailer and now get news that the awful tumbler is set to return. maybe Batman can use it to cause more destruction, because thats totally in keeping with the character.

    • What didn’t you like about the teaser?

      • whah whah whah DSB whah Whah whah…. :(

        • @ Tim

          Im sure you’ll be doin that when Nolan’s final film ends. boo-hoo

      • @ Timothy
        Don’t pay any attention to DBS he doesn’t like anything… This is just his ever-going obsessive whiny rant on everything film!

        • He liked Green Lantern, so maybe it is just a habit of going against the mainstream eh?

    • LOL DSB thats the same thing i was thinking. Burtons just looked cool, just look at the Batwing. Weird can watch BB over and over but the TDK makes me fall asleep when i watch it.

    • Disagree on the teaser. How was it ineffective? It’s a teaser not a full on trailer. It did it’s job it teased you. I loved the teaser.

      I agree though that the Tumbler sucks. Also I find it funny that you get pissy about Batman’s destruction. I agree, but I find it funny because you dislike TDK so much and prefer Begins but begins is the one where he destroys crap and puts innocent people at risk. TDK not so much.

  18. I am very glad that the Tumbler vehicle is coming back. Lucius Fox was no doubt very happy to dust off another one for “the cause.” To anyone complaining, go watch the Schumacker travesties for your “whimsical” vehicles. The Tumbler makes sense and is well designed.

  19. I’m not that bothered by having the tumbler back. I always liked it. I wouldn’t mind seeing it a little bit redesigned though, so look a bit more like classic batmobile. And maybe they will do that, but if not, i’m sure the story will be great! :)

  20. Just saw Harry potter and was super glad that the entire audience not just me cheered when the teaser came on screen! It was really really cool I’m super excited now!

  21. I liked the tumbler too but would also love to see something new. Who knows? Maybe Nolan will surprise us and switch it up in the middle of the movie. If not, that’s still cool.

  22. i really hope the tumbler is just in some sort of flashback or something. i don’t like when director’s kill off something (even if it’s just a car) just to bring it back in the next movie. i was hoping for the bat pod and bat copter which was rumored as the two vehicles. that would have been great. ah well :/

    • Nolan didn’t really kill off anything. It’s just a car. A car that could be rebuilt just as easily as it was built the first time.

      It’s not like Nolan is bringing Rachel Dawes back.

  23. I’m really happy to see the Tumbler back. Actually, I think I cried more when that got blown up by the Joker, compared to when Rachel (Maggie Gylenhal) died in the movie. I guess i’m heartless. Oh well.

    Also, what scene in Batman Begins do you see 2 Tumblers? I gotta rewatch that movie again.

    • Cant recall another Tumbler in BB also???

      • The second Tumbler was only mentioned… not shown.

  24. Nolan is so into reality?

    If so, then a vehicle made for the military and costing so much, maybe even having been reviewed by the Pentagon and jumping from rooftop to rooftop? Yes, it’s realistic to think that nobody in the military or it’s many watchers would recognize such a unique vehicle!

    Lucius Fox would have some ‘splainin’ to do if the Tumbler fans want grit and realism. That is, unless he wants Gotham police and the feds to be totally incompetent investigaors.

    • I think you misunderstand. Nolan’s universe is more believable than say X-Men with all their powers. Batman is just a man and it is much more believable to see Batman in the Tumbler than X-Men in the X-Jet. In that sense it is more “real” to a general audience.

      • @ Alpine

        Imo, Marvel Studios’s films such as the Iron Man films & soon to be Captain America film will be closer to realism than Nolan’s universe. Little bits as example in Ironman 1, we seen the Mad Money show & its host talkin about Stark Industries & Iron Man 2 we seen The O’Reilly Factor talkin about Pepper Potts. And even outta respect for real troops from that era, we may no see Capt. America fighting nazis, but from the trailer, we hear Tommy Lee Jones’s character mentions Hitler. Im sure more will be revealed. More can be revealed in the X-Men franchise in First Class sequels as rumors stated. So Nolan’s films seem like most superhero films imo & not to be taken that believable. Bottom line, all super hero films are just films, no matter how real they try to make them look.

        • Just because a Bill O’Reilly and the Mad Money Host appear in the Ironman films doesn’t add to the realism, or take away from the realism in Nolan’s Batman films by not including them.

          But unlike Ironman, the Tumbler is an actual functioning vehicle. I doubt Robert Downey Jr. could actually take the ironman suit out for a test drive. So while there are many things about Nolan’s films that don’t fit into a realistic world, it’s still far more realistic than Ironman.

          And how does Tommy Lee Jones mentioning Hitler make Captain America more realistic than Batman? Captain America still has a tiny guy getting juiced up by a fictional super soldier serum, with a guy that has a skull for a head.

          • @ Gary

            Id say O’Reilly & the Mad Money host add realism to the Ironman films since they’re real people even though they’re in a comic book movie thats taken to be realistic. The Tumbler was made for the movie & a vehicle & suit are two different things. How does Tommy Lee Jones mentioning Hitler make Cat. America more realistic than Batman? Well the film does take place during WW2. Is Gotham City real? I didn’t think so. Imo, Nolan’s films aren’t as realistic as they credited for.

