New ‘Dark Knight Rises’, ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ & ‘Mission Impossible 4′ Images

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Amazing Spider Man Dark Knight Rises Mission Impossible Images e1313735658796 New Dark Knight Rises, Amazing Spider Man & Mission Impossible 4 Images

Two big upcoming comic book movies and one big blockbuster sequel – Or maybe its two big IMAX experience sequels and a 3D reboot. However you want to categorize them, today we have new images from The Dark Knight Rises, The Amazing Spider-Man and Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol to share.

As three of the biggest movie release on the horizon, there is literally plenty to see here – including one last POTENTIAL SPOILER from The Dark Knight Rises Pittsburgh set.

First, we’ll talk about The Amazing Spider-Man. We’ve seen many images from the film already, including promo images of the new Spidey costume, set images of the stunt action we’ll see in the film, and more recently, official images that have provided insight into the overall look and tone of director Marc Webb’s take on Spidey. This is all in addition to the Amazing Spider-Man teaser trailer, which gave us a definitive look at the movie’s modern-day approach to the character.

In the midst of all this promotional hoopla, however, there has been a complaint (one of many) that fans have raised: a lack of iconic “Spidey poses.” Well, if that gripe has been your gripe, you’ll need to find a new one: today’s Amazing Spider-Man images are nothing BUT Spider-Man poses seemingly lifted from the comic book.

Check out said images below, courtesy of Uruloki:

The Amazing Spider Man Comic Book Pose 1 280x317 New Dark Knight Rises, Amazing Spider Man & Mission Impossible 4 Images

The Amazing Spider Man Comic Book Pose 2 280x317 New Dark Knight Rises, Amazing Spider Man & Mission Impossible 4 Images

The Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight Rises is almost done shooting in Pittsburgh, PA and I for one think that’s a good thing. So many set videos and Spoiler images leaked out of the Pittsburgh shoot that this third (and presumably final) chapter in Chris Nolan’ s Batman trilogy is virtually an open book in terms of its major action sequences and plot developments. That is, unless Nolan has fooled us all…

Of course, The Dark Knight Rises couldn’t leave the fine city of Pittsburgh without dropping at least one more spoilerific image and/or video – and like other spoilers leaked from the set, this latest image is all about the Batman vehicles.

Check out a tumbler caught in one hell of a pothole, courtesy of Superhero Hype:

Batman Dark Knight Rises Tumbler Wrecked New Dark Knight Rises, Amazing Spider Man & Mission Impossible 4 Images

Now, recent set photos have revealed that bad-boy Bane (Tom Hardy) and his cohorts will have their own arsenal of Tumbler vehicles to use in their assault on Gotham City (they’re the camouflaged-colored models). The Tumbler pictured above is obviously of the Camo variety, which suggests that this is NOT another hit being taken by The Dark Knight, but rather part of his “rise” to hero status.

Moreover, it seems that this image has something to do with the recent Batwing chase sequence we saw being filmed. Is the Tumbler pic above a sample of how Batman lays his ariel smackdown? Check out the video of the Batwing chasing camo Tumblers down the street (courtesy of Subaru WRX Fan). It certainly seems like the wreckage we see follows soon after.

Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol

The fourth installment of the Mission: Impossible franchise is also a semi-reboot, which sees Tom Cruise’s secret agent Ethan Hunt and his IMF team going rogue to clear their names, after they are implicated as terrorists in the bombing of the Russian Kremlin. The “reboot” part comes into play when Cruise’s character hooks up with other secret agents – particularly Jeremy Renner’s character, Brandt – who may take the reigns of the franchise off Cruise’s well-worn hands.

The Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol trailer suggested that Cruise and his co-stars – Renner, Simon Pegg, Paula Patton, Ving Rhames and Josh Holloway – will have some witty banter and engaging chemistry as an ensemble, and this new image echoes that sentiment with a picture of some of the IMF crew together looking very tense and distrustful (never trust anyone in spyland).

Check out the image, courtesy of the Mission: Impossible Facebook Page:


Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol Tom Cruise Jeremy Renner Simon Pegg Paula Patton 280x159 New Dark Knight Rises, Amazing Spider Man & Mission Impossible 4 Images

For the record, in the picture we have Cruise, Renner as the shady Brandt, Pegg as gadget-guy Benji Dunn, and Patton in the background as the “honeypot” agent, Jane Carter.

Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol will be in theaters (and IMAX) on December 21st, 2011

The Amazing Spider-Man swings into theaters and 3D theaters on July 3, 2012.

The Dark Knight Rises in theaters on July 20, 2012.

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  1. Poor Bane

    He has an Alien face hugger on his mouth

    • I knew they would find a way to have Batman fight xenomorphs outside the comics.

      • Nah, just let him die.

      • @ Sully311

        Apparently Batman traveled through space & time somehow onto that planet from the film Avatar to request Stephen Lang’s assistance in designing the Batwing for him.

  2. Spider-man looks great apart from the soles of his shoes. It looks like he’s wearing soccer boots!

    • Lower photo: that’s his “EAT MY GOAL” celebration after scoring the winner against the Frightful Four with an overhead kick.

      So does this mean the silver soles were just protective covers after all that then?

    • not to be a smart ass, but no one wears boots while playing soccer…

      • Barefoot would be hell on the toes though… ;-)

      • Well in Britain they have always been called “Football Boots”!

        Don’t get me started on which sport is the “real” Football! ^-^

    • hahah. At first I thought they looked pretty groovey, functional and would help him with traction. Then I woke up and thought, WTF would a guy who can walk up walls needs help with traction? hahahah!

  3. I think some big nasty tattoos around banes eyes and he really would look more menacing. It would have helped mimic his mask from the comics.

  4. cant wait to see dark knight rises

  5. I mentioned this in the open discussion thread.
    Does anybody think we are getting too much info on TDKR?

    • Way too much. All those news, 20 seconds videos of someone breaking something on the set and all this other stuff that nobody cares about overshadows every other movie that comes out next year.

      • I’ve been trying to avoid as much info as I could on TDKR, I want it to be a surprise when I see it.

    • No. Can you really piece together a semblence of a story with what we have seen?

      A story that we know nothing about already…we know they will fight.

      Sometimes a day of filming only equates to like 5 mins of film time…. I would love to see Nolan have some young person dress up in a Robin like suit try to hide leak some pictures and deny it.

      • @Aknot:
        True true. All I know is that there is an extended chase through Gotham and Bane&Batman fight on some steps. But TDKR spoilers are a drug. Highly addictive & prompt mood swings.

  6. What happened to the Tumbler? It was being driven by this guy:

  7. TDKR is my most anticipated movie. On that note, I hope that Nolan puts some kind of nod to The Joker and all that he has done. I know he took Ledger’s death hard but the Batman is nothing w/o the Joker. They define each other.

  8. Ahh, the long awaited Spider-Man takes a poop promotional shot.

    Side by side with the Nike Spider Soccer Cleats Promo too…

  9. Banes mask actually looks like something an anesthesiologist would use to give some an inhaled anesthetic like sevoflurane or isoflurane. The portion of the mask on the mouth looks like there are injectors on the top and bottom or little storage canisters attached to injector which then attched to the straps or headgear..This type of headgear is commonly used in the medical profession to strap or fasten anesthetic masks or sleep aid devices to patients faces to assist them breathe at night.. Looks very realistic to it’s not stylish or cool looking but it is very practical especially if he is using the venom (not sure if that is what it is) like an inhalation anesthetic ..

    • Yea, I am admirer of the comics and lover of Batman:TAS. I Was expecting the luchador mask but I can see the reason for change. Besides the inhaltaion aspect this also allows for Bane to show some facial expressions. My only gripe will be if Bane does not speak with some sort of Latino accent. Oh major sad face indeeed.

      • seriously. If he talks like a white dude imma be pissed. That was my biggest problem with tom hardy being cast is because he looks nothing like the Cuban/Costa rican strongman super criminal genius I grew up with. And I know the venom is what gives him superstrength and all but he’s a pretty strong guy with out it as well. He made himself king of Santa prisca with his strength and fighting abilities way before he was given any venom.

        • From what I hear, he speaks with a European accent.

        • @Jay19:
          Well upon consulting my hand dandy comic book consultant, I learned this. Bane is of English and Latino descent. His father was an English Knight who led a rebellion on Santa Prisca and laid down with Bane’s mama on cold nights. When they were losing, Sir Edmund (Bane’s Papa) left the island and his mama. So Bane was left in the prison to serve his daddy’s prison sentence. Also on the times he did remove his mask, Bane has looked like a blonde haired “white dude”.

