‘Dark Knight Rises’ & ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ Trailer Showdown

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Dark Knight Rises Amazing Spider Man trailer discussion e1311199436431 Dark Knight Rises & Amazing Spider Man Trailer Showdown

2012 is going to be another year in which we get four big comic book movies, and two of the four  have all officially debuted their teaser trailers.

So now that we know how The Amazing Spider-Man, and The Dark Knight Rises look onscreen, it’s time for another installment of our DC vs. Marvel movie trailer showdown segment, where we will attempt to answer: which one of these superhero films currently looks like the king of summer 2012?

For the purposes of this breakdown, we’ll post each of the respective trailers below, with a quick look at the pros and cons of each. Once we’ve done some analysis of each trailer, we’ll bring it all home and discuss which film looks the best – based on the brief amount of footage shown in the trailers.

We’ll examine the trailers in the order of their release, starting with The Dark Knight Rises.

[NOTE: This showdown originally included The Avengers, since the first footage leaked on the Net. We’ve been told by the studio that the leaked footage was actually a post-credit “button” in the Marvel Movie tradition, and that an official trailer is still in the works. So while we’re disappointed to leave Marvel’s team-up event out, at least we have a new Avengers trailer to look forward to!]

In the meantime… on with round 2 of our DC vs. Marvel movie trailer showdown!


The Dark Knight Rises Teaser Trailer

In the third and last installment of Chris Nolan’s Batman trilogy, The Dark Knight faces his greatest nemesis yet in the form of Tom Hardy’s Bane, an adversary who may be more than a match for Batman – mentally, psychologically, and physically.

PROS: This teaser trailer certainly succeeds in conveying the grandeur of Nolan’s concluding chapter to Batman’s origin story. The sweeping shot of Gotham crumbling; the epic (if not a cheesy) nature of Gordon’s speech; the air of melodrama carried by the music; and finally, that brief shot of a haggard and scare-looking Batman backing away from the oncoming hulking form of Bane. Yeah, this one has “grand finale” written all over it.

CONS: The trailer is almost a little too grand. There is a line somewhere between drama that moves one’s emotions, and drama that entertains in the way that telenovelas do. In many ways Nolan’s Batman film have been the “anti-comic-book movies,” with their focus on gritty realism as opposed to the heightened drama of most superhero movie fare. I’d hate to see Dark Knight Rises buck that trend and up the black sheep in the bunch.


The Amazing Spider-Man Teaser Trailer


In this re-imagining of the Spider-Man mythos, Peter Parker is a boy struggling with the loss of his parents, the demands of school – and of course, the everyday struggles of being a New York City teenager. Life only gets more complicated when Peter is bitten by a genetically-enhanced spider and gains new abilities he could never dream of. But the miracle of modern science that creates a hero, also condemns a man to villainy, and Peter learns the hard way that with great power comes…well, you know the rest ;-).

PROS: Director Marc Webb ((500) Days of Summer) has always stated his intention to re-imagine Spider-Man according to a more grounded, gritty, and realistic vision. Well, he certainly seems to have achieved that goal. Andrew Garfield certainly appears to be going for a much deeper and brooding version of Peter Parker – and appears to be carrying that load, to boot. Finally, the end POV wall-crawling sequence was pretty cool, and definitely offered a different sort of experience from the Sam Raimi films. If nothing else, ASM justifies its existence as a reboot that will actually offer a fresh perspective.

CONS: Some fans don’t want to have their beloved characters “re-imagined,” and there is certainly going to be backlash about how this movie is trying to “go all Dark Knight on us” with its gritty, darker tone (apparently that’s a bad thing). Speaking of “dark”: that footage in the trailer has a pretty dark color palette in a lot of parts, which is always a concern for a 3D movie. While the outcry about Spider-Man “being British” is just silly (aren’t actors supposed to play people they aren’t?), Garfield is sure to also catch flack for looking like “Emo Parker” in this trailer. Where is that trademark Spidey wit and banter? Finally: this was a bit too withholding in terms of the Spidey and Lizard shots. But color us curious.

And The Winner Is…









Dark Knight Rises Batman vs. Bane Header Dark Knight Rises & Amazing Spider Man Trailer Showdown

It’s The Dark Knight Rises for the win. Right now the word for Amazing Spider-Man is “ambitious.” An updated, modern version of the character’s story. A redesigned costume. Mechanical web-shooters. A retelling of the origin story so soon after Raimi’s films. 3D. And (GASP) an older-than-high-school British actor playing Peter P.

