The Tumbler Batmobile Returns in ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Set Photo

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The Dark Knight Rises Batmobile Tumbler The Tumbler Batmobile Returns in The Dark Knight Rises Set Photo

Considering The Dark Knight Rises teaser trailer paints an interconnected storyline, drawing from Christopher Nolan’s critical and commercial hits, Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, fans may be wondering about the fate of one principle fan-favorite that fell victim to the Joker’s assault on Gotham City.

Fortunately, thanks to a recent set-photo, we now know that not only will the Batpod (aka Batcycle) be returning in The Dark Knight Rises, we also have confirmation that the Tumbler (aka Batmobile) will return as well.

The two set photos come courtesy of SuperHeroHype readers “Validus Monstrum” and “Ron” – and show the Tumbler and Batpod (under a blue tarp) arriving at The Dark Knight Rises set in Pittsburgh, PA. The second image features a Gotham Police SWAT van – with green production-tape covering two out of the three mentions of “Gotham” on the vehicle’s side.

While the return of the Batpod was hinted at in the recent Carnegie Mellon scene description, news that the Tumbler will also be back comes as more of a surprise – given the amount of damage inflicted on the vehicle in The Dark Knight.

Check out the Tumbler and Batpod image, followed by the Gotham City SWAT vehicle, below:

batmobile tumbler dark knight rises 570x466 The Tumbler Batmobile Returns in The Dark Knight Rises Set Photo


swat vehicle dark knight rises 570x427 The Tumbler Batmobile Returns in The Dark Knight Rises Set Photo

No doubt news of the Tumbler’s return will be mixed among Bat-fans – as some were hoping that the “death” of the vehicle in The Dark Knight meant that Nolan’s final Batman film would see the unveiling of a more traditional Batmobile.

Additionally, it’ll be interesting to see how the director intends to use the vehicle this round – since he’s managed to surprise moviegoers twice now: first, with the rooftop jumping scene in Batman Begins and second, with the destruction of the Tumbler (and subsequent “birth” of the Batpod).

Could the Tumbler sprout water skis this round and bring about the debut of the Batski or Batboat? What about wings – i.e. the Batglider, Batwing, or Batplane? Jokes aside, probably not, especially considering Nolan’s Bat-universe is grounded in gritty crime-drama reality (though, who would have ever thought the director would take-on Bane).

Batwing Dark Knight Rises The Tumbler Batmobile Returns in The Dark Knight Rises Set Photo

The Batwing from Tim Burton's 'Batman'

It’ll be very interesting to see what the director has planned. A basic highway chase would be a major letdown, given what we’ve seen the Tumbler do in prior installments, so here’s hoping Nolan has another trick up his sleeve.

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Source: SuperHeroHype

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  1. Bat-wing was awesome, maybe not for die hard Nolan fans. But im glad i got to see Batmsn fly in something that looked good as the Bat-wing in one film instead of him be on the road all the time. Bat-pod didn’t impress me, so i didn’t get what all the hype was about that.

    • I’m more of a Die Hard Batman fan than a Nolan fan considering I’ve loved Batman since the late 80s.

      However, I’ve always hated the Batwing. It made no sense. It was nothing more than a flying bat signal and was cheesy/corny. Not to mention made no sense. Batman had very little actual use for it other than going from point a to point b. The comics were always horribly outlandish with Bruce’s money. Building Space Stations, Jets and such. Bill Gates wishes he had half as much money as Bruce and yet supposedly Lex has even more.

  2. I believe this will be the vehicle Batman uses in the beginning of the film while Fox is working on a new model. Like others have said, Fox mentioned 2 tumblers in BB. I would love to see a more streamlined Batmobile.

    And I loved the Batplane from the Burton Batman film. Heck, I even liked the Batboat from Batman Forever.

  3. I loved both the Batmobile & Batwing in Burton’s 89 Batman film till this day. I loved how the Batmobile detached it’s sides in Batman Returns to go into that narrow opening between two buildings to get away from the cops,lol.

    • One of the only things I liked about Burtons films was the Batmobile. However, I thought the detaching sides of in returns was so stupid. I hated that part and rolled my eyes at the age of 8 I thought it was dumb and at 8 ytou accept most things.

