Christopher Nolan Meeting with Actresses for Dark Knight Rises

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Dark Knight Rises Female Leads Casting Christopher Nolan Meeting with Actresses for Dark Knight Rises

For weeks we’ve been hearing rumors about the The Dark Knight Rises casting – especially with regard to potential female leads.

While it’s still unclear exactly what lady characters will be portrayed in The Dark Knight Rises, a new report may have narrowed down the possible actresses moving to Gotham City, as well as lent credibility to the previous rumor of two female leads – one Bruce Wayne love interest and one Bat-villain.

Deadline claims that Nolan is schedule to meet with a group of eligible young actresses for one of two roles in The Dark Knight Rises. Similar to previous rumors, it sounds as if the film will feature two female headliners. The list of actresses up for the roles represent a terrific batch of young talent including Rachel Weisz, Naomi Watts, Blake Lively, Natalie Portman, Anne Hathaway, and Keira Knightley.

Of course, the identity of any potential characters is still tightly under-wraps; though, given the aforementioned list of potential leading ladies, any of the earlier possibilities, such as Catwoman or Talia al Ghul, could certainly still make an appearance.

That said, one interesting detail especially worth noting: the list (with the exception of Naomi Watts and Rachel Weisz) skews younger than the prior casting of Katie Holmes and Maggie Gyllenhaal. While not a huge point, a younger group of actresses could lend credibility toward rumors of Talia al Ghul, or even Harley Quinn, appearing as a villain in the film – while narrowing the Bruce Wayne love-interest down to Watts or Weisz (who, in terms of age, stick out a bit in this group).

Instead of creating another non-canon love interest (ala Rachel Dawes), could Nolan be planning on slipping Watts or Weisz into a more iconic Batman love interest role – such as Vicki Vale (previously portrayed by Kim Basinger in the first Tim Burton Batman film) or Julie Madison (played by Elle Macpherson in Batman & Robin)?

Sure, Bruce Wayne is a playboy but watching 36 year-old Christian Bale running around with Blake Lively, who is only 23 in real-life, seems like a stretch – something that a careful filmmaker like Nolan wouldn’t do (imagine Ellen Page as Leonardo DiCaprio’s love interest in Inception). Instead, the report seems to hint at a more intentional casting call – for younger actresses who can step into the role of a twisted, but youthful, antagonist.

Prior reports claimed that Nolan planned to cast an actresses in her late twenties or early thirties for the role of Catwoman; though, looking at the batch of actresses on the list, only a few seem capable of pulling off the Selina Kyle/Catwoman combo. That said, who would have thought Scarlett Johansson would have been so perfect for Black Widow?

Given the lashing that Halle Berry gave the Catwoman franchise, should Nolan move forward with the character, DC has got to be pushing for a Heath Ledger-level performance – to win back interest in Catwoman. Despite a myriad of talent on the list, Anne Hathaway or Keira Knightly seem like the more likely choices. Portman would certainly be interesting in the role but, given her affiliation with Marvel’s Thor franchise, it’s hard to imagine the prolific actress jumping into another comic book franchise female lead for awhile.

catwoman in batman 3 Christopher Nolan Meeting with Actresses for Dark Knight Rises

Watts (or even Weisz) would actually be my top choice for Catwoman, out the names on the list, but a love triangle featuring an older Catwoman/younger bachelorette for Bruce Wayne might get pretty complicated – even for Christopher Nolan. Maybe the director will just save that particular storyline for The Dark Knight Returns.

What do you think about the potential Bat-actresses? Who’ll make the cut – and who will they play?

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The Dark Knight Rises begins shooting this spring – aiming to hit theaters July 20th, 2012

Source: Deadline

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  1. I say Natalie Portman for the love interest. Knightly as the villain (hopefully NOT Catwoman).

    • Or Quinn, it’d be wrong to have Quinn without The Joker in my opinion.

      • Same. Odds are it’ll will be Talia though.

        • That’s is fine with me. I just hope Nolan sheds more light on all of this soon, I’m about to burst.

          • My only problem with Talia is the lack of presence from The League of Shadows in TDK. If Talia did takeover, then you would think she’d of showed up by now.

