‘Dark Knight Rises’ & ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ Trailer Showdown

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Dark Knight Rises Amazing Spider Man trailer discussion e1311199436431 Dark Knight Rises & Amazing Spider Man Trailer Showdown

2012 is going to be another year in which we get four big comic book movies, and two of the four  have all officially debuted their teaser trailers.

So now that we know how The Amazing Spider-Man, and The Dark Knight Rises look onscreen, it’s time for another installment of our DC vs. Marvel movie trailer showdown segment, where we will attempt to answer: which one of these superhero films currently looks like the king of summer 2012?

For the purposes of this breakdown, we’ll post each of the respective trailers below, with a quick look at the pros and cons of each. Once we’ve done some analysis of each trailer, we’ll bring it all home and discuss which film looks the best – based on the brief amount of footage shown in the trailers.

We’ll examine the trailers in the order of their release, starting with The Dark Knight Rises.

[NOTE: This showdown originally included The Avengers, since the first footage leaked on the Net. We’ve been told by the studio that the leaked footage was actually a post-credit “button” in the Marvel Movie tradition, and that an official trailer is still in the works. So while we’re disappointed to leave Marvel’s team-up event out, at least we have a new Avengers trailer to look forward to!]

In the meantime… on with round 2 of our DC vs. Marvel movie trailer showdown!


The Dark Knight Rises Teaser Trailer

In the third and last installment of Chris Nolan’s Batman trilogy, The Dark Knight faces his greatest nemesis yet in the form of Tom Hardy’s Bane, an adversary who may be more than a match for Batman – mentally, psychologically, and physically.

PROS: This teaser trailer certainly succeeds in conveying the grandeur of Nolan’s concluding chapter to Batman’s origin story. The sweeping shot of Gotham crumbling; the epic (if not a cheesy) nature of Gordon’s speech; the air of melodrama carried by the music; and finally, that brief shot of a haggard and scare-looking Batman backing away from the oncoming hulking form of Bane. Yeah, this one has “grand finale” written all over it.

CONS: The trailer is almost a little too grand. There is a line somewhere between drama that moves one’s emotions, and drama that entertains in the way that telenovelas do. In many ways Nolan’s Batman film have been the “anti-comic-book movies,” with their focus on gritty realism as opposed to the heightened drama of most superhero movie fare. I’d hate to see Dark Knight Rises buck that trend and up the black sheep in the bunch.


The Amazing Spider-Man Teaser Trailer


In this re-imagining of the Spider-Man mythos, Peter Parker is a boy struggling with the loss of his parents, the demands of school – and of course, the everyday struggles of being a New York City teenager. Life only gets more complicated when Peter is bitten by a genetically-enhanced spider and gains new abilities he could never dream of. But the miracle of modern science that creates a hero, also condemns a man to villainy, and Peter learns the hard way that with great power comes…well, you know the rest ;-).

PROS: Director Marc Webb ((500) Days of Summer) has always stated his intention to re-imagine Spider-Man according to a more grounded, gritty, and realistic vision. Well, he certainly seems to have achieved that goal. Andrew Garfield certainly appears to be going for a much deeper and brooding version of Peter Parker – and appears to be carrying that load, to boot. Finally, the end POV wall-crawling sequence was pretty cool, and definitely offered a different sort of experience from the Sam Raimi films. If nothing else, ASM justifies its existence as a reboot that will actually offer a fresh perspective.

CONS: Some fans don’t want to have their beloved characters “re-imagined,” and there is certainly going to be backlash about how this movie is trying to “go all Dark Knight on us” with its gritty, darker tone (apparently that’s a bad thing). Speaking of “dark”: that footage in the trailer has a pretty dark color palette in a lot of parts, which is always a concern for a 3D movie. While the outcry about Spider-Man “being British” is just silly (aren’t actors supposed to play people they aren’t?), Garfield is sure to also catch flack for looking like “Emo Parker” in this trailer. Where is that trademark Spidey wit and banter? Finally: this was a bit too withholding in terms of the Spidey and Lizard shots. But color us curious.

And The Winner Is…









Dark Knight Rises Batman vs. Bane Header Dark Knight Rises & Amazing Spider Man Trailer Showdown

It’s The Dark Knight Rises for the win. Right now the word for Amazing Spider-Man is “ambitious.” An updated, modern version of the character’s story. A redesigned costume. Mechanical web-shooters. A retelling of the origin story so soon after Raimi’s films. 3D. And (GASP) an older-than-high-school British actor playing Peter P.

But putting all those gripes aside, Marc Webb’s reboot is either going to fly high or fall flat on its face. Kind of like Spider-Man.

Not so for The Dark Knight Rises. Despite my own gripes about the trailer, it still implies that Nolan will finish this thing out in grand, epic, possibly jaw-dropping fashion. I still don’t think it was the best it could’ve been, but TDKR‘s trailer has me suddenly psyched to see this movie, to the point where I’ve been running around chanting “Bane! Bane! MATALO! MATALO!” for days now. And I’m not even sure that’s what they’re saying.

Which trailer was your favorite? Let us know in the comments.

