‘Dark Knight Rises’: Anne Hathaway is Catwoman, Tom Hardy is Bane

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Anne Hathaway cast in The Dark Knight Rises Dark Knight Rises: Anne Hathaway is Catwoman, Tom Hardy is Bane

We’ve spent years wondering about the villains and love interest(s) in Christopher Nolan’s third Batman film, The Dark Knight Rises – and now we at last have some definitive answers.

Christian Bale will return as the Caped Crusader in Batman 3 opposite two new foes – Oscar ceremony co-host Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle (a.k.a. the sinewy anti-heroine, Catwoman) and Inception‘s Tom Hardy as the bruiser referred to only as Bane.

Warner Bros. made the announcement via a press release that featured the following quotes by Chris Nolan – who also cowrote the Dark Knight Rises screenplay with his brother, Jonathan:

“I am thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Anne Hathaway, who will be a fantastic addition to our ensemble as we complete our story… I am delighted to be working with Tom again and excited to watch him bring to life our new interpretation of one of Batman’s most formidable enemies.”

Hathaway was previously shortlisted as one of the actresses being considered to appear in Nolan’s followup to The Dark Knight. She will follow in the footsteps of many an actress before her who played Batman’s sleek foe (and love interest) Catwoman onscreen – with perhaps the most memorable live-action incarnation being that of Michelle Pfeiffer in Tim Burton’s Batman Returns back in 1992 (we’ll pretend that Halle Berry movie never happened).

Catwoman Dark Knight Rises: Anne Hathaway is Catwoman, Tom Hardy is Bane

Pfeiffer as Catwoman.

Bane has a long history in the Batman universe as well – the character is not only a brutal, muscle-bound thug who can match the Caped Crusader in terms of physical prowess, he even once left Bruce Wayne paralyzed by snapping his spine during one of their battles in the epic comic book storyline “Batman: Knightfall”. It’s an excellent move on Nolan’s part to select a vicious villain like Bane to be the antagonist in the next entry in his gritty, hard-hitting trilogy about the dark vigilante. Just don’t expect Hardy to dress up like this for the part:

Bane from Batman and Robin Dark Knight Rises: Anne Hathaway is Catwoman, Tom Hardy is Bane

What do you think of this casting news for The Dark Knight Rises? Are you happy with Catwoman and Bane as the rogues? How about the actors playing them?

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Source: Warner Bros.

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  1. Me too. I hate Catwoman and just because of her,I won´t watch!

  2. So no Hush or Black Mask?
    I would have liked them to be a main focus, but maybe Black Mask can make an appearence. I’ve got mixed feeling on Hathaway, she’s not bad, I just don’t think i can picture her as Catwoman. Tom Hardy is great though.

  3. Personally, I have been waiting to see Harley Quinn!! Where is my Harley. Anne Hathaway is kool but im tired of seeing catwoman.

    • @valval 422:

      Really? How many times did you see a Catwoman or a Hathaway in a NOLAN movie?

  4. I Believe in Christopher Nolan.
    Just wait, I am sure the first trailer will quiet all of our doubts.
    Catwoman is probably going to be a lot different than we expect, and that goes for Bane too. I was a doubter, I didn’t believe Health Ledger would be a good Joker. I changed my tune after the first trailer.

  5. I am sure Hardy is a good actor, but I don’t see how he would fit in as Bane in the story

  6. I myself am excited by the proposition of Hathaway playing Catwoman. First, she does have action movie experience – remember that Get Smart movie? She kicked ass in that (literally). If your image of her is that of the Princess Diaries, check out the movie Havoc. It’ll change your preconceived notions about her willingness to get “down and dirty” for a role.

    As for Hardy, I’m starting to think that the Bane of the Nolanverse will be much more brain than brawn, like a Hugo Strange/Bane hybrid. And given that Bane can actually go toe-to-toe with Batman, we should be in for some solid battles. I’d like a Batman vs. villain fight that’s more of a back-alley street fight rather than your typical choreographed action – actually pretty similar to the Bats/Ra’s fight on the train in Batman Begins.

