Rumor Patrol: ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Bane Origin Plot Details; India Set Pics

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bane featured Rumor Patrol: Dark Knight Rises Bane Origin Plot Details; India Set Pics

There’s never been a shortage of speculation surrounding recent Christopher Nolan films such as Inception and The Dark Knight. The director is notoriously tight-lipped about his movies – both in terms of story beats and character information.

However, thanks to the very public Dark Knight Rises filming currently going on in India, we now have a clearer look at the potential Lazarus Pit as well as potential details regarding the origin of super villain Bane (though file the latter part under “rumor” for now).

It goes without saying that if you’re attempting to avoid all Dark Knight Rises-related spoilers and speculation, be warned – the following post will contain more-detailed pictures from the India shoot as well as a potential (albeit thin) origin story for Tom Hardy’s Bane. Read on at your own risk!

On Friday we reported on the possibility that the oval-shaped pit, with a green screen background, being prepared by the Dark Knight Rises crew would be the Nolan-world version of Ra’s al Ghul’s notorious Lazarus Pits – featured heavily in the comics. On the printed page, the pits had a more fantastical explanation; however, spectators at the India shoot may have secured one unexpected detail – one that would ground the pits in a more real-world utility as well as tie the League of Shadows storyline to the film’s other chief antagonist – Bane.

Here’s the eyewitness report, courtesy of The Dark Knight Rises Community on Facebook:

“Eyewitnesses and crew members told us of a particular scene being filmed,” the site reports, “where a bald-headed child wearing ragged clothes emerges from the well and pulls his hood over his head. From the conversations, we reckon this is a young Bane, emerging from a vat of Venom, trained by Pence’s Ra’s al Ghul. The years of addiction to Venom builds him to be a massive monster with amped up senses, intelligence and physical prowess.”

Granted, the “report” is entirely hearsay but it would offer a compelling explanation for Nolan’s inclusion of the Lazarus Pits as well as how Bane will fit into the real-world setting – not to mention the reason for the Ra’s al Ghul flashbacks (as portrayed by Josh Pence). That said, there’s no actual evidence that points to the assertion that the pool is actually a Venom vat – so it’s fair to say that the eyewitnesses here are making a lot of assumptions. So take this particular set of details with a grain of salt.

Regardless, check out the improved “Lazarus Pit” images below, followed by Pence in India, as well as a purported training ground (courtesy of Mehul Gohil at The Dark Knight Rises Community). Click to enlarge:


If the rumored report does turn out to be true (though, we still think the eyewitnesses are concocting a lot of questionable assertions based on limited evidence) – it still begs the question, with Nolan dedicating such a significant portion of the film to Ra’s al Ghul’s legacy (especially considering Marion Cotillard’s “secret” role), how will the director provide Anne Hathaway’s Selina Kyle/Catwoman (or even Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s John Blake) with the same level of character development – without convoluting the story?

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The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters July 20, 2012.

Source: The Dark Knight Rises Community [via SuperHeroHype]

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  1. Nolan has said that he wants a more realistic feel to his films, hence the joker and face paint. Despite the obvious changes to the Joker in DK, the film was nothing short of brilliant. I have enjoyed Nolan’s take on the Batman character incredibly.The ONLY thing I have not thoroughly appreciated is Bale’s “Batman voice” which is a very small and trivial issue.

    • I had a bit of a problem with Bale’s batman voice at first but if you really think about it there has to be some distinction between wayne and batman other than the cape and cowl. Bruce is the head of a mega corporation and you don’t think people like Rachel or really anybody in the general public would recognize him? It reminds me of a scene from Louis and Clark where I believe lex luther is gesturing to louis lane, putting on glasses and taking them off multiple times while saying, “clark kent….superman!….clark kent…..superman!” It touched on a point that others overlook and I believe Bale’s attempt to distinguish the two characters nullifies any need to disbelieve the possibility of his anonymity.

      • That’s true, but the guy that does the Batman voice in the animated series and flicks found the best balance. He actually raised the pitch of his voice a little for Bruce and then went as deep as he could for bats.

      • I thought Bale’s “Batman Voice” was perfect in Batman Begins. Unfortunately, it was so successful, he went over the top in bringing it back for TDK.

