‘Dark Knight Rises’ Features 100 Minutes of Action; New Billboard Promo

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dark knight rises action imax Dark Knight Rises Features 100 Minutes of Action; New Billboard Promo

A number of fans have complained that the majority of Warner Bros.’ marketing for The Dark Knight Rises has failed to get them excited for Christopher Nolan’s final Batman movie (advance ticket sales say otherwise, but moving on…). It appears the studio has really just been holding back on revealing too much from the film until “the last minute,” as several rip-roaring trailers and TV spots for TDKR have been released over the past month (forcing the naysayers to back off).

Last week, Nolan’s trusted Oscar-winning, director of photography, Wally Pfister, spoke about The Dark Knight Rises (and the art of visual storytelling, in general) at this year’s Campus MovieFest. Based on what he had to offer: the Batman trilogy finale will pretty much own the term “epic,” by the time the film’s end credits roll.

Pfister offered several juicy tidbits about both TDKR and filmmaking in general, which members of the audience were quick to share online via Twitter (hat tip to CBM). Here are some highlights from the cinematographer’s talk:

  • The Dark Knight Rises features an hour’s worth of action sequences and set pieces shot in IMAX.
  • In total, the film includes some 100 minutes of close-quarter combat scenes, chase sequences, aerial battles, street warfare, and more.
  • As much fun as spectacle is, “The STORY should be your focus, first and foremost. Then, interpret it visually. Not the other way around… You must be willing to honestly critique your own work. Until you can say, ‘This is effin good’, keep going.”

Dark Knight Rises‘ official running time is listed as 2 hours and 45 minutes (with credits); that leaves around an hour for pure plot and character development in Nolan’s film. There’s reason to expect that the action in TDKR further fleshes out the film’s various players (as is true with all great superhero movies). The characters’ personal qualities and ethical stances – be they self-serving or willing to sacrifice for the greater good - will be best illustrated when all hell breaks loose (see: the last 45 minutes of The Avengers).

For more TDKR marketing material that alludes to an impressive climactic chapter in Nolan’s Batman saga, check out this photo of the film’s promotional billboard (via Keith Calder):


dark knight rises billboard 280x170 Dark Knight Rises Features 100 Minutes of Action; New Billboard Promo

Moreover, Pfister’s revelation really drives home the idea that Dark Knight Rises brings everything full circle in Nolan’s Batman trilogy (both literally and figuratively).

Batman Begins dealt with the origins of Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) as the Caped Crusader, whose emergence symbolized the beginning of a new age for Gotham City. The Dark Knight expanded upon that foundation, as Batman’s defeat of The Joker ushered in an era of peace for his troubled city, founded on the falsehood that is Harvey Dent’s legacy. In TDKR, of course, that lie comes back to haunt all the residents of Gotham – as its people must step up and join forces with their shadowy guardian, in order to defeat Bane (Tom Hardy), and truly bring peace to their city.

You surely have you own interpretation of the thematic arc in Nolan’s Batman trilogy – so feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section.

The Dark Knight Rises in theaters on July 20th, 2012.

Source: Wally Pfister [via CBM]

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  1. Finally, a lot of action. Most superhero movies these days are about story and character with very few action. I mean, a good story is needed, but a lot of action involving the superhero is something I want to see as well on the big screen, not like Superman Returns or Iron Man 2 or even The Hulk movies, so will be nice if TDKR can pull it off with everything in the film.

    • Don’t compare Superman Returns with Iron Man 2. Superman never threw a single punch in that movie, plus the film was boring at best.

      • For me, both were horrible. Superman Returns was boring, and Iron Man 2 was a waste of 2 hours with cheap overindulgent comedy that made me shake my head in disappointment a lot of times while watching it and Tony Stark making a fool of himself (for the most part). So it’s as bad as Superman Returns was, just in its own way.

        • Indeed

    • Please go watch s***** avenger movie then please! It has a super long final fight scene. In fact I fell asleep in it and I am a action loving 15 year old! So 100 minutes of action makes me loose all faith in Nolan and this film.

  2. Love the billboard! thats sweet. Battleship had a sweet one on La Brea in LA as well that was 3d like this one… very cool. On a lighter note… found this about batman… pretty funny article. http://www.funnyordie.com/articles/232835b310/green-lantern-now-gay-batman-to-robin-don-t-get-any-ideas

  3. As long as that 100 minutes doesn’t come in one big dose like Transformers 3, I’ll be a happy guy

    • ^^^ Correct.

    • Best part of Transformers 3 if you ask me…but I think I see what you mean.

  4. I expect TDKR action sequences to be more action and less CGI.( ex. The street brawl). That’s the kind of action I like to see

  5. Hells yes!
    (I just hope Nolan hired decent stunt choreographers to direct the fight sequences this time round)

    • The fights shown in the nokia trailer seemed better choreographed and shot.

      • I haven’t seen that trailer, but I’ll definitely give it a look.
        Thanks for the heads up! :)

        • that was trailer dubbed number 4

          • Oh, well in that case I’m not that impressed. The fight-scene footage from trailer 4 still looked more or less the same than usual IMO…

    • @ Avenger,

      I hear you man. It can be 100 min of action, but if the fights are all head, shoulders and quick flashes of an arm or leg.. 100 min of pure UUUUIGHHHH!

      I’ll have to go home and watch the Matrix or Undisputed II just to get my eyeballs to forgive me.

