‘Dark Knight Rises’ & ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ Trailer Showdown

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Dark Knight Rises Amazing Spider Man trailer discussion e1311199436431 Dark Knight Rises & Amazing Spider Man Trailer Showdown

2012 is going to be another year in which we get four big comic book movies, and two of the four  have all officially debuted their teaser trailers.

So now that we know how The Amazing Spider-Man, and The Dark Knight Rises look onscreen, it’s time for another installment of our DC vs. Marvel movie trailer showdown segment, where we will attempt to answer: which one of these superhero films currently looks like the king of summer 2012?

For the purposes of this breakdown, we’ll post each of the respective trailers below, with a quick look at the pros and cons of each. Once we’ve done some analysis of each trailer, we’ll bring it all home and discuss which film looks the best – based on the brief amount of footage shown in the trailers.

We’ll examine the trailers in the order of their release, starting with The Dark Knight Rises.

[NOTE: This showdown originally included The Avengers, since the first footage leaked on the Net. We’ve been told by the studio that the leaked footage was actually a post-credit “button” in the Marvel Movie tradition, and that an official trailer is still in the works. So while we’re disappointed to leave Marvel’s team-up event out, at least we have a new Avengers trailer to look forward to!]

In the meantime… on with round 2 of our DC vs. Marvel movie trailer showdown!


The Dark Knight Rises Teaser Trailer

In the third and last installment of Chris Nolan’s Batman trilogy, The Dark Knight faces his greatest nemesis yet in the form of Tom Hardy’s Bane, an adversary who may be more than a match for Batman – mentally, psychologically, and physically.

PROS: This teaser trailer certainly succeeds in conveying the grandeur of Nolan’s concluding chapter to Batman’s origin story. The sweeping shot of Gotham crumbling; the epic (if not a cheesy) nature of Gordon’s speech; the air of melodrama carried by the music; and finally, that brief shot of a haggard and scare-looking Batman backing away from the oncoming hulking form of Bane. Yeah, this one has “grand finale” written all over it.

CONS: The trailer is almost a little too grand. There is a line somewhere between drama that moves one’s emotions, and drama that entertains in the way that telenovelas do. In many ways Nolan’s Batman film have been the “anti-comic-book movies,” with their focus on gritty realism as opposed to the heightened drama of most superhero movie fare. I’d hate to see Dark Knight Rises buck that trend and up the black sheep in the bunch.


The Amazing Spider-Man Teaser Trailer


In this re-imagining of the Spider-Man mythos, Peter Parker is a boy struggling with the loss of his parents, the demands of school – and of course, the everyday struggles of being a New York City teenager. Life only gets more complicated when Peter is bitten by a genetically-enhanced spider and gains new abilities he could never dream of. But the miracle of modern science that creates a hero, also condemns a man to villainy, and Peter learns the hard way that with great power comes…well, you know the rest ;-).

PROS: Director Marc Webb ((500) Days of Summer) has always stated his intention to re-imagine Spider-Man according to a more grounded, gritty, and realistic vision. Well, he certainly seems to have achieved that goal. Andrew Garfield certainly appears to be going for a much deeper and brooding version of Peter Parker – and appears to be carrying that load, to boot. Finally, the end POV wall-crawling sequence was pretty cool, and definitely offered a different sort of experience from the Sam Raimi films. If nothing else, ASM justifies its existence as a reboot that will actually offer a fresh perspective.

CONS: Some fans don’t want to have their beloved characters “re-imagined,” and there is certainly going to be backlash about how this movie is trying to “go all Dark Knight on us” with its gritty, darker tone (apparently that’s a bad thing). Speaking of “dark”: that footage in the trailer has a pretty dark color palette in a lot of parts, which is always a concern for a 3D movie. While the outcry about Spider-Man “being British” is just silly (aren’t actors supposed to play people they aren’t?), Garfield is sure to also catch flack for looking like “Emo Parker” in this trailer. Where is that trademark Spidey wit and banter? Finally: this was a bit too withholding in terms of the Spidey and Lizard shots. But color us curious.

And The Winner Is…









Dark Knight Rises Batman vs. Bane Header Dark Knight Rises & Amazing Spider Man Trailer Showdown

It’s The Dark Knight Rises for the win. Right now the word for Amazing Spider-Man is “ambitious.” An updated, modern version of the character’s story. A redesigned costume. Mechanical web-shooters. A retelling of the origin story so soon after Raimi’s films. 3D. And (GASP) an older-than-high-school British actor playing Peter P.

