‘Dark Knight Rises': Anne Hathaway is Catwoman, Tom Hardy is Bane

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Anne Hathaway cast in The Dark Knight Rises Dark Knight Rises: Anne Hathaway is Catwoman, Tom Hardy is Bane

We’ve spent years wondering about the villains and love interest(s) in Christopher Nolan’s third Batman film, The Dark Knight Rises – and now we at last have some definitive answers.

Christian Bale will return as the Caped Crusader in Batman 3 opposite two new foes – Oscar ceremony co-host Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle (a.k.a. the sinewy anti-heroine, Catwoman) and Inception‘s Tom Hardy as the bruiser referred to only as Bane.

Warner Bros. made the announcement via a press release that featured the following quotes by Chris Nolan – who also cowrote the Dark Knight Rises screenplay with his brother, Jonathan:

“I am thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Anne Hathaway, who will be a fantastic addition to our ensemble as we complete our story… I am delighted to be working with Tom again and excited to watch him bring to life our new interpretation of one of Batman’s most formidable enemies.”

Hathaway was previously shortlisted as one of the actresses being considered to appear in Nolan’s followup to The Dark Knight. She will follow in the footsteps of many an actress before her who played Batman’s sleek foe (and love interest) Catwoman onscreen – with perhaps the most memorable live-action incarnation being that of Michelle Pfeiffer in Tim Burton’s Batman Returns back in 1992 (we’ll pretend that Halle Berry movie never happened).

Catwoman Dark Knight Rises: Anne Hathaway is Catwoman, Tom Hardy is Bane

Pfeiffer as Catwoman.

Bane has a long history in the Batman universe as well – the character is not only a brutal, muscle-bound thug who can match the Caped Crusader in terms of physical prowess, he even once left Bruce Wayne paralyzed by snapping his spine during one of their battles in the epic comic book storyline “Batman: Knightfall”. It’s an excellent move on Nolan’s part to select a vicious villain like Bane to be the antagonist in the next entry in his gritty, hard-hitting trilogy about the dark vigilante. Just don’t expect Hardy to dress up like this for the part:

Bane from Batman and Robin Dark Knight Rises: Anne Hathaway is Catwoman, Tom Hardy is Bane

What do you think of this casting news for The Dark Knight Rises? Are you happy with Catwoman and Bane as the rogues? How about the actors playing them?

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Source: Warner Bros.

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  1. Anne Hathaway could sink her claws into me any day.
    And then I’d ask for more. :)

  2. He better bulk up and put some solid muscle. Not so sure about the Catwoman. Would have rather seen Talia.

    • Go look up Hardy as Charles Bronson in Bronson – Brit film about a notorious prisoner. He CAN bulk up.

      • I’m well aware of that, but Bane is HUGE. Much bigger than Bronson.

        • They could always pump him up with CGI whenever he hits the button to pump the Venom into his bloodstream. In the comics Bane is around the same size as Batman until he activates the Venom tank, then he gets HUGE.

          • Nolan will not bulk up his character with CGI , you know that , my problem , with Bane is this people say he such a match for Batman , but that isnt true, the only reason Bane took out Batman during Knightfall was because Batman had been fighting every badguy in his rouges gallery before he met Bane, Batman was already beaten up, Bane has never been a match since then ever.
            as far as Hathaway, she isnt a very tough woman, she has never played a tough chick and Catwoman is one tough chick, hmmm not sure I like it but IN NOLAN I TRUST. I think its a waste of Hardy’s talents

            • Yes and who let those guy’s loose…BANE.

  3. wow…i’m gonna have to mutter christopher nolan’s name as motivation to see this…i was pullig for strange not bane…

  4. Anne Hathaway is hard to swallow here. She does not give you the hint of sexiness that you would think Catwoman would embody or the athletic prowess to accompany that. But you know I will be there opening night.

    • thinking the same thing…hopefully there will be a villain that hasn’t been announced yet…hugo strange seemed made for this plotline

    • I’m honestly disappointed in seeing Hathaway’s name.
      While I sensed heavily that Catwoman would be the villain, once I heard her name in the running, I was worried she would get it. She fits Nolan’s record of picking the wrong actress for these Batman movies.
      She’s not sultry or sexy. She’s rather plain looking. She’s better than Maggie Gyllenhaal (how could she not be?), but there are plenty of actresses who have sexy and sultry down.