          @Hiro the Eight Samurai:
          European accent? No bueno. sigh. Explains the stylish jacket. Let us hope you are wrong.

          Yea, It is a little disappointing that he is not wearing his luchador mask. But I do like the change with his face being exposed for the reason it allows for facial expression. I can imagine Bane holding that menacing look the entire time while Batman tries to disuade him or figure out his motives to no avail. True Evil. I saw this photoshop that made a slight change.

      • @ Ignur Rant

        Same here. Bane is my 2nd favorite villain of Batman’s & i was disappointed how they had him played out in Batman & Robin and i’ll hate to be disappointed a 2nd time. I was hoping for Bane to appear in appearance close to the comic, luchador mask, etc., even seen great fan or artist work that would make him look great in Nolan’s film. I never seen Hardy’s work in any of his films but he’s just the actor so i hope Nolan’s vision of the character does well for me to enjoy the film.

  10. Eww Tumbler enters the sewer main! Wouldn’t that be cool, traveling down the pipe screwing up the road on the surface as it goes, people and cars trying to get off of the collapsing highway as this crest of mayhem heads their way, Batman trying to cut it off with missile strikes; Maximum carnage!!

    Has anyone determined if this flying machine is a chopper or what? Looks like a cross between a tumbler and the vehicle flown around in “Batman Beyond.” Seems to travel too slow to be a conventional jet aircraft. Maybe Batman’s new Tumbler hovers and flies now…

    Ethan Hunt should go into semi-retirement after this movie, bring some change to the franchise. Maybe He’ll go into management…

    • The two big pods on the front look like turbine engines, old man – some kind of VTOL-capable jet aircraft maybe, even though the aerodynamics are questionable?

      • Yeah I think your right about the VTOL being in there somewhere. I just wondered if the look would be consistent with a turboprop aircraft, rather than a bonafide jet plane? Perhaps a helicopter, even if that’s inconsistent with overall elements of the movie. It seems that Batman travels out of the country in at least one scene, a Batwing makes more sense. At any rate more aircraft time will be in this movie than in the last two…

  11. Ugh, I am NOT looking forward to the Spider-Man fiasco. Every single thing I have seen on this movie has not made me want to see it. From the casting to the plot to the pictures to the teaser, NOTHING has impressed me. Hopefully this bombs and Sony gives the rights back to Marvel and we get a PROPER Spider-Man film.

  12. pardon me who is replacing maguire again andrew garfield right? He may make an ok spiderman but noone can be as perfect as Mr. Maguire. Those who thought the first 2 spidey flicks were awesome and better than the 3rd one while the 3rd movie had 2 major characters, Sandman and Venom very underdeveloped probably the only times when major villains were greatly developed was the first and final fightscenes of sm3 come on harry was much more greatly developed than his father who barely fought spidey flying on his glider and that first fightscene in s3 was absolutely amazing the fighting was very intense as it was a tough aerial scene to make and in the final fightscene it made sense for a 100ft sandmonster pounding on a tiny little human bug to get attacked by a villain just about his level. each of the fightscenes in s1 had only up to several hits when goblin was off of his glider and up to a few times of attacks between the 2 rivals aerial with spidey webslinging and/or goblin on his glider. don`t u maguire fans think it kinda sucks not being able to c the perfect spidey and one of his greatest villains together in a greatly developed fightscene excluding that of peter and harry which was the best developed fightscene of either 2 of the kind that takes the role as a very deadly villain. and even if doc ock was one of the few most deadly villains “in the comics” come on a guy with tentacles up to several feet is very easy to develop and even if spidey couldn`t hit the surface of the villain`s body through 4 powerful tentacles i bet a cop could take the villain`s a$$ down through a simple gun shot a guy with technological robotic tentacles is very similar and very close to our reality and is very easy to develop a good villain needs to be quite a bit difficult to develop, doesn`t it? with a few fightscenes with tiny little tentacles that up to a couple times blasted spidey at atleast 50 feet away or hit a tiny little smack on him u say spidey 2 had the “best fightscenes”? y, cuz it was easier with a villain that “may have been one of spidey`s top villains in the comics” but is very easy to develop to be developed in a story that makes sense for spidey to survive in with closest to 100% of effort as possible against spidey at every hundreth of a second the villain aimed at him? don`t u maguire fans think it SUCKS THAT OUR SPIDEY AND EACH OF 5 OF HIS VERY TOP FEW VILLAINS WERE ONLY DEVELOPED AGAINST EACHOTHER AS MUCH AS THEY WERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know everyone is entitled to an opinion but i can`t picture any perfect spidey other than maguire. p.s,… i use the letter “u” in place of the word “you” and the letter “y” in place of the word “why” because i`m lazy. whatever i type incorrectly is intended to be known as whatever word or words it sounds mostly like.