But putting all those gripes aside, Marc Webb’s reboot is either going to fly high or fall flat on its face. Kind of like Spider-Man.

Not so for The Dark Knight Rises. Despite my own gripes about the trailer, it still implies that Nolan will finish this thing out in grand, epic, possibly jaw-dropping fashion. I still don’t think it was the best it could’ve been, but TDKR‘s trailer has me suddenly psyched to see this movie, to the point where I’ve been running around chanting “Bane! Bane! MATALO! MATALO!” for days now. And I’m not even sure that’s what they’re saying.

Which trailer was your favorite? Let us know in the comments.

The Amazing Spider-Man swings in on July 3, 2012.

The Dark Knight Rises in theaters on July 20, 2012.

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  1. Spiderman looked cool but, it made me realise how amazingly unnecessary it all is.

    TDK trailer was bad. So was Batman Begins trailer and that ended up being one of my favourite films of all time.

  2. Batman wins! No matter who is fighting who, the answer is Batman!

    • Spoiler Alert!

  3. Personally the spiderman one looks kinda dumb.. the cgi looks overly fake. I think the original had better cgi and if anyone says “its probably not polished” you can shove it up your craw coz they shouldnt have put it in the trailer then. TDKR did what it was suppose to do pull me in and have me replay it over and over to see if i miss anything and got me more excited for the film. Spiderman made me decide that i will wait for Blu Ray. 3D makes me care about the movie less. I think it takes away from the film knowing i will have to hear “My head is killing me” from everyone around me afterwards..

  4. Bane looks like he has a jockstrap or gerbil feeding-bowl on his head & schmoo! That is kind of what Captain America’s movie helmet reminds me of. Do they go to the same shop to buy their headgear?

  5. Batman series is ending and Spidey is rebooting.

    For importance I’d say The Dark Knight Rises because it’s wrapping up the series. Spiderman has a fresh start. Like the spidey trailer, looks good(ala Conan O’Brien). My money is on The Dark Knight Rises.

  6. I wasn’t too impressed with TDKRs trailer. However, I don’t really think the new spidey will compete too much with the Dark Knight Rises. TDKR has such a great cast and crew to deliver a great movie, where as for spidey it’s too soon for a reboot.

  7. Both trailers are great but I think TDKR gets the win, the cast seems great and it is the last in the Batman series.

    I hope both films do great especially Amazing Spiderman as it is a reboot that shouldn’t happened and could had continued with Spiderman 4 and Maguire still as Peter Parker.

    Oh well, I think both films will smash box office records.

  8. both trailers are awesome but batman wins!! its just to awesome spiderman trailer was good but not as good as batman

  9. spiderman trailer was better hands down. not even a contest. ands it not that i didn’t like TDKR, is just that it didn’t have a whole lot of footage(granted its a teaser and the point is to hype up and make you curious about it) but the spiderman trailer was just simply badass. especially the the last scene of the trailer. a thing i didn’t like about the batman teaser was the chanting at the end, it just, to me, didn’t match up, it felt like it was out of place. it kinda upsets me that so many people always lean towards the nolan batman movies as the best of everything. Granted, everyone is entitled to thier own opinion, and i do think the dark knight is one of the, if not the, greatest comic book movies of all time, but it just seems everyone sides with it no matter what. it just kinda upsets me. another thing is that before you go judging on which teaser trailer is better, you need to see them how they are suppposed to be presented to the audience. Spiderman is in 3D, and let me tell you, when you see that last segment in 3D it makes youfeel like you are spiderman. its insane. i got to preview it because i work at a movie theatre, just as i got to see the batman teaser. idk. batman could and probably will make more money in the end. but don’t jump on the bandwagon people, actually think about whats in front of your eyes for once.
    End Rant.

    • LOL, “…when you see that last segment in 3D it makes youfeel like you are spiderman.”

      I highly doubt that dubious 3D technology coupled with First Person video game scenes can make me feel like Spider-Man.

      But even if these scenes are “insane” as you say, then what about the people who don’t watch 3D movies? Are they just left with what we saw? Bland CGI and FPS screens we’ve seen done better on our video game consoles?

