‘Dark Knight Rises’ Batcave Rumors; Possible ‘Dark Knight Returns’ Connection?

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The Dark Knight Rises Batcave Dark Knight Rises Batcave Rumors; Possible Dark Knight Returns Connection?

While we await The Dark Knight Rises trailer (which will likely be coming soon – stay tuned), we’ve had little besides a few official plot details and a whole lot of rumors and speculation to report. Today, we have a little of both to share.

A new rumor from an unconfirmed source hints at what the Batcave will look like in the reconstructed Wayne Manor. On the more official side of things, actor Gary Oldman discussed his role as Jim Gordon in Dark Knight Rises, and made a few statements that (in my opinion) point to small traces of Frank Miller’s ‘The Dark Knight Returns‘ storyline being in TDKR‘s DNA.

Cosmic Book News is where this Batcave rumor started – again, the info comes from an unconfirmed source and really doesn’t tell us anything too surprising. But still, here are the quotes from CBN:

  • The overall design of the cave is almost identical of the cave of Batman Begins, with it being a basic cave without cavernous drops.
  • The waterfall is still there.
  • There have been upgrades with better lighting than the basic generator powered ones put up in Batman Begins.
  • There is a whole new batcomputer similar to the set up in The Dark Knight.
  • There is a weapons area where all of Batman’s equipment used in both films, plus new gadgets, can be seen.
  • There is also a cabinet containing both Batsuits.
  • The cave isn’t featured much in the film, it is has about as much screen time as the previous movies.

Wollaton Hall will be used in The Dark Knight Rises Dark Knight Rises Batcave Rumors; Possible Dark Knight Returns Connection?

Like we said: even if this total RUMOR is confirmed in full, it really doesn’t reveal too much that can’t be figured out with a few quick logical deductions. Such as:

  • We’ve known Bruce Wayne was rebuilding Wayne Manor after it burned down in Batman Begins.
  • Given the time that has passed between The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises, Wayne Manor would’ve been rebuilt in full.
  • Bruce Wayne used the cave the first time, so naturally, upon rebuilding he would upgrade and improve his lair – with things like a computer, weapons, suits, cars – you know, the usual Batman stuff.

Not that hard to figure out.

To be honest, at this point, it would be a bigger surprise if Dark Knight Rises DOESN’T have a cool Batcave lair…

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Dark Knight Rises’ ‘Dark Knight Returns’ Connection?

gary oldman commisioner gordon Dark Knight Rises Batcave Rumors; Possible Dark Knight Returns Connection?

Gary Oldman will soon sizzle onscreen as a stalwart master of espionage in Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, but while making the rounds to promote that spy thriller, he’s of course been poked and prodded for any little tidbit of information about The Dark Knight Rises. In speaking with Moviefone, Oldman dropped a quote that is worth examining:

On the subject of where we find Gordon in The Dark Knight Rises:

We find him — obviously I can’t give too much away because I’m sworn to secrecy — but when we meet him, things are calmer in Gotham. It’s reminiscent of the Gordon that we met in the first one. There’s a world-weariness to him, and even though things on the surface are now calmer, he’s cleaned up Gotham with the Harvey Dent Act, it’s seething underneath.

Now, there’s a lot of speculative ground that can be bridged, based on that quote:

  1. The idea that at the start of TDKR, Gotham is a more tranquil town, where crime is under control.
  2. “The Harvey Dent Act,” which suggests some kind of law spun out of the events of The Dark Knight, and also explains some of the ambiguous images from the film that recently hit the Web.
  3. The idea of Gotham “seething underneath” the superficial mandates of ‘The Harvey Dent Act’, which would explain the powder keg of mass chaos that Bane (Tom Hardy) unleashes on the city.
  4. The combination of Oldman’s quote above and Gordon’s monologue in The Dark Knight Rises teaser trailer, which suggests that he and Batman were ‘in it together’ to clean up Gotham, until Batman “went away,” leaving room for Bane to rise.

