‘Dark Knight Rises’, ‘Avengers’, ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ – Which Superhero Movie Was the Best?

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Best Superhero Movie of Summer 2012

Dark Knight Rises vs Avengers vs. Amazing Spider-Man DiscussionIf you're a superhero fan, or a movie fan, or a superhero movie fan, then you were probably looking forward to the summer of 2012 long before it actually arrived. Marvel kicked off the season with their superhero team-up event, The Avengers; Sony went for a (semi-)fresh start with their reboot film The Amazing Spider-Man, and Christopher Nolan closed out his Batman trilogy with The Dark Knight Rises.Indeed, it has been a most (the most?) epic summer for superhero movies - but which one did you like the best? We look back at the strengths and weaknesses (because yes, they all had some) of the "big 3" in summer 2012, to declare which superhero (or heroes) will take home the crown.And before there are any "apples and oranges" objections: the particular type of apple we're looking at is superhero movies. Therefore, all three of our contestants qualify.


The Avengers

The Avengers is the Best Superhero Movie

Our Review Score: 4.5 out of 5 stars

STRENGTHS: The Avengers was truly a milestone event for both superhero movies and movies as a whole. You had three different film properties (with four films between them) synergize and merge into one extra-large-sized superhero epic. Writer/Director Joss Whedon infused the proceedings with wit, sharp character insight and best of all, an overall sense of adventure and fun. As the first blockbuster film to feature a team of famous superheroes standing shoulder-to-shoulder on the big screen, those Avengers tag-team smackdown sequences will live in our memories and hearts forever.WEAKNESSES: Of course, once you've passed the geekgasmic thrill of seeing all those Marvel superheroes together, you do begin to notice some flaws. The overarching story for The Avengers is kind of weak (magic cubes? Generic alien thugs?), some characters got marginalized (Cap), and the film wasn't immune to the occasional (unintentional) comic book hokeyness. While the set pieces were well adapted from the comic book page to the screen, with the exception of the final New York sequence, The Avengers wasn't as epic in scale (or as masterful in design) as something like The Dark Knight Rises.

The Amazing Spider-Man

Amazing Spider-Man is the Best Superhero Movie

Our Review Score: 3.5 out of 5 stars

STRENGTHS: Director Marc Webb took the character of Peter Parker and updated him for modern times - a risky move, but one that many moviegoers felt paid off. Andrew Garfield definitely left his own mark on the role, delivering a Peter Parker realized and developed in a way that was at once familiar and refreshingly new; improved technology (combined with practical stunt work) made the Spider-Man action better than ever. Add the sparks practically exploding out of Garfield and leading lady Emma Stone - plus a more intriguing and immersive mythos - and there were enough quality elements of Amazing Spider-Man to make the film worth the mulligan... if only barely.WEAKNESSES: Many are still waiting for the "untold story" of Spider-Man they were (unfairly) promised; all we really got instead was a slightly tweaked origin story that we had seen before in the Raimi films. The script suffered from stutter step pacing (when it wasn't meandering from scene to scene), there was clear evidence that director Marc Webb still had something to learn about blockbuster filmmaking - and worst of all, The Lizard (one of the most complex and interesting Spider-Man villains) was pretty much relegated to "freak of the week" status. Poor Dylan Baker was probably tossing popcorn at the screen by the handful (geek reference).

