‘Dark Knight Rises’, ‘Avengers’, ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ – Which Superhero Movie Was the Best?

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Best Superhero Movie of Summer 2012

Dark Knight Rises vs Avengers vs. Amazing Spider-Man DiscussionIf you're a superhero fan, or a movie fan, or a superhero movie fan, then you were probably looking forward to the summer of 2012 long before it actually arrived. Marvel kicked off the season with their superhero team-up event, The Avengers; Sony went for a (semi-)fresh start with their reboot film The Amazing Spider-Man, and Christopher Nolan closed out his Batman trilogy with The Dark Knight Rises.Indeed, it has been a most (the most?) epic summer for superhero movies - but which one did you like the best? We look back at the strengths and weaknesses (because yes, they all had some) of the "big 3" in summer 2012, to declare which superhero (or heroes) will take home the crown.And before there are any "apples and oranges" objections: the particular type of apple we're looking at is superhero movies. Therefore, all three of our contestants qualify.


The Avengers

The Avengers is the Best Superhero Movie

Our Review Score: 4.5 out of 5 stars

STRENGTHS: The Avengers was truly a milestone event for both superhero movies and movies as a whole. You had three different film properties (with four films between them) synergize and merge into one extra-large-sized superhero epic. Writer/Director Joss Whedon infused the proceedings with wit, sharp character insight and best of all, an overall sense of adventure and fun. As the first blockbuster film to feature a team of famous superheroes standing shoulder-to-shoulder on the big screen, those Avengers tag-team smackdown sequences will live in our memories and hearts forever.WEAKNESSES: Of course, once you've passed the geekgasmic thrill of seeing all those Marvel superheroes together, you do begin to notice some flaws. The overarching story for The Avengers is kind of weak (magic cubes? Generic alien thugs?), some characters got marginalized (Cap), and the film wasn't immune to the occasional (unintentional) comic book hokeyness. While the set pieces were well adapted from the comic book page to the screen, with the exception of the final New York sequence, The Avengers wasn't as epic in scale (or as masterful in design) as something like The Dark Knight Rises.

The Amazing Spider-Man

Amazing Spider-Man is the Best Superhero Movie

Our Review Score: 3.5 out of 5 stars

STRENGTHS: Director Marc Webb took the character of Peter Parker and updated him for modern times - a risky move, but one that many moviegoers felt paid off. Andrew Garfield definitely left his own mark on the role, delivering a Peter Parker realized and developed in a way that was at once familiar and refreshingly new; improved technology (combined with practical stunt work) made the Spider-Man action better than ever. Add the sparks practically exploding out of Garfield and leading lady Emma Stone - plus a more intriguing and immersive mythos - and there were enough quality elements of Amazing Spider-Man to make the film worth the mulligan... if only barely.WEAKNESSES: Many are still waiting for the "untold story" of Spider-Man they were (unfairly) promised; all we really got instead was a slightly tweaked origin story that we had seen before in the Raimi films. The script suffered from stutter step pacing (when it wasn't meandering from scene to scene), there was clear evidence that director Marc Webb still had something to learn about blockbuster filmmaking - and worst of all, The Lizard (one of the most complex and interesting Spider-Man villains) was pretty much relegated to "freak of the week" status. Poor Dylan Baker was probably tossing popcorn at the screen by the handful (geek reference).

The Dark Knight Rises

Dark Knight Rises Reviews Box Office

Our Review Score: 4 out of 5 stars

STRENGTHS: It'll be hard for another film in 2012 to beat The Dark Knight Rises in terms of sheer scale and spectacle (the only likely contender being Peter Jackson's The Hobbit). The finale to the Dark Knight Trilogy is a veritable showcase of superior blockbuster movie making - and unlike, say, a Michael Bay Transformers  movie, Chris Nolan provides actual substance to go with all the flash. With the best performance yet by Christian Bale in the central role, and a cast of new talent - Tom Hardy, Anne Hathaway, Joseph Gordon-Levitt - all stepping up to the plate and delivering, The Dark Knight Rises is, in technical terms, a masterfully-crafted comic book blockbuster.WEAKNESSES: Like The Avengers, Dark Knight Rises isn't just a movie - its's a cinematic event. Unlike The Avengers, however, Dark Knight Rises arguably did not live up to the hype. Granted, the hype hanging over it was nearly impossible to ever live up to, but there is a definite sense that while it will undoubtedly be looked upon as a great film - at the end of the day, many people will not regard Dark Knight Rises as the best film in the trilogy. Whether it was too serious, overstuffed, or was simply missing that key villain (The Joker), Dark Knight Rises just couldn't fully recapture (or surpass) the magic that many felt when watching The Dark Knight.NEXT PAGE: And the Winner Is...