    I’m not expecting The Dark Knight Rises to be better than The Dark Knight. However, I feel that it will be at the very least on par with Batman Begins. But who knows, maybe this one can be better. We could be talking about this movie in January 2013 about whether or not it’s going to get a best picture nom. All I know is that from 2004 through now, there’s never been a better time to be a Batman fan.

  7. The moment I saw the name “Bane” I screamed. After the previous performance, I’ve been praying for Bane to receive another shot at screen time to show what he’s really about. I’m sorry, Joker fans, but Bane is my favourite Batman villain of all time! Ra’s al Ghul even acknowledges his brilliance and made him his heir… gah, I’m so stoked. I just hope he doesn’t get butchered a second time.

    As for Hathaway, not once has she ever let me done. I’ve adored every movie I’ve seen her in, and as a true, devoted Batman fan I’m excited to see what she has to bring to the cat image (and yeah, Catwoman starring Halle Barry just… just doesn’t exist in the DC universe).

    :) I hope they manage to include Black Mask, too! I was happy to see him in the Red Hood movie, but it would be nice to have him in this amazing trilogy as well. Regardless, more Christian Bale for me.

  8. it should have been riddler and penguin two top villans!

  9. It’s been announced that they’re casting two lead female roles, one is a love interest and the other is a villain. I think Selina Kyle will be Bruce’s love interest, while Talia Al Ghul and Bane are the villains, connecting the film to Batman Begins and bringin the trilogy in a circle.

    • That’s probable. I like the idea of Bane as the heir to the league of shadows since Bruce was supposed to be the heir. Talia would tie that together nicely, and maybe a cameo/flashback with Neeson? We all know how Nolan loves reusing actors he’s worked with. This would be the leagues chance, with Batman cornered, and the city in chaos after the Joker terrorized it.

  10. If Talia Al Ghul isn´t in the movie,I won´t watch!
    I already decided.
    I only see the movie if she is there.

    • Ummm, Revolting…

      REALLY, look into decaf.

    • knOWing Chris Nolan…he will surprise each and every one of you…. it will be unexpected per usual.

  11. I think that the riddler would have been a better villain. Catwoman has been done SO many times…. I just think the riddler would have made for a much more intriguing character

  12. So here’s the problem,and the problem with all of you guys’ speculation about other characters in the movie.You guys want there to be move villains,but we have all seen what happens when that occurs,it’s usually not a good thing,even with the most accomplished and capable directors.To wish there to be more characters is just a set up for failure.

    So we know that we got Hugo Strange,Catwoman,and Bane,and people actually want more villians? Remember the speculation of Killer Croc,and I guess there’still the rumor that another female is to be cast,maybe to play Talia.It’s too much,and while I love Nolan,I don’t think he can juggle that many characters.

    Personally,while I love Hathaway and Hardy as actors,I think both characters are totally wrong for this movie,and it’s just totally obvious to me that WB more or less,forced Nolan’s hand on this one.

    Neither of the two characters really fit into what the previous stories have already established,so it just seems to me that they are going to diverge away from the whole Mob angle of the Batman stories.

    I was starting to like the whole Hugo Strange angle,and I think everyone suspected that Hardy would play him,but who’s going to get that role now and how will it fit in? Seems that it’s going to be pushed over as a side plot now,where that had really good potential to be a great angle of the main story.

    I’m really not having too high of expectations of this movie just yet.I guess I’m going to have to wait for a trailer before I get interested in it.

    PS-and isn’t Bane Hispanic? How in the hell did they choose Hardy for that role?

    • Uh, oh – I hadn’t even thought of that last point. I’m betting eventually we’re going to see people arguing about that…


      • As they should be.

        I’m assuming that’s a HUGE(pun intended)part of making the character who he is.