The Amazing Spider-Man swings in on July 3, 2012.

The Dark Knight Rises in theaters on July 20, 2012.

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  1. No competition really, The Dark Knight Rises is gonna beat Deathly Hallows 2′s box-office record

    • No it won’t. Harry Potter is being boosted by the 3D ticket sales, TDKR is not in 3D. Wheras Spider-Man is in 3D, Plus Spider-Man has half the budget of TDKR.

      • I agree TDKR probably will not beat HP 7Part 2 (annoying name) opening weekend. However, Despite having that massiven opening weekend HP 7-2 won’t beat TDK’s overall box office. It’s already trailing slowly. At Day Four it was in first but at Day 5 it’s fallen behind. It will probably continue to slowly drop off more and more and end it’s run at a mid to high range 400 Mil. It’s was heavily front loaded due to wizard dress up people. It’s a huge amount of money and will be great numbers for them. It won’t break in to the top three with TDK, Titanic or Avatar.

        Not sure what Spiderman’s budget has to do with what redzuan was saying so I’ll avoid saying much on that. Just seems like you are trying to find a subtle and odd way to insult TDKR.

        • I only meant that budget has an overall effect on takings.

          How much did TDK make? A billion? I think HP will reach that.

          • I was mostly refering to the domestic numbers. Where TDK made 533Million. HP has no chance of reaching those numbers given that after a record breaking opening weekend it’s already trailing.

            I think you know what I meant, but wanted to push your point about worldwide numbers as you have in previous posts. To that I say Well Played sir.

            Yes TDK made 1Billlon $1,001,921,825

            HP may very well hit that number since it’s generally bigger over seas than it is in America, but if (and that is still an if ) it does beat that number it won’t beat the Domestic numbers. Though I would add that so far the highest grossing HP film world wide so far is about 26million under TDK. I expect this HP do more than that, but I honestly don’t expect it to pass TDK’s numbers. It had a huge opening, but is falling fast. I expect it to hit break just under 1bil or possibly to trail TDK by a couple hundred thousand. Anything is possible though.

            • …Well and not to forget that most parents world-wide consider Nolan’s world of Batman too grim an environment for their children to see. Nolan’s world is a mature guy’s world and a little…dark. Unlike an HP film where whole families can buy tickets for with their eyes closed.

              What I’m trying to say is HP is made with the intention of plain family pleasure while Nolan’s Batman even though does conform with the DC Batman, still is a little to too intense and violent for say…children under 6 years or so. Imagine a five year old trying to understand the Joker versus the child trying to comprehend Harry Potter. Everybody knows what it will understand easily. Quality-wise TDK is better than all HP movies put together and it does need a fan-boy to say that. It’s simple common sense.

              • OOPs!!!

                I wanted to say: (…and it does NOT need a fan-boy to say that.)

              • No it is not. I would say there are at least 3 Harry Potter movies that are better than the massively over rated TDK.

                • I hope atleast you agreed on the first part regarding APrents concern and choices for their children and how it affects the earnings of movies. I live in India and I would have a little better perspective in terms of ‘world-wide’ earnings for Batman vs. HP. Mumbai, the financial capital of India, where I live has families living in a common locality going for HP movies blindly as a whole as if going for a huge family picnic.
                  Whereas it’s only generally the teens and above who watched last two Batman movies released.

                  • @Amol

                    “TDK is better than ALL Hp movies combined”


                    Harry Potter beats TDK by miles. I love TDK BUT Harry Potter is MY world and no one messes with it.

                    Have a nice day young sir.

                    • Harry Potter is your world?

                      Please by all means go back to it.

                    • Richard


                      Cool down, bro.

                      It’s just my opinion. The scene of Batman-Joker face-off in the police-station alone is worth its weight in gold and will blow any HP movie (or for that matter any Spidey movie – past or future) away in terms of magnitude. Alas! A child will never be able to understand a single word from the conversation between the mad man and the caped crusader. But whatever Harry Potter does, the child will immediately understand those actions and respond to it.

                      Just like what the Joker says: He is always ahead of the curve…and leaves the Spidey and HP for the children.

                • I disagree. IMO not only are the HP films crappy anyway, but I’ll agree with the above posters combine all the best aspects of HP films and still not half the quality of TDK or even Begins for that matter.

                  It’s all a matter of opinion though of course.

                  Can you at least admit TDK is better than Hp and the extra long camping trip?

  2. gah hit the bed early yesterday and work is blocking it cant see vids…

    Whats wrong with Peter being Emo? I mean he is or should be a little bit off kilter with you know his parents dying and everything.

    Is it SPIDERMAN that is emo or PETER…? That is like saying Batman is a billionaire playboy..

    Im happy to see Nolans run over. As stated before he could ahve taken a no name person and stuck it in to the movie if he wanted real/noir/dark person.

  3. DKR all the way. I LOVE Spiderman but sheesh, it just wasn’t interesting really. It’s still too early but it just looks more Twlight/Spidey instead of true Spidey. I know it’s suppose to have a different vision for it but I’m not seeing this so far. But as said, too early but I am more hyped for Dark Knight.