But putting all those gripes aside, Marc Webb’s reboot is either going to fly high or fall flat on its face. Kind of like Spider-Man.

Not so for The Dark Knight Rises. Despite my own gripes about the trailer, it still implies that Nolan will finish this thing out in grand, epic, possibly jaw-dropping fashion. I still don’t think it was the best it could’ve been, but TDKR‘s trailer has me suddenly psyched to see this movie, to the point where I’ve been running around chanting “Bane! Bane! MATALO! MATALO!” for days now. And I’m not even sure that’s what they’re saying.

Which trailer was your favorite? Let us know in the comments.

The Amazing Spider-Man swings in on July 3, 2012.

The Dark Knight Rises in theaters on July 20, 2012.

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  1. I think I hear the 4 horsemen of the Apocalypse approaching….

    I actually agree with Kofi.

  2. Kofi I’m pleasantly surprised. I agree with you. =p

  3. I agree that The Dark Knight Rises is the better trailer. It’s not perfect, and I think that The Dark Knight teaser trailer was better, but it does manage to convey enough tension and drama through the scene with Gordon and the clip of Bane stalking toward a retreating Batman.

    The Spider-Man trailer seems like it’s trying too hard to be different from the previous Spider-Man trilogy, and also striving too much to be as “dark” and somber as Nolan’s Batman movies. It doesn’t feel like Spider-Man. I’m all for a different take on Spider-Man, but it feels forced to go for emo Twilight angst and Dark Knight darkness.

    • I couldn’t agree more with your take on the Spider-Man trailer. Though I agree some of the casting looks great (especially for Uncle Ben) and I like that they seem to be actually taking it from the beginning, it wont be a Spider-Man anything unless he’s throwing out smart ass comments. I always took that to be his coping mechanism, making light of – quite honestly – a really screwed up situation. But, movies can be very different from their trailers and I’ll probably give this a try. That is, until they re-boot it in a few years…

    • How did you get emo twilight angst from that spiderman trailer? I would REALLY like to know. From the looks of the trailer he seems like an outsider and a nerd. I think the trailer looks unfinished and we’ll see a much better one later this year. To be honest I think both the teasers were only average. I got excited, but I didn’t feel like watching it again and again.

      • He compared it to Twilight b/c the film is set in Highschool. Apparently, any film that’s set in HS is just like Twilight.

        • I don’t think the Twilight comparison because of High School. I made the same comparison and it has nothing to do with the fact he is in high school. My only problem with it being in high school is that Garfield couldn’t pass for 21 let alone a teenager.

          The twilight comparison is more along the lines that he not only physically resembles the twilight actor, but uses the same hair style. Not to mention the over dramatic angst of the trailer. Makes it feel like twilight.


    Do they really say that? The chanting thing?

    Because if it is, it should be spelled:

    “Bane! Bane! Matalo! Matalo!”

    Which translated to English (the chanting being Spanish) would mean:

    “Bane! Bane! Kill him! Kill him!”

    • Carlos

      I had it that way first, then thought i was wrong. Changing it. ;-)

      • Could be Portuguese – Matem-No ? Maybe?

        That means Kill Him – and would be appropriate for Bane’s South American Origin.

  5. TDKR was a TEASER and it was still better than the Spider Man Trailer. Less is more indeed.

    I am so freaking curious to see how the fight between Batman and Bane is going to go…Batman backing up as Bane is walking towards him was awesome.

    Meanwhile, everyone already knows what happens in Spider Man. We know the origin story from comics, cartoons and a movie version that is only about 10 years old. NOTHING new in that trailer except for weirdly placed actors and First Person Shooter parkour (actually, that’s not original either).

  6. Even with FAR less actual footage shown, The Dark Knight Rises teaser easily surpasses The Amazing Spider-Man’s.

  7. Spiderman looked generic but was a better trailer IMO. Dark knight had a very “fanmade” vibe to it, and seemed to be thrown together. DKR will be the better film, but spidey takes the first teaser win.

    Avengers wins though, was head and shoulders above both trailers. It was nuts from what I could see.

    • I agree, even though I could barely make out what was happening in the leaked Avengers footage, I thought it was much more awesome than TDKR trailer

  8. By far Spiderman is the better trailer but it looks to me the casting is all wrong! Yikes!!!!

    if you know nothing about Bain and Batman the Dakr knight trailer is a teaser that makes no sense.

    • dude, i know a crapload about both bane, AND Batman, the trailer showed nothing contrary to their characters. just a slightly different mask on Bane, thats all.