This kind of scenario Oldman paints – taken in conjunction with what we’ve seen in trailers, or heard directly from Nolan and Co. – begins to paint a narrative picture that contains faint traces of Frank Miller’s classic Batman tale, ‘The Dark Knight Returns’ – in addition to the ‘Knightfall’ and/or ‘Legacy’ storylines that have been speculated as having influenced the story of TDKR.





frank millers dark knight returns Dark Knight Rises Batcave Rumors; Possible Dark Knight Returns Connection?

We’ve been wondering why Chris Nolan chose to set Dark Knight Rises eight years after the events of The Dark Knight, and Oldman’s quote pretty much kills any speculation (and the alleged preview footage description) that Bane breaks Batman’s back immediately after TDK, and Bruce Wayne therefore spends eight years recovering. Hard to believe that a calmer, safer, Gotham would be the result of such a traumatic event.

No, it seems more likely that TDKR borrows some of the world Miller envisioned in The Dark Knight Returns, wherein laws against costumed vigilantism (like a ‘Harvy Dent Act’, perhaps?) forced Batman into retirement, but had the unexpected side-effect of discouraging costumed villains like The Joker, who went catatonic with no Batman to fuel him (good way to avoid the Heath Ledger issue). When a new and more savage crop of criminals (called The Mutants) start terrorizing Gotham, an aging Bruce Wayne is called back to duty and once again wages war as Batman to reclaim his city.

Just put in a younger Bruce Wayne (no gray hair), swap Bane in for ‘The Mutant Gang’ in Miller’s tale, and it’s not hard to see how Dark Knight Rises (from its title, to its depiction of Bane, to its thematic arc) could bear a strong resemblance to ‘Dark Knight Returns’mixed with story points borrowed from ‘Knightfall’ and/or ‘Legacy’.

Bane Mutant Leader Dark Knight Rises Returns e1323206567500 Dark Knight Rises Batcave Rumors; Possible Dark Knight Returns Connection?

They kind of look alike, no?

But one then has to wonder: could the speculation that Batman dies at the end of Nolan’s trilogy  be valid? After all, Batman faking his death was used in the conclusion of ‘The Dark Knight Returns’ story – so whether real (and symbolic) or fake (and reboot-friendly), might we see Batman bite the big one in TDKR?

Nothing better than some fun speculation… Discuss your Dark Knight Rises theories in our comment section for now, and we’ll all find out for sure what the film is about when it hits theaters on July 20, 2012.

Sources: Cosmic Book News & Moviefone


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  1. cant wait for The Dark Knight Rises :)bring it mr.nolan:)

    • yeahhh same here cant wait for it!!

  2. July 20th 2011?? Holy crap it’s out already!!!

    • Yes it is. If you’re cool enough they invite you to see it. ;-)

    • Sorry, you missed it; and it was the greatest film I have ever seen! :-D

  3. Is the Batcave handicap accessible?

  4. I hope they at least wait another 10-15 years before they reboot the franchise again.

    • When something makes bank, you keep putting it out.(Saw, Paranormal, PotC series) 5 years top before someone continues the story. You’ve still got Penguin, Riddler, Killer Croc, and Robin to keep things fresh. Have someone take up the cowl, if that spoiler is legit.

  5. This film will be incredible, but I am tired of hearing how much they should stay away from the Joker! Heath Ledger was great, but let’s not make him a deity. Others could portray a great joker. Joseph Gordon-Levitt for one. Just sayin’.

    Also, why is Nolan always hiring unlikable female leads? Katie holmes was not believable to me. Maggie did okay, but the character died, but Anne hathaway?! Uggh. I just do not like her in anything.

    I guess I’ll just focus on the Tumblers and Batcave.

