Hathaway Talks ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Costume; Catwoman Stunt Goes Wrong

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Anne Hathway Dark Knight Rises Catwoman Costume Hathaway Talks Dark Knight Rises Costume; Catwoman Stunt Goes Wrong

The Dark Knight Rises Pittsburgh shoot has been something of an open book for the millions of fans of Christopher Nolan’s Batman films, who have all watched the production of this third and final chapter of the series with utmost scrutiny.

From Bane’s Costume, to a prison riot and a football stadium attack, multiple set-pieces in The Dark Knight Rises have been revealed to the public – but nothing has been more debated than the look of Anne Hathaway’s Catwoman Costume.

As it stands, the public is split into the usual three camps that argue over the finer details of superhero movies:

  1. Those who hate the new interpretation of the character.
  2. Those who are open to the new interpretation of the character.
  3. Those who remain indifferent until they see actual footage.

While it’s unclear which camp contains the greatest numbers, there is undoubtedly a large community of those who are not happy with the costume in the still image below. The negative reaction was great enough to send the Interwebs into conspiracy territory, with some claiming that the photo and casting were all high-end Nolan trickery, and that Hathaway’s character was in fact Batgirl instead of Catwoman…or something.

Some set photos of an alleged Catwoman mask doused some of the more wild conspiracy theories, but also raised some new questions. Namely: Is there more to Hathaway’s costume than what we saw in this initial photo?

Anne Hathaway Catwoman Costume 570x379 Hathaway Talks Dark Knight Rises Costume; Catwoman Stunt Goes Wrong

The actress talked to MTV recently, and addressed the Internet reaction to her Catwoman costume, saying that there is indeed more to it that has yet to be revealed. According to Hathaway:

“What I am happy to say is, if you didn’t like the photo, you only see about a 10th of what that suit can do. And if you did like the photo, you have excellent taste.”

Hopefully the mask will come into to play, if only to appease those fans who want to see a slightly more traditional take on the character. In my own feature about how Catwoman will fit into Dark Knight Rises, I speculated that Nolan’s interpretation might lean more toward a high-tech thief (a “cat-burglar,” get it?). Hathaway’s comments further hint at that approach – if you interpret her statement about “what the suit can do” to mean that – like Batman with his utility belt – her costume will sport many gadgets designed to aid her in her daring robberies.

I personally am ready to do without the depiction of Catwoman in a tight S&M outfit, talking in sultry purred speech, if only because that over-the-top character doesn’t feel like it belongs in Nolan’s Bat universe. But, you know, maybe she’ll have a mask, because those goggles (while probably useful gadgets) aren’t quite doing it for me, either…


Speaking of that still image of Hathaway on the Batpod, TMZ posted an exclusive video of a Catwoman stunt gone wrong on The Dark Knight Rises Carnegie Mellon set in Pittsburgh, PA. Most of the set photos and videos we’ve seen form Carnegie Mellon has involved a big riot sequence at Gotham City Hall. We’ve seen Batman battling Bane, Cops battling Mercenaries, Marion Cotillard (who may be Talia al Ghul) escaping in a Tumbler, and then, Catwoman speeding out of Gotham City Hall on the Batpod.

The Batpod stunt was performed by Hathaway’s stunt double, and as you’ll see in the video, filming that sequence got a little too fast and furious (sorry) on the set, resulting in a camera (supposedly an IMAX camera) getting smashed to bits. Thankfully no one was hurt.

Check out the video, courtesy of TMZ:

Batman Dark Knight Rises Catwoman Batpod Stunt Accident Hathaway Talks Dark Knight Rises Costume; Catwoman Stunt Goes Wrong

Sure, on the one hand having all these set photo spoilers is going to be kind of disappointing when we sit down to experience Dark Knight Rises in theaters. On the other hand, it doesn’t really matter: this City Hall battle sequence is going to be pretty epic and awesome – especially if it leads into a Catwoman Batpod chase.

Are you feeling the goosebumps yet?

The Dark Knight Rises in theaters on July 20, 2012.

Sources: MTV, TMZ

Header Image Fan Art Source: Spoiler TV

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  1. So the on going debate is that the goggles/glasses are Catwoman mask or just one of her gadgets? IMO they’re probably going to be her mask and gadget thereby serving a duel purpose.

    Although I do agree she should be wearing a hood/cowl to conceal more of her identity. I looked up past issues of Batman comics with Catwoman in them and in several of the earliest comics she did wear just a domino type mask. Heck in her first appearance she didn’t even wear a mask. So I guess we should just be happy she’s going to attempt to conceal her identity. Besides at least her mask/googles/glasses looks better than Bane’s right?