    • I couldn’t disagree with you more..they are the last two on that list I would have chosen…I’d like to see Weisz and Hathaway

    • @Little Monster LOL! They look too much alike. But who knows that could actually work for a good story.

    • portman and kneightley definitely, they are a great combo deal together or alone, either or.

  2. Naomi Watts has as much menace as a pillow. Rachel Weisz is the best choice of the two and the most versatile. ( Watch a movie called “The Shape of Things”, that right there proves hands down how great a villain Waisz would be) Weisz would be a great villain for Batman and i doubt its going to be cat woman but if it is, she would be perfect for the role.

    As for the love interest, Anne Hathaway hands down. Second best actress on that list next to Weisz and has the versatility as well.

    • Anne Hathaway? NOOOOOOO

      • YYYYEEEAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!! Sorry Ants…Love her dude..

        • This type of movie would be too dark for her, I don’t think she could handle it.

  3. Nataie Portman for the antagonist for sure, she is gorgeous and a skilled actress. As for the other female role, Emma Watson. I’m sure she could take a break from schooling for an oppurtunity like this. She is also gorgeous and would be a good oppurtunity for her to further broadcast her acting abilities.

  4. Good solid and yummy list reported by Deadline regarding females being looked at by Nolan for B3. I’m still hoping the two female roles are for Catwoman and Talia.

    Don’t want to see Hathaway, Lively or Knightley in the Batman film. Lively is already going to be Carol Ferris and maybe Star Sapphire in the GL film(s). I see Nolan going for better overall actress’ than her also.

    I would want to see Portman, Weisz or Watts under the direction of Nolan in this Batman TDKR film. I would accept Knightley as a potential Talia though.

    I can also see some of these actress’ be considered for the role of Lois Lane in the Nolan produced and Snyder directed Superman Man Of Steel film also!

    Depending on the age Lois Lane is in the MOS script….I can see Hathaway, Weisz, Portman and Knightley as contenders for Lois.

  5. wow a female villain? yea thatl make a great equal to batman.well the perfect trilogy has gone out the window

    • You make it sound like a female villain would be a bad thing. Believe it or not, a woman CAN put up a good fight, and with the right skills (say one trained in The League of Shadows) could prove to be a great opponent for Batman.

    • Ahem. Deadliest fighters in the DC Universe: Lady Shiva. Cassandra Cain.

  6. I say Naomi Watts would be a good love interest for Bruce Wayne she doesnt look that young to me..she actually looks good for a perfect love interest for Bruce Wayne…now for Catwomen I would go with Racheal Weiz I think she would be a perfect Catwomen or even Charize Theron..Probably.

  7. im am really hoping for harley quinne, and poison ivy for the villains and love interest. im still kinda down about not seeing the riddler in the film tho.

  8. naalie portman is so hot and i hope to see her and rachel wiese.

  9. If they go the Catwoman route…Beckensale..we all know how good she would look in the suit.

    • Agreed..she’s even more lovely than Hathaway..

  10. Hmmm,my guess is one em is Talia with Tom Hardy possibly playing a second villian. I like the idea of Vicki Vale. Her character being in this actually makes sense from a storytelling standpoint.

  11. “Something a careful filmaker like Nolan wouldn’t do”? Bale is ten years the elder to Scarlett Johansen and he cast her as a love interest. Why couldn’t he do that again? Most rich guys have” trophy” women. Let’s not forget he cast katie holmes. He’s not that careful lol :). Still love his movies though.

    Anyways, no catwoman please. Harley would be sweet but it wont happen. It be neat to see poison ivy as a environmental terrorist. I’m with casting Portman though to make up for horrible choice of Katie Holmes.

    • kate beckinsale another contender or megan fox, or angelina jolie

      • Ummm. I’ll ignore those last two that you mentioned and chalk it up as your hormones going into overdrive.

        • Hahaha Ants!

  12. I really hope that this is just a false rumor. I don’t like any of those actresses for a Batman role.

  13. Hopefully the actress (or actresses) will be a better fit than Katie Holmes and Maggie Gyllenhaal. As for the list provided, I don’t find Keira Knightley or Blake Lively to be all that talented. Anne Hathaway is a bad romantic comedy away from joining them.