    • We are entitled to opinions and IMO Maguire was somewhere between horrible and emmotional. It was like watching 90210 with action scenes. When he wasnt crying as Peter he was crying as Spider-man. So many woes. I am not 100% with this new Spider-man but I do hope we find the humor in there somewhere.

      Bigger question. Where does Garfield put all his hair under that Spidey mask. It plagues me so.

      • what do you mean by “emotional”?

        • Uumm. The constant crying and sulking. Similiar to an episode of ‘Days of Our Lives’

          • But hey you love him and I loathe him. I also hear Miracle Whip is wildly popular.

      • @Ignur Rant: Couldn’t agree more! McGuire is too depressing (which means he was a terrible choice for Peter Parker/Spidey)

        And I also want to know where Garfield puts all that hair… ;)

    • Wow 62 you started to get really revved up there and then fell off the page! Slow down your rushing and your thoughts are running together. ;)

      The core problem, and this has kind of been talked to death here, is that Sony introduced the baloney of overcrowding the #3 story then extinguished Venom at the end of movie 3. By doing so they messed their own bed, because they left very few places for them to go. They couldn’t do Carnage because of the way they ended Venom and really I think no one enjoyed how they treated the Venom’s character development. Venom’s a character that deserves his own movie every bit as much as Carnage or Sandman. After the dust settled, I think the whole cast and the director soured on the franchise. Sure they tried to be positive, but it seemed like Raimi was just going through the motions. Their was talk of using the Lizard, Mysterio, and finally settled on Vulture, but Raimi seemed lost or unmotivated, because the whole process had slowed down to the speed of drying mud. Finally something had to give and, well, you’ve probably heard all this before..

      So now we have this stuff, “Amazing Spider-man.” Personally at this point I can roll with the idea but two things bug me. First they’ve pretty much made it necessary to reboot. That’s Sony’s fault imho and I don’t know if it’s because I’m an old timer or what but Garfield doesn’t seem to embody the Parker character from a visual point of view. Now to be fair he might really make the character his own and I guess we’ll all have to live with that. I recognize allot of people are pulling for the whole enterprise but I’m set in my ways and I just can’t get past my distaste. Especially for a retelling of the origin story, despite seeing the necessity for it. Sony made it necessary and ditched a few good people because of their mistake! I just wonder if the bozos that insisted that Venom be in movie 3 are still around to screw up another movie at some point? Pity their dismissal wasn’t headlines, though I doubt they felt the consequences as much as some other more high profile people…

      • yes i know what screwed up sm3, your point is? “by doing so they messed their own bed, because they left very few places for them to go.” were you talking about the villains? and your talks about the underdeveloped characters in Sm3 i can`t see how it was because of “too many villains” or “the inclusion of a particular villain” wasn`t it just cuz another villain with 2 others was insisted too late in scripting? so what are you trying to tell me here, the reason why the franchise had to go down the way it did?and that it woulda been better with raimi`s interest in the sm4 villains? are you trying to tell me that i shouldn`t have expected a good spidey trilogy with greatly developed villains no matter what little it wooda cost and that i`m missing that raimi wooda made a good 4th film if the studio hadn`t argued with him so that i know who to blame? or are you just trying to tell me i absolutely couldn`t expect a good spidey franchise at all?

        • Yes they pretty much burned through the villains. the narrow corridor those decisions put Raimi and company in, left allot to be desired where they could have taken a fourth film. A fourth film focusing on Venom would have led to a viable sequel. I don’t know how you interpreted it but Venom looked done at the end of #3. A Venom centered 4th film would have opened a way to a Carnage centered 5th film. Instead you had just a few options for a fourth film and it’s obvious no one close to the production was very enthusiastic about it. These movies build from one to the other and one expects a certain continuity especially when they start out that way. Very few threads were left over in “SP3″ to carry over into a fourth picture. Does that make any sense?