    • As long as its not extreme close-ups of the back of Batman’s head or full of cut-aways. Previously in these movies a majority of the hand to hand took place off-screen. I just watched both BB and TDK this weekend as a refresher for when I go see this and I had forgotten how really underwhelming the choreography was.

      • The shipyard scene in BB, where he drops down in the middle of the guys… pissed me the hell off. I was done after that. I think you see an eyebrow or two while they’re getting thrown around.

        • /Facepalm. You werent suppose to get a good look at Batmsn until he grabs Falcone and says “Im Batman”. It was building suspense for the grand reveal.

          • Exactly…It always stuns me that this is not universally obvious to those who’ve watched TDK.

            • *looks up “Universally obvious” and sees picture of TDK ship yard scene with notes by director and producer included*

              Oh yah! How f’n ignorant of me. *facepalm followed by “Doh!”*

          • +1

          • Ignur Rant,

            Yah, my bad.. I forgot we’re not supposed to know what Batman looks like already.
            How stupid of me.

            I can’t wait until the new spidey flick finally reveals what the lizard looks like……

            • My2Cents
              Its okay. Some people need things clearly explained to them.

              The slow reveal to the first full shot of a superhero in costume has been used quite often. Rami did it in his Spiderman. Burton did it in his Batman. Singer did it in Superman Returns. Donner did it in Superman. Smallville did it as well. The Flash TV series did it.

            • My2Cents…

              You’ve noticed by now that your sarcasm was pointless, right? It was obvious…just pointless. ;)

              • @Archaeon,

                I’ll take your word for it since you’re the SME on all things Obvious.

                • I’m not an expert on all things Obvious…obviously.

                  (Believe it or not, I actually DO miss things too…even things obvious to others…just like everyone else in the world.)


      • But you have to admit, at the start of the film where Wayne gets trained by Raj… that was pretty damn great.

        • Just adding my two cents, I didn’t like the close up fight scenes in BB, but it was done better in TDK, and I’m guessing Nolan knew he was doing 3 movies so TDKR will be much better, maybe it was deliberate.

          • It’s an interesting thought, but I can’t see Nolan purposely doing mediocre fight sequences (IN MY OPINION @all you Nolanites! ;)) just so that it would look better later on…
            He seems like the type of the director that does things to the fullest and as best he can.

            I’m hoping that since making BB and TDK, he’s learned from his prior mistakes in those four years though. IMO the fighting in Inception was done well, so I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s the case…

  6. I know some people have complained about the fact that a lot of the action we’ve seen so far takes place in the day-time but I kind of like it. It’s something different and in an age when people are always complaining that Hollywood never does anything different my opinion is that it could be a good thing…
    Less than a month to go! Can’t wait!!!

    • i personally love day time action sequences as well. Always my favorite. For example… subway scene in spiderman 2, shootout in Heat, 99% of Die Hard 3 and 4, car chase in The Rock, bridge scene in MI:3, building scene in MI:4.. Are people complaining because Batman should take action at night? Oh well. Should be great.

      • Yes, there has been a lot of complaints about the daytime scenes. I never understood it either. Apparently, to some, Batman only fights at night….along with all the bad guys. :)

        • In the comics Batman does not come out during the day, it’s one of his rules.

          • il princerino

            Erroneous, Erroneous on both acounts!

            Seriously, lol, You couldnt be more wrong. Batman has operated plenty of times during the day.

            The 60′s Adam West Batman, which reflected the comics, almost operated entirely in daylight lol

            • The 60′s was a weird time for everyone. When I read comics in the 90′s Batman did not go outside in costume during the day. In fact, during knightfall he even explains this to Jean Paul Valley.

              • Yeah, Batman is nocturnal, dammit! But, I can look past that. I am more worried about the direction of the action scenes than whether Batman goes out by day or not.

              • look , if bane is as smart as they say in the comics, he would put batman his element which the dark. if you know what i mean

              • He actually did. There was an arc with Ra’s and Joker alone where Vatman had to go out in the daylight. In knightfall, Batman explains his coatume is more effective at night. That has not stopped villians from operating during the day. Batman is proactive during the night, reactive during the day.

    • Its actually part of the story. tBane even knows Batman is more effective at night. Transitioning from vigilante to hero.

      BB-orange-sun setting-beginning of darkness
      TDK-blue/black–midnight-living in darkness
      TDKR-white-daylight-exiting darkness

      • ^ This guy right here. I like this guy.

  7. That is a frigging epic billboard…

  8. “advance ticket sales say otherwise”

    That says it all. Most movie goers do not frequent movie sites like we do. This movie is going to make a ton of money no matter what negativity it receives now or after the release. There are simply too many established fans. Im one of them.

  9. Does Nolan kill off Batman at the end of the picture? That is one of several questions I will be impatiently waiting to find the answer to.
    Does Batman get his butt kicked by Bane in the Batcave? Just another question. Can’t wait for July 20th!

    • Comments (wishful thinking) from Christian Bale regarding the possibility that Chris could one day come back to do a 4th (like a 20 years later thing), just weeks out from completing production, make me doubt that Batman will be killed off. Unless Nolan left Bale in the dark until last minute before filming the death scene… that is.

  10. Ra’s said criminals aren’t complicated, and Bruce quoted him re the Joker (though Alfred disagreed) but if you end this arc with “people must step up and join forces with their shadowy guardian, in order to defeat Bane (Tom Hardy), and truly bring peace to their city” then it’s like you’re taking it backwards/simpler. Not that Batman movies were that deep to begin…

    • “Not that Batman movies were that deep to begin…”?!