      • @ Daniel F

        Ok, you like the Batmobile in Burton’s 89 film but not the Batwing that you thought was cheesy? I figured the Batmobile would be just as chessy aswell. I don’t see how the Batwing was cheesy if was somthing like Batman had in the comics.

        • I didn’t say I didn’t like the Batwing only in the Burton Films. I said I didn’t like the Bat wing. I don’t care how similar it was to the comics because I hated it in the comics.

          It made no sense it was useless and was cheesy. Batman was a regular man a protector of one city and needed a jet shaped like a bat symbol for one city?

          Also as I said above it was horribly unrealistic with money. It wasn’t at all practical and made batman seem like he was more vain than trying to stop crime. Batwing was not needed. Did little to really ever help him in any way that he couldn’t of helped him self with another tool. It’s just a flashy bat symbol to make him self look cool. It was not only useless and unpractical, but it was also uncharacteristic.

          • @ Daniel F

            Wow, you really call yourself a Batman fan? But can’t accept Batman having somthing like the Batwing in the comics because you think its useless & cheesy? Batman is a fictional character, not a real person. Why wouldn’t he have jet shaped like a bat if he dresses up like one? In Batman:TAS, in the some of the episodes Batman made use of the Batjet more than you think.

            • @ WallyWest Good point with BTAS. They really did a good job of making the Batwing more practical than say, Batman Forever. I know he had to get out to Riddler and Two-Face’s island somehow with Robin being in the Batboat but they could have easily made the boat a 2 seater. I think for the movie, they added the Batwing mainly for the toy franchise. But back to your point, I agree. I mean, how else would Batman be able to get to other points on the globe in a hurry?

              • @ Tom

                Thank you. I agree on what you say regarding Batman Forever. Im sure it was for toy merchandise etc. & imo i thought it was better they went to the island seperate unless it was a Batwing/Batboat or Batwing/Batsub as it was all along if it was a 2 seater. Exactly, how would Batman get to long distances faster? Afterall in TDK, Joker did say Batman has no jurisdiction. That was seen in Batman:TAS, New Batman Adventures aswell in a redesigned Batjet. It was useful in JLU when in the episode (Dark Heart). I think we it clear.

                • @ WallyWest Exactly. Plus, another good example would be the episode The Lion and the Unicorn. The Batwing was obviously the only vehicle Batman and Robin could use to be able to fly to England in such a short time in order to rescue Alfred from Red Claw.

                  • @ Tom

                    Yup, i forget what episode it was called but it was when Gotham’s poorest men went missing & Batman went undercover to find them in some desert landscape. Even though it was Alfred piloting it, the Batwing was useful in that episode & it sure was in Batman: Mask of The Phantasm & more so in Batman: Subzero when Robin was piloting it, waiting for Batman before the oil rig collapsed in the ocean. Even shown Batman run off one of it’s wings. Lol i think it was (Feat Of Clay PT.2) that i loved how Batman used the batwing while interrogating a goon after Bruce Wayne is framed for attack on Lucious Fox. Gets the guy to close to the water that his feet skids above the waves till they’re back in the air & he faints when Batman is chased by police helicopters & blimps he drops the guy down into a roof top swimming pool lol.

  4. The only Batmobile i hated mostly was the one in Batman & Robin. Even the Batmobile in Batmobile in Batman Forever looked great compared to that p.o.c. Sorry.

  5. lol, i need go to bed.

  6. I think the “Nolan-Mobile” and the “Burton-Mobile” are by far the best designs so far in all areans; film, TV, comic, and cartoon.
    I can’t say one is better than the other because they’re so different from each other; they serve different purposes functionally and esthetically.

    • @ Just Some Guy

      Point taken. Its the same with the comics,tv shows, movies,etc. one isn’t better than the other cause they’re all good in their own kind of way. It’s like me liking Batman:TAS better than any other Batman animated series cause i liked everything about it. I enjoyed The Batman & Batman: Brave & Bold to lesser point. Thing is would be nice to see some thing again, & some characters such as Robin aswell as new characters introduced in the next Batman reboot.