      • Hollywood has a longstanding reputation of miscasting ethnicity and nationalities, while the trilogy itself has cast multiple Brits in the roles of American characters. Neither Ken Watanabe nor Liam Neeson were true to the origins of Ra’s al Ghul. Billy Dee Williams played Harvey Dent. Michael Clarke Duncan played Kingpin. I’d like to think that each actor was convincing in those roles despite not being true to the origins.

        Taken from Wikipedia: “Bane was born in the fictional Caribbean Republic of Santa Prisca, in a prison called Peña Duro (“Hard Rock”).” According to the character bio there, “years” pass from the time he escapes the prison and ends up in Gotham City.

        • I hope they don’t make the Bane character Latino. I’ve always said it’s one thing to change the race/ethnicity of a fictional character, but it’s not cool to cast someone of a different race to play a historical figure.
          So, in the case of Bane, I don’t have a problem with them casting Hardy, but I don’t want them to put Hardy into brownface and act like he’s Latino. That would be awful.

    • Another lame….uninformed post.

      Hathaway BEAT plenty of other actress for the role of Selina Kyle/Catwoman…..so Nolan was obviously impressed by her readings and screentests to cast her. He didn’t just cast her because she has nice boobies.

      Saying Nolan was obviously forced by WB’s into writing this story is moronic.

      Goyer and the Nolan bros have been working on this story and script for 3 years on and off practically.

      If WB’s tried to force Nolan into anything that he did not want to do, he would not be a part of this film.

      Don’t compare this to what happened to Raimi with his Spider Man films.

      • @ whocares

        I assume that you are addressing me as to being “uninformed”.

        Well I have a question for you.How the hell do you know what goes on in a studios meeting room? Answer,you don’t.

        I don’t think that either Hathaway or Hardy are bad actors.Accually,I like both of them a lot.I just don’t think that they (the characters,not the actors) are what this movie needs to progress what has been already established through previous films.

        I don’t think that if Nolan was continuing the same story arc that it would involve either of these characters,and that’s why I think that WB forced their hand.

        But that’s just MY OPINION.

    • Regarding ethnicity, Bane’s father, King Snake, is British and blond. Not sure ’bout his mom tho…

    • finally a smart and thinking person!! people need to read your post and totally stop with the whining and be a little more patient and openminded before you start saying i dont want to see the movie anymore lol babies

  13. If this question has been asked already, I apologize, I just didn’t feel like sifting through the eight pages of comments this article has generated. :) In regards to Anne Hathaway’s casting, did she have to audition, either by herself or against other actresses, or has her level of celebrity decided that she’s right for the role? I’m not a fan of hers, but the question is out of curiosity over the selection process and not spite.

    • Yes, she and several others auditioned for one of two roles in ‘The Dark Knight Rises’, one a villain and the other a love interest.

    • Maybe she nailed the part on the casting couch. :P

      • Nice joke. Only not really. Can’t a girl get anywhere based on her ability/talent these days? Sheesh. I know you didn’t mean it but COME ON. I don’t hear anyone making those kind of jokes about Hardy.

  14. Love seeing how Nolan has the balls to cast against type by choosing Anne ahead of the other actress she quite obviously beat out for the Catwoman role! It’s interesting also that both Heath Ledgers and Anne Hathaways filmographys and resumes are similar before being cast as The Joker and Catwoman respectively.

    I’m also glad we will finally get to see more ideal and definitive onscreen interpretation of Catwoman….FINALLY! Pfieffer did a good job in Returns, but the characterization was an out of whack choice by Burton and we all know Halle Berrys Catwoman in name only atrocity was ill conceived.

    Anne must have really impressed Nolan during the screentesting process with Bale and knocked it out of the park during her readings with Nolan. In Nolan I trust, far more than cry baby little girl fanboys who have no credibility!

    This last Bat film by Team Nolan will be epic and of course him targeted Hardy as Bane is a stroke of genius also.

  15. eva green > hathaway

    crying my heart out :(

  16. The dark knight movies have been some of the best superhero movies done that stayed true to characters which is what fans want. But now it seems there letting hollywood once again screw everything up with the casting of bane!