  2. Bane breaks B-MAN’S back, talia suggests the pit (since ras always wanted wayne in the family) thus showing her attraction towards the caped crusader, he is dipped in the pit and realizes that it gonna take time to heal so he searches for his apprentice and BOOM movie ends leaving it open for batman beyond to be filmed and penned, and just like the the ones that came before you can film and write them any which way you want.

    now i only got the campy t.v. version growing up, which i thoroughly enjoyed and in fact what got me started on everything dark knight, so when BURTON came in his versions i thought they were great, specially his use of miniature filming, “FOREVER” i enjoyed cause of the whole comic type vibe even if it was a blacklight festival & well B&R never happened.

    its fun to draw your own conclusions, and who knows if NOLAN possibly reads all these comments left by us, but one things for sure, the first version of the bat was great, the second was pure insanity, this closure of the third one we can only wait and see..—>of course thats just my 2cents i could be wrong.

    • Hey, gotham75! Just wanted to say a reply to ur post. “TDKR” can’t end with a possible “Batman Beyond” film, because “Beyond” happens when “Bruce/Batman” is like 70 to 90 years old! IF he’s getting a replacement that he’s looking for, it would HAVE to be “Robin”, “Batgirl”, etc., or at least with “Bane” in this movie, MAYBE “Azrael”! Now they could ALWAYS do a “Beyond” movie…and I REALLY REALLY HOPE THEY DO, CUZ THAT WOULD BE THE COOLEST…BUT it wouldn’t be as an end to this movie, because, remember, this is the beginning of “Batman”‘s career, from “B. Begins” and “TDK”, not the end, when he is old, and has had a longgggg and illustrious/industrious career! If so, he would have to have had a longggg time WITHOUT being “Batman”, and Gotham city would be TOTALLY SCREWED UP, with no “Batman” to fight the criminals, and GC would be OVERRUN with CRIME! AND then the director of “Batman Beyond” would have to explain how GC got along WITHOUT “Batman”, AND how it SURVIVED with CRIME everywhere! HARD to do, and PROBABLY impossible, if NOT, improbable! So, more than likely, it won’t end with a lead-in to “Batman Beyond”. Just wanted to say! TC and peace, ppl! :) Rick

  3. honestly when i first heard that Heath Ledger was going to be the Joker i was pissed because i was raised on the Burton films, but then Nolan blew me away! I cant wait for this film. I just hope Bane breaks batman’s back. im tired of seeing it ‘hinted’ at in the tv shows and animated series. and im tired of bane being a big dumb brute in the films. B & R anyone?? make him smart like he is in the comics!!!! C’mon Nolan, don’t let your fans down!!

    • @ Ian

      I might be old-fashioned but i loved Burton’s films. I liked Nolan’s Batman Begins more than i did TDK. I too was dissapointed with how Bane was used in Batman & Robin which makes me concerned how Nolan will have Bane played out in his vision.

  4. The fight scenes need improvement. After Watchmen, I was even more disappointed with Nolans filming of Batmans fight scenes. It’s time to stop kneeling at the alter of Nolan and face the fact that his version of Batman is decidedly lacking in the area of hand to hand mastery. When Bane arrives, I can only hope that this is drastically improved with less choppy editing, as well as more inclusion of varied fighting techniques, (he was trained as a ninja btw: the Keysi method didn’t come about til the 1950′s in SPAIN). Not an overdone showcase of fake looking, over-choreographed kung fu, but something more befitting of Waynes training.

    • @ Dr. Piranha

      I seen other people that were unhappy with Batman’s fights cause they just said you mostly saw his head 7 shoulders etc. Unlike in Burton’s films, you Batman movin.

    • Your right the nite owl scenes blew me away. thats how batman should fight

      • @ brad

        Yup, exactly. You Nite Owl almost looked like Owlman of the Crime Sydicate which might make good villains in the live action Justice League film or a sequel.

  5. Some of you have no idea, Nolan will shoot this film under a another name, like he did with the first two Batman films, and all cast and crew sign secrey agreements..and re story details, again, all speculative and prob put out by Nolan himself to throw off the internet hounds the world over, he’s not stupid!

  6. @GB..THANK YOU!! Nolan is notorious for doing stuff like that.

    Nolan is an amazing director. He takes a more semi-realistic/dark approach to Batman movies, which is what makes them so great. No disrespect to Burton’s films though, i grew up watching and loving them. Everyone is trying to figure out what Nolan is going to do for The Dark Knight Rises(or whatever he decides to name it for sure), how about we all just wait and see what he chooses in the end. I have faith that he won’t let us down.