      Are you insane?

      Nolan’s Batman movies have been psychological and all about the mind.

      Begins – He was new to the vigilante thing and finding his feet plus having to deal with Scarecrow creating fear all around, which is a very real emotion and something that whole movie was built around.

      What does it mean to be afraid? Can the vigilante who makes criminals afraid prevent his own fear of failure and letting the city down from coming through? That kind of thing.

      TDK – The Joker appeared and broke the rules, creating anarchy and madness in his wake. Fear also due to his random attacks and murders. Making people afraid to leave their homes, the sheer panic when he threatened to blow up a hospital, when he attempted to kill the Mayor.

      Add that to the fear of Batman that made the criminals meet in daylight hours to avoid him. Making Dent snap and go insane by injuring him inadvertently, killing Rachel and using scary and insane logic to bring Dent to his side of the fence. Plus the tense boat scenes where each boat was afraid of the other blowing them up to save themselves.

      TDKR – I can imagine Bane will create even more terror, especially after destroying a football field during a game and breaking prisoners out of Blackgate.

      Then the fear Bruce will have. Can he still save Gotham? Can he put an end to this new threat?

      Either you’re purposefully missing the psychological and deep aspects of the Batman plots in the Nolan movies or you just can’t see what I and many others have within them.

      • The coloring choices alone are deeper than most movies. lol

        • Yes the color textures are amazing in these movies.

          I’m sure many of the savvy film goers also know that started with the Star Wars Trilogy. To my knowledge, George Lucas was the first to employ color schemes consciously to a trilogy.

          ANH – Sand tones/desolate/finding the path thematically
          ESB – Cold, blues/Darkest chapter in the series/Empire and evil take over
          ROTJ – Greens /rebirth/Luke becoming a Jedi/Good conquering Evil

          I think Peter Jackson (an AVID SW fan btw) used this a little in LOTR and brings the colors full circle at the end of Return of the King when they all return to the Shire.

          It’s a fantastic strategy to convey the weight of the themes in these movies and I think Nolan did it wonderfully. I’m sure the Dark Knight Rises will be bold and vibrant with all the whites and greys.

          And to quickly address the whole daytime business, Batman had to adapt when the bulk of the crimes that Bane orchestrated start happening in the day. Bane is no fool and realize the Bat has total advantage in the night, it’s what he thrives on, the fear and elusiveness of night. He evened the playing field and I’m sure we’ll see what happens on July 20th!

          • Yea Star Wars was ahead of its time. It really created the “trilogy formula”. The Director formerly known as George Lucas was a revolutionary.

      • Dazz…

        Excellent points and very well stated.

        As for “Bray for Pain”, remember that braying is what a donkey does…he’s just trolling, because he thinks he’s funny or clever. He’s not.


        True dat!

  11. When Gotham is Ashes You Have Permission To Die – BANE brings the Pain on the 20th of July. The Movie Event of the Summer. The Dark Knight Rises.

    • Haha, been using that quote since last October, Bane will be as quotable as The Joker was in the last movie.

  12. “A number of fans have complained that the majority of Warner Bros.’ marketing for The Dark Knight Rises has failed to get them excited for Christopher Nolan’s final Batman movie” — Who are these fans?? This is pure speculation and poor reporting. You can’t start a sentence with a blatant fabrication of the truth, sorry.

    • Depends where you and the person writing the article are looking.

      I’ve been visiting Batman-News since last June for production news, notes and footage and up until recently (and even today), there are still members there who are still not impressed and worried about the promotional aspect of the movie.

      Those people ARE out there if you look. The article is correct.

    • @ Matthew

      Feel free to peruse through the comments sections on any article we’ve written about marketing material for TDKR over the past year (and I’m not being sarcastic or condescending when I suggest that).

      You’ll quickly notice that there are a noticeable number of people who’ve been quite vocal about their disappointment in the film’s marketing to date.

    • all the trailers does not get me excited for the film. it will not do what the last one did. i am not impressed with ann hathaway as catwoman. i think she will bring the film down. since it is almost 3 hours long, there will be less showings. so it will probably do around 138-145 million opening weekend and do overall 390-420 million. why the last one did great was everyone wanted to see heath ledgers performance. and to me in this one i am not excited to see it. I will probably see it once maybe twice. Not as much as the awesome avengers 15 times.

      • @jeffery, you saw the avengers 15 times? :O! I couldn’t even see it twice (although it was really good).

        I’m really looking foward to this movie and it’s sad I wont see it when it opens in Hungary :(..I’ll have to wait a few more weeks

        • You’re not alone mate, I have to wait a week before it gets released in South-Africa :(

          As for Avengers, I’ve seen the movie 3 times (gonna try and catch it one last time before it disappears from the theaters), but I can see myself watching that movie as much as the original Star Wars trilogy: at least once or twice every year for the rest of my life…
          Although, as a die-hard Avengers fan, I have no idea how anybody could have seen the movie 15 times (must be nice to have so much free time and movie tickets… ;))

          • i work at a movie theater–so i saw the avengers the first day it came out before work–then on saturday saw it twice, then on sunday watched it after work–then on the next saturday saw it twice, then next saturday twice, next saturday saw twice, the next saturday saw twice, next saturday saw twice, then saw once last weekend it was shown. also i work at the movie theater and somewhere else. at the movie theater i work on friday night, sunday afternoon. and at the other job i work there from mon-thur 8:30-5 pm and friday 8:30-4:00pm

            • … you lucky son of a gun ;)

            • I watched it six times in the theater, and here I thought I had seen it a lot of times. :P But yeah, I did watch LOTR Return of the King in the theater 13 times. That and Avengers are two I’ve watched many times.

