Nestor Carbonell Talks ‘Dark Knight Rises'; New Bane Rumors Surface

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The Dark Knight Rises Bane Nestor Carbonell Nestor Carbonell Talks Dark Knight Rises; New Bane Rumors Surface

News on The Dark Knight Rises has slowed down considerably since the flood of set photos and videos dried up after the production left the streets of Pittsburgh – but today we have some new updates to share about Chris Nolan’s end to the Batman trilogy.

Our roundup includes word from actor Nestor Carbonell (Lost), who fans will remember as the Mayor of Gotham city; we also look into some new rumors about the type of enhancements actor Tom Hardy (Warrior) might be using to inhabit the role of Bane

MTV recently caught up with Nestor Carbonell and solicited his impression of The Dark Knight Rises, and Carbonell let it be known that we are in for an epic finale to the trilogy – one that will exceed both Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. He also took things a step further, claiming that – in the hands of Chris Nolan – TDKR is (once again) more than just a comic book movie:

“[Christopher Nolan] announced that this is sort of his last go at the Batman…If it is, indeed, the last Batman for him, he certainly goes out big. It’s massive. Just what I saw, the sets were unbelievable… It’s beautifully framed and beautifully shot. Half of it is in IMAX. Stunning stuff.”

“He’s one of these amazing storytellers in our generation, he’s one of the guys who’s taken [superhero] genre and grounded it and done something with it that hasn’t done before…He’s made it that much more real, much more accessible, and he’s made a psychological thriller out of all of them, so he’s great, he’s amazing.”

I don’t think anyone is expecting less than a truly epic finale to Nolan’s Batman trilogy, but admittedly, when the Pittsburgh set photos and videos began to leak out, it did seem like this final chapter was going to be more of  a go-for-broke action blockbuster – complete with huge set pieces and massive battle scenes. While I’m sure many Batman movie fans would be okay with that, Nolan’s previous installments have also managed to convey deeper themes and ideas; it’s good to see Carbonell making mention of the fact that The Dark Knight Rises will as well.

Tom Hardy Bane Dark Knight Rises Header Nestor Carbonell Talks Dark Knight Rises; New Bane Rumors Surface

Of course, a grand and/or deep superhero movie needs a grand and/or deep villain at its center, and fans are certainly hoping that Tom Hardy is going to be able to make Bane just that, given the character’s rich history on the comic page. The last time Bane appeared on film (in Joel Schumacher’s Batman & Robin back in 1997), what we got was a mindless brute villain sidekick. Bane definitely needs to have the brute aspect of his character kept intact (someone to present a physical threat to Batman), but the villain is also a very intelligent foe, who has managed to out-strategize the dark knight on occasion.

We still don’t know about Bane’s smarts in TDKR, but in terms of his physicality, we have some new rumors floating around which claim that Tom Hardy will be wearing some lifts to increase his height to the level of an imposing bad guy, as well as having some voice alteration, to give him a distinctive way of speaking.

It should be noted: this RUMOR originates from British Tabloid The Sun, so a large grain of salt should be taken while you mull it over:

Actor Tom Hardy has reportedly been wearing specially made shoes fitted with three-inch lifts on the set of the latest Batman film The Dark Knightmag glass 10x10 Nestor Carbonell Talks Dark Knight Rises; New Bane Rumors Surface Rises. Hardy, who is 5ft 9in, has been wearing them so he can be the same size as co-stars Morgan Freeman and Christian Bale.

According to British newspaper The Sun, the movie’s producers wanted his character, Bane, to be around the same height as Batman and Morgan’s Lucius Fox, who are both over 6ft.

The 33-year-old has also allegedly been wearing a voice box which controls the pitch of his speech. But he’s been the victim of on-set pranks as the sound effects team have been amusing themselves by speeding up the frequency.

On the one hand, some fans have been critical of the Bane’s costume and look, while others have approved of Nolan’s interpretation  (while still expressing concern about Hardy’s physical attributes). On the issue of voice alteration: we can understand giving Bane a voice more fitting for his masked face; however, at the moment most Batman movie fans have a negative impression of the technique, after hearing Christian Bale’s oft-mocked “Batman voice” from The Dark Knight – which was also the result of voice alteration.