    • @ truthbetold

      Ummm, Like the Burton/Schumacher films, there were elements in Nolan’s films aswell that weren’t true to the characters. For starters in Batman Begins, Bruce was never trained under Ra’s Al Ghoul & had more than person who intructor who tought him what what it took for him to become Batman when it got back. I know these films are in a (realistic take) world but im just sayin Joker never went outta his way to cut a smile on his face or wore make-up. We all know how he came to be if anyone read the comic. And Two-face wasn’t scarred by fire. I thought i wanted Bane in a one of Nolan’s film but then i remember how he has them turn realtistic, same good, some not so much, especially a character like Bane. Its why im skeptical about how Bane will appear, mostly because of how Scarecrow appeared, people in real life would ask, who’s the moron with the stupid mask in a suit? Im surpise to hear people say Ledger’s Joker appearanse was scary lookin. I must be one of those people who arent afraid of clowns cause anyone anywhere can go anywhere with their hair dyed green w/ war-paint on having a knife or gun. Thing i liked about Nicolson’s Joker’s apperance, like the comics imo you can never know when he’s serious or what he’s capable of while Ledger’s just looked you know he’s somone whos up to no good. Anyways, i wonder what TDKR will have in store.


        • @ frvfvrfvr

          LOL, I never thought about that till you mentioned it.

        • It’s pretty obvious that Ledger’s inspiration for The Joker was “The Crow” and “Alex” from “A Clockwork Orange” but I wouldn’t seriously go so far as to say that it was actually a curse as some people have rumored. However, it is a fact that while Ledger was channeling The Joker during filming, he had problems sleeping and was in a depressive state as supposedly by channeling the character took its tole on him. Even Christian Bale has recently said that the most difficult thing for him to do while preparing for The Dark Knight Rises, was trying to shake off the persona of the character “Dicky” from “The Fighter”. He said that he doesn’t want to be portraying Dicky as the new Batman.

  17. I think alot of dont know what your talking about matter of fact wallywest reading ur post gave me a head ache lol, listen Nolan’s flms are flawless when it comes to Batman and the truth is everyone and there mother is not trying to give superhero movies the realistic feel, In Nolan I trust and ond once again come release date i will come back here and watch alot of you eat ur words, im kinda even feeling like that when it comes to marc webb’s Spidey movie alot of you are bashingthe movie and imo with cast alone it slaps up Rami’s movies

    • @ RandomMovieFan

      Lol you must be kidding youself, that or in complete denial. I have books based on facts about Batman along with other DC comic Characters. Hate to break it to ya, like other film-makers before him & after probly, Nolan’s films do have flaws when it comes to the characters. If you read any of the comics you’d obviously know im right. Just because his films have a realistic feel doesnt mean squat that alot of the characters or elements are same as they are in the comics. If you want to believe in you God, or Godfather Nolan go ahead. As for the Spidey, i could less if its good or bad, seen him in school already so i’ll wait to rent it for a $1.00.

      • I cant see anymore flaw in Nolans Batman except that he doesnt show the super-intelligense that mutch.. please correct me if im wrong

        • Dude are you serious or just joking? Because you really need to learn to spell before you talk about anything being “flawless”.

        • Ive already corrected you but it’s obvious you’re in complete denial so i won’t waste anymore time with ya. This conversation is over.

      • @WallyWest, I totally agree with you bud. And uh, yeah SpiderMan eh, I’ll watch it in theaters when he returns back to Marvel Studios.

        • @ Ulik

          Thanks. It would be nice if Marvel Studios bought the Spider-Man, X-men, etc. franchises that at this moment are being poorly handled.

          • @ Ulik
            @ WallyWest

            That would be a glorious day, a day worth celebrating for sure. I’m sure with the DISNEY behemoth as MARVEL’S parent company, it is certainly affordable and they probably have something in the works. :-)

            • @ Magentic Eye

              Yes indeed it would. I hope they do have somthing up that could benefit Fox & Sony to give in & let Marvel handle those franchises but part of me feels like it’s a long shot. Know what i mean?

