New ‘Dark Knight Rises’, ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ & ‘Mission Impossible 4′ Images

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Amazing Spider Man Dark Knight Rises Mission Impossible Images e1313735658796 New Dark Knight Rises, Amazing Spider Man & Mission Impossible 4 Images

Two big upcoming comic book movies and one big blockbuster sequel – Or maybe its two big IMAX experience sequels and a 3D reboot. However you want to categorize them, today we have new images from The Dark Knight Rises, The Amazing Spider-Man and Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol to share.

As three of the biggest movie release on the horizon, there is literally plenty to see here – including one last POTENTIAL SPOILER from The Dark Knight Rises Pittsburgh set.

First, we’ll talk about The Amazing Spider-Man. We’ve seen many images from the film already, including promo images of the new Spidey costume, set images of the stunt action we’ll see in the film, and more recently, official images that have provided insight into the overall look and tone of director Marc Webb’s take on Spidey. This is all in addition to the Amazing Spider-Man teaser trailer, which gave us a definitive look at the movie’s modern-day approach to the character.

In the midst of all this promotional hoopla, however, there has been a complaint (one of many) that fans have raised: a lack of iconic “Spidey poses.” Well, if that gripe has been your gripe, you’ll need to find a new one: today’s Amazing Spider-Man images are nothing BUT Spider-Man poses seemingly lifted from the comic book.

Check out said images below, courtesy of Uruloki:

The Amazing Spider Man Comic Book Pose 1 280x317 New Dark Knight Rises, Amazing Spider Man & Mission Impossible 4 Images

The Amazing Spider Man Comic Book Pose 2 280x317 New Dark Knight Rises, Amazing Spider Man & Mission Impossible 4 Images

The Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight Rises is almost done shooting in Pittsburgh, PA and I for one think that’s a good thing. So many set videos and Spoiler images leaked out of the Pittsburgh shoot that this third (and presumably final) chapter in Chris Nolan’ s Batman trilogy is virtually an open book in terms of its major action sequences and plot developments. That is, unless Nolan has fooled us all…

Of course, The Dark Knight Rises couldn’t leave the fine city of Pittsburgh without dropping at least one more spoilerific image and/or video – and like other spoilers leaked from the set, this latest image is all about the Batman vehicles.

Check out a tumbler caught in one hell of a pothole, courtesy of Superhero Hype:

Batman Dark Knight Rises Tumbler Wrecked New Dark Knight Rises, Amazing Spider Man & Mission Impossible 4 Images

Now, recent set photos have revealed that bad-boy Bane (Tom Hardy) and his cohorts will have their own arsenal of Tumbler vehicles to use in their assault on Gotham City (they’re the camouflaged-colored models). The Tumbler pictured above is obviously of the Camo variety, which suggests that this is NOT another hit being taken by The Dark Knight, but rather part of his “rise” to hero status.

Moreover, it seems that this image has something to do with the recent Batwing chase sequence we saw being filmed. Is the Tumbler pic above a sample of how Batman lays his ariel smackdown? Check out the video of the Batwing chasing camo Tumblers down the street (courtesy of Subaru WRX Fan). It certainly seems like the wreckage we see follows soon after.

Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol

The fourth installment of the Mission: Impossible franchise is also a semi-reboot, which sees Tom Cruise’s secret agent Ethan Hunt and his IMF team going rogue to clear their names, after they are implicated as terrorists in the bombing of the Russian Kremlin. The “reboot” part comes into play when Cruise’s character hooks up with other secret agents – particularly Jeremy Renner’s character, Brandt – who may take the reigns of the franchise off Cruise’s well-worn hands.

The Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol trailer suggested that Cruise and his co-stars – Renner, Simon Pegg, Paula Patton, Ving Rhames and Josh Holloway – will have some witty banter and engaging chemistry as an ensemble, and this new image echoes that sentiment with a picture of some of the IMF crew together looking very tense and distrustful (never trust anyone in spyland).

Check out the image, courtesy of the Mission: Impossible Facebook Page:


Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol Tom Cruise Jeremy Renner Simon Pegg Paula Patton 280x159 New Dark Knight Rises, Amazing Spider Man & Mission Impossible 4 Images

For the record, in the picture we have Cruise, Renner as the shady Brandt, Pegg as gadget-guy Benji Dunn, and Patton in the background as the “honeypot” agent, Jane Carter.

Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol will be in theaters (and IMAX) on December 21st, 2011

The Amazing Spider-Man swings into theaters and 3D theaters on July 3, 2012.

The Dark Knight Rises in theaters on July 20, 2012.

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  1. that probably wooda been the best film in the 4 but once again they screwed up such great villains and with harry dead what`s even the worth of spidey`s journey of epic adventures to continue with best friend dead at college age, and i prefer all villains don`t get tooken down until the end of the movie, but then now i start to think it`s mainly important how long you can go without completely remembering and/or understanding everything that happened in a film and how difficult the plot is. the movie wood have to be confusing not mainly focusing on the thrilling journey between the rivals but how it affects innocents` careers. the transformers films had tons of villains but then again the origin and effect relationship was set up differently in TF than SM. i wish we had atleast one movie with a top villain, and before any superhero or villain team ups, spidey takes down the villains himself. i can see one complaint over “too many villains” wen sm didn`t take one of them himself yet so how he takes `em both down, after he takes each of `em down individually is wen shood be the team ups, but i c wat they mean saying of how easy it was for spidey to take down 1 villain by himself so early. but again i guess it depends on how difficult the journey is and how long the film can stay exciting not revealing wat to expect. why we`d care for lesser villins wen they pretty much eased and/or killed the stories with the top villains?

    • Well thanks, but it has problems and kind of illustrates how you have to move the characters around to set up the conflicts, lives, resolutions, and leave something extra to keep the audience interested in coming back. No matter what villains you use their has to be sufficient setup, believability, continuity, its like a jigsaw puzzle. Having the right pieces, which you create, can either be too rough hewn to work very well or make a picture that looks like a photograph or a painting.

      Having Harry die in #3 left allot to be desired and the finality of it would take a major, too fantastical story to retcon. They could do something cheesy like bring in a lost brother or relative of a similar age but who wouldn’t hate on that? They did what they did and it is what it is, as young people often say to me. So with a reboot they get the chance to do it all over again and see if it flows any better.

      I think I understand what your saying about the characters that support the story being more in focus, the Transformers movies were like that to an extent and people complained about taking the focus away from the bots and giving it to humans. I can imagine some eventually complaining about doing that with other properties. In a series of course you have the luxury to branch out and encompass a more complete world, making the story more about an ensemble cast of characters versus focusing 90% on 3 or 4. Getting the mix just right is tricky. The first two X-Men films had the same issue. The comics embrace dozens of characters and the first two films juggled 18+ major characters and quite few others as well. With casts like this you start needing score cards to get the average viewer through the movie! Of course their are answers to all this as you well know. They work or they don’t depending on the craft levels, time invested etc,etc.

      You last points about how teams conflict differing from individual conflicts, they all come with choreographic issues not unlike most other movies you see today with the same types of conflict. Whether your talking about the latter Harry Potter films the war scenes in something like “Saving Private Ryan” or hitting closer to what we’re talking about, contrast X-1 and 2′s conflicts with the all out battle at the end of X-3. As more of these get made I’m sure you’ll have ever more sophisticated action to enjoy, but never forget as the action moves to the Nth degree and it starts to encompass more of the point of the story the originality and spectacle becomes tarnished. What’s to differentiate watching a movie then, versus someone play a video game on YouTube at that point? It has to be brought back into perspective of course and play to the strengths of the chosen medium…

  2. well i guess the most important thing to me is how long we can go without remembering and/or understanding the movie as well as seeing how the believability works. if all we expect is a happy ending then it will suck knowing already how the movie will turn out, which is why we need to see it as how well we can relate it to a real imagination of our life. one thing that concerns me about that though, if an ordinary filmmaking team can picture a period in reality that is believable but extroardinary like that of the times of the transformers conflicts, isn`t that like being the actual characters themselves? we are only humans, how can we afford to set up a periodic believable story knowing all the scientific and natural concepts , and all the events that take place and where externally and internally with extraodinary objects/beings such as the autobots unless we`re a team of scientists or knowers of every external/internal scientific and human daily routinely fact(the connected system of every job) of all things +events, therefore, we know how evil outrageos alien robots can affect the daily routine of a city in a working system in the real world regarding every natural/scientific internal/external concept as well as completely into the insight of how a system in a city works with typically, how every person in a city`s system has a job and they work to keep the system going, the world in which we live in today, what each job is and how it contributes to the system?

  3. hmm actually ok never mind i get the idea of the interest- you can`t be or see the characters in life but are actually able to make an illusion like them