‘Dark Knight Rises’ Viral Website Reveals First Bane Image!

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Tom Hardy Bane Dark Knight Rises Header Dark Knight Rises Viral Website Reveals First Bane Image!

Warner Bros. has officially announced the start of production on Chris Nolan’s third Batman film, The Dark Knight Rises, and it seems the studio is following in the footsteps of The Dark Knight by also starting an intriguing viral campaign that will likely keep fans of the franchise both guessing about the movie and joining in the fun as the Dark Knight edges closer to theaters.

Today we have the first details on the The Dark Knight Rises official site, plus some neat little secrets about the viral campaign that reveal an awesome treat: the first image of Tom Hardy as Bane!

The TDKR official site has two URL’s – you can either visit thedarkknightrises.com or thedarkknightrises.warnerbros.com to gain access. Right now there isn’t much there except a black screen – however, you will be greeted by an audio file that is basically a group of people chanting some mantra that we cannot yet make out. However, we don’t expect it will be too long before more tech-savvy users filter the audio to give us a better sense of what’s being said.

If you happen to BE one of those tech-savvy users, you can grab the audio being played on the site by going HERE. After a few repeated listens, the immediate questions that jump to mind are:

  • Are these Gotham’s citizens cheering for their Dark Knight?
  • Could it be prisoners in the infamous prison where Bane (Tom Hardy) was born and raised? (Our bet.)
  • Could it be the mantra of the League of Shadows, the nefarious group from Batman Begins who many are speculating will return for TDKR?
  • Is this chanting something else entirely?

One thing we do know for sure: with a Nolan film you never know for sure until Nolan tells you for sure. Until then it’s all guesswork.

Dark Knight Rises Viral Game

One of the best things about The Dark Knight were the viral games that allowed millions of fans to participate in the movie’s marketing, often yielding sweet promotional goodies like first images of The Joker or audio files of Heath Ledger’s “Joker voice.” The Dark Knight Rises is following suit, releasing it’s first official image in a very unique way.

The game is simple: Head over to Twitter and send a tweet with the following hashtag attached:


Doing so will have your Twitter Avatar added to a collage that ultimately reveals the first official image of Tom Hardy as Bane! Check out the Bane collage (which your avatar pic can be a part of) by going HERE.

If you have no interest in the game, simply check out the finished image below 😉


Tom Hardy Bane Dark Knight Rises1 280x175 Dark Knight Rises Viral Website Reveals First Bane Image!

So let’s hear it: How does Hardy look as Bane and are you excited for another fun and engaging Batman movie viral campaign?

BONUS – For a quick read on everything we know so far about The Dark Knight Rises, go HERE.

The Dark Knight Rises in theaters on July 20, 2012

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  1. I’m thinking that the chanting is the audience of a wrestling match in Mexico or somthing, played backwards. Bane was a wrestler, that had been left alone as a kid right? Only possession was a teddy bear?
    Anyways, don’t know what they might be chanting, but that’s my guess either way.
    Think it looks fantastic and have absolute faith in everything Nolan does!

  2. Hmm, and does anyone think they’re gonna have Bane break Batman’s back?? Wouldn’t that be something?
    I like how Batman seemed to fail against the joker using brute strength. Is he then going to fail against Bane using wits? That would be awesome and really add to the dark, melancholic feel of the movies!

  3. Not sure if you’ve all figured it out yet, but I’m too lazy to check through all the posts. The Crowd is chanting in Spanish. They are saying, “Matalo! Matalo! Bane, Bane,” which means “kill him! Kill him! Bane, Bane.”

  4. I wouldn’t say Batman is backing up. It looks more like he’s having a hard time breathing and very tired. But I’ve been saying it since the end of the second movie that Batman has not proven himself against a foe of equal physical strength. The first movie was both a physical test (training) and mental test (overcoming his fears), the second movie was more of a mental test than a physical one (combating the Joker’s games and dealing with Rachel), so it would only make sense that Batman’s next test is a primarily physical one.

  5. i`m pretty sure you know what a virus is when talking in tech terms but is a “viral” website supposed to sound good to me?

  6. Few words about BANE

    1. No Bane wasn’t a WRESTLER… DAAA

    2. He is the only “Man who broke the Bat”

    After “The Dark Knight” i think that Nolan deserves to be trusted in his work.
    I am a great fan of the Batman’s story. And afer the “Batman and Robin”
    Movie I just colapsed. BANE, shown in there was… how to put it…
    Well, he was an idiot with 0% brains and 100% muscle without skills

    The original Bane WASN’T A WRESTLER, as someone suggested.
    Bane is the most fascinating of Batman’s enemies because he is exactly
    a mirror reflection of Batman.

    He was born on the island “Puena Duro (eng.- the Hard Rock) ”
    as his father was a South America revolutionist, who escaped.
    The sins of the father (who is unknown… at this time) are passed on
    to his son… as a sentence from the medieval tradition BANE is:
    “Born to life and a life sentence” according to Santa Friscan Law.