    I still like Rachel Weisz for Catwoman.

  14. is it just me, or does portman and knightley look like twins? identical twins?

    anyways… I like hathaway and watts… watts as vale, and hathaway (portman OR knightley) as talis? maybe poison ivy? i hope its not poison ivy, catwoman and talis would be my choice for her…

    knightly OR portman, not both…

    • Since they’re almost identical, then Portman could be Selina Kyle, but when she becomse Catwoman, Knightly is brought in :)

      • That was the same idea that i had writing this!!! LMAO!!!

  15. If this is to be a trilogy, then he needs a connection to both the first and second movies. He also needs a villain the equal of the first two villains. While Harley has a connection to the Joker, she’s simply not a viable villainess without him. Rarely has she ever stood alone, and even when she did, it was after years of being propped up by the Joker. Simply put, if he’s not in the movie, then neither is she.

    That leaves Talia al Ghul. No one can deny she’s an intricate part of Batman’s storyline. And while the League of Shadows may have been absent in the second movie, that doesn’t mean they were inactive. After all, there’d only been a year between the first two movies; not a lot of time to rebuild. I think Rachel Weisz would be perfect to play Talia.

    As for the second female lead, there’s no reason Catwoman couldn’t make an entrance. She may have baggage, both from Halle Berry and Tim Burton, but that didn’t stop Nolan from following Schumacher’s act. I wouldn’t pick her from the above names, but that list is only for one of the female leads. If Catwoman is who Nolan wants, then he has plenty of actresses from which to choose. Marion Cotillard as an international jewel thief would certainly be intriguing, or Charlize Theron. The only question is, can she fight?

    I wouldn’t leave it at that, though. Either Talia or Catwoman (or both) could be a good foil for Bruce Wayne/Batman, but there needs to be more. I don’t want to sound sexist, but he needs to fight (actually fight) a guy in the third movie. He fought Ra’s al Ghul and beat the snot out of the Joker; you can’t follow that up (or end the trilogy) with him fighting a woman, no matter how good a fighter she is.

    • Nolan can, and might end it that way you never know…it’s his film.

  16. I have to be honest,I love Nolan’s films in general,but is absolute weakest ability is that to choose good leading ladies in his movies.

    While Maggie Gyllenhall is a good actress,she really isn’t anything worth looking at,and Katie Holmes was just a bad choice from the start.

    The Prestige didn’t even have a leading lady worth mentioning,and as much as I love Inception,Marion Cotillard was probably the only thing about that movie that I didn’t like,and even Ellen Page was kind of misused to an extent.

    So that’s four movies out of six(only counting his major releases),not a good ratio.

  17. now that Brittany Murphy is dead, I vote for Cristini Ricci for Harley Quinn. And make her even crazier than joker. she could fit in, in the bayou with killer croc/tom hardy.

    • Murphy would’ve been ideal as Harley I like the idea of ricci but its not gonna happen without joker Talia is almost a certainty imo as mentioned it would tie up the trilogy plus they could always finish with her pregnant leaving it open for the Batman and son/black mask/ r.I.p storyline doubtfully though is enjoy it al the same. I still.say hardy will be black mask or hush id be happy with either tbh I think catwoman is the obvious choice as another female lead would prefer ivy but don’t think its likely with nolans vision for the franchise.

  18. I really hope they don’t cast catwoman in the next one. I rather have someone new (plus the last catwoman movie ruined it) like Talia al Ghul or Harvey would make much more sense.

  19. Ive always wanted to see harley as a villain :(

  20. I find the reactions to these casting rumors to be increasingly monotonous and ridiculous.

    People name the same names over and over and over. Natalie Portman can’t be in EVERYTHING – and Megan Fox shouldn’t really be in anything.

    Anne Hathaway can’t do dark? Have you seen ‘Rachel Getting Married’? She can def do disturbed and dark.

    And unless your girlfriends look better than Maggie Gyllenhaal, then all that hating should probably stop. She’s a pretty girl and great actress.

    • @”and Megan Fox shouldn’t really be in anything”

      I think she would be great as Catwoman….in a porno version.