And the Winner is...

15 Characters for Avengers 2 Movie SequelsWe don't think many people would argue that The Amazing Spider-Man earns the third-place slot, but between The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises:Marvel's epic team-up event left many moviegoers roaring with applause and warm with the feeling of having had a very good time at the theater. It appealed to just about everyone, and very few people came away upset with the job that Marvel and the cast/director had done.It remains to be to be seen if Dark Knight Rises provides moviegoers with anything more than the catharsis of seeing Nolan's trilogy reach its end. It's not going to be a movie for everyone, and a very vocal contingent of fans will likely pop-up once again to decry the Nolan's interpretation of the source material. TDKR also has real-life tragedy forever attached to its memory, and that kind of thing puts a serious damper on what should be a carefree geeky debate.In the long run, maybe TDKR will turn out to be the more revered film - but right now, in the hot, wild, summer of 2012, we're calling it this way:
  1. The Avengers
  2. The Dark Knight Rises 
  3. The Amazing Spider-Man
What was your number one superhero film of Summer 2012? Or are you just happy to have  variety? Let us know in the comments.
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  1. I don’t understand why people are bringing up the “deeper” plots and themes in DKR as proof it was a better movie. I loved the movie, but let’s get real, these are fictional superhero movies. It really depends on what mood your in to decide whether the Avengers or DKR was better. If I’m in an introspective mood, I watch the Batman trilogy or Watchmen, if I want a fun action movie with a groundbreaking event (finally building a Multiverse in the movies) I watch the Avengers and its prequels.

    People seem to discount the various plots that were brought to a head in the Avengers. I thought the Hulk was genuinely frightening the first time I saw the movie. WWII and the man out of time with Cap, various political elements with SHIELD, the futurist genius and fight for ownership of his inventions with Iron Man, and the fun mythology with Thor. Avengers has a bit of everything for everyone. It gave us Easter eggs to piece together and is always hinting at more awesomeness to come in the future. All of this is why the Avengers broke all those records.

    Batman is a wonderful series and great movies. I don’t know where it would be if not for Heath Ledger. Of course, most of us would still love it, but would the world??

    So my conclusion, Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance #1.

    • People bring up deeper plots and themes to compare movies, because if these elements are achieved well they are viable reasons to declare a movie good or better than another movie. These should not be the only thing to look at when comparing movies but they should have much weight.

      I can agree with you Avenger vs Dark Knight Rises debate is a matter of what your mood is. But the OP asked what movie was better. When one rates a movie in my opinion should be based on viable reasoning apart from just mere preference. For example I am more likely to enjoy Transformers over the Godfather, but I would by no means declare Tranformers a better movie over The Godfather just because of my own personal preference.

      • My comment may contain some SPOILERS for both the Avengers and Batman, so don’t read if you haven’t seen both.

        I respectfully disagree. First of all, there is no way you can compare DKR to the Godfather and the Avengers to Transformers. The Godfather was well written, but it was not some deep philosophical journey that made your think about the deep questions in life while meditating or smoking something I wish I had right now. The Godfather was a glimpse into the mafia which had not been done to any realistic extent at that point. It is an original classic, but movies like Batman have been done before.

        Both movies were well written, it becomes a question of preference at that point. It’s true DKR had more plot twists and it did have a few philosophical moments like the kid climbing out of the prison and the general theme of class warfare and whether a lie to keep a peace is the right thing to do. The Avengers had them on a lighter scale with the SHIELD being a good or evil organization, the glaring differences between Cap’s America and ours, and the Hulk rage issues.

        Really, both movies had much in common. Batman and Iron Man were thought dead, as martyrs for the greater good. Both were going to nuke New York / Gotham. Both got into the corruption of the government and what they would sacrifice. It was just different tones. It is like comparing Pink Floyd to Led Zeppelin or Clapton to Hendricks. They are all great but they are all so different and just because one is more refined and plays toward making you think deeper does not mean they are ultimately better, unless that happens to be your preference.