      • I thought you went to bed? :-P

    • That is true. I can’t stand when people say they hate the tumbler even though for practical purposes, it is the most believable of the movie batmobiles followed by the burton one. I mean heck, the tumbler in real life could actually climb over/crush cars, survive small to medium sized jumps and keep going, and they actually filmed some of the chase scenes in BB at 90+ mph. The Burton-mobile could reach those speeds but due to set constraints (and the fact that I read the stunt guys were afraid to go that fast in it because they thought for sure the fiberglass body would fall apart) they could only film at speeds of around 30-40 mph at most.

      Personally though, my favorite batmobile in terms of overall design is the original BTAS batmobile.

      • The Batmobile in Burton’s film was a big shell over a normal car.

      • There is nothing practical to a tank

      • “it is the most believable of the movie batmobiles followed by the burton one. I mean heck”

        Believable? Nolan wanted the Batmobile to have the armor and weight of a tank and the speed of a Lamborghini. How is that believable? It cannot be fast as a Lamborghini, if it weighs as much as a tank. A Lamborghini weighs a whole hell of a lot less.

  7. I loved the Tumbler introduced in the first film. I loved the bat-pod introduced into the second. That being said I have no problem seeing them both in the third, as long as a new vehicle is introduced in the third as well!

  8. Say what you will, but the Tumbler is the best film Batmobile. The reason for it is that it’s more believable that it can withstand all of the stuff thrown at Batman considered how Wayne Enterprises designed it for the military. It’s a military vehicle that Bruce modified to be his car when he fights crime as Batman.

    The cars in previous films are lame in the fact that they try to emulate the comics. What works on paper doesn’t work on the screen. Even the Adam West Batmobile was more believable than the ones in Batman-Batman & Robin.

    The Tumbler may not be sleek like the Batmobiles we are used to in the comics, but it fits in Nolan’s Bat-universe. And that’s good enough for me.

  9. And people mentioning that it was destroyed in “Dark Knight”, do you think Bruce Wayne wouldn’t just rebuild it?

  10. How can he just rebuild it and keep it secret? He can’t.

    My prior comment about the military recognizing it didn’t even include the fact that there must have been a dozen or more people at Wayne Enterprises working on that behemoth. So quite a few people other than Fox know what that thing really is.

    In Batman: The Animated Series the batmobile is designed and built by a talented engineer who owed Batman and wanted him to have the best car possible. A completely DIY project like that scenario and involving just a few trusted people makes sense. That episode is called, “The Mechanic.”

    Using a mothballed military project and hoping nobody ever recognizes it on national news is just over-the-top so I wish people would stop saying realism and Nolan in the same breath.

    I know, I know. Don’t hold my breath, right?

    • FYI: I worked with Lockheed on the Have-Blue project, only to find out years later that it was the F-117. Even after I saw the finished aircraft, I didn’t know it was what I had worked on.
      Military contractors such as what Wayne Enterprises is in Nolan’s Batman universe, keep secrets like the Tumbler by having a small group of people or even a single person assign bits and pieces of the project to multiple groups or individuals without allowing them to know what the final assembled project is. That way an engineer who works on a project will not even recognize the project he worked on when and if he sees it exposed to the public.

      • Comparing radical tech like the Nighthawk to a ‘roided-up dune-buggy is not appropriate, FYI. The Nighthawk was not rejected, for one thing. And a bridge-layer concept car isn’t even close to the level of secrecy and expense of a radically new combat aircraft.

        And just because you worked on a historic project like that and didn’t know what it was doesn’t mean there weren’t dozens or hundreds who WOULD have recognized it if it showed up on the news somehow. Come on now. I didn’t just fall off the turnip truck, FYI.

        • The F-117 was kept secret for years while it was in full production and use. Nolan’s fictional Tumbler never saw production or use. It would be much, much easier to keep a project like that secret, and it would be in the best interest of the contractor to do so for future endeavors.
          Having seen it 1st hand working with military contractors, I guarantee a military contractor could very easily keep a project like that a secret… Even if an engineer did recognize a device such as the tumbler, there are reasons and ramifications as to why he would stay silent… But believe what you will.