  7. Till this day i love Burton’s Batman films & feel the sameway about Nolan’s because of the way he started his trilogy. But imo, since Nolan’s take on Batman is to be realistic as if it the real world-it puts a damper on certain things especially villains. It’s best that Nolan’s 3rd film will be the final one as its the end of a trilogy instead of dragging the franchise out cause there’s not that many popular villains left that would fit right into Nolan’s Batman take imo. I hope the next Batman reboot will have a balance of sorts between Burton’s & Nolan’s. Best example i can think to explain would a live action version of films in tradition of Batman:TAS. With the Justice League film coming and planned solo reboot franchises that will follow after, imo it wouldn’t be a bad idea & time couldn’t be better if they are gonna reboot Batman & Superman after Justice League. Im not sure how old he is right now, but it would be great to have Kevin Conroy in the role as Batman & Brandon Routh as Superman in Justice League. Tom Welling would be first pick for Superman but Brandon Routh might be better alongside Kevin Conroy.

  8. so where the hell was Bane when Ra’s Al Ghul was fighting batman in Batman Begins? was he in prision? how come Al Ghul was able to get Bruce Wayne out of jail and not bane? is there bad blood between Ra’s Al Ghul and Bane? or did the kid go to prision shortly after the fountain thing? or maybe he was in prision because of ra’s al ghul? was it because Bane is really smarter and smarter than al ghul? is bane going to be smart in this movie? hmmmmmmmmmm

  9. I like this idea. It kind of pits Bruce versus Bane as Ra’s Al Ghul’s primary students, Bruce being his finest, a slot perhaps once occupied by Bane. It opens the door for Bruce to explore what he might have become had he chosen to stand at Al Ghul’s side, instead of… you know… leaving him in a train that crashes through a building and all that.

    • @ BKCK2K3

      I wouldn’t see Bane as a student of Ras’s. Id see him being a right-hand man of sorts or ally like Scarecrow was or a sort of a bodyguard of Talia’s or both Talia & Ras’s. I understand to make the film more better etc in Batman Begins, but i didn’t the idea how Bruce was trained by Ras when he never was & had more than one martial arts teacher when traveling the globe.

  10. Imo in the picture of Bane above, his mask looks better for Hardy to wear than what’s been revealed in the first picture of Bane’s mask in the film. That’s just my opinion.

  11. I think that the Nolans are combining the Lazarus Pool water and Bane’s Super-Strength inducing Venom into the SAME Rejuvenating CHEMICAL toxin…
    Very Creative and cool idea! the Dark Knight Rises will be the best Batman film ever made, i am prophecizing…;D

  12. @Azrael — *BINGO!* I’ve been leaning in that direction ever since I saw what was undeniably the Lazarus Pit. Personally, I didn’t want to accept that Nolan was going for the “supernatural”, but when considered in the context as you described it, it’s more Nolan-like with a science tone; this stays in-line with Nolan keeping things as realistic as possible in the universe he’s built with-in this franchise. Good call! ;-)

    • thanks, bro :)

  13. Also worth noting, since this arc loops back around to BEGINS, has anyone considered the possibility — what with the Venom toxin & Lazarus Pit — that it may have something to do with the blue flower that was used as a hallucinogenic? Remember — Ra’s mentions to Bruce, before burning Wayne Manor down — that the League had attempted to use different methods to destroy Gotham; one being the drug trade. Maybe it’s just me, but I can’t shake the lingering notion that some of that is going to be elaborated upon through the events of this story.

    • the blue flower, is used to induce FEARful Hallucinations, it is not connected to the Lazarus pool or Venom-strength enhancer…

  14. This is going to be a fantastic movie. Nolan’s made a wise decision to include the Lazarus pit in next batman movie , I really can’t wait for bane‘s story in the movie. He’s background is very intriguing.

  15. Sounds like too many villains to me. You never know with Nolan though. He knows what he’s doing.

  16. regarding the above mentioned potential “convoluting” of the story…wouldn’t it be cool if Nolan is really filming a back-to-back 5-6 hour long epic (ala “lord of the rings”). part 1 will be released in July 2012 & part 2 will come out in January 2013…that would be sooo cool!!!!

  17. Are you sayin Nolan is wants or it would be perfect to rebooting Lord Of The Rings trilogy? Just curious. I really like how Bane’s mask looks at the very top of the page. That’s how Bane’ mask should look instead of the latest picture.

