‘Dark Knight Rises’ Viral Website Reveals First Bane Image!

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Tom Hardy Bane Dark Knight Rises Header Dark Knight Rises Viral Website Reveals First Bane Image!

Warner Bros. has officially announced the start of production on Chris Nolan’s third Batman film, The Dark Knight Rises, and it seems the studio is following in the footsteps of The Dark Knight by also starting an intriguing viral campaign that will likely keep fans of the franchise both guessing about the movie and joining in the fun as the Dark Knight edges closer to theaters.

Today we have the first details on the The Dark Knight Rises official site, plus some neat little secrets about the viral campaign that reveal an awesome treat: the first image of Tom Hardy as Bane!

The TDKR official site has two URL’s – you can either visit thedarkknightrises.com or thedarkknightrises.warnerbros.com to gain access. Right now there isn’t much there except a black screen – however, you will be greeted by an audio file that is basically a group of people chanting some mantra that we cannot yet make out. However, we don’t expect it will be too long before more tech-savvy users filter the audio to give us a better sense of what’s being said.

If you happen to BE one of those tech-savvy users, you can grab the audio being played on the site by going HERE. After a few repeated listens, the immediate questions that jump to mind are:

  • Are these Gotham’s citizens cheering for their Dark Knight?
  • Could it be prisoners in the infamous prison where Bane (Tom Hardy) was born and raised? (Our bet.)
  • Could it be the mantra of the League of Shadows, the nefarious group from Batman Begins who many are speculating will return for TDKR?
  • Is this chanting something else entirely?

One thing we do know for sure: with a Nolan film you never know for sure until Nolan tells you for sure. Until then it’s all guesswork.

Dark Knight Rises Viral Game

One of the best things about The Dark Knight were the viral games that allowed millions of fans to participate in the movie’s marketing, often yielding sweet promotional goodies like first images of The Joker or audio files of Heath Ledger’s “Joker voice.” The Dark Knight Rises is following suit, releasing it’s first official image in a very unique way.

The game is simple: Head over to Twitter and send a tweet with the following hashtag attached:


Doing so will have your Twitter Avatar added to a collage that ultimately reveals the first official image of Tom Hardy as Bane! Check out the Bane collage (which your avatar pic can be a part of) by going HERE.

If you have no interest in the game, simply check out the finished image below icon wink Dark Knight Rises Viral Website Reveals First Bane Image!


Tom Hardy Bane Dark Knight Rises1 280x175 Dark Knight Rises Viral Website Reveals First Bane Image!


So let’s hear it: How does Hardy look as Bane and are you excited for another fun and engaging Batman movie viral campaign?

BONUS – For a quick read on everything we know so far about The Dark Knight Rises, go HERE.

The Dark Knight Rises in theaters on July 20, 2012

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  1. yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :D

  2. Looks like Hardy is back to physical shape when he did Bronson.

  3. cool

  4. I hope the climactic fight between Christian Bale and Tom Hardy will knock everyone on their ass and be so amazing and action-packed, audiences all over the world will be left breathless.

  5. LOL, if thats BANE, the ItsyBitsySpider is Spiderman …..

    Looks a little bit cheap for bane. even real bodybuilder have more muscles.

    and only a little mask? nothing else on his body?

  6. hmmm not sure i like the mask yet, would love a full face shot, but Hardy does look huge. Right now it looks like the stole Vader’s breathing mask
    But In Nolan I trust so im sure it will all work in the end

  7. i do like that the mask appears to have a spot to attach his Venom lines to

  8. the chanting sounds a lot like kecak (look it up on youtube), so i think it’s more likely to be something from the league of shadows, maybe something sung for a lazarus pit ritual.

  9. I knew Nolan would not go with the wrestling mask! From what I can tell it is somewhat mechanical! What I do know is that it IS badass!

  10. I knew Nolan would not go with the wrestling mask! From what I can tell it is somewhat mechanical! What I do know is that it IS bada**

  11. hope Nolan comes out with a good origin about bane.. so that we wont care much about his muscles.. lets see..