        Also, if we are taking everything into account, the Avengers wins on originality. The Batman trilogy was not the first super hero series that was mature and made you think deeper, I know Watchmen had me thinking much more. I know you can’t tell with my grammar in these posts (I rely heavily on editing), but I am a writer and the Watchmen inspired me more than DKR. Does that make Watchmen better? I don’t know, only in my opinion. But the Avengers has built a universe from the ground up while wrangling directors and actors and keeping continuity. I would have thought that impossible in Hollywood, but they did it. If we are counting depth we must count the fact that they pulled this amazing feat off and continue to grow.

        • You dont have to worry about your grammar. I can almost promise you my grammar is inferior to yours, especially if you are a writer that writes for a living, so I am not going to be grammar nazi.

          Why cant we compare a Godfather to a Dark Knight. I will admit this can be difficult but should not be avoided completely. Some people regard the Godfather as the greatest movie of all time some may say Gone with the Wind, others may say Star Wars. All of those movies are vastly different in theme and genre but are still pitted against each other in debates to declare which one should be declared cinematically superior to each other.

          I can whole heartedly agree that just because a movie makes you think deeper does not mean it is a better movie. That is why I said deeper plots and themes should not be the only things to look at in declaring a movie good or not, but should be considered and are very reasonable in rating movies. You asked the question “I don’t understand why people are bringing up the ‘deeper’ plots and themes in DKR as proof it was a better movie”. Correct me if I am wrong, it almost appears that you are saying that these attributes in movies should be discarded in deciding the cinematic value of a movie, if so I have to disagree.

          I said this before in another post the comparison between TDKR and The Avengers is usually unfair because a lot of critics are not truly comparing the two against each other but comparing how they stacked up to their expectations. Your last paragraph I think defines that, you praise The Avengers for pulling off what Hollywood (and the mass audience, including myself) didn’t expect, a movie that vastly surpassed it’s expectations. While The Avengers gets scrutinized at this level TDKR gets compared to the TDK, Watchmen, and the expectancy of being the first super hero movie to win the best picture at the Oscars. Since The Avengers does not attempt to match the sophisticated script or try to develop a complex plot like that of a TDKR, TDK, or a Watchmen it gets a free pass in these elements of movie making.

          The Avengers is a darn good movie, and so is TDKR. This is just my opinion, and not everybody has to agree with me. Storytelling, cinematography, plot, and directing which I think TDKR blew The Avengers out of the water in surpasses The Avengers multi-meshing of super heros and fun factor which I think The Avengers has over TDKR.

          I guess for me at the end of the day I would say that The Avengers has a lot further shot of a legitimate chance of being considered “A best motion picture” than The Dark Knight Rises.

          • I’m not writing for a living, but I’ve been trying to finish a novel so the goal is to hopefully had a product that people will like.

            I wasn’t aiming my comment just at you, but to the general crowd who points to the fact that the deeper themes of DKR makes it better. I certainly don’t discount the depth in the writing. In fact, that is what make a Nolan movie tick. I’m just trying to say that, while DKR was very well written, it was not a completely new concept. They did come at it with a fresh perspective, which was great, but so did the Avengers.

            When you say that the Avengers is more likely to win “A best motion picture”, I’m not sure what my thoughts on that would be. Will it be remembered in history as better than DKR? I think so, but I couldn’t say. Would DKR have a better chance to win an award? Absolutely, but the Oscars are run by idiots and they would never likely pick either. You’ll get some black and white movies about mimes or something from them.

            Your examples of what most regular people would consider the greatest movies of all time proves my point that it’s all about preference. Gone with the Wind and Star Wars are as far away as you can get from each other, yet they are widely considered great. I guess we can all be happy that we live in an age where TV is wonderful and movies are even better. So, whatever your choice, it is the fan who are the winners.

            • Can I start off by saying I love your sense of humor.
              “while meditating or smoking something I wish I had right now.”
              “Oscars are run by idiots and they would never likely pick either. You’ll get some black and white movies about mimes or something from them.”

              We can both agree the folks who nominate movies for an Oscar at times have you scratch your head. I still think their opinions merit gigantic consideration, especially when discussing movie quality. Lets remember this is not some random group of individuals these are carefully hand picked people in the industry who are at the top of their game. Most likely neither The Avengers or TDKR will be nominated for the best picture, but TDKR has an outside chance while The Avengers chances are slim to none.