          • Thanks, I will believe what I will with your permission. I believe I don’t care if you designed a switch used in the Philadelphia Experiment. The way you keep mentioning F-117 smacks of name-dropping to me, FYI.

            You’re an expert on engineering, far above me, granted. I don’t understand the ramifications of black helicopters disappearing someone who talks, sure, or whatever you mean to imply. Engineers are too honest or scared to EVER disclose anything about the latest Humvee, no doubt. ;)

            Nevertheless, a company as huge as Lockheed and Wayne Enterprises would not only have engineers “in the know” about such a project. Paper-pushers and executives are having quite a bit to do with such a project also. There are too many people involved to ever be sure which one may have spoken to a Wiki-leaks type of organization or the Enquirer.

            It’s just naive to say that an old, apparently useless project shows up on the nightly news being used by an apparent criminal and some current or former employee doesn’t try to cash in on the situation or at least do the right thing by contacting someone in the fed who can deal with the situation.

            Either way, someone is knocking on Fox’s and then Wayne’s door with a lot of questions soon after the roof-jumping.

            You want some realism? End this movie with Wayne telling a press conference, “I am Batman.” Because the press would be finding it out anyway.

            • Your comments are typical of the general public. The general public believes that secrets cannot or are not kept from them. This is why it’s so easy to keep secrets from the general public.

              Ramifications for breaking non-disclosure agreements with Military/Government contractors usually include Military prison time for varying levels and charges of treason, believe me (or don’t, which seems to be the case) that’s enough incentive to keep my mouth shut!

  11. I too really wanted to see something more sleek, I think the Tumbler it just too bulky. And yes, Fox did make mention of two Tumblers so there is a second, at least I would believe there to be. However that being said, I really wanted something different. Still looking forward to this film!!

  12. I loved the fact that they did something different with the Batmobile, and was genuinely hurt that it was destroyed in TDK, but bringing it back? I mean, it was the perfect opportunity to present something even better, build on the creativeness of the last Batmobile (like they did with the Bat-Pod, which was also radically cool!). Truth is, the ingenuity of the Tumbler notwithstanding, I’m partial to the Batmobile being closer to an actual car than a tank. I’m with Ben: the only way I’d really be satisfied with the Tumbler being in this movie is if it does/transforms into something other than just the Tumbler. OR if there is another vehicle introduced separate from the Tumbler.

  13. I’d be cool with a new twist on the tumbler. It’s personally my favorite Batmobile. I don’t think this is a rebuild of the wrecked one from TDK. The Batpod is the remnant of that wreck. In Begins, Fox says “We never could get the bridge to work, but this baby works just fine.” If they got the test phase of the bridge, there were at least 2 tumblers built as indicated by the beginning of the conversation where he said “2 of these would jump a river towing cables…” (paraphrased).

  14. Well maybe he has it in the begining, Like in the dark knight he had his old suit and the tumbler. Also in the last clip of the Dark knight rises trailer he has on his suit from The Dark knight. Maybe that scene is from a begining part of the movie or bane and bats first meeting?

  15. that car sucks

  16. next time we need a darker director

    • Christopher Nolan is THE MAN, hands down.

      • Yes because TDK is good for catching some sleep.

  17. this dude is over raided i love his joker thats about it oh yea the bike

  18. tumbler is awesomememe

    • Sorry Taylor, I’m inclined to say what’s more realistic: giving one of two already existing vehicles a lick of paint, or building an identical third from scratch for no apparent reason…and then painting it black anyway? :-P

  19. This is terrible news. As much as I love TDK and Begins the Tubeler is by far the worst part of the Nolan films. It’s an ugly pile of junk and I was really happy to see it destroyed in TDK it’s sad to see it returning just when I thought we were rid of the piece of crap.

    • Daniel…

      We’ll just have to disagree about the Tumbler (I love it and think it makes a fantastic Batmobile), but I wonder why you do not allow for the possibility that it’s appearing now in the film (the second one Lucius mentioned offhandedly in “Begins”) just to give Bruce some heavy-duty transportaion UNTIL he (or Lucius or whoever) develops and starts using a new Batmobile later in the film.