    • Agree on the Peter Parker look. Sony is going for TwilightSpidey

      • no their going with original spidey where he was an outcast cuz he was nerd, hes a modern outcats but still nerdy, lets just hope hes actually funny then he will be perfect

  4. the spiderman one was just boring/stupid and poorly done, i want to watch spiderman, not be in his damn shoes. if i want first person parkour i’d go to games like mirrors edge or brink. TDKR teaser got straight to the point, and didn’t feel like a 5hr ‘teaser’.

    i wont be watching spiderman, b/c they’re going to back the beginning this soon, but i have to say, the actor playing spidey looks the part (physically).

    • yeah but this time they are actually doing the story right, and watch spiderman 1 again its SO CHEESY now… no hate :)

  5. screw that the way spiderman is going now its going to be better

  6. Thanks to youtube I was able to see the Spiderman trailer.

    Sorry they appear to be 2 different things. Batman trailer is not even 100% TDKR.

    At least Spiderman is %100 Amazing Spiderman.

    Trailer to Trailer it would have to go to Spiderman as TDKR appears to be a little more than a teaser, something akin to the first Spiderman.

    Now off to the Spiderman trailer thread to say more…. :D

    • Ummm, you realize the TDKR video IS a teaser, right? That’s why it seemed to be a teaser…it is.

      • And yet that simple teaser gets two articles. Sad.

        • Only two at the moment, who knows how many more we will get in the future… I can hardly wait.

          • I find it funny the same guy who said he didn’t like the teaser is now posting an article about it was better than another. Ridiculous. Oh, and what about The Avengers teaser? Just b/c it was shown after the credits of a film doesn’t mean it’s not a teaser. And the fact that it’s bootlegged shouldn’t matter either b/c TDKR review (really?) was posted before the actual trailer was released.

            • I think the reason we haven’t seen an “Avengers Teaser” review is because all the bootleg-Avengers teasers have terrible quality (I could hardly see anything, it was so dark – which is kind of a good thing because that will make it all that more awesome to see in theaters).
              As soon as Cap is released I think we’ll get a review for the Avengers Teaser.

              • Which bootleg have you seen? All the ones I have seen are bright and you can hear all the words…

            • Oh please – because I didn’t love TDKR teaser I can’t find it better in comparison to another trailer? How do you figure that?

              And Disney/Marvel contacted us directly to say that footage was a “post-credit button” indicating that an actual teaser trailer is coming with more footage.

              But thanks for your insightful incorrect comments Ghost.

            • TheAvenger

              Come on dude lay off a bit. If you don’t like him just ignore him no need to keep harassing him. It is possible to disagree with someone with out being as rude as you currently are. Just be constructive with your disagreement. Don’t just criticize him for not sharing your opinion with out any thing to actually discuss.

                • TheAvenger,

                  (“two-faced”) !!!

                  Ha! Ha! Nice one.

                  …And an appropriate term for a Batman-thread :)

            • Apparently sarcasm is lost on you…

              • Sarcasm is lost on %99 of the people who use the internet…

              • Sam…

                I’m going to assume you were not talking to me about sacasm (it looks as if you are, from the position of your response). I understand sarcasm quite well…when it IS sarcasm.

                • Archaeon he was talking to TheAvenger. No need to worry nothing to do with you. If you look closely you can see his comment is under The Avenger, but I understand this comment system can be difficult to follow sometimes.

                  • …just noticed the precise placement. Thank you.

          • It’s not about how many we post – it’s always about how many will you guys read?

            So I consider this post a victory :-)

            • And yet, the first sentence of that review for TDKR teaser that it’s not about traffic whorring, but now you say it is. Way to be a hypocrite bro.

              But I’m gonna stop here b/c it’s pointless argueing against Nolanites.

      • You do realize I am posting in a thread titled:

        ‘Dark Knight Rises’ & ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ Trailer Showdown

        So if one is one thing and one is another why would there be a showdown with the winner being something that it is not?


        • Aknot one thing is a one and the other is another. Why would it do it this way? Ask Screen Rant, but TDKR was just a simple teaser. Not an actual full on trailer. It’s a very basic teaser from a film that has two months of filming.

          • Oh I know which is why I put the point across that they appear to be 2 different things and should not be compared.

            Even though they are in a head to head being the same thing and the winner of the contest not being a trailer.

            So if it is a trailer competition the trailer (Spiderman) should be the winner as TDKR was not a trailer.

            • That is actually a VERY, VERY good point.
              It seems that this article has no relevance! Arrggg! ;)

        • That’s the point. There should be NO winner…ASM did not win as the better trailer because it’s the ONLY trailer of the two…NO winner if no comparison.

          Now, in terms of sheer quality and excitement factor, THAT is open to opinion. MY opinion is that the TDKR TEASER was better than the ASM TRAILER.


          • If only one racer shows up for the race or a fighter/team gets disqualified the opposing person/team does not lose nor is there a do over.