      • I love whan people say this. You have no idea how good the movie will be but you know how much it will make. SMH. People forget that there is remotely NO films coming out around July 20- August 8th. Allowing for TDKR to be shown in about 90% of theaters in each venue. Plus REAL IMAX screens will be showing it. They didn’t show Avengers in REAL IMAX screens. Plus you watched The Avenger 15 times??? Jeez man that is sad. I saw it twice and i was already done with it. You my friend do not know what a great movie really is.

        • Avengers may not be a great movie, but it’s fun to watch it. Even I watched it 6 times in the theater, but I watched LOTR ROTK 13 times in the theater, so just because someone watches The Avengers 15 times doesn’t mean they don’t know what a great movie really is. A movie may be great, but that doesn’t mean it’s watchable numerous times in the theater, while a movie may not that be that great, but still fun to watch numerous times in the cinema.
          But again, I see people calling Iron Man 2 an awesome film, which makes me realize it’s all about opinion on what’s good and what’s not. SO it’s best to keep your opinions of what is great and what is not to yourself.. :)

    • You obviously don’t read sites like this very often, because that response ran neck and neck with excited for awhile now.

    • Well I’m one of those fans. Simply put – the trailers (and the rest of the marketing) haven’t really excited me to see this movie. To be honest I have a feeling it is going to regarded as a bit of let down (that doesn’t mean it will not make a ton of money, thats a given).

      Just to give some contrast. The marketing for Avengers had me super excited to see that film (‘I have an army, we have a Hulk’). The marketing for Spider-man moved me from dreading the reboot (and I should note Spider-man is my top hero choice so that is how bad I was feeling about it) to being pretty excited for it. The Dark Knight Rises trailers, have left me feeling meh – even disappointed because they haven’t excited me.

      Don’t get me wrong – I will be seeing this movie (probably not opening weekend but that is because I am generally past that notion)….and probably even in IMAX (since there is a real IMAX near us….I won’t pay for fake IMAX). However that is based on the strength of the last two films (and to a slightly lesser degree just because it is Batman). That is why I think there is a disconnect in the marketing response vs advanced ticket sales. Yes fans may not be feeling it from the marketing, but they are excited because of BB and TDK (especially TDK). In fact I mentioned that expectation my be too high and we may see a backlash of disappointment by not being able to match TDK even though TDKR is almost assuredly a good movie in its own right.

      • Well, ASM and (especially) The Avengers spent a tremendous amount of money on marketing because they are/were trying to “sell” their product.

        Most people are alreay sold on TDKR, despite mixed reactions to the trailer. You even said yourself you will see it in true iMAX. TDKR has the foundation of two spectacular, well recieved films and Chris Nolan, whose name sells movies alone; see Inception. TDKR doesnt need to spend the extra money on marketing, that’s why they were absent at Comic-con and still took the most anticipated awards.

        • I don’t disagree that they do not need to put as much into the marketing as they might for some other film.

          However when the trailers (which is really the only form of marketing I pay attention to) can’t get me(plus a not insignificant amount of others)excited for a movie I want to see on the basis of the IP alone (not to mention the pedigree preceding it) then at best somebody in marketing has failed and at worst there may be serious problems with the film. In this case I suspect the former rather than the latter.

          I fully expect to enjoy this movie immensely. However the bar is pretty high and set by its own predecessor. I won’t be surprised if it fails to meet the expectations of the Internet gestalt and the fan reaction is something of tepid to disappointed. Thats speculation though and perhaps Nolan can pull it off (which wouldn’t surprise me either).

  13. As much fun as spectacle is, “The STORY should be your focus, first and foremost. Then, interpret it visually. Not the other way around… You must be willing to honestly critique your own work. Until you can say, ‘This is effin good’, keep going.”

    How often this rule is ignored.

    • As much fun as story is, “the visual spectacle should be your focus, first and foremost. Then, flesh out whatever characters and plot details remain. Not the other way around… You must be willing to sacrifice story for humongous set pieces and exhausting CGI battle sequences. Until you can say, ‘This is one bloated mess of a movie, but it will still make a half billion dollars’.

      -for you to figure out…

      • That could be about quite a few films…Which one did you have in mind?

        • “Transformers: Dark of The Moon” mainly. Never has an entire plot hinged so much on one set piece and an action sequence. It was all so contrived, so much so that I had to roll my eyes when Josh Duhamel’s Lennox said “we have to wingsuit in”. It would have been one thing had Michael Bay not thought “oh, hey, wingsuits! Hmmm, no how can I fit that in” but that’s exactly how it went down. Ultimately, I really wanted to love Transformers 3, I wanted to give Michael Bay the benefit of the doubt. But I was left so disappointed when it was over.

          • I really want one of those wingsuits though, that looks like a wicked good time.

    • Someone should tell this to Michael Bay

  14. The camera will be steady for zero of them

  15. I found Ledger’s earlier portrayal of Joker totally annoying; sad to say I might skip this one because the hulk wearing the Halloween mask is already annoying me just in the trailers.
    No wonder Bale is calling it a day.