  12. I didn’t know Cobra Commander from the GIJoe movie was in TDKR. He really beefed up for the part though.

    • sure we did JGL has been cast for months lol , he is just letting Hardy use his Commander mask , lol

  13. Is it just me or does the mask have skeletal fingers on it?

    • It looks like it, but I think it’s several tubes for the venom or something.

  14. This is when I become torn. TDKR is the movie I’m the most excited for and even though I want to be surprised at the theater I can’t stop myself from looking at stuff like this. Damn! I have zero will power.

    • I knoooow!
      I want to be really surprised at the theater, but I know that when the trailers show up, I will cave and watch them. They’re almost completely impossible to avoid anyway, so I would rather watch it myself than hearing friends talk about it. If I’m going to be spoiled, I would at least see the images too :p

  15. I didn’t expect Bane to appear as he does in the comics, so I expected a little less “buffed” Bane to be showed in Nolan’s Batman world.

    I think it’s a nice teaser, we don’t know if Bane/Hardy will be beefier in the movie later on, this picture might show his looks before he inject himself with something. At least this looks somewhat realistic still, so that’s good. He has that strong appearance, but yet he could look very intelligent, which is the right way to go. Making him look too much of a bodybuilder would just be distracting.

  16. Hell Yes this looks EPIC already!

  17. Actualy, a friend of mine downloaded the audio file and put it in on an audio editor program and it shows the hastag #thefirerises on its spectrum… he is now trying to play it backwards…

    • Good man f4rrel!

      Let us know what your friend finds out – remember your buds at SR first! ;-)

      • Kofi, nothing happened… If we find something else I’ll let you know first for sure!

      • Kofi, in case you’re still interested or don’t know what the chanting on the website says, it’s: “Dis dispara mata, dis dispara mata” that’s in spanish. Transtalted to english is: Sho Shoot, kill. Sho Shoot, kill

  18. EPIC !!!


  19. They may be saying get Batman over and over

  20. I think its an Indian chant something like…

    “Jai jai …..”


    • I was talking about the audio on TDKR site :P

  21. This teaser of Hardy as Bane is just INSANE! Bane will make everybody forget about Bronson… mark my words.

    • *agreed


  22. This movie is gonna suck! That’s the sorriest picture of Bane I’ve ever seen. And then Bale’s going to have that sorry raspy voice! Ugh!! How can anyone be interested in this drivel!

    5,4,3,2,1 —- FLAME ON!!


    Well, other comic book movies are getting bashed before even seeing a trailer; why not this? :-)

    • Haha, so true!

    • roflcopter

    • Exactly. There’s bitching about Spider-Man’s gray line on his boots. On his boots! But the “god” Nolan changes the hell out of a character who’s supposed to look the way he does in the comics and it’s the best decision in the world. Ridiculous.
      I know this movie’s gonna be sweet and I realize Nolan wants the audience to see Bane’s emotions and reactions but c’mon. Next thing you know he’s gonna change Catwoman by making her wear a dog suit and it’ll be “this movie will be epic.” Again… ridiculous.

      • There are certain differences between the changes here and in Spider-Man.
        Spider-Man is the main character, and people are bound to be more critical of the iconic superheros as opposed to the villains.
        We are trust Nolan, and are automatically less critical of the changes he makes. He has a good track record.
        The gray line looks like he is wearing Nike’s. At least to me.
        The broken belt on his costume bothers me too, not just in a critical way, but it’s one of those things that actually irritates me.
        The Dark Knight’s costume irritates me too to a degree, like how he has two sets of arm blades on each gauntlet. I liked the ones from Batman Begins a lot better. I think it’s because these ones shoot, and I am a full tang kinda guy.

  23. As I thought he focused more on his chest and back as that would be the quicker way to bulk up to Bane size, awesome. Could be a while till we see Catwoman.

  24. you pricks! this teaser pic is from the latest mortal kombat movie! scorpion! sub zero! reptile! test your might!

  25. The last part if you listen close sounds like Alfred screaming ITS MURDER! over and over

    • Yup that’s what I hear as well. “It’s It’s Murder Murder” in like some sort of accent…..

  26. I’m not going to lie, this is a very disapointing pic

  27. And here… we… go!!!!!!!!!!!!
    So excited!