      • He said if you know nothing about it then it makes no sense. You know more and it makes sense to you. So kinda what he said.

    • …hence, the term: TEASER.

      It teases.

      • You’re a tease

        • Ummm, yeah.

          • HHHHMMMMMM

            • Hmmmmm. Okay, sure. Whatever.

  9. tdkr wins in my book. it showed enough to get you hype for the movie. if nolan does this right it could surpass tdk. which i did’nt think was possible

  10. as for spidey. it will be good. im sure sony would’nt go to the trouble to do this just to make a crappy reboot, right after 3 great spiderman movies. spiderman is a cash cow for sony so get ready for another trilogy

  11. Agreed, the biggest con for me with ASM is the fact that we will be forced to sit through the origin story.. yeah it worked for Batman Begins but honest… how many people know that origin story compared to Spiderman’s? I loved Spiderman 1 but that hour the first time around was rough, and now I must sit through it again?!

    • Well plus there really wasn’t an orgin for the Tim Burton Batman outside of some flashbacks. So it worked for comic fans and regular-folk.

      • Sony had of had to reboot Spider-Man after the last one. It still made a ton of money but it was a pretty awful film and people let sony know that too. Agreed, I rather now see another how he came to be thing but Webb has to do it if his films are going to go the route of a action/drama like Nolan’s batmans. The Spider Man trailer had to show what it would be about though. Just think if they did a very brief glimpse into the story or what it would actually look like and then flash saying it was a new spider man film. People would be trashing the film till the full length trailer came out.

        Dark Knight Rises will be awesome though. ASM better get all the movie it can get before it releases.

  12. Hmmm… Badass Dark Knight or emo-kid Twilight Spider-man…. ? I’m a huge Marvel fan too, but Batman is gonna destroy Spidey. I bet 80% of people who see a Spider-man trailer are gonna say “Wait, what? a new spider-man? what the hell?” Personally, I think unless they were able to fit him into the Avengers universe, it’s absurd to do this “reboot” now. It’s beyond too soon. It reeks of desperation.

    • Oh, and it doesn’t matter, the Avengers will destroy both.

      • Am I the only person in the world who thinks TDKR will destroy the avengers? Both in quality and at the box office?

        • you are not the only one who thinks that. but i know tdkr is going to crush everything that comes out next year. tdk made 1.2 billion worldwide. are these people serious? and WB gives nolan a crazy budget. this movie is going to annihilate the box office. its going to be movie genocide. my bad i got a lil to hype. but its the truth

          • You have to wonder what effect Heath Ledger had on it. I know I saw it multiple time because of his performance. I think it definitely won’t surpass TDK, general audience appeal isn’t nearly as high. Anyone in the world knows who batman is and know who the joker is, and twoface as well. Whereas the general public has no idea who Bane and Talia Al Ghul are. We still don’t know what Catwoman’s role in this is but so far it seems it’s not huge. You look at what Batman Begins took in at the box office and it’s nowhere close to TDK, and the villains in that were on the same tier as the ones that will be in DKR. It’ll make alot more money than BB, I’d say somewhere in the higher middle between what the first two made.

            And to use that point further people are going to see Avengers multiple times just like they did for TDK. But I doubt it’ll make as much. It remains to be seen the cultural impact it will have. Heath Ledger’s Joker was a popculture icon, and still is. It is one of the top characters/performances in cinematic history. Not sure, and doubt, we get that in The Avengers. Also with releasing it in May they won’t get all the “Summer Vacation” money that TDK benefitted from. The dark knight came out it the middle of sweltering July, so people also flocked to the theater to escape the heat. Harry Potter is benefitting from this right now, and TDKR will next summer as well. Also if The Avengers is in 3D and IMAX, not sure if it is, they’ll get increased revenue from that. Nolan has already said no to 3D, but I’d assume it’ll be in IMAX considering TDK was.

            I think they’ll be close though. I’ll probably see both a couple of times, but I’ll probably see The Avengers a couple more times.

            • Wow, I had to do a double take on your post Ace. Usually, when people bring up the “Heath Ledger effect,” their referring to his death being the only reason TDK made so much money. Your argument that his performance brought so much success to the movie is not only refreshing, but logical.

              As for the 2012 box office battle, The Avengers is going to be huge that first weekend in May. But the problem with that release date is that each progressing week offers more competition to bite into your box office take. Spider-man will need to do well in its first two weekends, because after that is when TDKR comes out. And there really isn’t much in terms of competition after that, save for Bourne Legacy.