            • Wally are you being serious? This has got to be a joke. I get that you just love to hate on the Nolan films, but this is over the top. Saying Bill O’reily appearing makes Iron Man more realistic is just plain silly. It has nothing what so ever to do with making it realistic.

              The realistic argument is more in line with everything in TDK and Begins is believable tech. Most of Iron Man is completely unrealistic and unusable in RL. Nolan’s films use tech that is based on real life gadgets. Iron Man does not. There have been several documentaries on A&E and other channels talking about the realism of TDK.

              Using real names and real cities doesn’t make it realistic. Making believable character responses and using real life possible tech makes something realistic.

              • @ Daniel F

                Nice to hear from you as always. Like Gary, you don’t get where i was getting at. Ironman & Batman are two different heroes for one thing. Both Nolan’s films, & Marvel studio’s films are takin a realistic approach. I recall Superman:The Movie’s tagline ” You’ll believe a man can fly” as that film was to be shown as if Superman stepped out of our imaginations & comic and into reality. Same with Superman Returns, of-course they were just movie. With Nolan being involved with Snyder’s Superman reboot, don’t tell me that too gonna be taken as real as Nolan’s Batman films or Justice League that Nolan’s name i noticed is attached to aswell. Bottomline i still don’t see the realism of Batman Begins or TDK. Real life tech is everything to make a film realistic imo. Again, i don’t know why you’re under the impression i hate Nolan’s Batman films. Just because i see flaws in them or things i don’t like doesn’t mean i don’t like them. Even Burton’s films had things i wished he didn’t change & of-course WB & Schumacher made worse. I own all the Batman films to date, including Nolan’s. I just like Batman Begins more than TDK is all. If that’s a problem for you, i don’t care.

                • I meant to say Real Life Tech isn’t everything to make a film realistic imo. above btw.

                • The reason I think you hate Nolan’s films is simply because that’s the impression you leave.

                  Every film has it’s flaws and as much as I love Nolan’s films I’ll be the first to admit neither is perfect and have brought up my issues with them several times.

                  However, the difference is I’ve never seen you say a nice thing about the films. Not only that, but every time there is a new article about Nolan’s movies or even just someone mentioning them in comments you seem to go out of your way to trash the films. You never just say they are good. You can never simply say you enjoy them. You always have to mention that they are over rated (in your opinion) and that Burtons films are so much better (Again your opinion). You never let it be. It’s all about belittling it.

                  • @ Daniel F

                    Well, you’re sadly mistaken my friend. I left good comments about Nolan’s films before. Mostly before TDK came out. But now its hard to remember what i said in which articals ive mention about both movies that way back about both Batmsn Begins & TDK. I never trashed the films, only stated my opinions on what i didn’t like about certain things within in the films. Theres a differance, if trashed the films, i would of simply say more than once i hated the films, that they were terrible, etc. Which i have not. Ive mentioned good things about them, I know i liked Batman Begins more than TDK for one thing. I liked how Two-Face was in TDK, despite how much screen time he had. I mentioned Ledger’s Joker performance was great, only i wasn’t interested on how he looked was all, among other few things from both films. I never mentioned Burton’s Batman films were so much better, don’t get give me that. Ive mentioned how great his films were aswell. I think both director’s made great films. Films that were made with different takes on the character. Hard for me to choose between them as a Batman fan since i notice what flaws both franchise had in the films. ( Cheesy) as you put it or realistic.

    • To play Devil’s Advocate: The Tumbler proposal could have been shot down by the government before they even saw the vehicle or it’s design plans.

  25. I wouldn’t mind seeing a subtle re-design of the Tumbler… something like this:

    • Not bad. I agree I would like to see a revised Tumbler but keep it very similar to the original. Maybe just a few upgrades.

  26. You’d think a new design Batmobile should be in the film after the remains of the Tumbler in TDK would be left behind. Plus it would be nice to add somthing traditional to make it look like a Batmobile from the comics. Just my opinion. Batpod didn’t do anything for me really as i see that would of been more somthing Robin could of drove in a Nolan film. I hope no-one was in the cars that it blew up in that sequence cause i could see Batman doin that, even in a traffic jam. I still doubt to see a Batwing-like aircraft for Batman to take to the skies in for this film aswell. Even the Tumbler having skis or being able to turn into a boat seems outlandish imo.

  27. Remember it takes two tumblers to do the bridge says Mr. Fox… So maybe there was another tumbler we didn’t see…

  28. I HATED the Bat-wing. It’s the batman logo with an engine and turbines!

    • I’m sure you hate the Batwing as much as I hate the Tumbler. The Tumbler is just a Military vehicle for G.I Joe not for the Bat. What a disgrace to batman. I hated seeing that bulky thing. And the tumbler was not a realistic vehicle for crying out loud, it was able to jump roof tops. LoL haha

  29. If there isn’t some sort of new vehicle then I’m really going to be unhappy.
    The Tumbler is great, but I want to see some ‘classic’ Batman vehicles like the original Batmobile or the Batwing.

    • @ TheAvenger

      That makes two of us. I wouldn’t get my hopes up.