The Dark Knight Returns (To Theatres) January 2009

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the dark knight oscars The Dark Knight Returns (To Theatres) January 2009Now that The Dark Knight has conquered the box-office (current total: $950 million worldwide!) Warner Brothers has their sights set on a new goal: winning a handful of Academy Awards.

The studio plans to re-release the blockbuster sequel to Batman Begins this coming January – a period when voting for the Oscars is in full swing. Although it remains to be seen on just how many screens they plan on put it.

Does anyone realistically think The Dark Knight has a shot of nabbing nominations outside of the “Best Supporting Actor” and “Best Cinematography” categories?

Ironically, I actually saw The Dark Knight yesterday evening – my third time seeing it for the record. How many other people were in the screening room with me?


I’m sorry, but everyone’s already seen the film 3-4 times at this point. Plus, the DVD and Blu-Ray sales are going to be killer.

I seriously doubt most folks will shell out $10 to see a film on the silver screen when they just bought it on DVD. That is… unless said DVD release is delayed.

The Dark Knight is currently (still) in theatres.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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  1. Pretty sad that there’s an Oscar season to begin with,,, (again just something were conditioned to.)

    WB, sure has a dilemma, do they delay the dvd’s so that they can have Oscar nods on the cover, or do they leave it alone.

    Let’s face facts, most TDK fans don’t care about the Oscars.
    The dvd sales will gross way more than a re-release will,

    If WB decides to hold the dvds back a month I’m expecting major fan disapointment.

    If fans flock to the theatres to help the film break Titanics record,,, mankind is surely doomed.

  2. I just don’t see TDK making about $80 million in that time span to beat Titanic. It seems more like a ploy to keep the image and buzz in front of our faces than anything else.

    I can’t see WB holding back the DVD’s in December, it’ll be the perfect Christmas gift.

  3. “…most TDK fans don’t care about the Oscars.”

    Where did that statistic come from? I agree that many fans don’t care, but I love this movie, and I watch the Oscars every year.

    That being said, I think re-releasing it will be a strange idea if the DVD is already out in December. This film will be remembered regardless of whether it’s released again.

  4. That picture looks like Batman is about to do the “magic trick” to Joker with that oscar…

  5. Better not delay the DVDs!
    That would be a very bad move I think. Just let us see the movie with the extras and get the next one sorted.

  6. @Mercy
    I did say “most TDK fans” not all. 8-)

    Like most Oscar re-releases, the film will probly. only be shown in major cites and more than likey in very few theatres.
    I doubt they would postpone the dvds.

  7. didnt they re-release the titanic after it was on video? i remember being dragged to see it after we saw it at home?

  8. I don’t see what the big deal is. Lets face it if the delay the DVD release it won’t sell any less than if they did it in December. Everyone wants to buy this will buy it regardless of when it comes out. Personally despite the fact that I would love to get my hands on a DVD asap I like this idea because I think it’s about time that a comic film at least gets considered for a nomination other than music.

  9. Well,,,,,,
    It would be a huge loss in Christmas dvd profits,,,
    Also the longer they wait could effect the illegal pirated dvd market.
    If you know where to go, you can allready download TDK online.

  10. i’ll definitly go see it.
    will there be a midnight showing on the first day?

  11. I gotta disagree 790 Most people who are going to get it illegally already have or already plan to. Overall the DVD sales won’t be affected by this only in the short term. When it’s all said and done though it won’t matter. Hell I already have TDK on my computer, but I’ll still by the DVD when it comes out. I just have the one on my comp to hold me over.

  12. I hope they do push the dvd back just to see what happens. 8-)

  13. This is kinda off topic, but I gotta say you guys have been dishing out the rant lately. there has been like five articles a day.

  14. @Patrick

    Really? I actually felt like we’ve been slacking lately.



  15. If they delay the DVD to force people to watch in theatres to see it again for their little Oscar presentation (what a sad concept), that would suck.

    Who hates the oscars but watches it every year and organizes a pool for it… Me! Man do I ever hate the academy awards, heh.

  16. Well your number of articles depend on movie news available, AND you and your team only bring us the most pure organic movie news. even if it gets slow it’s worth the wait. I just noticed recently there has been a lotta posts here. I say awesome job Vic, Niall, Kofi, Bruce and Jamie. hope I didn’t leave anyone out.

  17. @Patrick

    Thanks a lot, bro. It’s always nice to hear that our efforts are appreciated!


  18. Sorry Jamie, but I’ve only seen it once in the theater and I enjoyed the movie immensely. That being said, I shelled out my $10 and I will be shelling out the cash for the DVD so I can watch it repeatedly so why would I go to the theater a second or third time? Just to help the movie make even more cash??? Granted, if I could see it in a discount theater for $3 I would go in a heartbeat, but $10 is a lot of cash to see a movie AGAIN.

  19. Its true 790, there are DVD rips of Ironman, TDK and Mummy 3 already up. That means 100% quality versions online.

    I guess the DVD screener copies get passed around too easily and no longer have those crazy messages or cuts in it anymore. I’m shocked how early these come up.

  20. Rob, a lot of the Divix stuff is bootleg, (I don’t care what anyone says) but I don’t think they have produced any screeners yet for those films,,,
    (But there’s allways actor copies that could easly be pirated by an asst or what have you)

    Screeners usually come out in late December and believe it or not all have watermarks that you can’t see while watching them.
    The watermarks are viewable thru a device the studios use… Usually with their lawyers.

    It can get ugly…

  21. true for the Divx stuff, but Ive seen actual DVD rips of the 3 films I mentioned.

  22. I see nothing wrong with rereleasing it, even if it’s already on DVD– it’ll bring back more awareness to the film in the mainstream, which IS important even if fanboys remember the film, plus I’m sure by then many fans of the film will want to see it again. I know a lot of people who’ve seen TDK once, because they don’t think it worthwhile to just go see the same movie they just saw in theatres the week before.

    I’ll be ready to go see it again by then, so I’m sure many more will, too.

  23. I am a Batman/TDK fan and I care if it gets Oscar nods.

    It definitely deserves a few…

    I will purchase the DVD and consider supporting a theatrical re-release if it’s in IMAX.

    I don’t really think that a re-release will increase the chance fo an Oscar nod though…

  24. I doubt TDK will get any oscars. Not that it doesn’t deserve some, but because it doesn’t have enough of an anti-youknowwhat message to win one. That seems like the whole reason for movie awards shows lately.

    I do think it deserves a cinematography award and IM should get a special effects award.

    And Tropic Thunder should get a new reward called “best use of Tom Cruise” award, lmao.

  25. I think TDK has a decent chance of winning an award, but only for Heath. I think it deserves more, but I think that Heath Ledger will be the only thing that really has a chance of winning an award due to this film being a comic book movie.

  26. i think that Heath has a very good chance of winning an award but if they push back the date they are going to release it on dvd i might crawl in a corner and cry