          Sure it’s possible to start out cold into a fourth film, develop from there, but Vulture? Since Fox has, as far as I know the rights to the Kingpin character branching off in that direction for Sony wasn’t going to happen and at the time the second string gallery wasn’t a clear path to a successful sequel. The top shelf villains had been exploited, so where do you go for the big buzz generation you want to draw people to see a fourth picture? Some thought Scorpion was the answer and the vampire angle (Morbius) was pretty loathed because of “Twilight’s” popularity. Remember “SP3″ came out in 2007 and Raimi had been working since then on the fourth installment. Sony wanted an “SP4″ film for 2011 but after 4 tries to make the script into something satisfactory, supposedly Raimi balked at going with what they had and pulled out. Personally imo this all was foreordained with the insistence of Venom in #3. They left Raimi with trying to invent a tent pole film without a viable way to create a story…

  13. also “2 many villains” is not such an existence for altleast a dozen supervillains. it depends upon the story because in our reality people can take down many villains independently just doesn`t take ease it can take close to death to triumph over several villains. spidey and his villain/villains seperated from his level/strength as much as the villain/villains in our reality seperated from ours` is very similar. what i mean by that is that a villain 2 times his strength is similar to a villain 2 times our strength as the level of difficulty doesn`t depend upon the combination of power within the set of rivals.

    and recall that i use the number 2 in place of the word “too” not meaning something such as the quantity of 2 villains being many. in my speech the similar sounding pieces letters,words, and/or numbers may replace eachother`s meanings.

  14. I meant to put the word “of” in front of the word “letters” in the 2nd paragraph of my 2nd post.

  15. I will give ASM a chance .
    And if I dont like it, The last person that I will blame is Andrew Garfield.

  16. wat i ment is wat that has to do with his bad acting

  17. Hey, 62 Diameter!
    You can use “c”, “u”, “y” etc. all you like, but how about wanting to be understood? May I also suggest you use some punctuation marks? I, for one, was completely lost in the flow of letters (almost) uninterrupted.
    truly friendly SR neighbour.
    P.S. Am interested to see what they did with ASM compared to Raimi/Maguire’s version. I prefer organic web-shooters, though.

    • @tinsr21:
      Some advise: I was like you – telling people off about their language/grammar usage – TRUST ME – no one likes it and no one will listen to your complaint – sadly, some people don’t know how to spell – best to just leave them be (if they can’t even spell, their comments can’t be that intellectual or insightful anyway, right?) – not worth it – people will just paint you as the “grammar police”.
      I try to ignore these guys (who can’t spell) as best I can, and I would suggest you do the same – let’s keep it civilized.

      • Thanks.
        Actually, I was trying my best NOT to write anything, but I failed. Just could not help myself. But one can always strive for perfection (as in keeping my mouth shut), right? :DDD

        And I HATE all these spoilery TDKR pictures, vids etc., but I click obsessively anything TDKR-related. I’m pathetic.

  18. The Dark Knight Rises:
    Bane looks terrible – they should have done CGI or something with that character – he just looks SOOO short! and skinny (i.e. not bulky and ripped enough). I still have high hopes for TDKR though.

    The Amazing Spider-Man:
    My only wish for the new Spider-Man movie is that IT SHOULD BE FUNNY. I really hope the film has a lot of humor. The first trilogy was depressing (thank you McGuire) – I actually had some suicidal tenancies while watching the first 3 films (okay… maybe that’s an over exaggeration…) – but, sadly, after watching the trailer, it seems my wish won’t come true – every second of that trailer just screamed EMO! EMO! EMO! at me.

    Mission Impossible 4:
    Meh, don’t care. Never did. Sorry.

    • @TheAvenger:
      About TDK: I have learned that we have spoiled ourselves about Bane’s look. If we only look at the official pics (The poster and the Teaser) Bane looks pretty bad @&$ I think there will be some CGI and trick photography to a degree but I don’t want the Arkham Asylum Bane. When we got our second Joker image during the interrogation scene I was royally pissed. A war paint joker? And a half @&$ paint job at that. Well eventually the movie came and I loved it. But back on Bane. They def could have found a bigger actor to play said character but I am willing to wait. I talk soooo much @&$# about The Joker and now I have learned to wait. All of Nolan’s movie have some aort of twist to them and misdirection.

      About ASM:
      Yes. I agree. Lets bring back some humor. Suicidal Tendencies though LOL.
      SideNote: After enlarging the costume pics for the first time, are those astro turf cleats on the bottom of his boots.