The Dark Knight Rises

Dark Knight Rises Reviews Box Office

Our Review Score: 4 out of 5 stars

STRENGTHS: It'll be hard for another film in 2012 to beat The Dark Knight Rises in terms of sheer scale and spectacle (the only likely contender being Peter Jackson's The Hobbit). The finale to the Dark Knight Trilogy is a veritable showcase of superior blockbuster movie making - and unlike, say, a Michael Bay Transformers  movie, Chris Nolan provides actual substance to go with all the flash. With the best performance yet by Christian Bale in the central role, and a cast of new talent - Tom Hardy, Anne Hathaway, Joseph Gordon-Levitt - all stepping up to the plate and delivering, The Dark Knight Rises is, in technical terms, a masterfully-crafted comic book blockbuster.WEAKNESSES: Like The Avengers, Dark Knight Rises isn't just a movie - its's a cinematic event. Unlike The Avengers, however, Dark Knight Rises arguably did not live up to the hype. Granted, the hype hanging over it was nearly impossible to ever live up to, but there is a definite sense that while it will undoubtedly be looked upon as a great film - at the end of the day, many people will not regard Dark Knight Rises as the best film in the trilogy. Whether it was too serious, overstuffed, or was simply missing that key villain (The Joker), Dark Knight Rises just couldn't fully recapture (or surpass) the magic that many felt when watching The Dark Knight.NEXT PAGE: And the Winner Is...

And the Winner is...

15 Characters for Avengers 2 Movie SequelsWe don't think many people would argue that The Amazing Spider-Man earns the third-place slot, but between The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises:Marvel's epic team-up event left many moviegoers roaring with applause and warm with the feeling of having had a very good time at the theater. It appealed to just about everyone, and very few people came away upset with the job that Marvel and the cast/director had done.It remains to be to be seen if Dark Knight Rises provides moviegoers with anything more than the catharsis of seeing Nolan's trilogy reach its end. It's not going to be a movie for everyone, and a very vocal contingent of fans will likely pop-up once again to decry the Nolan's interpretation of the source material. TDKR also has real-life tragedy forever attached to its memory, and that kind of thing puts a serious damper on what should be a carefree geeky debate.In the long run, maybe TDKR will turn out to be the more revered film - but right now, in the hot, wild, summer of 2012, we're calling it this way:
  1. The Avengers
  2. The Dark Knight Rises 
  3. The Amazing Spider-Man
What was your number one superhero film of Summer 2012? Or are you just happy to have  variety? Let us know in the comments.
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  1. I am really a big fan of the Avengers, I really enjoyed that movie. But coming out of TDKR, Avengers didn’t even come close to the level of Batman. This is the best trilogy so far. TDKR not only win for superheroes movie, but for all summer movies this year.

    • TDKR is the most overrated film of 2012. It was not as “epic” as advertised and you know it.

      I came out of the theater saying ” It was ok, but why…(please enter one of various plot holes and or inconsistencies)”

      When I came out of theater after watching The Avengers, my first reaction was that I wanted to immediately see it again.

      • What were all of those inconsistencies? It’s pretty clear by now that you like shallow Michael Bay type movies so it shouldn’t be too difficult easily going through the “inconsistencies”

        • No I like movies that entertain. Every thing in life doesn’t have to be so dark and brooding. I like some action and fun in a summer action blockbuster. If i want to see dramatic movies i’ll watch something along those lines. When I wanna watch great action i’ll watch something that entertains me. Here are the inconsistencies and plot holes that according to you are not in the film…

          Why was Bane wearing the mask / what did they do to him exactly?

          What caused him so much pain to breathe without it?

          What gas did he breathe / was it a filter mask?

          How the hell does Robin automatically know Bruce is Bats? And “because you put on the same face as I do”, is not an exceptable excuse.

          Why was a Nuclear reactor in a place where all the water in Gotham is centralized (a sewer)?

          Why does every one just assume Bruce is dead?

          Did Lucius take over Wayne enterprises?

          How is it that a rope, an under qualified prisoner, a smack to a protruding vertebra, and a month of “rehab” fix a broken back?

          I got a bunch more and this is why i rated this movie a solid 7.5. Catwoman ended up being the coolest part.

          So in conclusion spare me the ” you’re easily entertained crap. What gets me is most Nolanites overlook these these things and cant admit that this was not as epic as advertised.

  2. Another comment on these three since I’ve officially seen all of them twice now. Avengers and Spiderman – attended both opening nights got there on time and luckily was able to get great seats mid level & center. The second time I attended Avengers & Spiderman still had my pick of the seats again.

    Dark Knight Rises bought my ticket three weeks in advance, got there early opening night and had to settle for an off centered seat in the very LAST row of the theater. Went again Saturday at a 4:30 show no less, still got there a little early only to be forced sitting three rows from the screen! This is not some little nickel & dime theater either. It’s IMAX and huge. I’m going to wait a week now and go for a 3rd time in hopes of finally watching DKR from the seats I enjoy. Was considering going again today but did not want to deal with the masses of sheep.