            Sorry Amazing wins by default if anything. Not my fault Kofi brought a knife to a gun fight. ;)

            • If the racers aren’t there, no race occurs. There is no disqualification (different enough formats–teaser and trailer–make for a LACK of racers, NOT no-shows). Nice try, but no.

              • It is called a forfiet when another team or group or person does not show up for a competition.

                Batman forfeits as it is not a trailer in a trailer competition.

                So if there is a race against 5 people and 4 out of the 5 do not show they forfeit their chance and the 5th racer can run the race if they so choose. Regardless the one that shows wins.

                In the NFL:
                Forfeit. A forfeit occurs only when a game is not played because of the failure or refusal of one team to participate. In that event, the other team, if ready and willing to play, is the winner by a score of 2-0.

                Batman teaser did not field a complete team.

                This is also why you do not have college teams play against pro teams. Simply said and dont they are not pros.

                So when TDKR has a REAL trailer and not a mishmash of old stuff just to put out there there can be another “vs”.

                Until then Amazing wins.

                • Are you guys seriously arguing over this?

                  Aknot starting to seem like you are just desperate to call Spiderman the winner.

                  Who cares ? Drop it already. There are a lot of pointless arguments here everyday, but this is probably the worst offender I’ve ever seen.

                  • If no one cared you wouldnt tkae the time to post. I know I can always count on you in caring about something no one else is caring about.

                    Desperate? No I liked it more then the Batman one. You like red I like blue.

                    Hey why not chastise Arc? Oh I know why…. anyho my opinion still stands. Spiderman was the better trailer as it was the only trailer.

                    If you do not agree with the discussion we are having (why must everything with you be ‘argumentive?’) kindly mind your own business.

                    I dont jumped into your discussions or arguments with other people telling you to curb it. I would like to request (and I think this would be a 2nd or third request its liek you go away then come back) to stay out of them if you dont like them.

                    Again my opinion is my opinon to tell me it is wrong or incorrect is pure stupidity.

                    @Arc so since Batman/Kofi did not bring a real trailer to a trailer vs trailer event (as stated in the title and thread write up) you agree that it leaves PSidermans trailer as the one side that wins in that aspect.

                    As for the effectivness that is your opinion. I believe just the opposite.

                    • Aknot.

                      I’m will to be you don’t know why I said it to you.

                      You are probably thinking it’s some devious plan or because i’m on his side.

                      True is it’s be you were the most recent post and I couldn’t remember who you were arguing with I just read the update from my email and then responded. Since I couldn’t remember the other persons name I simply replied to you only.

                      Also I have not at all tried to change your opinion. I simply said that it’s a pointless argument. I never said to change your opinion at all. You are getting overly defensive about this. I wasn’t even argumentative. I think any rational person would think arguing about forfeits on a movie site is pretty pointless.

                      If you don’t like what I have to say fine but don’t accuse me of being argumentive when I was and don’t put words in my mouth either. Don’t accuse me of saying you have to change your opinion when I have said no such thing. I don’t care if you think the trailer for Orgasmo is the greatest trailer of all time. I just simply thought that maybe if I pointed out the absordity of the argument the both of you were having maybe you would look at it from an outside perspective and laugh at your self a bit for having it and hopefully stop. We all get caught up in childish and pointless arguments from time to time. Sometimes a person gets so caught up in arguing they don’t notice a trivial the argument is or sometimes a person gets so caught up in it that they attack someone who was just trying to offer up an outside perspective.

                • Aknot…

                  I agree with Daniel that it is silly to argue over this, but I will say my final piece before dropping out of the silliness.

                  A forfeit takes place when two or more sides are entered in a competition but one or more of those sides does not show to compete, leaving one side as the winner by default. Since TDKR never entered the competition (no trailer, just a teaser), a forfeiture CANNOT be called.

                  As for the respective effectiveness of each of the videos, I think TDKR accomplished its purpose much better than ASM.

                  …really quite simple.


                  Now, on to bigger and better things…

                  • @DF

                    Maybe it is the way in which yuou attempted to point out the absurdity?

                    I dont know about Arc but I enjoy having back and forths and didnt think this was getting out of hand it was more a poke counter poke.

                    I didnt think it was getting argumentive just a difference of opinion and one trying to explain their side over the other.
                    What irks me are when people post attempting to stop what they percive an argument to be.

                    There were no personal attacks no cursing. While people may not enjoyee/appreciate the back and forth no one can just come in and say stop except for the site owners and mods.

                    Was it silly and trivial that we were going back and forth? Probably, however I have an opinion on the VS and Arc does. We were expressing it and trying to explain to each other why the other was incorrect.

                    Hell ti si probably silly and trivial the Inception thread is still alive…..

                    • Aknot I never once ordered you to stop. That’s not my place. I merely suggested it and asked that you do. I simply asked that you both stop and actually read what you were arguing about i think about how absurd of an argument it was.

                      I would never tell anyone to stop like I was the owner of the site.

            • Aknot

              “You know why I use a knife,Detective? Guns are too quick. You
              don’t get to savor all the little emotions. See, in their last
              moments, people show you who they really are…”

              Does it remind you of something ? (Hint: TDK)

              A knife is always dramatic and repulsive and hence effective than a gun.