      I’m fine with either vehicle as long as Batman uses it with purpose.

    • You’re 100% correct and everybody agrees with you. There was a standing ovation in the cinema when the thing blew up.

      Anyone who claims to even like the Tumbler, let alone not seethe in rage at the very thought of its existence, is a dirty liar.

      • Well, Ceej…

        I really, truly DID and DO LOVE the Tumbler. I thought it was/is a very logical, well-thought-out, heavy-duty transport for Nolan’s version of Batman.

        If you have a problem with that, I (and the many people I’m betting agree with me, whether on this site or not) really do not care.

        Get over your own imagined importance…Sheesh.

          • It’s not called the Batmobile because in the film world Nolan has established it makes sense that most people would not name something used by someone who most of them believe is just an urban myth. Those in the know might think of it as the “Batmobile” or the “Batcar” or any of a number of other UNOFFICIAL names (remember that Wayne R&D had already nicknamed it “The Tumbler”).

            Maybe now, in TDKR (taking place eight years later), someone on the street or in the news/gossip fields will see it and refer to it as “The Batobile” or even “The Bat-tank” (though I would doubt the latter)…maybe not.

            As for you, I stand by what I said…no sour grapes involved. It was merely an honest (and, I think, accurate) observation of your blustering.

  20. lets not rule out the possibility of a kind of “flashback sequence”. okay hopefully not that cliche and cheesy but scenes from the past aka before the tumbler was destroyed. just puttin it out there…

  21. Batman has no use for the Batwing or the Batboat in this film. Hes fighting Bane…Pretty sure Bane’s large body is going to be grounded most of the film. The only thing that makes sense is either the tumbler is for a flashback scene or the 2nd one Lucious talked about in BB.

  22. I think the Tumbler is awesome, only this time I hope it has wings

  23. Lets see if Tumbee get destroyed. Nolan seems 2 want 2 kill everything that Wayne has!!!

  24. The Tumbler was objectively and unanimously the WORST Batmobile ever designed and probably ever to be designed.

    Even Christopher Nolan himself said this by blowing it up in the second film. I know I wasn’t alone when I saw the Tumbler blow up and I gave a standing ovation because I knew that meant the Batmobile would be replaced in the third one.

    But… Replaced with another Tumbler? Someone please kill Christopher Nolan for this. Please?

    • Ceej…

      Really…Invest in some serious decaf. You have issues.

      • Thanks, but you’re just saying that to be nice.

        • Yikes…sad.

          • Yeah… My original suspicions about you were correct.

            I not be your cup of tea, but plenty people (including “Weird Al” Yankovic) like my style.

            There’s no need for jealous behaviour.

    • Oh, and your rampaging babble is, BY DEFINITION, not objective. Other people earlier and I now have said that we really DO like the Tumbler, so at best, your comment is SUBJECTIVE.

      At worst, your comment about killing Nolan is psychopathic…really, you need to calm down and realize you just do NOT have the final say on what is or is not interesting or necessary…in a film OR in life.

      • I set up a public question where anybody can claim they liked it. Guess how many claimed they liked it? Nobody. Surprised? You shouldn’t be.

        Even Christopher Nolan blew it up.

        • Could be because this thread’s nine months old, Ceej. And your “public questions”: “Replaced with another Tumbler?” I’d have preferred something a bit different this time around, but I’m one of these presumably non-existent people who liked it. Or maybe I’m just a dirty liar. “Someone please kill Christopher Nolan for this. Please?” On reflection…no, I don’t believe I’ll be doing that. Sorry, mate.

          Here’s a public question: “I gave a standing ovation”…”There was a standing ovation in the cinema” – assuming this popular uprising didn’t consist entirely of you or take place exclusively in your own head, were the others applauding the destruction of the Tumbler per se, or just the culmination of a great sequence?

          • Dentist…

            Sadly, such an obvious fact (and the probabilities you offered afterward) will likely go unheeded by Ceej.

            • “Weird Al” got it though. ;-)

  25. Never was a fan of the tumbler. I don’t consider it a family of the Batmobile.