    • wow… i’d say your in a minority there. Ah well not everyone has to like these films…. i love em though and think Heath Ledger was brilliant.. also a big fan of Tom Hardy so hope he’s good in this film…

  16. One thing worries me… Although bane caught batmans fist in da trailer n it was awesome..it looked kinda cheesy ta me :/

  17. This movie is most likely going to go down as the best comic book movie of all time. Just have a very strong feeling.

  18. My only problem with TDK (essentially, I thought it was a psychologically fascinating film) was that every scene with the Joker was a set piece. Would’ve loved some “quiet” moments with him that played on his character and his tensions, but it was always a grandstanding. I s’pose, given that we are talking about a guy painted white, black and red, that this was appropriate. I just wonder if Bane is going to be the same way.

    Also, anyone else notice the main theme of TDK was all about windows, with intact windows representing safety and smashed/no windows representing danger?

    • the joker isn’t about quiet, peaceful scenes.

      besides, there was only about 20 minutes of him in the first film, if he spent any of that time dawdling around it would’ve been a misstep. let batman do the brooding. the joker’s supposed to be an agent of chaos.

    • Hmm, never heard of that windows theme before. Can’t really think of so many examples, except for maybe the scene of the attempted mayor assassination, where Gordon looks around and all he sees is windows. Didn’t really think of it as a major theme. Care to expand?

      • Can’t really argue about the Joker being the agent of chaos so therefore the scenes match this. As much as I loved the Joker and Heath’s performance, I felt Javier Bardem in No Country For Old Men was a better depiction of chaos. It literally unstabled the story structure of the movie.

        As for the windows idea, I don’t want to over elaborate as it was partly an invitation for all to watch again and theorise. All I way say is, the movie starts with one window getting smashed and ends with the Joker in a building, the city at it’s height of terror and not one window in sight :)

        • Interesting. Sounds like a stretch. I agree with The Avenger below me, though. I don’t think it’s an intended theme. I think it’s just something that’s there. It’s just like saying “cars” are a theme in the Batman movies, or “buildings.”

    • Nice catch on the window motiff. I didn’t realize it before, but looking back I can totally see that…

      • I don’t even think Nolan realized it ;):
        When there’s a dangerous situation in ANY action movie, things tend to break (windows especially) and when there isn’t danger, things usually DON’T break (like windows) – that’s just the way it is lol.
        It is a nice thought though, but I very much doubt it’s a recurring theme (certainly not a “main theme”) or anything like that…

  19. Story first. Then 100 minutes of epic action. Bringing everything full circle. So excited for this movie!!

  20. to hell with all the naysayers. this film will be awesome. nolan’s a great storyteller, who has barely begun his prime as one.

    i do not however agree with the comments saying this films plot is ‘unpredictable’ because it is anything but that.

  21. its really weird to me when people complain about the action scenes in begins and in tkd, batman is supposed to be hard to see, hes lighting fast and catching his enemies before they can act and that what he does, as for so called plot holes in tdk, why would the joker stick around in the penthouse after throwing rachel out the widow and bats saving her and harvey missing, hes alot smarter than that, it why joker question bats in the interrogation room about bats and rachel being an idem and laughing in his face when bats gets angryer and hitting the joker even harder. i heard things like how can a guy like the joker get the drop on batman an guy whos been trained by master ninjas, first of all did they even read stories like the jokers first two appeariest and the killing joke and the man who laughts and the jokers five ways of revenge and the a death in the family, heath ledger did as well and this guy did,and the joker is very fast and very strong and hard to catch , u really dont know what he’ll do next, in the tdk the story jump one full year after begins, just watch the scene with gordan shows a picture of the joker and in the time code it says what day the picture was taken, so his man had time to plan his choas

  22. for those complaining about the daylight fight scenes, lets wait for 7/20/12 and find out why Batman is out on daylight instead of criticizing.

    • Agreed. Maybe, just maybe, Bane engineers a scenario that forces the bat to come out during the day. Or is this too radical?

      • Seems like a logical scenario IMO… it’s certainly what I’m thinking.

    • Exactly, Bane is a brilliant strategist. I guarentee he forces Batman to fight him in the light to take him out of his element. It’s really smart film-making but most people are too stupid to put two and two together. Just like how got mad that the Nokia trailer implies that Bane knew who Batman was. Seriously people dont critcize the movie if you know NOTHING about its comic book origins. I bet money that A LOT of people STILL think Bane is a simple-minded brute.

      • I get your point, but not everyone’s a comic book geek. The general audience remembers Bane as a simple-minded brute because that’s the way he was portrayed in that one movie (hopefully Nolan’s interpretation will change that view), but those who know nothing about the source material will still criticize the movie and the characters… you can’t expect them to not say anything just because they don’t know all the details: if someone watches TDKR and finds Hardy’s Bane to be “lame/terrible” or “beast/awesome” then it’s their right to think so in the perimeters of the movie.
        Even most film reviewers criticize movies without ever having read/watched/listened to the source material that it spawned from…

        • That is how it should be though. A movie should stand on its own regardless of the source material. If I have to go outside of the movie to understand its story or characters then the movie has failed.

          Ideally the movie should make an audience want to read the source material to learn more about the back story where the movie comes from. In turn this should result is gaining a greater appreciation for the character or story of the movie.