              Shot with a gun, one does an easy death, but struck with a knife, you could still live but …so damageda and scarred physically and mentally that you would prefer to rather be dead.

              My point: The Batman-TEASER beat the Spidey TRAILER because it’s the effectiveness that matters. Just the 2 second face-off between The TIRED Bat and Bane is enough for people to get aroused to buy tickets for 20th July next year. For me the swinging Spidey scenes were the same like they were ten years ago. Plus Peter Parker doesn’t have exactly a huge emotional back-story/origin like the child Bruce Thomas Wayne did.

              • Depends on where you shoot the person. ;)

    • Thing about it is, The Dark Knight Rises trailer gave us a little taste. Just enough to get us pumped, but not enough to spoil anything.

      The Amazing Spider-man’s teaser was good, until it got to the POV Spider-man shot.

      I remember when people on this site were gushing about how Spider-man wasn’t going to too CGI like the Raimi films, but that entire Spidey sequence in the teaser was CG. Even his hands and feet were CGI.

      Plus, it looks like this new Spider-man film is going to suffer from the same problems as the last 3. Where Peter is always down, even as Spider-man.

  7. Geez Dr. Sam!! How dare you say anything negative towards our “god” Christopher Nolan. Anything he touches is gold, and will be the best thing since sliced bread. Okay, putting sarcasm aside. Nolan is the most over-rated director in Hollywood simply b/c of his fans. They put him on a throne. Guess what, Nolan isn’t as original as you thought he was. He’s only made one original film (yes, Inception was NOT original).

    Tbh, I only like him b/c of his work on Batman. He brought Batman back after Schumacher and WB ruined him with Batman And Robin. Am I looking forward to TDKR. You bet! But I doubt it’ll make cinematic history as his followers are saying. Oh, and TDK was over-rated.

    • I’ve always said no film is original, but I think Inception was a lot closer to original than most the garbage out there.

      I’d disagree he’s the most overrated i’d give that honor to James Cameron. Nolan has his crazy psycho fans and his crazy psycho haters like your self. I think it balances out. James Cameron gets treated like jesus by most with his dozens of mediocre films.

      • (“Nolan has his crazy psycho fans and his crazy psycho haters like your self. I think it balances out.”)

        Ha! Ha!

        I completely agree on that.

      • amen.

      • Actually, I’m not “crazy psycho hater”, I’m just tired of people putting Nolan on a throne when he hasn’t shown anything to deserve. People automatically think anything he touches is great, and that he should direct any film.

        • Evidence to support my point: There’s been two articles over an f-ing teaser trailer. If this were any other director, then this wouldn’t happen. But since it’s Nolan, this site feels the need to make two articles about the teaser.

          • They were both interesting articles that generated a lot of user buzz. What’s the problem? Don’t read or even comment on the article if you have such a problem with it.

          • I wouldn’t say that TDK gets 2 articles because of Nolan, I would say it got 2 articles because millions of people are waiting for any information on the next DK movie.

          • Ghost actually the fact that there are two articles does not at all prove your point.

            The reason these articles exist is because people comment on them. You do realize that you are contributing to the comment section on both? You are only helping make your frustration worse. As long as people continue to add hundreds of comments to these articles they will continue to write them. You can look through both and people like you and Drsam comment more than most of the Nolan fans on both with nothing but insutls to Nolan.

            You are essentially helping put Nolan on the Throne you hate him being on.

        • Every film Nolan has made has been worth the price of admission. Both Batman films were the best in the film series. The Prestige was really good, and it had a twist ending that didn’t make people cringe like M. Night Shamalyan. And Inception, while confusing to some, was a film that kept many on the edge of their seat. The Dark Knight Rises is going to be another good film by Nolan.

          I agree with previous posts. James Cameron is the true over-rated director. Avatar was terrible, Titanic was just okay, Terminator 2 was good, but didn’t get me pumped to watch it more than once. Everyone sits around gushing over Cameron, but if their is one director who is nothing but overhyped, it’s James Cameron.

          Nolan actually has a mind for detail, that many directors fail to have. Marc Webb is going to “Rise of the Silver Surfer” Spider-man in my opinion.

          • Thanks for proving my point.

            • He didn’t prove your point at all. He is merely expressing his opinion. Just like you have.

              You have offered your opinion repeatedly. Sadly the fact of the matter is that it is just your opinion and not a fact. Nolan is overrated in your eyes. Not everyone’s eyes and it is a matter of opinion.

        • well he does have memento, Inception, The Prestige, and TDK under his belt so it is somewhat deserved but so many people say that without ever seeing any of those which is the problem

          • Inception and TDK are great, but I’ve seen far more impressive films.

            • have u seen memento and the prestige they are definitely his best,and they show he has a true talent for film making, but many people say hes a good director soley based off of TDK and they want him to do all these movies based off of that and thats what bothers me

            • ghost, just understand this, let nolan get a few more movies under his belt and in time you just may put him on a throne as well. he’s on that throne simply because he is a great director. think about all the directors out there. there are not many that i would call great. give him time after tdkr and lets see what he does.