  3. totally disagree with this list…. tdkr should have been on the top

  4. Watched TDKR again,and it’s heads and shoulders above the other two movies in every aspect.

    • Relax bro. Head and shoulders betters is pushing it waaaaay to far. It was a good ending to Bats, but that’s it. Did you notice the various plot holes and inconsistencies (a rope, a smack to the back, and a month of calisthenics fixes a broken back??) in the flick? The Avengers was way more fantastical and had only one inconsistency and that was the dumb “counsel” that Fury reports to.

      • First, that’s obviously not an inconsistency. Secondly, The Avengers has a “god of thunder” which is just as unlikely as fixing a broken back with a punch. Plus, it has generic aliens with a generic plot with an even more predictable ending. Besides, it’s even less predictable when you realize IRON MAN HAS TO MAKE IT BECAUSE THERE IS AN IRON MAN. Your attacks are pathetic.

        • Spare me. Yeah, they also have a hulking beast, a super solder, a guy who invented an element to survive, and a guy who doesn’t have to look when he shoots. The difference is you understood entering the movie that this is more a fantasy world that is partially based in reality. So when you see a God of Thunder it’s more believable that this entity can exist in that universe. A rope, a smack to the back, and a month of calisthenics to fix a broken back in Nolans “real world” Batman is like the Hulk succumbing to Gamma radiation poisoning in the more fantastical Marvel universe. Your retorts are pathetic. Stop being such a blind fanboy and admit the obvious, it-was-not-as-epic-as-advertised.

  5. Ahh controversy….Where would we be without it(lol). Avengers for me though. All those personalities under one film? I thought it would be impossible to pull off. I knew TDKR was in good hands. I guess I am rating this by biggest surprise. Which one is better is just too dang hard. The tone and moods of both films are just so extremely different. It’s almost like rating a horror film against a drama film. A little dramatic there I know, but I think Spiderman and Avengers is a better comparison,in that case Avengers by far. Batman feels somewhat different for some reason.

  6. Hmm so hard to decide on wich is better batman or avengers but both were amazing

  7. I honestly have to say that TDKR was the best superhero movie of the summer. I’ve watched all three of these movies, and I really liked each one. Spiderman obviousy was not as good as the other two because, even though the acting’s quite good, the script’s a bit awkward and it really was too soon for a reboot. Really enjoy Andrew Garfield over Tobey Maguire, though.

    Avengers was amazing and very impressively handled for a cast that large. And I’m much more of a fan of the Marvel Universe than I am a DC fan. But regardless, TDKR blew my mind. It was the longest out of all of them, but I don’t think I looked away from the screen once. (Personally, it is my favorite out of the whole trilogy.) But then it’s only been a couple days since I saw it (went to the midnight premiere) and maybe after I rewatch it, the flaws will be more apparent. Still, rating on first reactions, TDKR beats Avengers. It was just the entire feel of the movie, how massive this ending is, and how invested I was in the whole storyline, that really made it so much better than the others. Watching Avengers, you always have a certain level of disbelief, always some sort of distance from the story, but TDKR, for me, suspended it momentarily. I dunno. I’m rambling. Loved all three. Fantastic summer. Can’t wait for The Hobbit!

  8. It’s a mistake. TDKR deserves, by all means, the no1 position. Never have I watched a movie so gritty and emotional, yet with the fear of a looming war overhead. See the poll? TDKR-63% and Avengers- 35%. Reconsider the list guys..

  9. Avengers for me!

    Though I would really like to give it to TDKR, it just had too many plotholes and flaws. I know the avengers had them too but then again Avengers was not trying to be much of an intelligent movie as the Dark Knight franchise is. In that case, TDKR comes out just looking too pretentious for invoking grand ideas and then losing them under pyrotechnics.