      About M.I. 4:
      Knight and Day is my favorite HBO movie right now so I got a Why Not approach to it.

  19. Awesome photos especially Amazing Spiderman and Mission Impossible 4.

  20. Looking forward to the DKR, couldn’t really care lress about Spiderman or Mission Impossible 4.

  21. I apologize, unless it`s an independent sentence as an entire post i`ll put periods and i`ll try to put commas when necessary.

  22. I’m sorry I’m not feelin the Bat-alien hovership thing. Not tryin to troll, just it looks too much like a flying tumbler (which they seriously should have replaced for this movie). I watched Batman: Under the Red Hood yesterday and I love the Batwing in that movie. If they do “reimagine’ or “reboot” Batman in the next few years, make it like that.

    • Cap, I do agree with you (what else is new ;)), but I feel we should wait and see what it’ll look like in the film. For all we know, that’s just a prototype or something. I’m probably being optimistic, what the frack right?

      I don’t really care anyways, because I know the best movie-vehicles of 2012 will come from the Avengers (the concept art of the Quinjet and Helecarrier look unbelievable) – IMO, nothing will beat that.

      • As I run to the aid of TDKR like Bucky does Steve Rogers. Again lol. One thing I learn to accept with the Nolanverse is that it is like the Ultimate universe. Similiar but seperate. I dont expect the designs to be the same as the comics or animations. Coupled with the fact that this Batman has only been existence for about a year tops by the end of TDK, I don’t expect him to have much Bat-shaped anything. He is getting his equipment from prototype bin from the R&D Department.

        An actually jet would not work simply because you would not be able to fly a jet between the streets of any city. A helicopter, yes, hence why the Batgyro (I think its gonna be called. homage to the orginal) is a propulsion based aircraft with a like helicopter manuervability. Some people loathe Tumbler but I love it especially when it’s running over GCPD cars. And so ends my rant.

        SideNote: I do think The Avengers is gonna have the most fresh off the comic book pages look of all time.

  23. The technology and master craft being exercised in this film will make it one of the most successful installments to a brilliant saga.

  24. forgive me if someone already made this comment.
    is the batwing the back half of a tumbler after the batpod detaches?
    maybe the bat and the cat are in the tumbler up at gotham lookout/makeout point when they notice some crazy stuff going on. maybe a failed partnership will lead him to take a certain young boy under his wing.
    the batpod is hard to drive, does catwoman get lessons from bruce or alfred? do we really want the bat and the cat working as partners?

  25. I believe i know how bane is going to finish off the batman in the trailer…

    ****SPOILER ALERT*****

    Bane who confronts Batman in the trailer steps up into a warehouse/bat cave. Shooters have surrounded Batman as seen in the brief clip if you watch closely you’ll notice a shooter in the far right corner. This means if Batman leaves the circle he’ll be shot. Worn out and broken the batman lunges at Bane. Bane however kneels down and rises up picking up the Batman twisting him in mid air then dropping him down on his knee.

    Now here is where things get interesting…

    He rips off the batman’s mask and believes he has just crippled the bat although it was a tad too easy. But to us (the audience) we know this person he has just crippled is not the “caped crusader” but a phony, a pretender (as seen in TDK). Bane tosses him onto the street of Gotham for two reasons.

    The first reason is to appease his followers.

    The second is to draw out of hiding who he believes is the real dark knight. Who has been missing for a long while.

    What do you think?

    Am i close…

    • Sounds good. Could be why Gordan is lying in bed looking like he’s going through some serious pain.

      • You know something. I didn’t even make that connection when i hypothesized it. Wow! Perhaps that is Gordon.

        Thanks d-man. You should right movies.

  26. ok um garfield is in his late 20`s meaning going on for altleast 5 movies he`d have to be in his 40`s the age where you have to definitely have a wife and kid(s) how they gonna handle a kid in the film knowing that his father must keep his secret identity also i certainly hope no “spider-kid” gets involved and after superhero franchise reboots is it possible to make more though i really don`t care at all for this spidey franchise becuz i only have one right spidey, though it`s a film not reality i like how spidey is more close to reality than just a flying superhero i certainly hope it`s not a spoiling reality for weak humans in sm`s reality because having a longer life span it`d put more work on them having the same difficult reality as us. spidey living with an energy span for 110 years while fighting villains in the lifetime as in this world many babies haven`t survived with a parent in their late 40`s, i certainly hope there`s a good way not to spoil their reality compared to us if we want to relate to a connection to our reality-and for that the ratio of their lifespan to us doesn`t mean 2 much a lesser ratio of difficulty of them to us.