      • Don’t forget about the hungar games

  13. I do agree that TDKR teaser was better than spider-mans, but I thought the not-a-teaser for the avengers was sick and is better than both hands down. Although, now I am excited to see what their official teaser trailer will look like.

  14. TDKR hands down.

    Really feels too soon for this kind of reboot despite the different tone.

  15. “…Garfield is sure to also catch flack for looking like “Emo Parker” in this trailer.”

    Would it be more on target to call him “The Amazing Hipster-man”. :D

    • His web shooters are an iPhone app…

  16. My problem with the batman trailer is that it fell between being a teaser and a full trailer. It was more than a teaser but to short to be a full trailer, so I was left a little dissapointed.

    Also other than batman, spiderman, and avengers what is the fourth comic movie?

    • How was it more than a teaser? It was the apitimy of “teaser”. It showed nothing. It teased.

    • Superman maybe? That’s December though.

      And it was completely a trailer. It showed next to nothing.

    • blankman

  17. Was that a resident evil 4 ref? Touche kofi.

  18. Is it fair to compare the two trailers? I mean,one is to tease the end of an established trilogy while the other is to tease the beginning of a new one? These two franchises are in two totally different places.

  19. I respectfully disagree, The Dark Knight Rises trailer was just a teaser and showed us little footage of the film, The Amazing Spiderman trailer showed footage from the movie, put together nicely and a better look of Peter’s life. I still like The Dark knight Rises trailer but the Spiderman trailer to me is just better. Screenrant are you also forgetting The Wolverine and Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengange? There is 6 comicbook adaption movies next year not 4.

  20. TDKR was alright, i thought ASM was great though..

    This is really the re-boot it needs, i can’t watch the original three, slowly getting worse as they go.

    Hard to say which will be better, but ASM is looking promising. Resent trailers and Avengers blows them both away, head and shoulders above the others.

  21. TDR trailer sucks compared to the Spiderman trailer.

    • Yea bc it was only a teaser @Pawn65. Wait till the real trailer comes out next year

      • I didn’t think the TDRs teaser was so impressive either. However I agree with Neal in that I don’t think that Nolan will disappoint wit the first official trailer.

        • Well as many times as i fell asleep watching TDK. I think i will watch something else when it comes out. And im a huge Batman fan.

  22. The Dark Knight Rises did something that I didn’t think was possible; it got me even more excited for the movie than I already was. Seriously, in just a few seconds of new footage, it showed just how high the stakes are raised this time around.

    Spider-Man was kind of…eh. With a lot more footage, it showed far less.

  23. As if this will even be a contest next summer.

    The Dark Knight will rule the box office.

    I predict this will be lowest box office total for a Spider-Man film. Sad really, but I will do my part & not see this atrocious cash-grab.

    As for The Dark Knight, I’ll be there opening weekend to help make it best the Harry Potter opening this year.

    • Yes I really don’t think Spidey will do to good against TDKR. The cast and crew is really awesome for this last installment.

  24. “In this re-imagining of the Spider-Man mythos, Peter Parker is a boy struggling with the loss of his parents, the demands of school – and of course, the everyday struggles of being a New York City teenager. Life only gets more complicated when Peter is bitten by a genetically-enhanced spider and gains new abilities he could never dream of”

    That’s a re-imagining?

  25. How can you even compare? TDKR was an announcement really. It’s been filming for like 2 months. Spiderman is done filming.

  26. In the Dark Knight Rises trailer at the end they are chanting “This is Arkham, Arkham.”

    • Yeah thats what I hear too, it doesn’t sound anything like Bane Bane Matalo

  27. Dark Knight will be a better movie, but it’s trailer was crap. Unless your a fan of Nolan or Batman in general, how will that create excitement in the general movie going audience? I think they are just letting the fact that it’s a Batman film by Nolan do all the advertising. Hopefully the movie itself will do more than relying on the names Nolan and Batman.
    As for Spider-Man, great trailer, loved it, but still not sure if I’m going to see the film.

    • How was it great the majority of it looked like a really bad video game. The rest was just peter looking depressed.

      • Better than any video game i’ve ever seen! And I thought it was OK, same as the TDKR teaser. Did you actually see a shot where peter looked depressed? Nope. Well perhaps that one shot where you see him looking at himself in the window. Still you’re exaggerating which I think implies you didn’t like it :p I want a better trailer that’s for sure. A proper one of the avengers, tdkr and spiderman. Cause so far none of them made me go Oh My god! Or get very excited.