              • And yet another is proving my point. Just wait and see, Nolan WILL make a bad movie. It’s inevitable. And yes, I’ve seen Momento and Prestige. Both are MEH.

                • (“Just wait and see, Nolan WILL make a bad movie.”)

                  Just the fact that your waiting for Nolan to make a bad movie SOME DAY from now is a certificate from you that Nolan has TILL DATE made some good-to-great movies. Thanks for your support for Nolan.

                  …Or…err…may be you are arguing with yourself.

                  • Amol I would say it not only proves that Ghost is saying Nolan has yet to make a bad film, but it also proves that he clearly just hates Nolan for no good reason. He is wanting Nolan to make a bad film. He’s so desperate to insult nolan more that he wants him to make a bad film.

                    Also just a note there is no director in existence who hasn’t made a bad film. So wait and see Nolan will make a bad film? Like that’s gonna suddenly mean he isn’t great? Everyone makes at least one bad film. The fact that even you acknowledge he hasn’t yet just proves how good he really is.

                    You call him overrated but at the same time admit he hasn’t made a bad film. How many other directors will you say have yet to make a bad film? Because the Cohens, Cameron, Spieldberg and even the great Ridley Scott have all made bad films. Not saying that proves Nolan is better (IMO he is), but saying that it proves that he is at least great.

                    • Daniel,

                      Yup, I agree with you on each point.

                      If one really hates somebody, he tends to bring in prejudices into his argument and this results in a blurred vision.

                      It’s important that we give even our worst enemy a fair chance to let him show his positive side or else we lose our touch with reality.

                    • Did you even read any of my previous statements? I’ve already said it’s you FANS (or members to the Church of Nolan) that make him out to be a “God amongst filmmakers”. Y’all act as if any film he makes will be the best thing since sliced bread, and that he should direct every single comic book film that gets made (even though his style would be completely wrong for Superman. The fact that it was him that choce Snyder is proof he doesn’t know anything about the character).

                      I’ll admit. I loved Inception (despite it not being original), BB, TDK (just b/c I say it’s over-rated doesn’t mean I still don’t like it, and I’m very much looking forward to TDKR. However, people are already saying the film will make cinematic history after only seeing a freaking teaser.

        • Ghost see I say you are hating on Nolan. Because you say

          “I’m just tired of people putting Nolan on a throne when he hasn’t shown anything to deserve.”

          Anyone at all could say the same thing about any popular director.

          It’s your opinion that he doesn’t deserve it. It is not a fact. Why not just accept that some of us think he does and you don’t. It is a matter of opinion after all. Why feel the need to come on here comment insulting him and his fans? When you could just move on?

          I could say the same things about Cameron or Spieldberg. I don’t like the majority of either of their movies. Neither has made more than one movie that I think is good. They are not terrible I just don’t like them. I find them overrated, but that doesn’t mean they are overrated. It merely means I find them overrated. I’m not a fan.

          Why do you make it your full time job to tear Nolan down because you don’t agree with the opinion of his fans?

  8. I don’t think TDK was overrated. The Nolan worship is annoying, yeah,… but his Batman movies are still awesome. I actually enjoyed Batman Begins a lot. I’d say it was in the top 3 or 4 greatest superhero movies ever, and seeing in how there are so many these days, that’s not bad.

    Maybe Batman does things that he wouldn’t do in the comic, (like that car chase sequence in Batman Begins) but its the Nolanverse. At least Batman does things consistently with what Nolan has established.

    I’m not seeing how people find the Spidey trailer boring. It’s focusing on a kid who looks pretty disturbed. I really do wonder what they’ll have him consider in these films. It doesn’t look past him to consider theft, or vandalism. He looks like a hurt, damaged person. In the comics, Peter would never steal or vandalize anything (though stuff gets destroyed during his Spidey battles) so I’m wondering what they’re going to do with Peter all the more. Last I’ll say that the HD version available at Apple and yahoo movies does a lot for the POV scene. It looks best in HD, which is weird because HD is less forgiving, but that’s the way of it. Admittedly, the red brick wall crawling part needs work, but it looks fine before and after that part.

  9. It’s three trailers debuted:Avengers #3.

    • Like I’ve said in the above comment: I think we will see an “Avengers Teaser Review” as soon as Captain America: The First Avenger is released to the general public.

  10. On a side note (with no relevance to this article):

    Has anyone seen the Avengers’ official movie poster?
    It’s basically just a big, shiny ‘A’ with “Assemble 2012″ written in the middle, but somehow that was still exiting enough to make me pee my pants ;)

  11. I like em both , though I gotta say when I saw Potter ,the reaction to TDKR teaser was been kinda “Meh” from the audience. I think the TDKR is more of a teaser in the sense that it is very vague, ASM defines itself and gives the audience a sense of what the film will be like. In that sense ASM was more like a proper Trailer then a teaser .

    • All Amazing Spider-man did for me is show me that they are going to make Peter more of a tragic figure in the film. Yeah, he’s had tragic history in the comics, but Peter Parker isn’t supposed to be a bummed out guy. He’s supposed to be fairly optimistic, even when everything in his life is blowing up.