    Also, really bummed by the wy they used Bane. He began off menacing enough but the fight in the sewers wasn’t really great. And even when they show Bane to be so much physically superior to Batman, he still gets defeated in straight combat in the end. Kinda stupid if you ask me. Batman should have doing something smarter than going head on with Bane the second time. It just didn’t make sense.

    And the final twist about who Bane really is, killed the character for me. All his actions before that suddenly become moot.

    Avengers for me. Promised to be comic booky and fun. Delivered on it honestly.

    • I’m going to be nice and say ‘SPOILER ALERT’ before I make this post:

      I have to agree with a lot of your comments. While I disagree with your thoughts on the sewer fight scene (I thought it was well done) I do think that Batman should have come up with a better way to deal with Bane at the end than just engage him in one-on-one combat. Bane’s character has always been a mastermind and brilliant strategist, so to have Batman come in and outsmart him to win would have been more impactful. He could have exploited Bane’s overconfidence, or humbled him by outsmarting him before taking him down in a physical confrontation. Batman never really used his psychological advantage which played a very huge role in the first two movies in this one.

      I also completely agree that the big reveal that Bane was not the mastermind of the whole operation at the end was a huge letdown. All of a sudden this brilliant strategist who was very true to his comic book counterpart simply becomes a head henchman for Talia. I would have liked to see more about his backstory and have some sort of interesting explanation for the mask, how he became so brilliant, etc. Instead he ends up being just a glorified bodyguard.

      Many people knew that Miranda was Talia right off the get go, and it would have been so much better if she had some sort of plot thread that was her own. It almost felt like the only reason she was included was to complete a loop and connect back to the first movie and Ra’s Al Ghul. Talia was always an interesting character because she was torn between her love for Bruce/Batman and her loyalty to her father. It would have been interesting to see her trying to get her revenge independant from Bane and maybe set up a sort of 3-way confrontation triangle. I guess having Catwoman in the anti-hero/love interest role made it more difficult to have Talia portrayed any other way, but I think they could have done that better.

      I also did not like the inconsistency in this movie. In Batman Begins, Batman does not ‘kill’ Ra’s Al Ghul, but he does not save him either, leaving him to die. In the Dark Knight, one of the most iconic scenes in the movie was when he was on the bike racing towards the Joker and turns at the last minute because he can’t bring himself to kill him. Batman’s reluctance to kill is a major theme throughout all the movies, until the end of the Dark Knight Rises. Instead, he flies directly at the truck carrying the reactor core, launches barrage after barrage of missles and cannon fire at the cab, effectively killing the driver, and hurting Talia enough that she eventually dies from her injuries. So in essence, did he not just kill 2 people? The worst part was he didn’t even acknowledge the fact. That really bothered me.

      The last thing that really bothered me was how many scenes took place in the daytime. There needed to be more darkness, but instead the major battles all happened in broad daylight.

      All in all it was still a very good movie, probably an 8.5/10 for me. But at when the credits were rolling I felt like I had just watched a formulaic action flick that had been dressed up a bit by Christopher Nolan’s charm, and that was a bit disappointing.

      • While you do bring up some points, I think you forget how Bats was able to beat Bane. He broke the mask he was wearing which caused Bane to start experiencing large amounts of pain he hadn’t felt in a while. This gave Batman an edge because the pain slowed Bane down. While it may not be the elaborate maneuver that you probably wanted to see, Batman did use his brains to aim for the mask.

        At first, I was a bit disappointed with Bane becoming a glorified henchman. I have started to see it though as a partnership between Bane and Talia where they both had their separate goals to accomplish in order to make their entire vision work (this also works out since they apparently had something going on between them romantically or as a more adopted sibling relationship). I do see where you are coming from though. The character of Darth Vader in the original Star Wars trilogy kinda lost some of his badass-ness imo when I realized a few years ago that he was really just some other person’s b**** in all three movies up until he kills the the Emperor.