  27. more work on the studio, wherever i placed the words “more work.” those who are criticized for hating sm3 so much that there has to be a reboot, um, i`m sorry there is a purpose of difficulty in life and having flaws like s3 gives me the idea that being able to make up for just any kind of variety of mistake is too spoiling.

  28. just one more thing for tonight: I AM INFURIATED BECUZ I`VE BEEN TOLD THAT I`M STUPID TO THINK THERE SHOULDN`T BE A SM4 AFTER SM3 I BELIEVE I`M ENTITLED TO AN OPINION FOR A REASON EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON WHEN SOMEONE THINKS SOMETHING THEY THINK IT`S FOR A GOOD REASON SO I BELIEVE THERE`S NO RIGHT TO TELL THEM THAT THEY`RE STUPID and besides the maguire, the only problem i have is he`s too short, spidey doesn`t have to be tall but he can be medium height, why we need to have a weak little 5`4″ actor like a tiny little spider kid being a show-off against villains, i don`t want any bit of short or any bit of tall to play spidey. yeah i guess no matter wat the spidey franchise woulda went down, life is unfortunate.


    HUH?? I don’t think I’M implying that in any way!?? I’m just trying to share my perspective on the problems that existed at the time Sony wanted a fourth Spider-man movie and why I thought they went the other way. So I’m not saying the idea is stupid.

    Since Raimi wasn’t going to make another movie and they had boxed themselves in to an extent, with SM#3′s story, what Sony did was reasonable from their point of view. I never said I liked it by the way! After three or four years struggling to create a story they could’ve took that work hired a new team and tried to recraft it into something better, or is it easier and better to start from the beginning? That’s the problem they faced. If your going to put 200 Million dollars on the line to produce a film you know you’ve got to have a top notch story to sell it. It has to be sold, not just to fans, but general audiences too.
    Raimi didn’t have a story that satisfied him that could be brought in under Sony’s time constraints. Perhaps Sony executives weren’t impressed by the whole Vultures/lizard script concept? Your starting out pretty cold, little continuity from #3 to carry viewers into the events for a #4.

    Here I’ll detail a admittedly second rate story outline, you tell me if you would have green lighted development..

    OK the dust has settled in Peter and Mary Jane’s life and guess what both of their careers start to take off. Peter is offered a job as an assistant teacher under Dr. Connors. Mary Jane is discovered by a mysterious director just in New York from Europe. Connors, is naturally working on research in cell rejuvenation and that attracts the attention of Adrian Toomes an aging professor at the college and an Oscorp funded military researcher. Connors makes a breakthrough with Parker’s help and Toomes takes notice. Toomes Granddaughter is in Connors class as well and is being tutored by Parker. Toomes makes an attempt to get Connors to lend him his research to push his own weapons development and steals the rejuvenation serum. With Toomes threatening Connors funding and family life Connors takes a rash step and uses the serum he is working on to regrow limbs and turns into the lizard. He does this because additionally time is running out for Connors to show more promising results.

    Meanwhile Toomes uses his own expertise on the Connors variant serum to regain his lost vigor and help counteract a new health problem of early stage cancer, (perhaps one of the untreatable kinds like Pancreatic.) As the lizard, Connors loses some of his humanity and ends up running amok in the city. Toomes who now has perfected his flying suit research and is attempting to chase down Connors decides to make a few robberies on the side as well. Spider-man takes notice and has fight scenes with both, including a double team with Toomes granddaughter after Spider-man initially defeats a weakened Vulture when the serum begins to fail him.

    Meanwhile Mary Jane is whisked off to Europe where she becomes the center of a play that becomes so popular that she’s tapped to play the lead in a movie adaptation. She meets and comes to know a student named Morbius a relative of her new found mentor who has intentions to go to New York and study at Empire State. She tells him about her and Peter and that Peter could help him. The conversation leads her to write Morbius a letter of introduction to Peter. On the other side of the Atlantic, Parker discovers a way to electronically defeat the Vultures suits and Toomes ends up arrested. Connors has a final fight with Spider-man who has now invented a Spider stinger cartridge for a new wrist web shooter that Spider-Man uses to enhance his ability to use organic webbing. The stinger uses a special toxin that counteracts Connors serum.