              • @ WallyWest

                Yeah I know what you mean. :-) Still, even though Fox Abattoirs and Phony Sony have the film rights at the moment, it’s a bit like hanging on to someone else’s kids and putting them into slave labor.

                Their bastardized counterfeit versions don’t belong in MARVEL’S UNIVERSE; even as alternate re-imaginings, they FAIL to capture the true essence of the books. It’s an insult to all the creative writers and artists, who over the decades have made these characters popular in the first place.

                I really think DISNEY should put the pressure on. MARVEL characters belong at MARVEL STUDIOS.

                • @ Magenetic Eye

                  Yup. My friends once told me best chance Marvel Studio/Disney is if alot of people don’t go to see films like the Spider-man reboot & X-men First Class. I don’t know.

  18. That was to Random btw.

  19. Batman (so far)Not being “The World’s Greatest Detective” in Nolans films is one MAJOR flaw.


    I will be there on the opening day or night whatever here in Mumbai, India. It feels so great to be commenting on SR after so many days. SR has become an inseparable part of my life.

  21. LOL. IN NOLAN,WE TRUST. That’s cute.

  22. I am happy with the choices for villains. And now that Nolan has made the choices he has made for the villains, I would like him to go for a fourth installment and in the process do justice to the characters of The Penguin and The Riddler. And a Fifth one for The Black Mask. Penguin was wronged in that horror movie called ‘Batman Returns’. Personally for me, it fulfilled all the conditions for being worthy of being categorized in that genre. I had watched ‘Returns’ as a child and thought it was nasty, unbearable and horrific. A great sexy talent like Michelle Pfeiffer was wasted in that role. Meanwhile The Riddler was degraded in that mediocrity which went by the name ‘Batman Forever’. Nothing against the great Jim Carrey though. I love him.

  23. I care only for the personalities of the characters. Looks don’t mean much to me. Nolan has almost always got those personalities spot-on in almost all his movies. So it did not matter to me that The Batman trained under Ra’s Al Ghul in ‘Batman Begins’ or that The Joker’s face was not deformed permanently as a contrast to the original sources. So more than Bane, it’s the depiction of The Cat which is making me curious now. With so many depictions in the past, there are certain expectations from the audiences now as to how they expect this version of the Cat and so there is no room for error for depicting Cat’s character, for Nolan. As for Bane, whatever Nolan offers, I’ll take. He know better.

  24. Am I going to have doubts about Nolan’s decisions? After he presented me the Following? After he offered me Memento? After he gave me Insomnia (the psycho-dramatic movie that is)? After he created the Best Batman Movie ever – Batman Begins? After he mesmerised me with The Prestige? After he delivered the colossal spine-tingler ‘The Dark Knight’??? After he twisted my mind with the mind-bending ‘Inception’? Am I really? I am NOT. I would better not challenge that impeccable record of his.

  25. @ Amol

    You’re ranting about how Nolan has the characters based on what they would appear as in reality, not as their comic book counter parts. I mean if Nolan did somthing with Bane like him putting on patches to enhance his strength, makes him look like a drug addict etc. Though i liked to see Scarecrow in Batman Begins but nothin scary about a guy in a suit with a bag over his head till of-course he gases ya & Joker just looked like a comic fan wanna-be with war paint. And Jim Carrey’s Riddler was pretty much as he was when he first appeared in Batman comics. In comics, some if not all characters evolve different.

  26. @ Amol

    People said the samething about Nicolson in the role in 89. He Became the Joker cause he performed that role better than what people figured he would, just like Ledger did. And if they reboot Batman franchise again, someone might top Ledger’s Joker.