        As for Bats killing those 2, eh you may have a point there but in some sense, I think at that point in the movie, it had gotten to the point where he was acting out of desperation. Personally, that scene didn’t really upset me. He bothered me more in TDK when he didn’t have any qualms about accidentally or purposely killing Dent. If anything that part really bothered me. I mean, he spends most of the movie trying to not kill Joker and yet, the only way he feels he can rescue Gordon’s son is by tackling Dent who is at the edge of a floor on a tall building? Come on. He could have just thrown one of his small batarangs and lodged it in Dent’s gun-hand to wound him and make him drop the gun. Nolan & Co. should have written that scene to where Dent accidentally kills himself somehow while fighting Batman. Oh well, I guess it’s better than Keaton’s Batman who apparently didn’t mind killing criminals as long as they weren’t crooked businessmen.

        As for Batman being in daylight, I was worried about that in the beginning but ultimately, I was happy with the scenes. They kind of reminded me of the rare instances in BTAS where Batman was shown in daylight and were nowhere near the campiness of the Adam West Batman.

  10. The.Dark.Knight.Rises…any day.

    I loved it for the script because of the faithfulness to the source comics.
    I loved it for the cast, the acting, the invisible and visible: both visual effects, the music…Hans Zimmer is a genius.

    And all superheroes dream of becoming The Batman when they will grow up …someday.

  11. Screen Rant, you disappoint me. The Dark Knight Rises rises above the rest. Just because you guys think it’s not as good as The Dark Knight doesn’t mean it’s disappointing. The question here isn’t which was the best superhero film this year, because it’s The Dark Knight Rises. The question is, will The Dark Knight Rises be better than The Hobbit.

    Okay, if you want to compare superhero films, then compare Avengers and The Amazing Spider-Man, but please, not to The Dark Knight Rises. The only place where Avengers beats The Dark Knight Rises is in the box-office.

    BTW, RIP Colorado victims. My prayers are with you.

    • Please, The Avengers was the better summer flick and you know it. Stop being a Nolanite and realize that TDKR is full of plot holes and inconsistencies, while The Avengers is unlike anything we have ever seen. TDK was Nolans masterpiece, not this one. No matter how much you want it to be.

      • No, The Avengers was a Michael Bay movie with cute superheroes flying around fighting space aliens and a weak as crap enemy.

      • Thank you!!! I just hate it that people worship TDKR just because nolan did it. TDK was amazing but no comparison. & the Avengers, it was just beyond amazing!!!!! Ive watch it 6 times and everytime i watch it, i get something new out of it!!!! I watchTDKR, & it was ok but too long & at parts i was rolling my eyesbecause it was too idiotic….AVENGERS #1!!!!

  12. Sand on your butt crack is gritty and emotional too but that doesn’t make it good. Avengers #1

    • The Avengers sucked.

      • yh kl story bro (Y)

  13. I felt that both movies were great. My tie breaker however was the endings.

    The Avengers had a typical movie ending in my book. But TDKR had the epic ending that was advertised. The last shot of TDKR was beyond words and the reason why it landed number one on my list.

    Plus on a side note I can’t think of a recent trilogy that has been able to create a third film that didn’t fall flat on its face. Especially with superhero movies, most only make it two movies before a director change or the franchise is taken in a different direction. Not the case with TDKR, finally a great superhero trilogy for the ages. I would love to see The Avengers make two more solid films but time will tell if they can keep that same swagger going.

  14. LOL; where is Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance? Regardless of how it turned out, t is still a superhero movie.

  15. LOL; where is Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance? Regardless of how it turned out, it is still a superhero movie.

  16. Sorry for the edited/multiple post.

    • HAHA Don’t worry it was the best post so far!

  17. Saw all three of them now and I have to say I got the most enjoyment from the Avengers movie. That movie was pure delight.

    Amazing Spider-Man really surprised me though. I liked it better than I ever expected to – I think that kid who is the new Spider-Man is the main reason.

    Just watched the Dark Knight Rises today and I liked it, but I don’t think it lived up to the hype. It was a very smart movie, but slow. I probably wouldn’t go back to see it again, but I would see the other two again.

    But very good year overall for superhero movies.