We’ll find out what kind of villain and grand finale we’re in for, when The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters on July 20, 2012.

Sources: MTV & The Sun (via Comic Book Movie)

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  1. Not really worried about some of the matters addressed, just want this film to live up to the hype. The Dark Knight took everyone by surprise, and is hard to top, but I just hope this is as good or better.

    Plus, Bane does need altercations. I like the realism in the photos, but he does need to be massive in stature (along with voice) compared to Batman, so I agree with what they’re doing. It’s a rumor after all though.

  2. Yea I agree that it’s fine to use the voice alterations, just make it sound good. Bale sounded awful in TDKR. It was bad in Begins but much much worse afterward. There was a scene, though, in Batman Begins when he has the cop hung up by a string and says “Where are the other drugs going!?!?”. I was fine with that. If they could base it on that, I’d be fine (obviously taking into consideration tone and volume). I’m also fine with Bane’s suit and lifts (if true). So long as he makes Batman look smallish. Excited regardless!

    • I’m also thinking that the voice alteration for Bane could be due to the mask he’s wearing. What I mean is, it may not necessarily be for him to sound imposing, but to sound like he’s talking through a mask while still being audible and clear.

      • Am I the only one who like Bales voice in both movies?

        The scene your talking about in begins is where hes like “Do I look like a cop?!” or “Swear to Me!” I loved his voice there. I hated when he would talk to Rachel in the suit and said “Its not who I am underneath, but what I do that defines me” cause his tone lightened up. It was like he was not consistent with his voice.

        I feel like Bats just talked did more talking in TDK then he did in BB and that’s why people began to get tired of it. WHERE ARE THEY!?!! WHERE ARE THEY!?!?! lol

        • “Swear to me” is my favorite Bstman line between comics/movies/animation.

          SideNote: I do wish he had kept his cape draped over his the front side of his shoulders more. There is an awesome shot of Batman in BB after he rescues Rachel in the Batcave where hr has caped draped over. It makea him a little mote mysterious especially since u cant see his hands. I like my batman draped in caped!

  3. This bane is different, but not bad, the costume is different, but again this is Nolan interpretation and this bane will have roots to the league of shadows so it’s understandable. I like the idea of the voice alteration as long as it doesn’t sound like batmans *shivers*. And I hope they fix that batman voice issue. Also I have a theory that the vest is where he’s storing the venom cuz in one pic I see several tubes sticking up from the vest to the back of the head. I have no doubt in Nolan and his work even if it’s different I think it’ll still be a great film.

    P.s we haven’t seen everything yet so maybe bane has several suits!

  4. Bat-plane blue print seen in the dark knight movie at 57 mins 43 secs …when Reese shows lucious he found batmans identity out

  5. Wouldn’t voice alterations be done in post production?

    • Thats what I thought too…

  6. Ive heard his voice from the scene that was leaked of the football stadium, it had a really freaky and unique style, almost like he couldnt breathe properly…was quite eerie and worked well, but i just have no worries whatsoever about this film. Nolan will make sure this is so damn amazing that the Batman franchise wont need to be touched for 20 years, Tom Hardy is going to pull this off so well and i really im so hyped up about the character.

    All the leaked scenes etc are raw footage with no work done to them, of course its not going to look like it should, Hardy is massive, hes put on a hell of a lot of muscle, but everyone still has Bane in that ridiculous size he is in the comics in their head…it works in a comic but if he was that big it would look ridiculous in the Nolan portrayal, we should have learnt from TDK not to slag off Nolans ideas before we have seen it. All these moaning people are going to look stupid when it comes out.

  7. I think the voice alteration is a good idea as long as I’m able to understand what he’s saying. Hardy will do a good job but I’m not sure he’ll do a PHENOMENAL job like Ledger did. But I hope I’m proven wrong.

  8. Bane in pumps, sexy.

  9. This doesn’t really hold water. There’s no reason why Bane should be taller than Batman, not when he’s supposed to be capable of enormous feats due to training, and performance enhancement. Wearing lifts doesn’t sound likely, since the last lot of moaners pointed out how short he already looked. Surely with 3 inch lifts he’d have looked ok, though how do you stay on 3 inch lifts and perform fight scenes?