      • So… the image at the top of this article doesn’t do it for you guys? 8)


        • Not at all, Vic.
          Now, that earlier pic of Eva Green, that was hubba hubba! :)

          • I have to thoroughly disagree with eva green on all points, and I’m no Hathaway fan.

        • HAHAHAHA Vic! No it doesn’t!!

        • It sure does it for me Vic!

          No need to worry about Hathaway guys! Wait after the movie is out… she will become any geek wet-dream!!! 😀

        • Vic, I am quite happy with the above pic of Hathaway 😉

        • If you had a picture of Eva Mendes and the announcement of her in teh movie, I would be happier :)

        • Vic she is hot no dobt and sexy but she isnt inspiring toughness or dangerous both of which is what make catwoman catwoman

    • Soon after Dark Knight came out, I immediately started pondering who would the villain be (I sensed Catwoman would be one), and then starting wondering about who would play her.
      I kicked around the idea of an Asian-American Catwoman, to continue the Asian presence thus far in the previous Nolan Batman movies, but then pulled my idea back worried that, even with Nolan, she might come off like yet another Dragon Lady/Exotic Babe/Yellow Fever stereotype.
      But now, having heard it’s Hathaway, I’d opt for a hot, smoking Asian-American actress, even if guys across the country started having yellow fever-wet dreams.
      But, then again, maybe Nolan would screw that up,too, casting some ugly Asian-American woman. Damn Nolan, you and WB don’t know how to cast ONE female lead??

    • 100% agreed with your statement.

  5. I’m wondering if Nolan will give Bats a back-breaking send off.

    • That would be cool, but I don’t see that happening. But who knows?

      • It would just be a chilling cliffhanger twist of an ending IMO.

        • That would be pretty incredible, really, but it seems to contradict the title of the movie. “The Dark Knight Rises…until the end.” :)

  6. I think Anne Hathaway is a good choice. I think she’s gorgeous and can be very very sexy. I also have a tough time doubting anything Christopher Nolan does so I’m on board with all of this.

  7. I find Bane an odd choice…. Hugo Strange would have been better (in terms of physical appearance for Tom Hardy)…. But I like the character of Bane, and hey, if Chris Hemsworth could bulk up for Thor, they can get Hardy in shape for Bane……. Also makes me think, will they break Batman at the end of this movie and finish Nolan’s story arc that way? Let the speculation begin.

    • Ray, I already beat you to the punch LOL. scroll up :)

  8. I’m quite disappointed. Catwoman? Been there, done that. There’s far more interesting villains that could fit in Nolan’s Batverse. Plus, I can’t see Hathaway as the character (well, I can imagine her in the costume lol), but she can’t be any worse than Katie Holmes. Bane? Cool character, but I want someone NEW.

    Oh well, it’s still my most-anticipated film of 2012.

  9. Was sad to hear the news. Eva Green would have been a better choice. I was hoping to get new characters like Talia in it instead.

    Tom Hardy has bulked up before and he is a good actor.

    • I know this is supposed to be a realistic Batman, but let’s be realistic… The guy looks about as powerful as Lou Ferrigno as the Hulk.

    • I agree Kofi, just Bane is a lot bigger than Bronson still. This is the Bat-villain I have been waiting to see on screen for a while now.

      • If Jackman can put on 25 (more) pounds of muscle, I imagine Hardy will be able to do something similar.

      • If Mickey Rourke could play Marv as convincingly as he did, I’m sure Tom Hardy can do a pretty good Bane.

    • I don’t care how bulk he is. He would have been better as Hugo Strange.

  10. Hey I was griping about Ledger as Joker, but loved the final product. Maybe she can whip herself into shape more and prove my doubts wrong. Not to sure about Hardy as Bane would rather him as H.Strange. We shall see.

    • I agree, Strange would have been a better character. While, either Talia or Selina were messing with Bruce’s heart, Strange could’ve been messing with his mind. That would have made an awesome movie. It’s a shame…

  11. I’m OK with Bane. Early on, I had wanted him to be part of a rogue gallery of hitman-type villains going after Batman.
    I didn’t expect him to be one of the main villains, but with Nolan and Tom Hardy on board, I’m sure they’ll work wonders.
    Besides, Hardy really bulked up for that Bronson movie. I can see him as Bane.