    • I still don’t understand the JGL love train. Why would you think he could portray a good Joker? Taylor Lautner has more facial expressions than this guy and his acting hasn’t been more than sub-par in every movie he’s been in.
      At least we agree in Nolan’s poor casting choices when it comes to leading women. They just get worse and worse. Doesn’t matter how incredible this movie is, there is no way that Hathaway can be as sexy and sexual as Catwoman’s supposed to be.
      We’ve been deceived into thinking she’s hot but she’s actually high school drama class hot, where every girl isn’t good-looking but she stands out because she’s not as bad-looking.

      • Uhh I beg to differ. You need to see the movie Love and Other Drugs if you feel that way.

        Katie Holmes, Emma Stone, and Rachel McAdams are high school drama class hot

      • JGL was great in 500 days of summer, and was part of a classic television comedy (3rd rock) and has talent, his work in the recent ‘Hesher’ shows hes more than capable of going dark and playing a lunatic with a bit of sense of humor. but regardless of that it doesnt matter we wont get a JGL joker, but instead him as a cop who probably helps batman out (and maybe turns into nightwing? he was never said to never be in these films, or maybe even takes batmans place for a while or after if he possibly dies) who knows, anything can happen.

      • And your opinions became null and void @ Taylor Lautner. You should be band from posting.

        • And you should be banned for your spelling.

  6. @rodwoo Joseph Gordon-Levitt is great actor but i think the only person who could do the joker justice would have been Johny depp in my opinion. He is one of the best character actors in hollywood next to heath and christian bale.I was hoping for the bat cave in the the dark knight oh well. I was hoping they would have cast depp as the Riddle my self.I can’t see nolan disapointing with the batcave .

    • Johnny Depp is a commercial actor. I love the guy and he works his ass off but there doesn’t seem to be heart behind his characters. He would work as a Joker in a Burton Batman.
      A skinnier Phillip Seymour Hoffman would do the trick for me.

      • Alex, I don’t know what you are smoking but Johnny Depp gives it his all and there IS heart behind his characters…

        • Alright, Daniel, everything you say is true. Tell him I say hi when you have cocktails with him again.

          • I agree with alex…. not to mention johnny depp rarely changes his voice everytime I hear him talk from rango to charlie and the chocolate factor I always here jack sparrow

      • Alex – you’re dreaming. Depp would NEVER star in a Burton movie. :)

  7. Nothing is guaranteed: ‘this film is gonna rock!’ ‘it’s gonna be awesome!!’ ‘Nolan is Christ!’ etc. Kinda reminds me of another franchise that people revered and was let down by a crappy third film: ‘Godfather’

  8. Johnny Depp = over rated, overacting, hack. In my humble opinion. Maybe the fact that he hates America is clouding my judgement on his acting ability… He does still reside in France when he is not “working”, doesn’t he?

  9. I hope they treat batman like they treat James Bonds, continue the series of movies as possible and recast with a new bruce every decade or so.

  10. thought you guys might get a kick out of this


  11. I worked set design on the Batcave and let me tell you it was one of the Sadest days of my life only had to tear it down. Luckily I walked off with a truckload of the Batcave pieces and those will be given out for Christmas. The batcave is beautiful, I hope you guys enjoy it

    • i would like to submit my application to be your close friend during the holidays…lol!

    • Gonna out them on ebay ?

    • ***Are you gonna put them on ebay or something ?

  12. Bane is famous for breaking the bat, why introduce him if that was not used in the plot. All the evidence is there…..an Eight year absence, Bruce spotted in town rockin’ a cane, The “rising” in the title. The question is, When will it happen? Personally, I kind of liked the post by Ignur Rant the other day, describing an early intro to Bane….it just painted an awesome picture in my mind. So I am hoping we see Bane’s big moment on screen, an awesome Batcave, a cool Catwoman, awesome bat toys, a great supporting cast, Liam Neeson, and a nod to Heath Ledger’s joker. Am I asking for too much here?