              I don’t think my examples of what people would consider the greatest movies of all time proves your point that it’s all about preference. Sure preference may play a role in people’s decision making, it is human nature. The more we see someone’s theme preference over bias their judgement in film critiquing the less credible the critic becomes. I don’t think respectable critics see preference as the main attribute for determining why The Godfather, Gone With the Wind, or Star Wars are great movies. I think it has more to do with their overall cinematic value and the impact they had on movie history.

              But back to The Avengers vs The Dark Knight Rises. I honestly believe if you scrutinize these movies at the exact same level as stand-alone movies apart from hype and expectancy TDKR edges out The Avengers. I know my opinion is just one of many and some are going to see things totally different than me, but I liked how you ended your comment the clear cut winner out of this is us the fans.

  2. Maybe Batman’s back wasn’t broken, maybe just needed to be popped back in place or something slid (I’m no chiropractor). Bane said “Break your body”, never actually said his back is broken. Wayne had plenty of time (I think) to get back to Gotham. Bane said 5-6 months on that bomb. And as for how Wayne got back into Gotham? C’mon, he’s Batman, no one would even know he’s there. Someone mentioned the reactor (whatever it’s called) being place in the sewers, they covered that already. Wayne purposely had it placed there to destroy it so it wouldn’t get to the wrong hands. John Blake figured Batman’s identity off of a hunch, he didn’t know for sure, he was just confident in his decision. The cops going into the sewer WAS dumb, but they did cover why. They wanted to flush Bane and his crew out of the sewers. These aren’t plotholes or inconsistancies. They just crammed too much into one movie, I personally felt it should’ve been longer to expand on more things.

    • The whole reason I started reading comics again and got into this whole crazy world of fandom, is because I’ve had 3 back surgeries and really can’t do much except for sitting in a recliner most of the day. I used to be an athlete and personal trainer (granted not a doctor, but I’ve studied anatomy in depth). I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt that if your vertebra was sticking out, you would need (at least) a surgery called a spinal fusion. It would hold your spine in place and the discs (the shock-absorbing-type sacs on each side of the vertebra would be gone, causing more pain than I can imagine. It is a lot more going on than any regular bone so punching it back into place is not realistic in any way.

      • Reading this is making by back hurt just thinking about it. Can you imagine the pain if the discs weren’t there at all? I mean just the shifting you do in your back trying to sit up strait in a chiar for an extended period. Yeah that part of the movie isn’t believable at all… But still made for a awesome story.

  3. Sorry for posting spoilers! Wasn’t thinking!

  4. What a great time to be a comic book fan this year. I loved all 3 of the big super hero movies. When it comes time to declare the better of the 3. I have to go with TDKR over The Avengers and The Amazing Spider-man.

    There appears to be a recurring theme people dont see TDKR as the top super hero movie of the summer and that is, it did not live up to it’s expectations (which I agree but not way off either). So what happens is immediately judgement is clouded and you scrutinize one movie more than another, and a good movie turns in to a great movie just because it vastly exceeds expectations.

    Just my opinion TDKR did not have the spark that TDK had, but that does not mean it was a bad movie. If you want to throw a fun factor in I can give the nod to the Avengers, but when you honestly compare to me more critical elements in movie making such as cinematography, storytelling, script, and execution, I think that TDKR is an easy winner.

    • “but when you honestly compare to me more critical elements in movie making such as cinematography, storytelling, script, and execution, I think that TDKR is an easy winner.”

      As somebody who liked The Avengers more (although I did enjoy both) I believe that some people are underestimating how well made of a movie it is. To me the Avengers is superior in nearly all the “critical elements” you listed.

      Cinematography- I VASTLY disagree with you on this one, The Avengers was a FAR better looking film. It was brighter, more colorful, had better composition in it’s frames, and it’s action scenes were much better shot.

      Storytelling- I think that The Dark Knight Rises had a better story, but The Avengers had a better plot. The side stories and the emotional attachment that came with those just resonated with me more. Such as Bruce’s subtle introverted nature, Tony’s relationship with Petter Potts, and Captain America’s time displacement. On top of that I had more attachment to the characters and their battle during the climax of The Avengers then I did with TDKR.

