Hathaway Talks ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Costume; Catwoman Stunt Goes Wrong

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Anne Hathway Dark Knight Rises Catwoman Costume Hathaway Talks Dark Knight Rises Costume; Catwoman Stunt Goes Wrong

The Dark Knight Rises Pittsburgh shoot has been something of an open book for the millions of fans of Christopher Nolan’s Batman films, who have all watched the production of this third and final chapter of the series with utmost scrutiny.

From Bane’s Costume, to a prison riot and a football stadium attack, multiple set-pieces in The Dark Knight Rises have been revealed to the public – but nothing has been more debated than the look of Anne Hathaway’s Catwoman Costume.

As it stands, the public is split into the usual three camps that argue over the finer details of superhero movies:

  1. Those who hate the new interpretation of the character.
  2. Those who are open to the new interpretation of the character.
  3. Those who remain indifferent until they see actual footage.

While it’s unclear which camp contains the greatest numbers, there is undoubtedly a large community of those who are not happy with the costume in the still image below. The negative reaction was great enough to send the Interwebs into conspiracy territory, with some claiming that the photo and casting were all high-end Nolan trickery, and that Hathaway’s character was in fact Batgirl instead of Catwoman…or something.

Some set photos of an alleged Catwoman mask doused some of the more wild conspiracy theories, but also raised some new questions. Namely: Is there more to Hathaway’s costume than what we saw in this initial photo?

Anne Hathaway Catwoman Costume 570x379 Hathaway Talks Dark Knight Rises Costume; Catwoman Stunt Goes Wrong

The actress talked to MTV recently, and addressed the Internet reaction to her Catwoman costume, saying that there is indeed more to it that has yet to be revealed. According to Hathaway:

“What I am happy to say is, if you didn’t like the photo, you only see about a 10th of what that suit can do. And if you did like the photo, you have excellent taste.”

Hopefully the mask will come into to play, if only to appease those fans who want to see a slightly more traditional take on the character. In my own feature about how Catwoman will fit into Dark Knight Rises, I speculated that Nolan’s interpretation might lean more toward a high-tech thief (a “cat-burglar,” get it?). Hathaway’s comments further hint at that approach – if you interpret her statement about “what the suit can do” to mean that – like Batman with his utility belt – her costume will sport many gadgets designed to aid her in her daring robberies.

I personally am ready to do without the depiction of Catwoman in a tight S&M outfit, talking in sultry purred speech, if only because that over-the-top character doesn’t feel like it belongs in Nolan’s Bat universe. But, you know, maybe she’ll have a mask, because those goggles (while probably useful gadgets) aren’t quite doing it for me, either…



Speaking of that still image of Hathaway on the Batpod, TMZ posted an exclusive video of a Catwoman stunt gone wrong on The Dark Knight Rises Carnegie Mellon set in Pittsburgh, PA. Most of the set photos and videos we’ve seen form Carnegie Mellon has involved a big riot sequence at Gotham City Hall. We’ve seen Batman battling Bane, Cops battling Mercenaries, Marion Cotillard (who may be Talia al Ghul) escaping in a Tumbler, and then, Catwoman speeding out of Gotham City Hall on the Batpod.

The Batpod stunt was performed by Hathaway’s stunt double, and as you’ll see in the video, filming that sequence got a little too fast and furious (sorry) on the set, resulting in a camera (supposedly an IMAX camera) getting smashed to bits. Thankfully no one was hurt.

Check out the video, courtesy of TMZ:

Batman Dark Knight Rises Catwoman Batpod Stunt Accident Hathaway Talks Dark Knight Rises Costume; Catwoman Stunt Goes Wrong


Sure, on the one hand having all these set photo spoilers is going to be kind of disappointing when we sit down to experience Dark Knight Rises in theaters. On the other hand, it doesn’t really matter: this City Hall battle sequence is going to be pretty epic and awesome – especially if it leads into a Catwoman Batpod chase.

Are you feeling the goosebumps yet?

The Dark Knight Rises in theaters on July 20, 2012.

Sources: MTV, TMZ

Header Image Fan Art Source: Spoiler TV

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  1. wait

    so in this one setting, we have a prison riot, bane fighting batman, bane with a tumbler, talia possibly, AND catwomen with the batpod?

    wtf is going on?????????

    • Epicness, bro. Pure epicness.

      • Well, Kofi…Do you think THIS will finally encourage all of the ridiculous, ludicrous, assinine back-and-forth from BOTH sides of the various debates/arguments surrounding this film to calm down so that people might perhaps discover (and, hopefully, enjoy) the process of creation and development that is ACTUALLY occurring in completing this trilogy?

        Sigh…I don’t either.

        How aggravatingly sad… :(

        Oh, well…I AM excited to see what’s yet to come.

        • Well said, Archaeon. Very well said.

        • Very well put my friend.