    Voice wise, Bale did the voice entirely on his own, and has explained his choice many times over. There’s no alteration, just his gruff tones, which I don’t like very much, but it hasn’t hurt the films in my opinion.

    There’s always a whole host of rumour attached to these productions, and so many people are happy to get swept up in the hype, but really, imagine casting a guy way too short for a part and forcing him to perform a tough guy role in platform shoes.

    • …and don’t give me Non from Superman: The Movie. Yes he wore platforms, and he looked ridiculous. ‘Look out Superman, he’s got big shoes on!’. Right.

    • “This doesn’t really hold water. There’s no reason why Bane should be taller than Batman, not when he’s supposed to be capable of enormous feats due to training, and performance enhancement. Wearing lifts doesn’t sound likely, since the last lot of moaners pointed out how short he already looked. Surely with 3 inch lifts he’d have looked ok, though how do you stay on 3 inch lifts and perform fight scenes?”

      Well, obviously a shorter person can beat up a taller person, but it would be a lot more intimidating if the guy wasn’t short. Height just adds more to the menace of a person’s already intimidating persona. So, really, there IS reason to make Bane taller. It would add to his character (not like it could take away). Also, the whole problem with wearing lifts and performing fight scenes seems like hardly an obstacle for this day in age with films. Just sayin

  10. Maybe he’ll have a breathing problem like Darth Vader or like the big bad guy in The Road Warrior.

    • Great Humungus, indeed!

  11. Its not difficult to make him taller after filming, i don’t really see a problem if they keep him the same size…but from the teaser trailer Batman was certainly looking up at Bane at the end so he probably will change height or just be made taller in general. I couldnt care less as long as the character is good, i just know that Bane is going to be amazing in this film regardless of his height..its a minor issue.

    Wait for the next trailer, that will probably tell us more as id assume it would be a ‘Villan Trailer’…that would be perfect.

  12. Personally Bane looks so awesome! I love Tom Hardy and if you havent seen Bronson then you must because it shows another side of him. They will find a way to make him bigger but I like the fact that he is around Batman’s size because he will catch Batman off guard. In the teaser he is walking up stairs so it appears that he is bigger. Batman hopefully gets his butt kicked though cause i want to feel that there is no hope

    • Dude I agree, Bane is gonna be the villain of all villains in all of movie history (making Joker 2nd). I mean look at all the crazy s*** their doin with this movie man it’s like Joker didn’t even have a chance. Batman has to buy a freakin military jet to stop this guy and it’s not just some lame actor playin him either. no, its TOM MOTHER F’n HARDY! If people saw him in Oliver Twist, The Take,and (like you said) Bronson then they will have no doubt about what this guy can do. He’s twice the actor Heath Ledger ever was even though Heath was AMAZING in Dark Knight and it’s a real bummer he passed away but it’s true.

  13. With the voice box Hardy will be using I hope he really sounds menacing if they get him to sound gilbert gottfried its already a win! Gilbert Gottfried voice+Bane= epic win

  14. So, does this mean that Freeman and Hardy will be doing a scene together?

    • Most likely

  15. bale sounded bad ass in Batman Begins
    & his costume was waaaay better more scary& intimidating
    am i right or wrong?

  16. Vader voice!!!!

  17. Its not IMPOSSIBLE to do fight moves and feats while wearing 3 inch hight enhancers…Charlie’s Angels chicks wear high heels while fighting, and many chicks in action its possible…

  18. Yeah, I wouldn’t worry too much about the size. Nolan isn’t dumb, and when it comes to source material he’s pretty trustworthy. And not to disagree about the Superman comment up there, but the movie will be done in 2012.

    Things have progressed so much in the last few decades, in movies more than anything. So, maybe in set photos, Bane being raised up would look ridiculous, but because it’s raw.

    Post production, everything will look fantastic I’m sure.

  19. This movie is not going to be bad. But it won’t be great like TDK. Hardy looks ok. I still think they should keep the gang vib in it. I feel that their is too many big villians in this one. Catwomen, “Talia”, Bane. They should have had Talia, dead shot and bane or black mask, catwomen & dead shot. But talia, bane & catwomen? How catwomen fits in all this? If Nolan wanted a love intrest in for batman in TDKR then they should have put Viki Vale. Catwomen seems like a random charecter… Unless if Nolan found the way how to fit her in.