    • Everything you are asking will be fulfilled but you’re not getting Cool Catwoman! I already TDKR will be the best in BSaga and will rule 2012 but why the heck did Nolan chose Hathaway as Catwoman? Sheesh

      • Why does everyone have 0 faith in anne hathaway? I understand nolan hasn’t casted good women character. But have you played arkham city? Anne hathaway could play that kind of catwomen with ease

  13. What I want to know is what is the entrance to the new bat cave like? What’s the trick to getting to this new bat cave like in the TDKR? That’s all I’m interested in knowing now. If anyone knows, please. Thank you very much.

  14. Waterfall! one of the pics in Empire shows a batman & bane standoff next to a waterfall, holy crap!!!!!! Bane’s in the batcave, THIS IS AWWWWWSOOOOME!!

  15. Okay I agree that Hathaway wasn’t my first choice for Catwoman either. In fact when I heard it was Bane and Catwoman in this one I kinda cringed. Like been there done that. I wanted Hugo Strange and Talia al-Ghoul to be in this one. With a lesser known villain like Firefly.

    But let’s give the film a chance before we start to criticize it.

  16. @Barry
    According to this article it’s going to have the waterfall entrance/exit still. But as for the entrance from the manor to the cave I’d say either the piano again or perhaps the grandfather clock one from TAS.

  17. I’m gonna cringe if Batman clearly dies in this one. However, the Bruce Wayne of Nolan’s Batman-version doesn’t seem to have much of a bright future. Rachel is gone, he’s getting old and so is his friends. Normally, I would accept such an ending if it served the story right, but what would be the message of the trilogy? “Don’t fight crime, even if you have equipment worth a town and various black belts in martial arts? What’s great about Nolan’s first two Batman movies is that they have various good messages to it’s viewers, and Batman dying would ruin it all for me. It would probably make everything Alfred, Fox and other intelligent charachters end up as pretentious if Batman and/or Gordon dies.

  18. For those that are wondering…. Batman has been rumored to be rebooted a yr or 2 after this one concludes. The reason being is DC is planning a Justice League Movie. This Batman and the New Superman movie will have 0 ties to Justice League meaning… That both Movies will be rebooted. We could see 2 Different Superman movies with 2 different Actors. OR This could be the ONLY Superman Movie we see before it is rebooted. Which is my guess as a Snub.

    As far as Killing of Batman…… I don’t know about all that. But I guess…. It’s a logical way to end the Series. Sucks.. But Makes sense. I Personally would rather see an entire Knightfall Story arc. But that means you have to bring in Azreal, Robin and Nightwing to name a few Key Chars to that story Arch. Which would be a HUGE story arch possiably spanning 4 movies just to tell it..

    • The over-arcing theme an message of the batman films have been (and are confirmed by the teaser trailer) that the batman is a symbol of hope and justice in the fight against crime and corruption.

    • Hmmm. “Robin” would be eight yrs old…maybe it IS close to a DKR…

  19. Cool Joker Nod idea:
    Batman’s been out of the game for a while. Bane has taken over the city…maybe after he destroys the Gotham Rogues (Pittsburgh Steeler’s) stadium. Batman has to go to Arkyum to see the Joker for “advice.” They show the Bat standing at his cell door with only the eye slot to talk to the Joker (sliding section of asylum door). We see Joker’s mouth only (with scars) while he tells Batman what he thinks about Bane and his motives. Maybe he makes fun of Batman some or tries to cut a deal. Scene ends with Batman storming off, being frustrated without receiving any serious advice and we hear Ledger’s evil laugh soundbite in the background…

    haha just an idea, i’m really looking forward to seeing Nolan’s deception of Bane and Catwoman…is the rumor completely squashed that JGL might be the Riddler? I remember hearing early one that the Riddler would be a cop that was “hired” to find and identify Batman bc of his intellect. ???

    • I would’ve wanted Michael Sheen or Vincent Cassel to be the riddler.

    • That makes a lot more sense, and would integrate a lot better in the Nolan-verse than Robin.