    • @WallyWest,

      AS time travels, things evolve. And so do actors. There will always be an actor who will get into the character of The Joker and blend more than Ledger. For me it’s not about the actors. It’s about them just ‘Playing’ a role or them ‘BECOMING’ a character. For me, Nicholson did the former, Ledger did the latter. Yes, even if ten more actors get into the The Joker’s skin more efficiently than Ledger in the future. In fact, unfortunately, The Joker is the only role where Nicholson disappoints me of whatever stuff of him have I seen. And I have seen enough of Nicholson like most others. What I’m to say is that even if an ‘A+’ grade actor plays and executes all the gimmicks and behavior of the character exactly as it is in the original sources, still it won’t impress me if the character itself is not deeply evolved/developed in the script/characterization itself. The same theory hold for The Riddler.

      …And may be I am forgetting one big aspect. The Burton series was first ever thing that defined the term ‘Summer Blockbluster’. SO I can understand that the light-hearted characters were written keeping children in mind. But then strangely this theory does not hold for the very next in the series: ‘Batman Returns’ which under the pretext of being made Dark was made ‘Horrifying’. Even the comics had depicted The Penguin sensibly as a drugslord and gangster. But Puhleeze! what was that ugly stuff from ‘Returns’???

      Or may be Tim Burton is only a one-dimensional director who knows how to direct Gothics and Fairy-tales **O-N-L-Y** (Read – The Sleepy Hollow, Edward Scissorhands, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Sweeney Todd, Corpse Bride – all superb movies IMO). Unfortunately Batman is not any of the stuff from those two. Even the Comics/novels which were the basic sources, are mature. The Dark Knight Returns, Arkham Asylum, The Long Halloween, Dark Victory, Gotham By Gaslight, The Cult, Son of the Demon, Hush, Blind Justice, Black And white, Strange Apparitions, Black and White…you name it. I can’t even believe Burton based his 1989 stuff on the richly developed ‘The Killing Joke’. Where was the deepness in the characters? And I’m not talking about the gimmicky stuff like falling in the chemicals pit and and all. Unfortunately THAT was the only stuff that Burton got right from that book. Whereas that was the ONLY thing that Nolan did not lift from the book. Thankfully, everything else that was worthy of being picked up was put into this series by Nolan, The Joker’s richly developed personality that is.

      Heck, if Burton did want to paint Batman as gothic, why did not he choose the superb story (literally named)’Gothic’ by Grant Morrison? Wait…OK..yes…It was written one year after the 1989 movie.

  27. The IMDB mentions only ‘Selina Kyle’ and not ‘Catwoman’. Am I thinking on the correct path?

  28. @ Amol

    There was more to Burton’s 89 Batman film. At the time in the comics, Batman was willing to kill without hesitation if so be it. I read reason why Burton had Bruce’s parents be murdered by Jack Napier instead of Joe Chill is because since the film starts out with Keaton already being Batman for a good while, every criminal Batman encounters invisions as the one who could of murdered his parents. After reading that i noticed how Bruce connects the dots & notice his reaction when he takes a 2nd look at Joker’s face without his make-up on during his speech to the people. I liked Nicolson’s Joker because his was more traditional & unlike Ledger’s you wouldn’t know what to expect from Nicolson’s. Sure he had a couple corny scenes, but Ledger had one himself. As for Batman Returns I fought the Penguin looked well considering the plot of the film with him wanting to fit in Gotham’s society. Sure he wasn’t a gangster but still a cold-blooded killer as he first appeared in the comics. I get why Nolan says Penguin would be little complicated, you’d probly have people talkin about Burgess Meredith’s Penguin from the 60′s Batman show. It may not of been better than the original, but was better & darker than Schumacher’s two films. Some would Batman Returns was too dark & thats why WB wanted to make the franchise more family Friendly from there. Of-course we all know the outcome.

    • @Wallywest

      (“You’re ranting about how Nolan has the characters based on what they would appear as in reality, not as their comic book counter parts”)

      I stated the **similarities** between the **COMIC-BOOK** ‘The Killing Joke’ and the movie ‘The Dark Knight’ because of the above statement.