  2. isnt there a chance she isnt in that suit for the whole film, as in as she´s on the batpod maybe she was also given a new suit when she most likely teams up with batman to take on bane, i doubt nolan would completely re-imagine catwoman.

  3. Who knows Mr. Wizard? Probably but we won’t know til the movie comes out. Hey isn’t your name copyrighted or trademarked or something?

  4. Agreed with the fact that it’s not as big a deal as some people are making – I wasn’t a huge fan of the batsuit in Batman Begins but the movie turned out to be (IMO) one of the best films in the franchise.

    @ Scapegoat – Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit :)

  5. pretty sure Black Widow is a rip-off of Catwoman anyways, so it’s not that big of a deal. First of all, I think Hathaway looks great in the outfit and even semi-sexy. The goggles actually look cool and practical to me. I’m all for gadgetry in the Batman movies. Her ponytail is to better service her in the heat of battles or heists. My god, you really think a pro burglar would want her “flowing” mane hanging out to get snagged? She’s also riding a motorcycle, sometimes people don’t think on here I swear. I definitely think we’ll see more of the outfit as her character progresses, just like Bruce in BB. He started out with just a typical burglar mask and some cool climbing harness with shoulder straps. Was anyone crying then when he didn’t “look” like Batman quite yet? No.

    • Yeah but Batman looked like that what, 2 minutes?

    • @Ian

      Well a pro-burgalar would actually wear some sort of cap or hat over there head because with your hair down or in a ponytail your are gonna randomly drop hair strands. Thus we can connect you to the last 8 robberies on the east coast regardless. So instead of us arresting you looking “semi-sexy” as you say, put your hair down and go to jail looking something closer to the word sexy. If you have the cojones to steal the batpod im sure you’re brave enough to drive with your hair down. I don’t condone the ponytail.

  6. the first one was confirmed as a fake btw

  7. I find it interesting that people are complaining about this not being the right Catwoman look, but anyone who really knows about batman, can look back at the original(back in the awful days of Adam West) and this costume bares CLOSE resemblance. It wasn’t a full head mask it was sunglasses, and one, completely covering black suit. This costume makes sense logically AND to the lore of the original batman.

    • Look close at her goggles. something protrudes out around the eyes. when she flips them up on top of her head the protruding part looks like ears. bam! theres your cat ears. quite a few people have picked up on this now. of course theres probobly some sort of mask over her eyes that she wears when her goggles are up. all of her gear lookd like it came from the same place as batmans which means the two are working together

  8. I don’t care. She looks good and functional.I dig the look. End of.

  9. Haha this site is worse than IMDB. 78 comments arguing over fooking googles. WHO GIVES A SH*T. Retarded Batman fanboys.

    • lol

  10. Marion Cotillard should not have been cast. How can she be a sexy vixen when she is obviously pregnant?! DUMB CASTING CHOICE! And she isn’t even that attractive. I can think of at least 10 French actresses who are much hotter and not pregnant!

    • Cotillard’s not pregnant anymore. She gave birth back in May.

      • I agree with all of those… the things you’re disagreeing with I mean. I don’t think any of the women who’ve been cast so far are sexy. Hathaway is attractive but in a sort of goofy, girl next door way. Catwoman should be more like a totally unachievable type. I don’t find Cotillard attractive in any way but I suppose it’s just personal taste.

        Also Morgan Freeman has an Oscar, is he stunning too? 😛

        • I believe Catwoman is supposed to be alluring, but also capable and tough. You can cast someone strictly based on looks, but then you might not get the acting that you want. Look at George CLooney; he has that typical square jawed look, but he was in a crap movie.
          and yes,Cotillard has an Oscar, Freeman has one, I do believe Cain has one. Bale now has an Oscar. If there is any common denominator with Nolan’s Batman casts, it’s superior acting ability and Hathaway brings that too (she’s got two nods)
          The Dark Knight could easily have failed if Ledger, Bale, Eckhart, etc hadn’t brought their A-game. I’m more concerned about acting ability than looks

  11. Just an FYI, in the comics, in her most current incarnation, this is almost exactly what Catwoman/Selina looks like these days, except she still has the cowl. The goggles and the leather suit are all stuff she’s been rocking for almost 10 years now in the books.

  12. Looks like a K-Mart Halloween costume.

  13. “If you like the photo then you have excellent taste.”

    I would definitely slap her if I met her.

    • The costume is actually pretty good.

  14. I love the movie but no one knows who I am Catwoman may just be real you never know under her coustume!