        • I know exactly what you are talking about. A friend of mine is not excited about this upcoming movie because he believes that it features a mediocre main villain when he never read any of the Knightfall story arc that suggested otherwise. He was really wanting to see one of the more popular villains like Penguin or Riddler in this final Nolan film. As I keep telling him, why would he or any one else want to see the same villains pop up in every Batman movie? It gets really boring after a while (the only exception to this is Joker mainly because he is Batman’s arch-nemesis). While it would have been interesting to see Nolan’s take on the Riddler, I’m glad that Bane is a movie redemption and will be shown as the intelligent strategist and tactician that he is.

          • To be honest I was really hoping he would do the Riddler as I believe this is the best character to bring out and highlight the detective aspect of the Batman character.

  23. I know Tom Hardy has had very solid movies in the past, but I feel this movie will fully propel his career forward. He is going to be a very busy man.

  24. ohhhhhh… This sounds very good.

    100 minutes, plus a good chunk of change for set up, sounds like an all around feast.

    having studied the dynmics of plotting. i know he’s reffering to “whinding the machine up.” Cranking it so to speak and then letting er rip. The trick is the set up. the pieces all have to be placed in a certain manner. it all hinges on the setup. a good set up is the key to unleashing the beast.

    The formula is something like… ALIENS, THE KINGDOM, and TITANIC these movies will give you a pretty good idea of what i’m getting at…

  25. I will probably wait until this movie comes out on DVD to watch it. My reservations include:

    1. The trailers/teasers for the film have not been exciting whatsoever. The crowd scenes look really fake. The scene of the football field blowing up looks like an out-take from “Independence Day.” The scene with Catwoman in “The Bat,” where Batman tells her “This isn’t a car,” reminds me of Val Kilmer saying something to Nicole Kidman about the batmobile and that chicks “dig” the car. Kind of lame, unrealistic dialogue. Also, we see a Gotham bridge blowing up. Is that really unique/new? I don’t like the scene where Batman tells Alfred, “I’m not afraid, I’m mad.” In good story telling, a writer SHOWS this without having to say it. Generally, the marketing of the film (to date) has been shoddy.
    2. Batman has been trained in every form of hand-to-hand combat that exists. I don’t care what kind of dope Bane is inhaling, I doubt he would possess the same technical skill to beat the hell out of Batman. Bane’s bulk alone would be a serious handicap in a fight with someone who understood and mastered every martial art that exists.
    3. Bane wants to bring down Gotham. Didn’t we already see a couple of characters who had this motive in mind?
    4. I worry that Catwoman is going to be a major distraction — great eye candy but unnecessary to the essential plot (a guess).
    5. The Dark Knight was an unprecedented success due in large part (sadly) to the death of Heath Ledger who brought a totally original interpretation of The Joker to the screen. A lot of people heard about TDK being his last film and it created a ton of free publicity.
    6. I do not think Christopher Nolan is God. I think he has demonstrated flair in putting an interesting twist on the Batman legend, but I do NOT think he is infallible. I thought “Inception” was just so-so. I really enjoyed “Memento,” but this was due in large part by the performance of Guy Pearce.
    7. I read a news article that Batman HAS to die at the end of the film or that Bruce Wayne gives up the cape. If this is remotely true, I would end up despising the film.
    8. This is the third Nolan Batman film and a lot of the “thrill” has worn off. I have a gut feeling it will end up being the weakest of the trilogy.

    • You are certainly entitled to your opinion, but I have to disagree. You seem to have completely and utterly tore this movie to shreds by overanalyzing every detail of the trailers out of context. I don’t want to sound like a jerk, but do you do this with every movie? Analyze every aspect of the movie from the trailers before actually seeing the movie or even knowing the plot? Maybe you do, in which case you probably don’t watch very many movies. But it seems to me like many people simply have it out for this movie, and just look for things to criticize about The Dark Knight Rises. People are nitpicking at every single detail that they can get their hands on, and the movie hasn’t even come out yet!

      I’ll address each of your points:

      1) “The trailers/teasers for the film have not been exciting whatsoever.”

      I guess we can agree to disagree on that one. I personally think that the marketing has been excellent thus far, but that’s just me.

      “The scene of the football field blowing up looks like an out-take from “Independence Day.””

      I actually thought it looked pretty damn realistic, but again, you’re entitled to your opinion.

      “The scene with Catwoman in “The Bat,” where Batman tells her “This isn’t a car,” reminds me of Val Kilmer…”

      Maybe it was a bit cheesy, but maybe it will sound good in context. The previous jokes in these movies (“does it come in black”, “not very subtle”, etc.) may seem cheesy out of context, but during the movie, they actually fit in well and successfully lightened the mood.

      “Also, we see a Gotham bridge blowing up. Is that really unique/new?”

      In the movies, yes. Admittedly, we did have the bridges raised in the past 2 movies, but never completely blown up. And it seems here that Gotham will be completely cut off from the rest of the outside world, with no way in, no electricity, gangs running the streets, similar to No Man’s Land. (never actually read it, but I’ve heard about it.)

      “I don’t like the scene where Batman tells Alfred, “I’m not afraid, I’m mad.” In good story telling, a writer SHOWS this without having to say it.”

      Are you serious? You completely took this scene out of context. It was about 2 seconds, and you have no idea what came before and after it. Yes, usually people don’t need to express their emotions, but maybe, just maybe, this makes sense in the scene.

      2) “Batman has been trained in every form of hand-to-hand combat that exists. I don’t care what kind of dope Bane is inhaling, I doubt he would possess the same technical skill to beat the hell out of Batman.”