    • not that Nolan should reboot Lord of the Rings…hated it! (didn’t even see the 2nd & 3rd) but what if Nolan is fooling everyone into thinking that TDKR is his last batman movie BUT REALLY he’s filming an uber-long movie which will be released in 2 parts……I GUESS WE FAN-BOYS CAN DREAM ON!!!

      • @ got meow?

        I don’t know, Nolan makin more films after the 3rd film id say would be pushing it. What i mean in his Batman real-world version, it would get harder to bring in villains that would fit realisticly. Good villains anyways that havn’t been used already or killed off that is. Penguin, Mr.Freeze, Clayface, Manbat,Poison Ivy, Killer Croc would be examples imo. Imo i think it would be better to have end as a trilogy instead of having another director & actor take over otherwise fans might see history repeat itself.

        • 100% agree with your comment. if he was to continue this franchise it would seriously be diluted.

        • WallyWest & gotham75,

          No-I totally agree that there are just too many villains in Batman’s lore that would NOT translate well into Nolan’s REAL-WORLD setting. It would be UNREALISTIC & DISAPPOINTING to have Nolan KEEP ON MAKING Batman films. But with all the rumors of new characters & actors being hired for TDKR, I think that it’s not completely FARFETCHED to postulate that Nolan could try to pack in as many BELIEVABLE characters & plot lines into this film — so much so, that the end result is a 6-hour EPIC that will need to be released in 2 parts. (Just as the “Lord of the Rings” Trilogy was filmed back-to-back)

          I think the future of movies based on comic books will take the SAME PATH that graphic novels have over the decades. Franchises & characters will ROUTINELY & PERIODICALLY be “rebooted” for mass consumption. New directors & producers (today’s writers & artists) will continue to add NEW VISIONS & DETAILS to each superhero’s LEGEND until all the stories become an AMALGAM that sticks to our collective CONSCIOUSNESS. The same LIBERTIES that a graphic novelist can make in REINVENTING a superhero or telling a NEW story (as long as it stays within the basic framework of accepted culture for that character) can be done by anyone with an idea, a pen & millions of dollars in backing by a studio.

  18. This is the las film in the new franchise to be directed by Chris Nolan, he has stated this ages ago, and Christian Bale said this is the las one for him too, but at the time in 2005 he signed on for three films and had to fill that obligation…there’s alot of politics at any major studio, and Warner Bros is no different, I jus happen to know how the whole game works.

    Re the movie itself, alot of you are dreamers and have no idea, one can speculate about this and that, I mean, who knew RORYS GAME was infact BATMAN BEGINS when it was being filmed, I remember all the online chatter re around that…This film will have so many secrets, that no-one will really know for sure until the first TEASER trailer comes out online or you happen to be part of the ‘test preview’ audience in Dallas, Texas and or at the other locations that Warners conducts test screenings, usually round 6-8weeks before the movies given release date.

  19. I think I’ll wait for Deadpool.

  20. i believe Ras’s involvment will be nothing but flashbacks.. it clearly shows in the trailer batman back in some prison abroad it seems he is sharing a cell with bane when bane says to him when gotham is ashes , you have my permission to die. at the point all bane knows of bruce is that he is a gothams prince millionare.. i cant say what bane’s agenda is so to speak but i dont think there will be much ras’s in real time more less just flashbacks like when bruce was inprisoned.what creeps me is in every single piece of footage iv seen where batman engages with bane i since fear from batmans mannerisms.. his debacle with the joker is that joker wanted bats to kill him and he wouldnt let himself do it. now with bane its the exact oppisite bane wants him dead and batmans naive justice views will end up getting him hurt bad.. from that i expect batman to kill bane by the time credits role.. note in the 6 min proluge bane is asked by cia if i take that mask off will u die.. bane replys it would be extremely painfull .. bain is kidnapping a dr while all this is taking place ..

  21. 7 months later LOL…. i was mainly suggesting the next possible movie title since nolan says hes done… but after reading your post yes your right it would be a long and complex tale what i was trying to go with is i think in this film banes gonna break his back like in knightfall use the L pit to heal him since ras uses it himself and then possibly, or than likely, a fourth one can/would be made with JPV starting and showing the toll it takes on him… by the time wayne heals you have grayson show up etc… etc.. just keep it to the style it is now.