      • yep and more epic stuff to come =)

    • My thoughts exactly

  2. Shaat App and wait for my movie, arm chair directors. Im a billion dollar director,i know what the hell im doing.

    • The man has a point. =p



      • “I want have your adopted babies”

    • Michael Bay could say pretty much the same thing.

      Just sayin.

  3. Lol, they told us on set that there were only five IMAX cameras in the world, and then someone tapped him on the shoulder, and he said “actually there are only four.” Now I get it.

    • There’s actually only four. Nolan broke one whilst filming “The Dark Knight” and it looks like he just destroyed another…I wonder if they’ll let him use IMAX after this lmao :D

    • Lmao!!!

  4. The suit is okay but the googles makes the whole picture look like Anne Hathaway is from the movie Tron 3.

    I hope this final film works out well and the characters Catwoman and especially Bane are done properly.

    Bane is the main villain so I hope Tom Hardy does a great job but this film wouldn’t be better than TDK but would be better than Batman Begins because Ledger’s performue of The Joker made TDK a huge success and the greatest comic book movie of all time.

    I just hope the trilogy ends well.

    • I liked BB best IMO.

    • I have no idea how one compares BB and TDK in a really broad general way (and not the technical achievements) as both are a part of the same on-going process and both had a different story/environment altogether. There’s no definitive way to say that one is better/worse than the other.

  5. not that i’m complaining. but i don’t see catwoman in that photo, just anne hathaway looking hot in a tight suit.

  6. Why did the crew cover up the double’s head with a black sheet? Is it bad to exist as a stunt double?

  7. I have a theory that Ras Al Gul will be in TDKR. The Lazarus Pits will be explained. The Blue Orchid plays a major role. Bruce’s trust fund is in danger due to Talia’s revenge. Bane plays a part in bringing Batman down to his knees. Bruce finally reads April’s note and Salina Kyle comes into his love life causing complex feelings. Batman is over exerted and gets Commissioner Gordon hurt by Bane. Alfred dawns the Bat-Suit with the aid of Lucius Fox, Salina Kyle while Bruce takes Gordon to be healed in the Lazurus Pits. Salina’s reasoning for joining Alfred is due to a double cross by Talia and Bane. BAtman and Bruce go to the Pits and eventually heals Gordon but meets up with Ras, Bane, and Talia. Batman confronts Bane in a great battle. Salina and Taila battle over Bruce, Talia’s beloved.

    • Yes.

      • Her name’s Rachel and Alfred burnt the note so…yeah

    • that sounds terrible and dumb I sure hope not

    • even though i loved reading every second of that i doubt its gonna happen man.

      • I would actually like to see the Lazarus Pit in this movie. Put at least ONE thing strange/otherworldly from the comics in it like other superhero movies

    • Wait I didn’t read the Alfred in batsuit part….. never mind then

    • Umm… no. Maybe an inebriated Alfred pretending he’s Batman would be a sight to see but that wouldn’t happen anyways so it’s moot.

    • who’s April?

  8. hope they got the shot they wanted?…I’ll be looking for it in the film. Epic!

  9. Well, too bad for that camera. Woman driver though, what do ya expect

    • Agreed! :}

  10. Didn’t they destroy an IMAX camera filming The Dark Knight as well? IMAX Corp. is probably happy this is the last Nolan Batman movie :D

    • yeah they destroyed one during the tunnel chase scene

  11. i like anne hathaways costume i understand a tight leather outfit is not nolany

  12. The costume isn’t bad! She just needs a tan though. She looks this is a vampire movie instead. Way too pale to be in all that black.

  13. the suit is still pretty tight and we still havent seen a full bod shot, or even a FULL trailer. Its a year away and a lot of Nolan-polishing still left to do o this thing. If there is any trickery being played by Nolan it might be on the fact that there has been no pics or talk of JGL’s character of “Blake”

  14. Without the ears, she looks too much like the Black Cat from Spider-man, which is a coincidence, because she was originally cast as Felicia Hardy for Spider-man 4 before it was cancelled.

  15. Sorry boys I don’t flash my boobs in this film. I’m a serious actress now!

    • :(

  16. Surely the ‘goggles’ are only being worn just cos she’s riding the Batpod?

    • Yes, that´s why Batman was wearing them when HE was riding the Bat-Pod.

      • @Scapegoat
        That is a different bat-pod then the one Batman used in TDK. Just because Batman did not use the goggles does not exclude the possibility that those goggles can act as a functioning part of the vehicle.

        On a more important note, lets us hope Marion Collitard gets her own skin tight S&M outfit and a sword. I dig chicks with sharp objects.

        • Are you suggesting that Batman created the new Batpod specifically for Catwoman (a villain) to steal? If Batman didn’t need to use goggles on the Batpod in the last film, then why would he now? Just saying.