      • lol, oh the 3D is good my friend, just wait and see, granted 3D doesn’t bother me at all in movies( ofcourse i do prefer it when it is actually done right, like avatar, trasnformers 3) and i always pick the 3D over the 2D expierence, so maybe im biased. But you can’t deny(well you can, but lets be practical) that Avatar was a great 3D movie that enhanced the expierence(it is the highest grossing movie of all time, and you can’t say thats because of its great stroy telling, its because of the special effects and 3D coupled with it)
        so ya, maybe the people who choose to watch the movie in 2D(because they will be given the option) will get to miss out on the better expierence, but thats thier choice and thier prolbem, i can’t help it that they choose the view the movie(how do i say this)…um, in a “lesser state” than its supposed to be(hope that made since)
        oh well, maybe you will go see it in 3D Dante, you might love it or hate it, only time will tell.

        • 3D is not a better experience. It’s a worthless gimmick that hurts the quality of films more than it helps. It lets directors make a sub par film and depend to heavily on the 3D rather than tell a good story have have a good script. Just look at Avatar. 3D is crap pure and simple. Film is better with out it.

          You also forget some people simply can’t watch 3D. Some people get headaches.

  10. Here is the thing- both were good in there own fashion and style. But let’s be honest an actual “teaser” trailer should be just that, a Tease!

    When I hit play for the Spider-man Teaser and I see 2 mins and 30 seconds that to me is full on Trailer. TDKR was length and content of a Tease- of course if size matter:)

  11. rebooting a good trilogy in less than 5 years is unnecessary. and the sequence in the trailer where we are in spidey’s pov looks like a spiderman videogame. i think it will be good eventually, but totally, totally unnecessary. it’s like remaking the godfather trilogy 2 years after the 3rd movie came out because “it sucked.”

    TDKR at it’s worst is the clear winner.

  12. yeah it sounds like the crowd is chanting Bane,Bane, matalo, matalo. wouldn’t it be cool if instead of rebooting Batman they continue the story with two more movies with Azrael as the new Batman, and have Bruce recover in the second story arc to retake the mantle of the Batman. It would give Nolan and his crew time to do other things and come back rested to do another two movies.

    • id love to see Joseph Gordon Levitt as Azrael and continue the series, but i think thats too ambitious and too much of a risk for the studio.

    • I’m pretty sure if Bruce gets incapacitated he will recover in TDKR’s time span.

    • Yes Azrael thats what i have been saying for awhile now!

  13. I kinda yawned at the Spiderman trailer…it looks like they cut and pasted the roof top scenes from the original spiderman. I do think its too soon to reboot the franchise. I was 18 when spiderman came out and now im almost 30…I dont think that much time has passed…generationally speaking.

    Def DKR…was a better trailer in my opinion, and not to sound biased let me state: I love both Spidey and Batman…but my heart is with the X-men.

    • To be fair Spider-man came out 9 years ago… so you’re 27… not almost thirty… I’m 29… I’m almost 30!!!! I’d love to be 27 hahahahaha. :) No but really… WAY TO EARLY FOR A REBOOT… I know they make movies to make money but this is just to rushed. It better be great for Sony’s sake… and I mean Spider-man of 02′ great.

  14. Haha, what? One was an actual trailer and one was a teaser. This is nothing but fanboy flaming…

    • Doesn’t your keyboard have any punctuation marks? Jesus..

    • how come you spell “thats” with a t and an h, but “that” with a d?

      • lmao

  15. TDKR wins for one simple reason…. Bane, that last frame has me ready… The man with no fear vs someone who can put fear in him, my trust us with Nolan.. As far as spider I’m pumped for the reboot.. I wanted a reboot after the 2nd, I wasn’t a fan of SAMs vision his movies were more soap opera than anything.. Having everyone cry doesnt make the movie complexed or layered, so this one has my hopes up just cuz the may get my favorite character right… Then again I dint have that much faith in marvel films anymore.

  16. This spider-man trailer reminds me of some footage from the old 70′s spider-man live action tv show. In that 70′s show there were some shots from spider-man’s point of view.

  17. Well, I knew a day couldn’t go by without blowing smoke up Nolan’s ass. Wasn’t there already a feature on the TDKR teaser? Did we really need another one?
    And I love the whole TDKR has only been filming for a few months and that’s why there was hardly any footage. The Avengers teaser has finished CGI, and hasn’t been filming for that much longer.

    But I apologise, I forget Nolan can do no wrong, we must all bow down before his greatness. Not only does he make the best comic book movies, he makes the best movies in the world.

    • Jesus sam bit over board don’t you think? The previous article on TDKR was a bash fest on the trailer. Not sure why you think this is just blowing smoke up Nolans behind. Heck this article hands the victory to TDKR, but insults it more than it compliments it and it only wins because the Spiderman trailer is just so darn awful. It’s no like they are going crazy with praise.