    But this is not his story… merely the Story of his creation…
    It was in that prison on an island where, as a child:
    “…he learned of life. And at far too tender an age, learned of other things”
    “By the boy sixth year, his mother had given up all life.
    She was a farm girl, who could not survive hidden from the sun, and God”

    But the boy knew nothing else. Released from the protective custody,
    He is being sent amongst other prisoners, as one of them.
    Only thing he has is his teddy bear “Osoito” – a symbol of his innocence
    and a childhood , which he never had.

    After the first night he’s approached by a pedophile.
    In the struggle between him and another man who is trying to save the boy
    from the pedophile, he’s being pushed from the second floor.

    This is the day when the boy dies and BANE is born…….

    In the prison’s hospital he has a vision of himself…
    In his dream “Osoito (which means teaddy bear)” leads him into darkness…
    The boy frightened, but fallowing the only friend he has, sees a vision…
    A man, a glowing entity, almost an angel, who says: “It is only yourselfe…”

    “We are one. I am, as You will become in many years from now.
    What you will become, a physical and mental paragon.
    The living embodiment of a human superiority.
    The blood of kings runs in you, the blood of your father, a one of a rare breed.
    Only one danger stands in your mastering the world… FEAR.
    The FEAR that lies at the heart. Only this can keep you from what is yours.
    Conquer your fear and you will be second to no man”

    The impersonation of his fear is …. A BAT (and I mean… a big mo’fo BAT)
    Terrified and screaming, he wakes after a month coma.
    But not the boy, the one who awakes from the coma is BANE…
    Knowing it, he embraces his faith and “became as hard as the place, as a rock”
    “He has become FERAL… a bane to everything holy, and so he was named”

    He slaughters the pedophile and is found by the trail of blood left behind.
    He’s thrown to an isolated cage, where the deliverance was “madness or death”.

    But where others found only fear, he used to embrace and become fear.
    “And he purged the fear from his heart”. Need I show more similarities
    between the Bane and Batman.

    Only “Hatred and promise of the man he will become, gave him the strength
    to hold on” each day and every night in his five-by-ten foot cell, which every
    night was flooded with water to the roof.

    Like Batman, he discovered his own meditation techniques,
    which he used instead of sleep and which allowed him to travel
    beyond the walls of the “Puena Duro”. “In each place he sought out the bat”
    “He stood before it, in its shadow and defied it, to finally kill it. Fear died in him”

    He spent there over 4000 days, more than 10 years…. Refusing to die…
    And amongst the prisoners of Puena Duro he became a legend…

    But He’s an intelligent being… And instead of savagery he becomes a model prisoner.
    “… A tamed Animal…”
    This he uses, to gain access to the library (as the prison was previously a monastery).
    He learns to read and treats the books as a window to the world beyond the walls.

    Bane is aware of the power of knowledge. Soon reading 3 books a day and
    reading in 6 languages . After consuming the thousands of books from the library,
    he starts a contraband of books from outside the walls, on every subject.

    Alongside the improvement of his mind, he improves his body…
    A 1000 push-ups each day, a 1000 sit-ups, a 1000 pull-ups
    And instead of sleep… meditation.

    This all is included in the first 22 pages of a 56 page comic book… And I will end here,
    However, You can see why Bane is the most impressive of foes for me.

    The truth is, I even wanted to write to Nolan to consider Bane in his 4-th Batman Movie.
    Because, few years back, there were rumors that the Riddler will be the foe after Joker.
    Imagine my surprise…

    I know that Bane is the most impossible foe to represent in the batman movie, due to
    the enormous background behind him. And the fact that the saga of the
    “Man who broke the Bat” takes place when the first Robin is “Nightwing”
    Gordon’s daughter (ex. Batgirl) is on the wheelchair, and is known as the “Oracle”
    Batman is years after his experience of addiction to the “Venom” (a steroid-drug),
    which is (for the time being) also used by Bane (in the future Bane stops using it).

    Considering it all, I know it’ll be different from its comic equivalent.
    But I know, that if anyone, Nolan will not let us down.

    Ps: And For all of those of U who criticise the role of Batman in “The Dark Knight”
    As not fighting enough, or not showing his skills in the fight with the Joker, I’d like to say.
    Being a great connoisseur of Batman’s genealogy and story.
    I do not understand your comments. Joker was always the most dangerous of the enemies
    As a fan, I know that Nolan delivered it all, especially in the way he joined
    the previously filmed adaptations , with the comics anthology. Considering the fact, that
    in the comics, Bat’s doesn’t use any special bulletproof suite. The only thing he has
    Is a Kevlar vest on the chest, so his costume in the 2nd film is closer to the original.
    By being more vulnerable, to knives etc. he endangers himself. Which is why, Joker’s
    Weapon of choice in the film are knives, not bazookas or grenades as in the comics.

    Ps2: if you want to read the comic book with Bane’s history it’s:
    “Vengeance Of Bane ( January 1993 )”

    Damn long post… isn’t it 😛