      First off, you and I have no idea how this movie will turn out. We have no idea what Bane’s background is or any of that. And if you reject that answer, then I’ll say this: The movie takes place 8 years after The Dark Knight, so it’s very possible that Bruce has been retired for those 8 years, and is out of shape, both physically and emotionally. Also, according to reports, Bane trained with the League of Shadows, and he can’t feel pain. That sounds to me like Bruce is in for an ass-whooping.

      3) “Bane wants to bring down Gotham. Didn’t we already see a couple of characters who had this motive in mind?”

      Oh really? Bane wants to bring down Gotham? How do you know this? Have you seen the movie yet? Sorry if I’m being annoying here, but we honestly have no idea what Bane’s motive is. We know he comes to Gotham and wreaks havoc, but nobody said anything about destroying the city. In fact, it seems to me that he wants the citizens to rise up and take control of their city, if anything.

      4) “I worry that Catwoman is going to be a major distraction — great eye candy but unnecessary to the essential plot (a guess).”

      Now that’s just completely unfounded. Maybe you’re right, but at this point we have no idea, and you’re just expressing your own pessimism. I personally believe she’s going to be a very fresh and realistic take on Catwoman.

      5) “The Dark Knight was an unprecedented success due in large part (sadly) to the death of Heath Ledger.”

      You’re probably right about that. Heath Ledger’s untimely passing certainly added to the hype for the movie. But so did the movie itself, with it’s excellent performances, great story, good action, and insanely huge set pieces and revolutionary filming style (first feature length film to include IMAX sequences). And there was excellent marketing as well.

      Even if you believe all the publicity and popularity of TDK was due solely to Heath’s death, what does that have to do with TDKR? Why does that mean you can’t see TDKR either? I just don’t really understand where you were trying to go with this point.

      6) “I do not think Christopher Nolan is God.”

      Nor do I. Yes, I understand that you’re being hyperbolic, and it is true that many fans are irrationally biased towards Chris Nolan and his movies. I personally love his Batman movies, as well as Inception and Memento. Prestige was very good as well. Never saw any other of his movies.

      But similar to my last point, what does that have to do with you not being excited for the movie? You said you’re not excited because Christopher Nolan is not God. Ok, so does that mean that you could only like a movie if the director is God? This point overall just doesn’t really back up any argument you’re trying to make.

      7)” I read a news article that Batman HAS to die at the end of the film or that Bruce Wayne gives up the cape. If this is remotely true, I would end up despising the film.”

      It may be true, it may not. We have no idea at this point. I personally have been going back and forth, and now I think I think that Bruce will not die, but I might change my mind again.

      I do understand where you’re coming from, though. Some people would hate to see either of those endings. I personally think that death would work quite well, wrapping everything up and properly concluding the dark knight legend. But I definitely understand that there’s worry there, in the ending.

      8) “This is the third Nolan Batman film and a lot of the “thrill” has worn off. I have a gut feeling it will end up being the weakest of the trilogy.”

      I personally disagree. I think the thrill is still very much there, and it will be possibly the strongest, or at least the 2nd strongest of the trilogy (after TDK of course). And ticket sales seem to agree with me as well.

      In conclusion, it appears to me that you have something against this movie and are just looking for things to complain about. But who knows, maybe I’m wrong. You are certainly entitled to your opinion, but jumping to conclusions after seeing very little footage just doesn’t seem very fair. No matter what, this movie should be a lot of fun. Nobody’s going to force you to see it in the theater, but you might be missing out.

      So ends my rant. Sorry if I offended you in any way. All that was stated above was IMO. I look forward to hear your response.

      All the best!

  26. 100 minutes of action? I’ve lost all hope for this movie then. Avengers was good but then it reached the final fight scene. I actually fell asleep it just got to be soooo long and boring. Also don’t give me the well you must not like action crap. I’m 15 f***kin years old. So 100 minutes, if this is true I regret buying a early ticket.

    • shadowhawk…

      PLEASE, tell me you did not actually think they meant the 100 minutes will be straight through to the end of the film…?! You HAVE seen BB and TDK, right? You realize they simply meant that there will be 100 minutes of action scenes across the film’s runtime, NOT a solid 100-minute block of fighting, right?

      Please, tell me you understood that.

      • Sorry, I read this at 2 AM. Was very tired and mis-understood. Thank you very much for telling me what they really meant. :P

        • Fair enough. :)

  27. ezra:

    Thank you for your detailed response to my post. I would have to say that your major point is correct. I am basing my opinions on snippets of scenes taken out of context. But, having viewed thousands of previews over the years, I’ve developed something of a “keen eye” for trademark turn-offs. We all possess what scientists refer to as “emotional intelligence,” and I have come to trust mine pretty well, as it has proven to be mostly accurate. I say “mostly” because sometimes the previews are edited/constructed so poorly that I receive a totally inaccurate impression about the film being represented. The previews for Batman Rises are not easily dissected — most likely deliberately so. Thus, I am fully willing to admit that my observations could be entirely off-base. I do watch hundreds of movies, but, these days mostly at home because there are a number of issues I have about seeing a film in a theater. I dislike the distractions of other audience members, and I enjoy being able to pause a scene to discuss it/analyze it … while the stream is flowing. I am also married to a wife whose English is a second language, and we find the closed captioning to be a life saver. Even I sometimes have difficulty discerning what a character may be saying. We now watch everything with subtitles turned on, and I find this to be a real enhancement.

