‘Dark Knight Rises’ Banners & Promo Art; New Footage to Air On MTV

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Bat-fever is starting to spread, now that Warner Bros. has initiated its marketing blitz for The Dark Knight Rises. Just over the past few days alone, several new TV spots, banners, and screenshots have been released.

Today, we have an additional pair of Dark Knight Rises posters to share, along with a handful of promo art tie-ins. Furthermore, it has been announced that even more unseen footage is slated to premiere during the 2012 MTV Movie Awards show (which is right around the corner).

Warner Bros.’ first two television promos for Dark Knight Rises have already done a lot to win over fans who were left unmoved by the dramatic, slow-burn approach of the film’s theatrical trailers. That’s to say nothing of the recent wave of dark, foreboding, posters, depicting a war-zone Gotham overrun by Bane (Tom Hardy) and his forces, with Batman (Bruce Wayne) and the Gotham police struggling to stop them – plus, a scheming Catwoman (Anne Hathaway) who adapts to the situation as necessary, in order to ensure her own survival.

The latest batch of Dark Knight Rises banners and promo art should do nothing to deter the film’s forward momentum (for more promo material, head on over to CBM):

On top of all that – here is the lowdown on Dark Knight Rises and this year’s MTV Movie Awards (from the official press release):

MTV today announced that the “2012 MTV Movie Awards” will feature exclusive footage from Warner Bros. Pictures’ and Legendary Pictures’ highly anticipated film ‘The Dark Knight Rises’, with director/writer/producer Christopher Nolan and actors Christian Bale, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Gary Oldman on hand to celebrate the ‘Dark Knight’ trilogy. Hosted by comedian, actor and TV personality Russell Brand, the “2012 MTV Movie Awards” will air live on Sunday, June 3, at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT from the Gibson Amphitheatre in Universal City, California.

Outlook for Dark Knight Rises is really good right now. Everything from the haunting imagery of Gotham being (literally) reduced to smithereens by Bane, to footage showcasing “The Bat” (a.k.a. the Bat-Jet) as an impressive new vehicle for the Caped Crusader – and the sheer emotional intensity of everything DKR-related to date, points towards Christopher Nolan’s movie being an epic finale to his Batman trilogy.

Be sure to check back on Screen Rant in the future for more Dark Knight Rises goodies – including, whatever footage is shown at the MTV Movie Awards ceremony.

The Dark Knight Rises in theaters around the U.S. on July 20th, 2012.


Source: Warner Bros. India

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  1. This is great news, and while I like the main trailers a lot, the TV spots were excellent – much better than the usual cut-down versions of full-length trailers you usually get with other movies. Hope they keep the marketing momentum up.

    A viral campaign would be nice though, and not just for when they want to release a new trailer (which won’t happen anymore). Operation Early Bird and then the third trailer film reel got me excited and then disappointed when they didn’t follow it up.

  2. In the second picture with batman and bane banes veins look like they are about to burst out of his head.

    • I thought those looked more like scars than veins. Could be wrong. Just my impression.

      • yeah they could be but i thought the injury was more towards the front of his face

  3. I’m soooo excited! To go from the Avengers to this! What a year for comic book movies…

  4. Is anyone else having trouble with this site??

    It seems to be working, but everything is really basic. It’s all on a white screen with plain text. It looks more like a word document, or similar to the horrible style of AICN. It really is making it less pleasant to use.

    Or is it just me?

    Is there some re-structuring going on I don’t know about?

    • I had the EXACT same problem. I sent a message to Vic alerting him of the issue, but everything seems to working fine now though…

  5. @motoko – I’ve the same problem too. :(

  6. It’s normal for me

    • Hooray!!!! It seems to be fixed now. It was like that yesterday too. Thank god, it was horrible to use as it was.

  7. @motoko same here and the pictures do not load on my mobile browser :(

  8. Haven’t seen trailer #3 or the tv sopts yet and don’t plan on. See how excited it made you guys?? Imagine not seeing that and experiencing it for the first time in theaters. I CAN’T WAIT!!!

    • I envy your self-control, sir. If only I was that strong.

  9. I for one thought the trailers were way better than the TV spots, and hopefully more indicative of what the final film product will be like. The special thing about these Nolan films is that they go way beyond your typical summer fare. The teasers make everything seem more light-hearted than I hope it will be. I want this to be epic and entertaining and everything, but it had better have the same nuanced, dark tone of its predecessors. I think it will. Warner Bros. is really trying to suck in your average moviegoer with these TV spots. That said, the new promo posters are awesome, much more in keeping with what I hope this film turns out to be.

  10. The Tv-spots were awesome and the first two banners are awesome as well (especially the one with Batman behind his cape.)
    I gots me a new wallpaper! :D

  11. the debri, the bosnian rebels and its winter from the movie BEHIND ENEMY LINES Has returned.. how unoriginal, LOL.

  12. I have seen all the trailers and TV spots but nothing beats the Prologue shown in IMAX before Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. That got me more excited than anything. If that clip gives a good idea of what it is going to be like, Dark Knight Rises is going to be amazing!

  13. This is cool website…can’t wait for the movie

  14. I’ve always loved how Nolan sprinkles little bits of humour in these films. I remember I chuckled when Bruce Wayne said he’d tell the police it was all Alfred’s idea. So excited to see this. Can’t get here soon enough!