      People like to run down the Raimi films because they said Peter was too depressing to watch, and from the teaser for the reboot, it looks like it’s going to be twice as bad as that.

      A teaser is supposed to do just that, TEASE. Anyone with a “meh” attitude towards a teaser always makes me think they expect half the film in the trailer.

  12. I really liked The Dark Knight Rises teaser. It didn’t so much, but that’s what a TEASER is supposed to do. I’m pumped to see the Batman vs. Bane fight. I want to know what happened to Gordon that put him in the hospital. And I’m really looking forward to seeing how Bruce becomes “something else entirely” and rises as a legend. Nolan is very secretive about his movies and it’s frustrating, but I like that. I would rather know as little as possible about a movie before I see it in theaters. I still can’t get over the Avatar trailer showing a condensed version of the film. When it comes to trailers – especially for event films – less is more.

  13. really don’t care for the Spider-man POV, kinda made me sick feeling. but otherwise, it looks alright.

  14. There is one reason and one reason only that there is yet another TDKR article on a non-trailer … just check out the “posts” count and you’ll have your answer. We’ll be getting TDKR vs. “?” for the next year. Wait until A real Avengers trailer comes out … it will rival the “thread which must not be named” in post count.

  15. i respect nolan’s work a great deal and the fact that he brought the dark night comic to the screen, but that being said this third installment is going to look the same as batman begins and the darknight with new characters and a different story. too bad nolan does not have the guts to use james cameron’s technology, then we would a new groundbreaking comic book movie… amazing spiderman feels and looks like have seen this schtick again…

    • excuse me but you could not be more wrong. he doesn’t use jc’s tech because he wants his batman movies to be as real as possible. when you walk out of a james cameron movie your eyes were stimulated but thats about it. when you walk out of a chris nolan film your eyes and mind are very much stimulated. there are over 140 pages of talk and comments on this site about chris nolan’s inception because you can literally talk about it all day. you could maybe stretch a conversation to about 12 minutes tops about avatar. if nolan helps with superman maybe he’ll use some of that tech for that but batman has to stay real and gritty

  16. Is this a serious question?
    TDKR vs. Spidey? pft. Whatever, Marvel.

  17. JEEZ Spidey,s head is huge

  18. Spider-Man all the way – Batman isn’t a ‘super’ hero.

    • (“Batman isn’t a ‘super’ hero.”)

      …And that actually makes him a superhero. Someone that a common human can relate to and get inspired from.

  19. spiderman has the better trailer but i think TDKR will be gthe better movie

  20. “matalo,” assuming thats what is being chanted, means “kill it” in spanish, which makes the chanting even more badass

    • So then there are a few things we can guess….

      1) They are not chanting it during the Batman/Bane fight. I mean unless Batman is in a Spanish prison somewhere or they are fighting in Mexico.

      2) They are not chanting it during THE Batman/Bane fight. Saying maybe Batman kicked his butt the first time yet he comes back after Venom. He is degraded in front of the chanters by Batman. Making him not all that until Venom.

      3) The League of Shadows is not Asian in its roots but Spanish… :D

      I mean where are you going to get that many Spanish speaking people on Banes side?

      • It could be a chant of a cult/gang within Gotham City. You don’t need to speak spanish in order to chant a spanish phrase.

        • True however to be a Cult or Gang and they are chanting in Spanish the assumption would be great that most participants are Spanish.

          Thats why im thinking it might be a sound that is not for the scenes we see.

          Meaning it appears we see Batman getting beat by Bane while the chant is happening. I think its when Batman beats him and then he decides to take Venom.

          Unless of course Nolan is going to end it with the breaking of the bat….. which IMO would kind of suck.

  21. I was looking forward to seeing how both of these will turn out. I realize a trailer doesn’t say everything about a film, but it is supposed to be representative of it. That doesn’t bode well, because at this point, I’m not sure which one I like less.

  22. “So we ‘ll watch it again, because we can take it… ’cause it’s not a trailer we deserve, but it is the one we need right now… A silent clip… A movie sample… a A DARK KNIGHT TEASER TRAILER!”

    • Yup, both are almost the same.

  23. I don’t get it. In everything I’ve seen Spider-Man in (games, TV, movies) he he was never “grounded, gritty and realistic.” Stop trying to be TDK. Making Spidey something he’s not. Hes not dark and brooding. He friggin cracks jokes when fighting villains. So yeah I kinda think thats a bad thing.

    • Cap,

      Where in the trailer did you see Spiderman being dark and brooding? You may have seen Peter dark and brooding (which he may have a reason ie Death of Ben, finding out about his parents, etc.) but I never saw any emotions from Spiderman to assume he will be like Nolans Batman.

      Actually Spiderman/Parker is supposed to be grounded and realistic in a way that real people can relate to him hence the reason in the books he has had trials and tribulations much like normal people.

      Putting it in context with the current times he looks like a teen that has some real life issues at home. Not the guy im in love with is a shiny vampire issue but my life is taking some turns and twists and im trying to deal with it while I grow up… not to mention this arachnid that bit me….