    • i totally agree with your comment it was very smart but slow it dragged in some parts i thought the avengers constantly kept me engaged

      • Yeah, it’s great if you like mindless action, no depth, or intelligence, sure. The Avengers was like watching a better directed Michael Bay movie. Yeah, the action was great but the depth, wit, etc. was just pathetic. Then again, there are probably many people like that who just want mindless action and no intelligent plot behind it.

        • actually no i like a mixture of genres when it comes to films not just mindless action tbh hence why i even went to see all the batman trilogies and stuck with them i loved the dark knight way better than the recent batman film for obvious reasons i thought the avengers was great big whoop it’s great to have light and shade whilst watching films or choosing films to watch soo that’s just me anyways . but kl story bro(y)

  18. The dark knight rises by farrrrrrrr the freaking best out of the 3 okay Im not much of a superhero fan but batman blew my mind. Avengers was just too predictable for me. I wasnt amaze to tell u the truth I was falling asleep. The batman was epic. Spiderman was ok but either way tdkr was the best. Im surely not watching another avengers movie that I cant stand. It was just not my movie.sorry. Tdkr till the end :)

  19. And the winner is….me! I’ve had cinematic wood since the beginning of May that ended with my 3rd & final nerdgasm at the end of July. 2012 was a great superhero summer.

  20. First place Batman ánd Spiderman.
    One was a great ending of a trilogy, the other a great beginning of one.
    They both were not perfect. But served their purpose.

    Third place Avengers.
    Besides the final battle, the movie just not interested me (personal note). The story was just too weak.
    And although many liked the new Bruce Banner, he bothered me a lot.

  21. Avengers for me. Batman is boring and depressing.

    • Sorry, the movie was probably too advanced for you. You should just keep watching Michael Bay movies. Those are probably more of your type of films.

      • was that supposed to be funny … ANYWAYSSSS none of the nolan films are too advanced that’s why i stuck to the trilogy throughout and i like a variety of movies who doesn’t i enjoyed tdkr and avengers .. sue me

  22. in my opinion i generally thought avengers pulled it off it’s definitely my favourite it managed to squeeze alot into it with out it being ridiculous or too much. whilst watching it i felt like i was on a roller coaster ride constantly going up it had no boring parts . i thought tdkr was amazing aswell the story line was amazingg i did have some difficulty understanding bane even though he was still an amazing villian i hated the way he went out just like that .i wanted a more epic ending for him i prefered the dark knight over this i thought it got straight to the big plot without dragging which in parts i felt like tdkr did . but it was a fantastic end to an amazzinngg trilogy

  23. i don’t think tdkr was head and shoulders above at all spiderman deserves the third spot definitely the avengers surpassed my expectations by miless having that many superheroes could’ve been soo disastrous but it managed to pull it off i was constantly engaged there wass a light touch of comedy at the right moments all of the characters got their chance to shine none of them were too overshadowed at all which is generally hard to do . tdkr was good *aamaziingg* but it failed to live up to my expectations the dark knight still holds the crown in the fantastic trilogy . tdkr was slightly depressing at times one of the biggest highlights was the man of steel trailer .

  24. actually i feel that none of the films can be compared with each other like seriously the avengers is light hearted epic action film with added humour it wouldnt make sense to compare it with tdkr it has a different tone it really depends on what you’re into tbh the avengers surpassed all expectations like for realll i was shocked everyone was expecting the tdkr to be amazing it didn’t disappoint .
    the amazing spiderman was a great film i looved the new peter parker better than the old one i felt he gave more to the character . you can’t compare it with tdkr or avengers . but if i had to chose…………….
    for pure entertainment action and keeping them consistent throughout it goes 1. THE AVENGERS 2.TDKR.3TASM
    if we are talking about plot and chilling story line – 1. tdkr 2.tasm.3 the avengers.

  25. completely disagree…TDKR was not only the best superhero movie this summer, it was the best MOVIE this summer so far. The scale, cinematography and action was on another level. Dont get me wrong, Avengers was awesome, but TDKR was much more intense and had a lot more on the line. The intensity in the fight scenes alone (the first fight scene between Bane and Batman was one of my all-time favorites). Nolan delivered on the battles between Bane and Batman and that was what was most important. TDKR was the best hands down.