      • I agree hahaha

    • I agree with you on Maggie Gyllenhaal. She wasn’t great in TDK, but she was certainly a HUGE step forward from Katie Holmes. Seriously, she was the only part I didn’t like about BB. As for Natalie Portman, again, I agree, but with the buzz off Black Swan we’re gonna see her in talks for more and more films.

    • My wife is SOOOOOO much hotter than MG ..hands down..

      • Gk. so is my GF :)

    • Kofi, my GF looks a lot better than Maggie ever will. I’m sure most every other guys does as well. Well except maybe Rickys. I’m sure your girlfriend looks a lot better too Kofi :)

      • I have a finance bro – I’m passed GF phase.

        And if you guys have movie star caliber girls – get them a part in Bats 3, why are you wasting time talking to me? :-P

        • I really don’t care if the actress is hot or not, as long as she can ACT. Example, Katie Holmes can’t act, but MG can.

          • Well, i’ll disagree with you then when you say Maggie can act. But that’s my opinion, as I’m allowed to have :)

            • Never said you couldn’t have an opinion. Sorry if I implied that.

        • Congrats Kofi :)

        • Never heard of a girlfriend being referred to as a phase…just sounds odd to me… My wife is more concerned with being a GREAT Mom and partner to bother with Hollywood..I mean seriously who would wish that on anyone…Beauty is very subjective..I think my wife is seriously hotter that a lot of the actresses mentioned up all really attractive people have to seek parts in that all they are good for…I’m very lucky to have her..she’s beautiful, sexy, down to earth and funny!! :) I wish the same for everyone out makes life GREAT!!

      • Hahaha your funny

  21. my vote is still for Talia Al Gul for the one of them. catwoman just doesnt seem like something Nola would do

    • Catwoman seems like she would be too obvious of a choice, just like The Riddler. I see Nolan bringing in a character that’s not very well-known like he did with Ras and Scarecrow.

  22. I say bring on Catwoman, but don’t have any origen story ala Joker. Just have her as a theif (catburgular), who steals something from Bruce Wayne.

  23. I’d prefer to see catwoman. And for the actress, I still hope for a realitive unknown.

    • yh catwoman would be kool

  24. I have an ethical problem with Anne Hathaway, so I refuse to see her movies. She was in a long term relationship with a grifter. She either turned a blind eye to how he was earning money or she was apathetic about it. She did not return her ill gotten gains until there was a request from law enforcement.

    My problem with Keira Knightley has to do with the fact that she does not look like a comic book type female lead anymore. She has the physique of either a malnourished girl or prepubescent boy. She looks like she weighs all of 86 pounds with no muscle tone at all. That strains credibility when making an action picture. She should eat a hamburger or two once in a bit. She does not have the physique she had in the first Pirates movie or Domino.

  25. I still want Hangman and Holiday Killer. (Hangman revealed to be Falcone’s daughter, Holiday the son)

    But if SR brings up that ^&&*%^^&#% Harley Quinn one more time, I’m going to say “Poison Ivy!” Because it is that ludicrous.

    Catwoman or Talia I can understand. But not Quinn.
    No Quinn.
    No Quinn.

    • i think you’re right….harly quinn would be a good idea!

  26. Marion Cotillard will prob be cast as Talia Al Ghul as Nolan merged both Ras Al Ghul & Henri Ducard into the same character in Batman Begins and could tie things together.

  27. I want Tanit Pheonix to play Talia.

  28. Please no Catwoman, and no Vicky Vale, they’ve been done already. I hope Nolan uses Talia a female villain, or Lady Shiva. Both would fit great in the film aswell not being seen on film yet. I don’t see why have a love interest, especially after what happend to Rachel Dawes in TDK. You’d think Bruce wouldn’t wanna get into a relationship after those events.

  29. I think this report is BS. It just happens that Nolan is auditioning 6 of Hollywood’s hottest properties? They should at least add 2-3 less known actresses in the rumor to make it sound more plausible, remember Nolan auditioned less know people like Cilian Murphy, Aaron Ekhart and now Tom Hardy?

    It’s funny how Blake Lively, Nat Portman and Anne Hathaway were all associated with comic films (Captain America, Thor, the dumped Spiderman 4)