  20. It could be, that Bane finds out Batmans secret identity at the end of the movie and is visiting him in his batcave.
    Maybe he awaits him when he is coming home after a endless day of fighting and capturing freed prisoners.
    He attacks him when he is still in suit, because he wants to beat the crap out of Batman and not Bruce Wayne, it wouldn´t be as much fun anyway.
    Batman is exhausted after the hard day/night and bane is braking Batmans spine after an epic fight. Than Catwoman shows of to defeat Bane somehow(now he is also a little bit exhausted after the epic fight).

    In a final scene B. Wayne is sitting in a wheelchair, on his side are Selina Kyle, Gordon and Alfred talking about the future of Gotham and that Catwomwan is taking over, maybe together with J. Gordon-Levitt as Robin :P

  21. said it before and i’ll say it again. i would love to see bruce wayne at batman’s funeral for an ending. a way for bruce to become bruce again, a kind of personal closure for him

  22. I would love to see this movie not rushed because just hearing about the casting of Bane and catwoman Ann Hathaway is gonna need some serious screen time to sale herself as Catwoman and I don’t care if this movie does turn out to be 2 hrs long, it wont be enough time unless they break it into two movies. I mean The Dark Knight was 75% the Joker’s and 25% Twoface’s but stretching out the character and allowing Dent to grow on the audience throughout the first 1hr1/2 sold him and indebted him into the minds of the audience as believable It was Nolan’s pure genius, but letting him live would have been smarter then in The Dark Knight Rises, film we could have saw flash backs (Kill bill style) of things we didn’t know happened in around or before the Dark Knight, like the fact when Jim Gordon had an affair with Essen, furthermore though these things may come across a little negatives they only humanize Gary Oldmans character even more.

  23. I would love to see this movie not rushed because just hearing about the casting of Bane and catwoman Ann Hathaway is gonna need some serious screen time to sale herself as Catwoman and I don’t care if this movie does turn out to be 2 hrs long, it wont be enough time unless they break it into two movies. I mean The Dark Knight was 75% the Joker’s and 25% Twoface’s but stretching out the character and allowing Dent to grow on the audience throughout the first 1hr1/2 sold him and indebted him into the minds of the audience as believable It was Nolan’s pure genius, but letting him live would have been smarter then in The Dark Knight Rises, film we could have saw flash backs (Kill bill style) of things we didn’t know happened in around or before the Dark Knight, like the fact when Jim Gordon had an affair with Essen, furthermore though this may come across a little negative it only humanize Gary Oldmans character even more.

  24. Very appreciative about Bane being the new bad guy I just don’t like the fact that its Tom Hardy playing Bane because though he looks a little menacing the fact is that this Bane stands smaller than Batman and thicker boot sols and working out gaining 30 lbs just doesn’t cut it, I mean how is this guy gonna pick up batman and snap Batman’s spine on his knee? I think Chris Nolan just likes Tom Hardy or maybe even buddies from there last movie together thus casting Tom as bane is a friendly gesture that could make him iconic!! Well I certainly hope there is better dialog here than what Jim Gordon had to say in that trailer (Now for some optimism) the last couple of seconds of that trailer looked so Awesome!!!! I feel like a chick anticipating Twilight5

  25. It’s easy to figure out. Batman gets his back broken, leaves the scene to recover, whilst Bane takes control of the city, namely the mob, who was left without it’s leaders in the finale events of The Dark Knight. They are posturing him as they did in Knightfall, making him a “noble villain” He might’ve cut down on street crime like violence.

  26. I wonder if they they are going back from batman begins batman the dark knight and batman the dark knight rises.

  27. I hope they bring back the nipples.

  28. Hasn’t anyone noticed the face in the third trailer after the cop shoots?Itlights up a single shot and the face looks like it could be another bad guy.Maybe a riddler or something ,pause on the shot as I think it’s really something.

  29. Batman and Gordon scene toward the ending is the most powerful. It speaks volumes about the internal motivation. The movie quote is the best. Awesome Batman/Gordon scene!