‘Dark Knight Rises’ Viral Website Reveals First Bane Image!

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Tom Hardy Bane Dark Knight Rises Header Dark Knight Rises Viral Website Reveals First Bane Image!

Warner Bros. has officially announced the start of production on Chris Nolan’s third Batman film, The Dark Knight Rises, and it seems the studio is following in the footsteps of The Dark Knight by also starting an intriguing viral campaign that will likely keep fans of the franchise both guessing about the movie and joining in the fun as the Dark Knight edges closer to theaters.

Today we have the first details on the The Dark Knight Rises official site, plus some neat little secrets about the viral campaign that reveal an awesome treat: the first image of Tom Hardy as Bane!

The TDKR official site has two URL’s – you can either visit thedarkknightrises.com or thedarkknightrises.warnerbros.com to gain access. Right now there isn’t much there except a black screen – however, you will be greeted by an audio file that is basically a group of people chanting some mantra that we cannot yet make out. However, we don’t expect it will be too long before more tech-savvy users filter the audio to give us a better sense of what’s being said.

If you happen to BE one of those tech-savvy users, you can grab the audio being played on the site by going HERE. After a few repeated listens, the immediate questions that jump to mind are:

  • Are these Gotham’s citizens cheering for their Dark Knight?
  • Could it be prisoners in the infamous prison where Bane (Tom Hardy) was born and raised? (Our bet.)
  • Could it be the mantra of the League of Shadows, the nefarious group from Batman Begins who many are speculating will return for TDKR?
  • Is this chanting something else entirely?

One thing we do know for sure: with a Nolan film you never know for sure until Nolan tells you for sure. Until then it’s all guesswork.

Dark Knight Rises Viral Game

One of the best things about The Dark Knight were the viral games that allowed millions of fans to participate in the movie’s marketing, often yielding sweet promotional goodies like first images of The Joker or audio files of Heath Ledger’s “Joker voice.” The Dark Knight Rises is following suit, releasing it’s first official image in a very unique way.

The game is simple: Head over to Twitter and send a tweet with the following hashtag attached:


Doing so will have your Twitter Avatar added to a collage that ultimately reveals the first official image of Tom Hardy as Bane! Check out the Bane collage (which your avatar pic can be a part of) by going HERE.

If you have no interest in the game, simply check out the finished image below icon wink Dark Knight Rises Viral Website Reveals First Bane Image!


Tom Hardy Bane Dark Knight Rises1 280x175 Dark Knight Rises Viral Website Reveals First Bane Image!


So let’s hear it: How does Hardy look as Bane and are you excited for another fun and engaging Batman movie viral campaign?

BONUS – For a quick read on everything we know so far about The Dark Knight Rises, go HERE.

The Dark Knight Rises in theaters on July 20, 2012

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  1. Awesome.

    Tom Hardy will be great as Bane.

  2. that looks sick.
    (DONT FEED THE TROLS) .. let em say wat thy want its all thy got

  3. On a closer look on Bane’s spine I think im noticing little bumps. These are the sort of bumps u aquire from steroid use. Is this a possible venom inkection ala Super Solider formula Abomination.

    Also im sorting of thinkin they may follow the The Dark Knight Returns storylne where the Bane may have a similiar role to the Mutant Leader. As Batman is defeated once and saved by the new Robin (aka the street wise girl who was cast) but then must fight The Mutant Leader (Bane this time) again instead of arresting him to humiliate him and destroy his cult following. Hence the chanting wld be that of his followers. Am i stretching this a little bit or does anyone see a possible similarites?

    • thats possible…it can tie in to Ras al Ghul as the mentor/mastermind to bane

  4. Why so serious, Bane? :)

    Teaser picture looks great and being a Brit am a big Tom Hardy fan , cant wait to see what he does with the role.

  5. I think the chant is saying “The Fire Rises, rises”

    • I was thinking they were saying “cease fire, fire, cease cease fire, fire…”


    • It’s the fire rises.


  6. mask is weak!

  7. Lazarous pit rumor and now chanting? My bet is that this chanting will occur when the child in robes comes out of that hole we saw pictures of a while back. I’m still not convinced that the lazarous pits won’t play a part, but of course it’s still too early to tell.


    Can’t wait!