  15. I’m sorry to those Nolan batman fans BUT, it looks terrible. Better than the first two but the first two were messed up story line wise so horrifically.I’l give the second one amazing acting from Ledger but other than that they were terrible. Also the original spider man films were crap, can’t wait for this summers though, it looks amazing! But I will guess batman will get a 65-70/100 in my opinion. Batman 1=75/100 Batman 2=45/100 Batman 3=Not saying for sure but I will go for a 65-70/100

    • I am in no way a Nolanite or die hard Batman fan, but the first two Batman films were crap? I respect your opinion, but you base it off story line? Batman Begins is a very solid movie & most people I know have that as their favorite Batman movie ever. TDK also a very solid movie with a good story line, just some plot holes. To give it a 45/100 is a bit shocking to me, but to each their own. & why bring up Spider-Man?

    • Wait, wait, wait… you’re giving TDKR a score/rating before the movie’s even come out?
      I can respect a person’s opinion and them not liking a movie, but the fact that you’ve already made up your mind about an unreleased film just makes me think you’re trolling here.

      (Feel free to correct me if I misunderstood your comment though)

      • If you dislike the first two so much and don’t think this one will be good then why are you reading this article.


    I want one! This movie will be soooooo good! :D

  17. The movie looks like it could be cool, especially if they follow the storylines it looks like they are following. I just can’t get behind the visual look of this film. The costumes are all bad, especially Bane, he is completely unrecognizable. I don’t agree with the look of any of the vehicles, the batmobile should be sleek and fast, not a tank. The Bat (stupid name) doesn’t look even remotely bat-like. I won’t even get into the “Catwoman” thing. I really want to like this movie and I’m hoping the story will really be phenomenal and cap off a , mostly, great series. I’m just afraid that, as a twenty year reader of Batman comics, they stray to far from the source material for my taste.

    • Well, of course Bane looks different. It’s been repeated many times, the classic look of many would not look right in Nolan’s setting. Even him looking extremely big would look comical. As for the Tumbler, it look like a “tank” for the past two movies. Why have an issue now? (if you didn’t like it before, my apologies) I understand people have opinions, I respect that; just wanted to engage in some intellectual discourse.

      • I’m not saying Bane needs to be a body-builder or wear spandex and a wrestling mask, but at least have some aspects of the character’s look. The mask he has in this movie looks, to me, ridiculous. He looks like a Mortal Kombat reject, and I’m not just saying that to bash on him. Look at the Mortal Kombat movie, Reptile’s mask is really similar. This Bane doesn’t look ANYTHING like the Bane from the source material, he’s not even from the same country. This Bane is Eastern European when he should be South American.

        As for the “tumbler”, I have never liked it, I bring it up to show a pattern. As I said, I have been a fan of the comics for years and the ‘ bat ‘ vehicles have always been very slick and stylistic. They should be cool and subtle, a tank running and knocking over cars and causing explosions down the highway is not subtle. I do ,however, like the Bat-pod. Although a little too bulky I think the concept is very cool.

        I don’t have a problem with Batman being armoured, I just prefer it to look more cohesive. All the little, seperate pieces just don’t look right. The chest armour is bisected so much you can’t even see the bat emblem.

        I have enjoyed the movies thus far, they have captured the tone and the character well. It’s just cosmetic decisions that I take issue with.

        I just feel that the source material should be honored as much as possible, I’m a writer and if one of my books was to be adapted to a movie, I would want them to stay as close to my vision as realistically feasible.

        • Thank you for replying back without having a snarky, or condescending comment. It seems, lately anyways, that there has been a couple of spats on these boards. But some of your points, I do agree with very much. On a previous thread, I posted that I do not like the fact that Bane is Eastern European. With the mask, it’s not the best, but hopefully they show a reason for him using that mask & not another one. As for the Tumbler, I do agree that the highway chase was a little far fetched. But I like that it’s bulkier. It’s a little too bulky, but it’s better than the previous incarcerations like Batman & Robin, at least IMO. But I do whole hardedly agree about Bat’a chest piece. Way to segmented for my tastes. I’m curious, would you rather the bat symbol on his chest be yellow or black? Last point, I hope that you find success being a writer. It’s hard to break through, but I wish you the best.

          • Thank you.

            As for Batman, definitely black symbol for looks. Although in the comics it was explained that the bright yellow bat-symbol was used to draw gunfire to his armoured chest and away from his more vulnerable areas.

            I liked the look of the BB costume. I understand they changed to piece armour for mobility, but why not just invent some flexible, woven fabric armour. It’s no more far-fetched than his cape’s function or taking fingerprints from bullet fragments( which, if you know anything about ballistics and bullet fragmentation, isn’t possible).

          • Have they confirmed that Bane is from Eastern Europe?

            As for Bane, I really dont care about the look. He isnt that iconic. After Knightfall and Vengeance of Bane, he has pretty much become a hired muscle brute. Even in No Man Land and Legacy he is pretty much a basic pawn. Im a lot more lax on the cosmetics as long as the core of the chracter is acurately portrayed, which see,s to be the case.

            • I don’t know if it’s been confirmed, but it is what everyone is saying. It sounds more western European,to me, he’s lacking the hard, gutteral consonant sounds of the eastern European dialects. Either way it’s not south American.

              • Yikes. That was one of the aspects of the character I liked. Either way I tend not to get too touchy on Bane b/c he is comstantly radically changed in every new incarnation.

                I do like how they have combined aspects of his father, King Snake the false prophet revolutionary and The Mutant Leader from TDKReturns.