      Script- I also have to VASTLY disagree with this one too. There’s a reason that one of the biggest things people commended The Avengers for was it’s screenplay.

      Execution- To me The Avengers is a movie that takes less storytelling risks, but comes away without a scratch. TDKR takes more risks, but is more flawed.

      • I also liked both movies The Dark Knight Rises and The Avengers. Some people may underestimate how well The Avengers was made, at the same time some may overestimate.

        Cinematography – Cinematography is defined as art or technique of film making. Bright colors and CGI in and of itself does not always equate to brilliant cinematography in filming. Filming difficult shots with ease, blending visual appearance with sound and setting, camera motion, lighting, visual appearance of actors to their settings, film editing, and the ability of screen visuals to coincide with the story are some other aspects when determining “a good cinematography movie”.

        The opening scene in TDKR where Bane and his henchmen orchestrate the hijacking of a CIA jet in mid air with a larger aircraft is a perfect example of good cinematography. It may have not looked as cool as Iron Man blasting at aliens but the artistry of the lighting, the execution of the stuntmen in action in mid air, the stunning musical score was truly a thing of beauty. I would not be suprised at all if TDKR wins an Oscar and The Avengers does not even get nominated for best cinematography in a movie.

        Storytelling – Well we are in both agreement that TDKR has a better story.  The Avengers having a better plot kind of wishy washy on that statement. I think The Avengers had a better character interaction plot, but total character plot TDKR is killing The Avengers in my opinion. You seem to give praise to the emotional attachments established in The Avengers. I totally disagree that this was executed well, in fact The Avengers was not trying to be some emotionaly charged plot (TDKR was trying to do this), it was trying to be a character interaction driven plot.

        Script – Correct me if I am wrong to me script and screenplay are similar but not the same.  Script is the written story and screenplay is how well executed the script is performed regarding direction and acting.  If that is the case I put screenplay between TDKR and The Avengers of a closer gap in giving praise, but isolating just the script I stand by my opinion TDKR blows The Avengers out of the water.

        Execution – I have made a bad observation here.  TDKR does not over exceed The Avengers but I still think TDKR is still superior to The Avengers in this category.  Both movies are flawed and to say the Avengers has no scratches maybe a little far fetched.  There is glaring plot holes and mistakes that both movies have.  Moviemistakes.com has both The Avengers and TDKR as highly mistake prone movies.  Like you said The Avengers takes less story telling risks and still has numerous errors, which inclines me not to give it the nod in this category.

  5. I personally feel that The Dark knight Rises was a way better film than The Avengers.

    The avengers was too “kiddy” for my liking. It did not have the emotion and seriousness that TDKR had. There were scenes in TDKR when I forgot that I was in movie and was like “No, this can’t be happening”

    TDKR was just an epic that no superhero movie thus far could live up to.

  6. Honestly, I liked The Amazing Spider-Man the most out of all three of those. I just love the Spider-Man story. There’s so much meaning behind it to me, and, I don’t know. The movie wasn’t trying to be epic or really trying to be anything. It just delivered on every front, in my opinion, and satisfied every genre that was mixed into it.

    The romance was as good as any romantic comedy I’ve seen.

    The action was probably some of the best action in any superhero movie ever.

    It was actually really funny.

    The acting and drama were VERY well done.

    The Dark Knight Rises seemed like it was trying to be too many things at once, like it couldn’t make up its mind. The epicness and scale are a sure thing, but, I don’t know, it felt a little forced. Also, I felt that Bane wasn’t the best villain.

    The Avengers was spectacular! It knew what it was, and it delivered what it was trying to. It was just a great time. It’s such a fun movie to watch. But in comparison to The Amazing Spider-Man? It didn’t really capture the character development, nor did I feel that there was much I could relate to. But it wasn’t trying to do that, so it’s fine. 😀

    All in all, the most FUN movie of the summer was The Avengers for SURE! The BEST movie, in terms of movie quality? I’d say The Amazing Spider-Man. But hey, that’s just me.

  7. I’ll join chorus with what Anthony just said above but my take is slightly different. The Avengers as a film, it’s the best of the three. As a film, The Amazing Spider-Man takes the second place because very much like Batman Begins did for Batman, it’s the best take in the character so far, topping what Raimi did with the character before.