    • well it depends on what you’re into the finale fight between bane and batman was disappointing . i loved their first encounter even though batman took one hell of a beating i wanted to see progression. it ruined it that he was not the brains behind the whole thing . but whatevs that’s your opinion you don’t have to agree with me that’s what i thought i’m not saying it sucked it was friggin amaziingg

      • I see what you saying but Nolan followed canon, Talia Al’Ghul has always been the brains, even more so than her father at times, it would make sense that Bane is working for her…I think alot of people get wrapped up in the Joker phenomenon, he is not the most dangerous batman villian, Ra’s Al Ghul is. But again, I see where your coming from, I just thought the fight scenes (both of them) were extremely well-done and satisfying.

        • yh fair- enough i loved the plot twist that was sooooo clever and appreciated but i felt it took away from bane especially when he ws blown away like tht lool he should’ve had a more dramatic death

        • Well, Nolan did and didn’t follow canon with that. In the comics, Bane is originally the mastermind in the Knightfall story arc. Later when Ras chooses him as a replacement suitor for Talia since Bruce won’t marry her, he somewhat follows orders from Al Ghul.

  26. a lot of people are disappointed in Banes death but what y’all fail to realize is that at the point where Miranda Tate revealed her true identity she changed the roles of the villains and became the stories true main antagonist and moved Bane into the roll of a glorified henchman he was figuratively blasted away with the shot of the tear rolling down his face and he was no longer needed and like the henchman that he was he died a simple quick death. Miranda Tate died the more dramatic death because it was her who was the true villain with a story worthy of a dramatic death

    • yh fair enough miranda was the true villian but i couldn’t help but feel that she was out of place the whole time she hardly had any exploration as the villain i loved the plot twist don’t get me wrong but even though i somewhat agree with what you said i still think he was deserving of a more dramatic death like he was blasted away like he was an extra and hadn’t been carrying the big baddy title on his shoulders he was badass i think he deserved a badass ending that’s my opinion anyway …

      • I completely understand where you’re coming from but Miranda Tate had full exploration as the villain her motivations and origin story was told even though it was under the rouse of it being Bane’s story

        • yeah that’s true but when she revealed her true identity i didn’t feel as connected to her as i did to bane whilst the story was under the rouse that it was his . though i loved and appreciated the twist it gave the nooo wayy factor lool that’s just me i completely understand your exp it made me appreciate it more (Y)

  27. all the movies were friggin awesome 2012 is the year of amazing action movies i’m looking forward to the Bourne legacy whoop whoop plus next year sounds pretty bad ass iron man 3 man of steel thor 2 i’m just excited for man of steel especially, hopefully they will not fail to deliver i doubt they will fail since nolan is backing it

  28. I think I’d put it this way:

    The Amazing Spiderman was always handicapped for me going in because it just seem way too soon for a re-boot. And even if that weren’t the case I would still have it third on my list of these three.

    Between the other two…I would put it like this. I look forward to adding these films to my collection at home so:

    Whenever I have my teenage nephew and his five/six friends over to the house and we want to watch an awesome, exciting, fun movie on the big HD screen The Avengers is the first one I’m pulling off the shelf.

    But if I ever end up teaching a college course on film making to a classroom of aspiring directors, and the lesson plan for the day is on the genre of action/adventure….where the emphasis is on set design, character development, sound editing and score, action sequence and timing all the while maintaining depth within the characters, between the two, I’m popping int TDKR.

  29. I have to say that it’s a tie for me between TDKR and The Avengers. Both movies were amazing in their own way and I can’t pick a winner – mainly because in my opinion, they’re too different to compare.
    The only thing that I can say is that TDKR has been more twisted, sicker than The Avengers and a lot darker with dramatic villains and even more dramatic heroes. I was in shock after I left the cinema and to be honest, I still am. I’ll have to watch it a second time.
    After I watched the Avengers (I watched it 4 times), I was THRILLED. I had such a good time in the cinema in a completely different way than after TDKR… It had a much lighter note.
    Does that make it better? No. It just makes it different.