          • @Ghost

            Nay, fair Solonius. I dont NEED to wear my sunglasses to drive but it does improve driving ability. Those goggles may be some sort of FoxTech/WayneTech or they might be something different all together.. Either way it does not exclude the possibility that they can aid in the use of the bat-pod. I dont know where you got the idea that he created the bat-pod specifically for her but that batpod is a different (maybe updated) design of the previous. @Great Scott simply came up with an interesting and plausible idea for the goggles and I defended the possibility.

            On a lighter, less serious note has anyone notice the nod to the classic purple catsuit? You may need to look at the stunt double pictures but The boots and gloves are extra long. The boots go up to her thighs and the gloves go past her forearms. Classy lol. I love how intense these Nolan-involved movies get on forums. Guard your groins.

        • You won’t be seeing that. Marion Cotillard is currently pregnant. You can see in some of the closeups of her so far that her wardrobe is designed to hide it.

          • Jon

            A little bit of me just died today.

          • No, she’s not. She gave birth back in May.

  17. top picture reminds me of Claudia Black in the good ole Farscape days.

  18. My thoughts, Catwoman makes it campy. Leave her OUT.

    • not if you do the character justice…….Nolan is so far away from camp, it’s literally not funny. I expect the character to be well done

  19. actually i have seen enough, her as the catwoman is like casting
    adam sandler as iron man…

  20. Is it just me or did nobody in the footage give a rat’s fart about the camera man’s well being?

    “Wow, great shot! It looked like slo-mo in real-mo. You sure know your stuff Cat-Double.”

    “Yeah, I know huh? I’m awesome.”

    “Wow, just an awesome job Cat-Double, who am I to say you looked cautious and wobblely? Just awesome.”

    “Hey, who’s that guy holding his arm picking up broken parts?”

    “I’ll call security and have him removed immediately… but not until we charge him with ‘broken part theft’ and damage to movie-dom property”


    • Then Christian Bale walks and says….”You’re an f-ing disgrace”. Sorry, I couldn’t help myself with that one.

      • LOL. Bale: “Dude, you were f-ing in her f-ing way! What the f–k were you thinking, you f-ing scumbag? Take your f-ing broken @ss piece of s–t camera and go home, you f-ing c–k! F–k!”.

  21. “I am personally ready to do without the depiction of Catwoman in a tight S&M outfit”

    That outfit could so be a S&M outfit ;). Just satin yo :D.

  22. The problem is that it doesn’t look like Catwoman, just a hot girl in leather. Nolan has always stayed true to the character’s designs, but this is an excpetion. She looks like she’s late for an audition as Black Widow in IM2

    • Or it could only be that the googles are covering the mask. come on now, u guys don’t really think she is going to wear googles during all the movie lenght. she definitely will have to conceil her identity when she is not wearing it. which means she has a mask…

    • @Ghost
      Nay, I say the core of the problem lies in the fact she has a ponytail. Ponytails, the ’96 Honda Civic of hairstyles.

    • @Ghost: I agree completely.
      And @Mike: Just because Hathaway might have the mask doesn’t mean she looks like Catwoman… when people talk about COSTUMES they generally refer to the WHOLE costume (not just the mask ;))

  23. LOL thats too funny. If these are the same IMAX cameras they were using at the shoot I went to Saturday, the AD said that there are only 4 of them in the world!

    • So…I didnt read the other post where this is clearly written, but its still damn funny. They are like a million bucks each.

      • I wish the video showed Nolan’s reaction to what happened. He must have been really pissed.

  24. So I keep.hearing there are only 4 imax cameras in the world but this article says there are 26


  25. It looks like there may be a mask underneath the googles as said. I don’t know if it’s my vision but it looks like there might be two points at either side of the googles (if that makes sense! lol!)

  26. Not sure if it matters too much, but the image you have at the top of this page is a fake. Can’t find the link right now, but the body is from some model doing a Lara Croft shoot. I’m sure the outfit will look very much like that, but fake is fake.

  27. just tried the TDKR website, and started playing around with the URL. after a few failed attempts and getting the 404 (file not found) error, i finally came across a 403 (Forbidden – You don’t have permission to access) error for http://www.thedarkknightrises.com/images/

    just thought it was interesting.

  28. Although I respect everyone’s opinion and concerns on here, you all have to simply stop complaining about Catwoman’s goggles! We don’t know the story and we haven’t yet seen the movie so we don’t know the real use behind the goggles. I’m sure she’s not just using the goggles to make herself look more animated or retarded. I’m also sure the goggles in this scene may play some high tech role. And yes, she may resemble some other female comic book characters but that’s hardly Nolan or anyone’s fault. Those other characters don’t exist in this universe so what does it matter?

    • Hardly Nolan’s fault? It’s his vision of the character, and the best he came up with was a Black Widow rip-off.

  29. She looks great, people need to get over themselves.

    • She does look great (Hathaway herself), now apply the last half to what Snooki defenders say. It’s just opinions :).

    • And you need to get over yourself and realize that people have different opinions. They don’t have to agree with you.