    It’s a fresh take on the mythos and most of all, it makes me feel that I’m actually witnessing Spider-Man coming to life for the first time, the similar feeling that I had when I saw Batman Begins seven years ago.

    I love Nolan’s Batman, but TDKR suffered of the threequel curse as much as Raimi’s Spider-Man did. Both films are BEAUTIFUL to look at, but not only aren’t able to live up to the hype, they fail at basic levels with the mythology of the own films that preceded them.

    So for me:

    1. The Avengers
    2. The Amazing Spider-Man
    3. The Dark Knight Rises

  8. I hate getting into these arguments but after some of the things I’ve read I feel compelled too.

    For me, the argument isn’t between which movie was the best. There is no need for the argument. The argument is which comes second and which comes third: The Avengers or The Amazing Spiderman?

    I remember how happy I was when The Avenger credits rolled. It was no doubt an awesome movie and exceeded my expectations. I was thinking, “What a great comic book movie!” because it was. It was a great comic book movie.

    I didn’t get the chance to see The Amazing Spiderman till about a week after release. And I was such a huge fan of the first, original Sam Raimi flick. I didn’t want it to exceed that movie, but it did. It too, was an awesome comic book movie.

    I saw the midnight IMAX premiere of The Dark Knight Rises. I had been waiting for this movie since The Dark Knight had ended in theatres. The hype was incredible for the movie. And just the hype alone is a lot to live up too. Not even adding in the The Dark Knight’s success. When I got out of the theatre I wasn’t thinking “Man what a great comic book movie.” No, I was thinking “What an awesome movie in general.”. You don’t even need to add in the fact that it’s a comic book movie. Christopher Nolan has created a trilogy that will go down as one of the greatest trilogies ever. And that’s a lot to say. No, TDKR did not beat out TDK as my favorite movie of all time. But it brought Bruce Wayne out with a bang. There is no doubt in my mind that Nolan’s TDKR rises above The Avengers and TASM, regardless of their success and acclaim.

    • And yet he never answered which movie won for second in his book.

  9. FACT: Expectations can make or break a movie.

    TDKR seems to be buckling under it’s own weight. It was a great movie, don’t get me wrong, but so many people had such high expectations and some feel it didn’t live up to it. So when that happens, they’ll criticize it harsher than they normally. TDKR is a second-sequel that has to live up to it’s two previous entries (especially TDK).

    The Avengers, people didn’t know what to expect, therefore, they’re prone to accept it’s flaws on a less critical level. It had nothing to live up to, and don’t say Iron Man 1 & 2, Thor, etc., those were introduction/lead up movies.

    I liked both movies, for totally different reasons. I honestly feel like they can’t be compared. The Avengers is a comic book action/adventure movie and succeeds at what it was intended to do. I enjoyed it very much, except for the slow parts because the story wasn’t interesting enough to keep me hooked. TDKR succeeded at what it set out to do, it’s a Bruce Wayne drama-driven story (I don’t consider it Batman’s story), and that 2 hr 45 min flew by! TDKR gets you invested in the characters, The Avengers… I didn’t care so much about the characters.

    Both great movies!

  10. I watched all 3 movies and I think that the best is and will always be The Dark Knight Rises. After it comes Spider-Man, and on the third place The Avengers.
    The Dark Knight Rises is, first of all the most original. There were many Batman movies before it(I saw all of them), but, differit from the athor 2 movies it was not inspired from them. There where different things happening. Second, it has the most handsome actor playing the main role(Christian Bale), and third the superhero has not got any super powers so he has to do all those things, ussing his own powers. That makes everything more difficult. All the things from the movie could happen in reality and the hero could exist.
    Spider-Man is a little bit inspired from the old one, witch is inspired from the comics. Very important was that the things witch hapend in the old one, hapend here in a different way, witch I think is a plus for the director. The superhero has super powers but he gained them because of a siencific experiment. Te experiment could be mad in reality, though it would be very difficult. I can not say that Spider-Man(Andrew Garffield) is locking better than Iron Man(Robert Downey Junior)or than Thor(Mark Whalberg), so that wouldn’t place it o a higher place. Somenthing good is that in this movie the Hero lovs a girl, thing that makes his job more difficult(the same thing in The Dark Knight Rises).
    The Avengers is a good movie, but it doesn’t compere to the other 2. The heroes couldn’t exist in reality and there is nothing like a love betwen one of them and a girl\boy. The things that happen, the atacks are copied from other movies, but the atackors are changed. The one who is evil is the same as in Thor, and the atacks are almost the same. I liked it but i don’t see how it could be better than The Dark Knight Rises or Spider-Man.
    In my opinion the top should be following:
    1. The Dark Knight Rises
    2. Spider-Man
    3. The Avengers
    But that is my opinion. Everyoe has his tasts.