    You would be incorrect in assuming that I have some preconceived bias about Batman Rises. I want to like it. I want it to knock my socks off. If word of mouth about the film is a rave, then I may readjust my opinion about skipping the theater presentation. Even if I just end up seeing the film on DVD, I will still be thrilled because I love the Batman character and have a special place in my heart for his particular story.

    And yet, I have this intuitive feeling that the critics may give the film a flogging. This will not affect my personal opinion, but I do get irritated by the negative bandwagon effect. The critics may pick the film apart in a way that makes my “guess work,” look like child’s play. But, this is just conjecture as well.

    My intention in writing the posting was not to dress down a film “I haven’t even seen.” Rather, the purpose was to just highlight what my intuition tells me may be some weak points. We are all making suppositions in this forum, so I thought I’d jump into the mix.

    I won’t belabor the issues I’ve already raised as that would be a redundant bore, and I have no wish to get into anything that even slightly resembles an argument. You sound like a very educated person, so I’m sure you can understand the logic of simply allowing us to express our differences and let it go at that. Your response is well written and you bring up some interesting points for me to contemplate. I was also hearted that you were willing to concede a few of my observations, and this tells me you are not interested in a confrontation either.

    Context is indeed extremely important, so perhaps may of my worry spots will simply vanish once I’m into the sweep of the film. This has happened to me many times in the past. I am not terribly hard to please (believe it or not). I am very forgiving about weak or inconsistent or even hackneyed points in an overall cool film. There is no such thing as a “perfect” film in my estimation, but like a relationship with another human being, one kind of overlooks the “bad” for the sake of the overall positive experience.

    It was certainly interesting reading all the comments posted on this site. A lot of us seem unable to overlook or ignore the minutia — probably because we are more jittery people who want the film to succeed but worry excessively.

    • Randal,

      Thank you for your reply. I understand your points and I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree. Your intuition seems to tell you that this movie may be weak, while I believe it will succeed, both critically and financially. At the end of the day, neither of us knows and we’ll have to wait until opening night to see. (However, I’ll be seeing it on opening night, while you won’t be seeing it until a few months later :))

      Anyways, good debating with you.

  28. sounds about twice as much as the 1st 2 films of the trilogy. however earlier this year i believe there was a spoiler about most of the movie without bruce wayne being batman and i`m not sure how much action can make a movie “exhilarating” but it might`ve said that there`s not going to be enough of the movie with the main character being involved in the action. they had 4 years to make this film and it`s the last film of the trilogy and it`s 2012 so i will be bummed if this movie sucked because that`s quite an amount of time and it`s quite late for a movie that sucks that bad. the 1st 2 batman films didn`t have as much batman & action to make it a satisfying film like they would`ve made with spidey 3. oh wait, chris nolan had to direct another film, but if someone was still writing the script than they used plenty of time to write the movie. i will hate to see a non-satisfying action filled suspenseful and non-thrilling movie unlike how the amazing trailer presented”prepare to be amazed.” if i`m not amazed by this film also i`ll be quite a bit disappointed that i used $7 for a trivial and worthless experience.

  29. I’ve noticed that there is this common complaint about the trailers being boring, and avengers trailer’s being awesome. I am on the complete opposite. Avenger’s trailers had me worried. It looked like a live action toy commercial. Lots of colors, and showing off. Now, Avenger’s was a good movie, but it didn’t have a whole lot of weight to the situation. I never once got a feeling that they might not succeed, or at least pay dearly for it. Sure, Coulson died, but he died right when he should, right before the third act. Otherwise, the action at the end, was just that, action. The Dark Knight is still a better movie. (that’s “The Dark Knight”, not the “The Dark Knight Rises”. I would never claim a movie is better without seeing it.)

    Now, that’s another thing. Too many people complain that there is not enough action in Nolan’s movies (which is stupid). And others, smartly, complain that the action isn’t good. As usual, people miss the overall picture. Cause when you ask them if they thought it was a good movie, they say yes. So then why are you complaining. To complain? That’s the problem. I go into a movie, and have more interest in how it makes me feel. Was it fun, was it sad, was it hilarious, was it moving, was it suspenseful? Was it the roller coaster ride of EMOTION I was looking? Not a checklist of all the things YOU expect. (you can’t have your cake and eat it too) Personally I like to be surprised.

    It’s really that Nolan and Batman have now become a target of insecure people, who’d much rather hear their own voice before anyone has talked. Well enjoy doing that in an empty room come july 20th. How about you wait and then see how you feel after seeing it (with open eyes, and heart), instead of using an excel sheet to determine that for you. (btw, don’t fall for the ones who pretend they have seen it without prejudice. They usually tell you that up front. Disclaimer and all. :) ) Have a good day guys! :)

    • Preach, Neil, preach!

    • neil: As I mentioned in my own post (above), I do think a lot of the picking apart of trailers is due to some amount of insecurity — but it’s not all negative-type insecurity. Speaking for myself, I want a film to be the best possible, and sometimes I see things in the trailers that sound a bell — maybe not an alarm bell — but just a bell, like a warning. The bell may mean something or it may mean nothing at all. I think most of us here want Batman to be a big success (and, no doubt, it will). But, some of us just worry more than others. The worry is actually full of good intentions. And besides, the picking apart gives some of us with too much time on our hands something to do. And, I agree with you about The Avengers. I saw things in the trailers that made me wince, but it turned out the majority of the film was better than expected.