      I get that you like to trash Nolan and get angry any time someone says anything even remotely nice about him, but come on man this isn’t even a fluff piece on Nolan and the previous article wasn’t either. They bashed the teaser for TDKR as if it was a full length film.

    • Don’t be jealous Dr Bitter.

      I’m still waiting to see a film you had a credit in. If you do, please share.

      • Considering I’m a writer (published) maybe one day I will.

        • The Archer’s Playlist, might have to check that one out someday.

  18. I would prefer ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ teaser any day.

    It’s pretty effective considering the movie is only two months into production.

    Plus I don’t know anything much about Spiderman and so for me the reboot and the 2002 version ten years back are pretty much the S-A-M-E.

    • “I would prefer ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ teaser any day.

      It’s pretty effective considering the movie is only two months into production.”

      The Avengers is only ONE month in production, and that teaser, trailer, button, whatever you´d like to call it, was ten times better than watching Gary Oldman lying in a bed, seeing clips from BB & TDK, and a huge guy with a ridiculous mask.

      “Plus I don’t know anything much about Spiderman.”

      Well, then maybe you should inform yourself, before you post crap.

      • Avengers was fun to watch…just not better than TDKR. Opinions can be quite solid, funny things…dont’t you agree?


      • Scapegoat,

        (““Plus I don’t know anything much about Spiderman.”)

        Firstly, I’m not a fan of Spiderman and don’t even care about him. Whatever crap I say about Spidey on a ***BATMAN-thread*** is my opinion and NOT a fact. Every other Spiderman-fan can just ignore it or leave the thread if he/she wants to.

        So far whatever I seen/understood about Spiderman is from those Raimi films which ***FOR ME*** were unimpressive crap neither will I be watching Spidey anymore.

        BTW, to begin with I don’t even remember what crap I said about YOUR dear old unfriendly neighbourhood Spiderman.

        So what was all that about ? :)

  19. ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ TEASER beat Spiderman TRAILER easily here…for me.

    Can’t really wait for the ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ actual TRAILER. It will blow Spiderman’s reboot (or 2002 again ?) away.

  20. How do Sony dare to release Spidey on 3rd of July, 2012, when The Dark Knight will be Rising on 20th of July ?!!

    That’s plain suicide for Sony. The Dark Knight will simply blow away anything in its path and I mean …ANYTHING. Just one word…B-A-N-E.

    • Yes, how dare they indeed…

  21. I’m embarased at this culture I’ve become a part of. We’re so obsessed with the movies that we’ll analyze low quality leaked trailers to death… naw, just kidding. I’m so glad that you guys exist because otherwise I’d think I was alone, haha.

    Anywho, I liked the Spider-man trailer better. TDKR should have held off until they had more to tease, even if it was just audio. Don’t get me wrong, it pumped me up, but it wasn’t the best thing in the world. At least with ASM we got two and a half minutes of footage. From it we can infer that this movie differentiates itself a lot from the Raimi series, and we even got a tease of some (hopefully) incomplete POV webswinging. Can you imagine what the next trailer will show? Basement inventions, lizard battles, Peter with his family, more pollished web swinging, etc. They basically left all the big stuff out, and that’s exciting to think ab out.

    TDKR will smash the box office in all likelihood, even if ASM turns out to be jaw droppingly good. And that’s fine. I hope it reclaims the weekend box office title, just for kicks. I’d be sad if Nolan didn’t end his series with a huge bang.

  22. P.S. I’m also pretty sure that TDKR will be a superior film. IMHO it’s the best superhero movie saga we have, period. It’s just that, again, that trailer wasn’t that hot. That’s not surprising though. Nolan’s Batman movies have always been better than the trailers indicated. I feel that we could say the same of many Pixar films. There’s just so much in these types of movies, so much depth and craftsmenship, that its hard to convey it all in the trailers. That’s actually a compliment to Nolan (and Pixar)I guess.

  23. It’s going to take a slew of marvel super heroes just to compete with one DC hero,with that being said dark knight rises all the way,the teaser just gave me chills with what little i saw from an injured gordon talking to the man who broke the bat,in the comics bane destroys the walls of arkham asylum an i imagen thts how villainy rises in the movie,I’m very excited to see how it all unfolds

  24. The Spider-Man trailer looked a little boring (better than the original though – IMO). The rooftop scene looked really fake, but the movie is still in early post-production so I’m sure that will get fixed.