  9. It’s gotta be some kind of Lazarus pit ceremonial chant, maybe during the creation of bane or the ressurection of ra’s al ghul, or maybe it’s a chant of some kind by the prisoners where bane is king. Maybe Ra’s. Finds and recruits Bane like how he found and re ruited Bruce Wayne in BB….

  10. looks cool,i hope that nolan decides to do another sequel after this and uses the riddler,harley quinne, and a assassin of ras al ghuls the poison ivy. but this should be a really good film, just hopeing we see his version of the riddler a realist not so comedic cheesy version.

  11. I hope this movie is not the crappy pt.3 sequel we always get.I have faith in Nolan to pull it off anyway because now a days we sometimes get it at pt.2 Iron Man and Transformers was proof of that and his second Bat film was notches over BBegins + Inception was really good.

  12. There is Nothing NOLAN CANT do

    • Wish Nolan was working on Superman………..

  13. Maybe if you play it backward?

  14. Bane is what is going to sell the movie for me and right now he is looking pretty good. The new mask looks alright, but I really want to see it in a better view.

    Also, Tom Hardy still seems like he should be way more bulkier in the arm department, could be the lighting though.

    • I think that’s true, i don’t think he’ll be able to pull of the whole “amazingly buff” Schwarzenegger, Dwayne Johnson, look. But I think Tom Hardy is perfect for this role.

  15. That looks craptastic!

  16. i dont understand why people bash this for not looking like the comic. i think it looks great and nolan is doing a great job at making these movies close to realist as possible, oh and about the voice, i mean its not like all the other batmans so its original and bale wanted batman to be scary like in the comics so having a normal works and if he had a normal voice i think people would figure out who he is.

  17. He’s in some Ultimate Fighting version of the fighter coming up and the trailer is on Vuse. He is all juiced up there. Huge Traps and neck

  18. what’s Vuse?

    • Duooooooo

      Meant Zune

      Film is called Warrior.

  19. I am just happy he has a mask. They could have went Wolverine and thrown it away entirely.

    • Oh, yeah, Wolverine doesn’t have a mask, but that’s okay for me because I have a crush on Hugh Jackman :).

  20. This looks so much better than the Batman and Robin Bane.

  21. This movie could have a really good addiction story as a subtext. I’m kind of rooting for Bane to survive in the end as a cripple where we see him institutionalized with the hoses in him. I agree with others here, the mask looks like a delivery system for Venom. Inhalation is one of the cleanest yet very effective of delivery methods for a drug. Who else thinks this photo looks a little shopped? the light and shadow on his left bicep, where they intersect, looks a little too clean and the texture of the skin on his left shoulder and blade look a little blown up. It’s not impossible to get that look in other ways I guess, just a first impression…

  22. I am not liking the mask so much.

    My question is this……how, from 1 small picture of Bane from a back/side view, can we say this film is going to be EPIC and AWESOME!! etc…

    I understand everyone has their fanboy crush on Nolan, but he isn’t god. he can still mess it up (not saying he will, just saying he could). Why don’t we wait for some more pics/video before we start giving this the greatest movie ever title, shall we?

    In all honesty, other than Ledger’s Joker (and this was not Nolan, this was all Ledger), I havent been all that impressed with the Batman franchise. Yeah, the movies have been good, but not the greatest things ever. Personally, when Batman 2 and Iron Man were out in the same year, I think Iron Man was 100 times better. Thats just my opinion though.

    Here is hoping this movie rocks, but I won’t be jumping on the “greatest movie ever” wagon any time soon.

  23. do you guys notice the cat eye????

    • Zac, brilliant spot !!! You da man!

  24. Looks ridiculous.

  25. Bane’s a strange character. I hope, even though there are several villains announced, they will show some depth to his character in comparisson to the silly one in Batman and Robin. Tom Hardy is a great actor.

  26. I think the recording sounds like This Is Possible plus like it is outside as you can here crickets so maybe it is the league of shadows but i cant wait to hear more on the story there is soo much mystery surrounding the film its brill.

  27. I swear to god in some part of that chant i hear “This is Arkaham Arkaham” i have the theory that is the chant of the arkaham prisioners chanting for Bane.

    • *Arkham sorry my bad.

    • listen again and tell me if u hear “Bane Bane Matalo Matalo” which translate in spanish to “Bane Bane Kill Him Kill Him”.