  12. Bane and Catwoman.

    Interesting. I just hope they include some others. If Hugo Strange and Black Mask are introduced then we have a sequel.

  13. Dull

  14. WHAAAAAT??? I love this idea of Anne Hathaway as Catwoman, she may channel Julie Newmar, but Tom Hardy seems like an over-qualified actor to play Bane

    • I don’t think so. I think it’s a fantastic character for Hardy. A genius, a strategical mastermind and a martial arts master? Awesome.

  15. There was a Catwoman movie? And that cute lady from the James Bond movie “Ice Castles” was in it? I did not know that! I may check it out soon after the 2012 end of earth event.

    • Don’t. That movie sucked so bad it made The Adventures of Pluto Nash look like Titanic. Lol. That bad.

      • I think that’s why he will check it out after the world ends. 😀

  16. I for one had hoped to see a return of the Raz-A-Gul angle by seeing his daughter Talia enter the fray to seek vengence on the Dark Knight. As for Anne Hatahway she is definately sexy and could do either the role of Talia or Catwoman. Shes’ definately a better choice then Maggie Gyllenhaal who was far from even cute let alone sexy/hot.

    As for Bane, nice move and will fit well in the Nolanverse. Nolan has stuck with his possible real life Batrman potrayal of the bad guys. Still wish that Talia ould have been a part of 3 though.

  17. disappointed

  18. Let the fan groaning begin.

  19. Rats. I was pulling for Hugo Strange. Ah well, hope it turns out better than my expectations at this point.

  20. As long as the use the real character of Bane from the comic books and not the Batman & Robin movie version.

    • We don’t say that movie’s name out loud lol. Just call it “The Batman movie that shall not be named” lol.

      • AHA! And never say the director of it by name either “he who shall not be named”

        • THAT movie by THAT bloke…

  21. I was hoping for harley! :(

    Oh well….heres hoping its great.

    • Harley was NEVER going to be in TDKR. No Joker = No Harley

  22. So it’s characters we’ve seen before. Nothing new, not Talia, or Hugo Strange, Catwoman and Bane.

    • Sam, at least Bane will be done right this time. I’m not really excited about Catwoman either. Much rather have Talia.

      • Yes I wanted NEW characters. I wanted riddler(who isnt new but bad ass) and harley quinn or talia. Damn. :(

        • Riddler would have been perfect.

          • Riddler has been way over done.

            • No riddler wouldve been great. Im sure nolan wouldve made the best riddler. Oh well.

              • Uhh no LOL. He is the pansiest of Bat-Villains.

                • *sigh* whatevs..

                  • LOL.

                    • Ha you broke his spirit!

                    • lol

                • But the most insane…

                  I think Nolan could’ve made a really interesting character out of him.

                  When I see Bane I think, “What the heck?!?!”. But then I get curious to see what Nolan will do with him.

                • Most inaccurate statement I have ever read about The Riddler. “Dark Knight, Dark City”. Pansy? Far from it.

              • I really couldn’t see The Riddler working. IMO, he would come off as a less-violent version of The Joker. The problem Hathaway and Hardy are facing is topping Ledger’s Joker. I don’t think it can be done if you ask me. But there’s always hope.

                • Riddler (depending on the actor) could probably have toped joker. I mean yeah hes close to the joker which is why i wanted the riddler lol

                • Actually the riddler would be the contrast to the Joker,

                  He would be order.

            • how Riddler has been way over done he only appear on film once same as Catwoman and Bane.

              • But we havent seen the dark version of riddler (second best villain)

                • @Rickster:

                  being Dark and being Realistic are distinct aspects. So being Realistic does not necessarily mean being Dark. Yhough both could reside in one character. and The Riddler is not dark like say The Joker or The Bane or The Two-Face.

                  So what do you exactly desire?

              • Actually, Catwoman’s been on film more than once.

      • Thing is, Bane is massive in the comics, he’s huge, a real man cannot be that size. So I’m not sure what they are going to do with that. Having Catwoman instead of Talia is a huge mistake in my opinion.

        • Talia could still appear no?