    On the other hand, TDKR’s trailer didn’t look that great either. There is no doubt that the movie is going to be amazing, but the trailer was lacking in some way…

    • “There is no doubt that the movie is going to be amazing”

      Actually there is lots of doubt.

      • Not from most people. Very few people expect anything less than great.

        • Then a lot of people might be very disappointed, expectations build, and like you said if its anything less than great… There is no guarantee it will be, third parts of trilogies aren’t easy to pull off at the best of times, but with the sheer weight of expectation…

          • To be fair Sequels more often than not fall bellow the first in the franchise as well and people generally don’t expect the sequel to top the first film when the first film was already considered great. You may agree, but most people tend to think TDK is better than Begins.

            I don’t expect TDKR to be better than TDK IMO that’s nearly impossible, but I think it will be better than Begins which was great, but only just barely Batman and really stretched the realm of believability with that car chase where no one died. Especially considering Batman would never ever do that. The truth of the matter is while Begins was great it wouldn’t be as loved with out Liam he was the best part of it and made up for most of the weak spots like the car chase mentioned earlier or even Katie Holmes. Even the story while good left a lot to be desired. TDK was for more complex and emotional. Begins was very very simplistic and didn’t go very far beyond basic origin film.

            • I don’t get the emotional angle for TDK at all, there are parts of that film that I do like a lot, but it certainly didn’t reahc me on that kind of level.

              And we agree on the stupid life endangering car chase in BB.

              I still think they have made a mistake with the villains in this film, and the inclusion of Catwoman smacks of studio interferance.

              • I agree on Catwomen, but I think Bane was the best choice. I’ve been saying Bane since the credits rolled on TDK. You know that though lol. I think it’s the best rogue to use and honestly I think Bane is the best rogue batman has left not in a the Nolan films already. Far better than had they included Riddler.

                I agree that including Catwomen seems odd and probably not the best, but I thought Heath Ledger was a terrible choice and have been wrong before. I don’t think it was a studio thing though simply because Catwomen has proven to be a failure for films in the past so I don’t see logic behind forcing her in.

                I did connect to TDK emotionally and didn’t find it cold at all. Racheals death was impactful and I thought the way they handled Harvey finding out was brilliant and say tragically emotional. Not only did Eckhart playing it perfectly but nolan was smart by making it silent with nothing but music. It was more impactful. The emotion in TDK was also the little things. I got a little eye water when Alfred grabs the note from the tray and hides it from bruce after seeing Bruce emotionally broken.

              • @DrSamBecket:
                You know, I don’t mean to be rude, but I can’t take any of your opinions seriously anymore. On one post you say you’re exited and happy about these movies and the on the next you criticize them and show no positive attitude towards them (comic book movies).

                Please note that this message isn’t aimed towards the above post in particular but towards all your confusing and misleading posts in general.

                • Aww Poor DSB.

                  Don’t worry my friend I still take you seriously….. Very seriously /over-dramatic-glare.

                  • Scary intimidating frown right back at ya!

  25. The trailers nonwithstanding (I think Spidey actually had a better trailer) I think Dark Knight Rises will win that battle on the silver screen.

    • Agreed Phil.

  26. IMO the Spidey trailer is awful. People complained that SPiderman wasn’t funny in the raimi films wonder how they feel about emo peter. Seriously does peter even lift his head up from the frowning saggy position it’s in for more than a half a second? it just looks to be very dark and very emo which is ok for some films, but not Spiderman. Spiderman is suppose to be bright and colorful and fun.

    Not to mention the fact that half the trailer looks like a video game. Seriously it isn’t at all a well made scene. I hope it’s just part of the trailer and not in the actual film, because it’s overly fake and the first person view is honestly annoying. Go play mirrors Edge hell the graphics will at least be better than that.

    • I think that section was just for the trailer.

      • I hope so because it was terrible. Still though movie looks meh. Terrible casting choices from chain smoking trashy Gwen Stacy to emo Twilight wannabe Peter Parker.

        Since your only general interest on Screen rant is to insult Nolan and his films ;) I’m interested to hear how you feel on the Spiderman trailer. I already know you hate everything Nolan.

        Especially interested since you trash the raimi films for not being funny enough and not having Spiderman have more witty dialogue and since this looks overly dark and grim how do you feel so far?

        • You know full well that I dont hate everything Nolan, I love the Prestige and Inception! But you know that!