  20. Nolan wouldnt stick anyone in there unless he had a good story. Catwoman will work, this film is going to be very long, over 3 hours i bet.

    Speaking of source material, the shots of the prison breakout, Bane walking up to Batman in what did look like the Batcave….thats all accurate to the Knightfall saga, thats exciting. Breaking Batmans back though?….im no doctor but can you have your back broken and then come back and do martial arts and fight again? That would have to happen in the middle…and then Batman come back and somehow win, that sounds far to cheesy for Nolan. I can imagine a severe beating and broken legs/arms but not his back.

    This film could be massively dark, if Bane sounds anything like he does on that leaked scene, then im happy cos hes scary and thats a good thing.

  21. Gotham! Take control, take control of your cityeyh!

  22. Wish you guys would stop writing about The Dark Knight until it actually comes out, your printing rumors obtained from a tabloid newspaper…that’s pretty pathetic. Seems like you desperate to ruin the movie and any surprises it has in store.

    • It can only be ruined by those who choose to read the article. People who don’t want any spoilers but read anyways are stupid. Plain and simple.

  23. So far catwoman looks like a random charecter for me. Have y’all seen pics and vids of her? She is ok as Selina but when she comes out as the cat is like “what the heck is she is doing their?” I hope Nolan proves me wrong in that. The rest of the movies and charecters are amazing. Is that cat that got me all worried. But dang!… The movie would have been much darker if they had Black Mask, Catwoman, scarecrow and deadshot as the villians. Deadshot could have been the mystery villian. In the end… JGL could reveal himself as deadshot. What a twist on that. And I think that Robin should have been in it. It gives him a full circule. Reminds him how he lost his parents and how needed to find himself in this dark world.

    • I dont think you have to worry about this movie being dark, this film will probably make TDK look like a fairy-tale honestly, i can see a lot of this film being really evil. Catwoman will be explained, she has to be, Nolan doesnt do stupid things like adding a character for no reason.

      Which brings me to Bane,i wonder if Nolan will bother explaining his origin. The Joker didnt have one and that worked perfectly, however bane has a really good,dark and usable origin which could make some great scenes. At a guess,im thinking that it goes back to Bane being in the same prison as Bruce Wayne was in Batman Begins…as Bane was brought up in a prison….ah well,i could guess a million things and be wrong most likely! the way, should never be mentioned.Ever.

    • I disagree, I think Bane will be every bit as dark as the Joker was but in a different way. He’ll be very dark and menacing but more in a phantom of the opera, meets tyler durden, meets hitler kind of way.. if that makes sense…

  24. I dont see a problem with anything mentioned in the article. Nolan has already proven himself with these films. I am not going to question him at this point. Especially about a voice over.

    • I totally agree. We’re in for an epic ride

  25. I was wondering when they would mention his size; if cgi or suit like the juggernaut wore in x3. I’m glad their going to make him look larger, we know he’s jacked but he’s short. I was kinda worried he would be a short guy that fights well and doesn’t die. Good to be wrong sometimes. This movie will be great.

  26. Exceeding TDK. WOW! Now that I would like to see in a trilogy.

  27. tom hardy is not Big enough to play bane hopefully he will do a good job

    • they can make him look bigger on film though

      • Tom hardy is huge, i know he isnt the tallest man on earth hes my size 5ft 9…but muscle wise he is massive. People need to get that stupid image of Bane in the comics out of their heads, he isnt going to be that big it would look stupid if he was and wouldnt fit into this trilogy.

        Nolan will get this right, he always does.

        • Well to me he looked big enough in Bronson to play Bane and he’s even bigger now than he was then. I love how some people are sayin “I shouldn’t be able to out bench Bane” my response to that is “uhh really? cause no you can’t” lol that dude has been hittin the gyms for almost a year now preparing for warrior and then again for this movie. He’s definitely not a wimp and I couldnt imagine anyone other than Tom Hardy for this role.

  28. this movie just keeps sounding better and better!!!

  29. Pumped. Can’t wait. Nolan is awesome. This movie will rule. Enough said.