        • That’s why i was saying Hardy would really have to bulk up, even beyond what he was in Bronson. They might let CGI take care of the rest though. Who really knows.

          • It might be CGI or some form of prosthetic, I’m certainly interested to see this film, but this seems a bit standard.

            • I know I said up above but i really cant see Nolan Using CGI to augment Hardy. Also im not sure why everyone thinks Bane is hot stuff, considering he is a b list bad guy.

        • They did say that there are two female leads. Talia hiring Bane, but not controlling him, using Bane like he actually is, could be pretty fantastic.

  23. Not happy that Catwoman’s going to be in it (and that Two-Face isn’t), but I’m glad they didn’t pick Angelina Jolie … not sure how I feel about Bane.

  24. I just hope that this time around the film version of Bane stays true to the comics. In the comics Bane is a tactical genius. His first appearance, he discovered Batman’s identity, and then destroyed Arkham Asylum. He released all of Batman’s enemies, causing Batman to exhaust himself trying to round them all up, then moving in for the final blow when Batman was barely able to stay on his own two feet.

    In Batman and Robin, he was a Pokemon. He took orders from others and could only say his own name.

    • HAHAHAHAHA… hilarious comment about Bane!

      Go get em Bane!!!!

      Bane: Baaaaannneeeeeeeee

      • They killed bane in Batman and Robin lol

        • If you ever read the Knightfall series, you will see what a ridiculous injustice that lame film interpretation of Bane really is.

          • im sure it was a lame interpretation. Nolan will revive the character 😉

            • There’s my hope for the movie. To get a proper Bane interpretation.

              If Nolan works his magic and Hardy steps up to the challenge we could be seeing another awesome villain interpretation. He could even surpass Ledger’s Joker.

    • Yeah, to bad he is not a tatical genius in any other comic he has ever been in , He is considered smart but he is barely a B list badguy, hell he in the Secret Six , which is a great read and bane, is a reformed bad guy or sorts. Oh yeah and he has nt beaten Batman except after he set Arkham on Bats.

  25. Hathaway is awesome. We’ll see about Hardy. I was hoping to see the Riddler. Something to erase those memories of Jim Carey in green tights. Getting the shake even writing about it.

    • Jim carreys riddler was meant to be funny lol and it was.

      I wanted to see a DARK version of him.

  26. I have faith in Nolan.

  27. Hathaway is hot, not to excited about Catwoman but Hardy as Baine sounds awesome! Doubt it will do the b.o. numbers as the TDK but it will still do well.

    • I actually think it’ll break TDK records Suly, considering its Nolan’s last foray into the Bat Universe.

      • Same here Anthony. After TDK many ppl are anticipating TDKR!

        • Yes, nowadays every Tom-Dick and Harry movie is going a step ahead of earning a billion in the world-wide charts overtaking TDK. So why not ‘TDK Rises’ which has a tailor-made atmosphere, anticipation and correct reasons to do so? I hate some of the movies that are ahead of TDK in that world-wide top-earning list.

      • It very well could. I’m no b.o. analyst lol! I just think that The Joker (everyones favorite, mostly) and Ledgers death added to the b.o. numbers it got.

        • That’s exactly why it do so much at the B.O.

        • Yes Sully but now many ppl like TDK so they will go again 😉

          • Sure rick, but average movie goers aren’t gonna care it’s a nolan film. He still isn’t a big household name yet. The Joker and Ledger are what gave TDK its numbers.

            • You mean ledger’s Death gave TDK it’s numbers 😉

              • Totally Ants!

            • If harley was in this it would probly do more.

            • I really don’t think Ledger’s death had anything to do with TDK’s numbers. Okay, sure the first couple weeks people went to Ledger’s second to last film, but his official last film, Dr. Panasuras (Sp?) didn’t come close to a billion dollars.

              TDK is just a great movie and has something for everyone. It has great action for those who want a summer action flick, it has great characters for a character driven film, and a great story.

              • It has a lot more to do with it than you think.

              • Those things are true LM. But TIODP wasn’t being said through media that it was the role that killed Ledger. Especially with J. Nickelson coming out and saying he warned Ledger on what the role would do to an actor. It might not of been the driving force behind its b.o. numbers but it has to be taken into consideration.

  28. Is this for sure????

    • Yes its confirmed.

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