          As for Spider-Man, well, I agree with you about the first person part, it’s a cool idea but it would have to look a heck of a lot better in the actual film to be more effective. And I agree about Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy, not a great choice, but I like Garfield as Peter, will have to wait and see how it turns out.
          I really don’t like the Raimi films at all, I thought they were horrifically miscast apart from the villains, and yeah this one does look a bit emo-ish but it remains to be seen. I think Spider-Man is such an easy character to adapt, he’s not as complicated as Batman and doesnt have the same issues as Superman, and it’s just one character to get right. It baffles me how they always seem to miss the mark.

          I’m looking forward to both films, honestly, TDKR mainly because Tom Hardy is one of my favourite actors and the possibility of Liam Neeson returning, and Spider-Man looks like it might be able to handle the drama in a way the previous trilogy did not.

          I’d much rather Nolan focused on making his own movies. I’d love to see him take on a Bond movie someday.

          • I know you don’t hate him, but sometimes it’s hard to remember with how much you go out of your way to insult him lol.

            At least we agree on Tom Hardy. He really is a fantastic actor and just oozes charm. I want to say he reminds me of a young someone, but honestly there is no one he reminds me of he just stands out so well on his own.

            I think first person in Spiderman is a terrible idea. Even if it didn’t look like crap I don’t think it’s a good idea. It’s annoying to me.

            I don’t understand anyone supporting Garfield in the role. Not only does he look douchey and twilighty, but he is to old for the part and doesn’t at all look a day under 23. He wouldn’t be convincing as an early college student let alone a high school kid and the entire time he just looks on the verge of tears which isn’t the peter Parker I know. It looks to be over melodramatic like the twilight series.

            My biggest problem however with Garfield is he is lazy. I mean he sleeps all day, and Hates Mondays.

            How Dare you suggest Nolan for any film. You Nolan Lover. Lol I thought that’s what you hated about Nolan fans? I do agree though I think he’d do great on Bond and I don’t even like bond. Nolan should direct it and cast Tom Hardy.

          • No sensible guy worth his reputation would ever touch a Bond Movie. Period.

            • What, like Martin Campbell or Sam Mendes?

              • Campbell and Mendes ??

                Firstly, I did like ‘American Beauty (1999)’ but then that’s it.

                Secondly, James Bond as a character doesn’t amuse me even for pop-corn type of movies. May be because I read some great material on Cold-War and Bond is NOT the type of detective I would be looking for solving critical international issues. He’s totally unconvincing for me.

                And why do you think better ACTION directors OR JUST BETTER DIRECTORS IN GENERAL like James Cameron, Steven Spielberg, Martin Scorsese, Ron Howard, Ridley Scott, Peter Jackson or Michael Mann with impeccable records NEVER touch a James bond movie ??

                The O-N-L-Y thing I absolutely love about James Bond movies are the Theme-songs which are absolutely superb. Everything else just bores me. Yawn. No budget ever spent on Bond movies will ever make me spend some of my own in buying tickets for them for the theaters.

  27. I gotta say dkr has people guessing and thinking. Its gonna be better, its a teaser its not supposed to show a lot, spidey isnt a true teaser. and whats ur dislike of Nolan dr sam? I personally loved all his movies, insomnia might have been his worst but still a good film.

    • My dislike stems more from eveyone else’s obsession with him, frequently reading people saying he should direct everything, he’s a good director but hardly perfect, and I don’t really like The Dark Knight very much.
      It feels like I can’t even say that I don’t like somehting without everyone having a go at me, but I know a lot of people that didnt think TDK was as good as BB, Nolan’s films are technically great but leave me cold, there is little emotion or heart in his films.

      • And for that sir I respect your opinion! Though I do disagree, he makes movies, in my opinion that are realistic. Life isnt all heart felt and lovey dovey. Life can be cold. Think of when the dc sniper was killing people years back, kinda like the joker. there was no love lost there. (Im sure people are gonna hate that comparison lol) Like i said everyone can love and hate their movies, as long as we all can have a discussion and not cal each other idiots for our opinions! keep on writing!

      • You don´t really like The Dark Knight that much?! HOW DARE YOU!

      • (“there is little emotion or heart in Nolan’s films”)

        Apart from the fact that you couldn’t recognize emotional interactions from Memento, Batman Begins and Inception, may be you don’t even appreciate INTELLIGENCE in his movies. EACH movie of his filled to the brim with that feature. Now don’t ask me where it is.

  28. I’m a dead serious DC fan but I’d have to say the spidey’s teaser is much much much better than the batsy’s