    • It’s Chris Hemsworth who plays ‘Thor’ sweetheart not Mark Whalberg.

  11. For me “The Avengers” was the superior film of the threee without a shadow of a doubt, it was an incredible film. It’s everything a COMIC BOOK FILM should be and more, colorful, vibrant, epic, heroric, funny, intense and action packed. It’s like “The Avengers” just jumped out the comic book pages right on to the movie screen and blew you away. I was seeing where some guy said “The Avengers” was too kiddy for you, hell you might as well say that about the whole comic book genre if that’s the case. It’s always people who will think a man running around in a cape and cowl is kiddie stuff, no matter how much you try to ground it in reality and dress it up. “The Avengers” does’nt apoligize for it’s comic book origins and does’nt try to dress them up and disguise them, it’s a full blodded comic book film and it knows it. It’s not trying to be “The Godfather”, which you can’t be anyway. Now all 3 comic book films we’re very good to great for me this summer, i would give “The Avengers” 5/5, “TASM” 4/5 and “TDKR” 4/5.

  12. This is complete BS. How the hell can ASM be left out like this. For me, ASM was the better movie since it was actually one of the best movies based on the origin of a Super Hero. It was a dark film, yet it had a bright sense of humor. It had an awesome origin story, and the BEST plot than the three films. Avengers was too predictable and was like your average super hero movie (villain wants revenge, villain wants to rule the world for no reason, heros come and kick the villains’ ass). DKR had an awesome plot too, but it was too long to be watched. For me, ASM has 1st place, DKR has 2nd while the overrated Avengers stays at 3rd.

    • I already gave my thoughts on the films and everyone has their personal favorite. Like i said before i think all 3 films we’re winners, ranging from very good to great in my opinion. “Loki’ wanted to rule earth because he knew he would never be able to rightfully rule Asgard in ‘Thor’s’ shadow, and he knew how much earth meant to ‘Thor’ whom he’s grown to despise. He would have earth to rule all to himself which is why he made the deal with ‘Thanos’ and ‘The other’ in the first place. Makes perfect sense to me, you need to follow the film and the villan’s intent a little closer next time my friend. As far as predictability every comic book film has that buddy, afterall they are adaptedted from comic books, geez.

  13. 1. The Dark Knight Rises
    2. The Avengers
    3. The Amazing Spider-Man


    • thor could easily fly away with the atom bomb, hulk could just throw it away like in a river or something and iron man is strong to carry it and fly away with it. sooo yeah, i proved you wrong just i always do with any batman fanboy. avengers is the better movie. dark knight rises was such a major let down.

      • @alfred – I thought all three films we’re good, but “The Avengers” was great and the superior film of the three in my opinion. We all have our opinions though, and 2012 was an absolutely great year for CBM’s.

    • @Jonathan – Dude, ‘Thor’ is a god, how you figure he would not be able to lift an Atom Bomb, are you nuts. You need to read up more on ‘Thor’ my man, his strength is as great as the ‘Hulk’s’ or ‘Superman’s’.

  14. 1.the avengers
    2.the amazing spiderman
    3.dark knight rises

    i knew avengers was definitely going to be my favorite 2012 movie, i mean it was just incredibly epic and pure awesomeness. i was pleasantly surprised with the spiderman reboot. wasnt looking forward to it that much but it turned out to be an AMAZING movie. unfortunately i was pretty disappointed with dark knight rises. i mean its good but the first 2 movies were incredible and the 3rd one felt like christopher nolan didnt care anymore and just wanted to end the trilogy. a lot expectations were not exceeded and it was just a complete disappointment… in my opinion

    • @alfredo – I agree, while i thought “TDKR” was good, it was’nt quite as good as “Batman Begins” & “TDK”, but still a fine film in it’s own right. As far as quality years in CBM’s, 2012 is right there with 2008.