      He is no longer the four eyed nerd that was picked on. That is so passe now adays. He has to have issues relating to the current times.

      If they (like CA) did a period pass with Spiderman then I could agree with you. However times have changed….

      • I agree. What I meant was I don’t want this to be TOO Nolan Batman dark. I thought he meant grounded in reality like the Batman films. He just means more relate-able. OK that makes sense, I read my comment over and I look like i was dogging this movie, which is weird cause I am actually really looking forward to it lol.

  24. love both glad to see the lizard,hope doc ock makes the sequel, and i really hope nolan does one more after this and does his realistic take on the Riddler,other then that im hope the Avengers use The Leader in that film.

    • I would rather have another Spidey villain who hasn’t been done before for a sequel (Rhino, Kraven, Mysterio, Scorpion, just to name a few) Also Leader isn’t the villain for the Avengers, but they should mention him, though.

  25. Ok as for the films people will most likely be more excited for batman simply because dark knight was so freaking good. But as for the trailers spiderman deffinately wins. Batman’s trailer just showed clips from the last two and gordan talking in so much pain you have to rewind the trailer to get what he is saying. The only cool part of the trailer was seeing batman backup from bane like he was like “oh crap”. Not because i want to see him fail but because he is so bad ass its interesting actually seeing him backing away from something. The spiderman movie will also do great. It didnt look dark and brooding by the way CapAmerica. Just because someone cracks jokes alot doesnt mean they are like that all the time. Peter Parker might be the funny optimistic hero but hes deffinately had dark times. Have you not seen him in the venom symbiote? This movie is a fresh start from the last ones which were good but Im sorry TOBEY MCGUIRE WAS A TERRIBLE CHOICE. He looked like a 40 year old child if that makes sense. He was too youngesh and high pitched. In the second film he throws money at doc oc and says “heres your change”! I remember hearing that for the first time and thinking did a nine year old just say that? Andrew Garfield is a rising star and is perfect for this role. Its also a good choice to pick the lizard so its different from the previous films. This film will do better than Thor Captain, America, The x-men films and maybe even Ironman. And the reason is: its spiderman. Even people who hate superheroes love spiderman. As for the Dark Knight Rises im soooooo excited. Bane and Catwoman! it will be nice to see a good bane instead of that disgrace in Batman & Robin. Im REALLY excited for it but am sad that they are saying its the last one. People thought this was a big hero movie year? With Batman, Avengers, Spiderman reboot, AND a Superman reboot 2012 will be a very exciting year for hero lovers. But anyway for these trailers spiderman won. Batmans needed more detail but im sure they are just waiting to get closer to the film date to reveil other trailers

  26. Both of these films look amazing. Batman begins and dark knight especially were OUTSTANDING so im positive this will be even better. As for spiderman the only thing that scares me is its Spiderman. Screwing up x-men is one thing and thats bad but you CAN NOT have a fail at Spiderman. This character is so known and beloved by America that the film makers that get a shot to do a movie can not afford it to be bad. This film has to be better than tobey’s spiderman if it wants success. Theyve done good so far from iwhat ive read and seen. Peter knew Gwen Stacey first and Emma Stone?! perfect. Andrew Garfield also a good choice. He fits that nerdy funny but can still be serious and kick some ass persona of Peter Parker/Spider-man. Cant wait til either film comes out

  27. Spider man going back to the start? Sorry Marvel movie makers but that’s got flop written all over it. We already know how it ends, and its been done way too recently at a later stage in the SP story. Dark knight rises has all of the interest behind it. They are finishing their story. Not recapping how it got started. Doing a beginning of SP right now would be like a different studio doing batman begins… again. No thanks. I liked it fine the first time around. Dont need to see it again.

  28. Can’t we get the adult Spidey and have Ryan Renolds play the part? Pwease?
    Who is this new Parker? His hair is too big. I think Toby Mcquire and the girl who played Mary Jane should have traded with the kids from Transformers. They would’ve made a better peter and mary jane. Too bad Harvey Keitel is aged. he could’ve been Wolverine. Chris Pine would make a better Capt. America than Chris Evans. The kid who played Speed Racer should’ve been Capt. Kirk, and Conan’s hair is too brown and wavy as oppose to dark and straight. THOR…”I need a horse”!!!?? It should read..”I need a steed”. Now Tyrese as Luke Cage??? Wouldn’t Michael Jai White be more logical. Save Tyrese for Black Panther since he has exotic features. BATMAN…we want the yellow backing around the Bat on the chest, like in the new BATMAN:Darkknight comic series. At least the PUNISHER:WARZONE came out perfect, as did the BLADE trilogy.

    • Longest list of complaints ever!!! Pine as Cap?? That made me shudder! Did u not see the movie? Evans was great as the Captain!! Ryan Reynolds was already GL and Deadpool, don’t wanna see him as Spidey. Tyrese is to American to play an African prince from Wakanda. And seriously “I need a horse” wasn’t important, it was just meant to be funny. I do agree about the yellow bat symbol, tho. Makes it stand out more.