For Your Consideration: The Dark Knight

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the dark knight oscars1 For Your Consideration: The Dark Knight

Warner Bros. has launched an ad campaign for The Dark Knight, lobbying for Oscar nominations in 15 different categories. A campaign for 28 different people, in front of and behind the camera, for those little golden statues for this year’s Academy Awards.

In the latest edition of Variety and various places around the internet you’ll more than likely find advertisements for TDK as we approach nomination season for the annual Oscars night. From “Best Sound Mixing” to the prized “Best Picture,” Nolan and Co. hope to grab some well-deserved statues. Having delivered the highest grossing film this year, Warner Bros. is looking to help in that effort and spend some of that money on the heroes that brought The Dark Knight to the big screen.

Vying for a number of different awards, nearly every category it is eligible for has been suggested. The aforementioned “Best Picture” accompanies “Best Director” and “Best Adapted Screenplay” for Christopher Nolan. A “Best Actor” nomination for Christian Bale and a list for “Best Supporting Actor,” most notably Heath Ledger for his final performance as The Joker.

Undoubtedly Ledger will receive much of the attention as it is, so I want to promote Aaron Eckhart for his portrayal of Harvey “Two Face” Dent to be fair.  Both of these actors gave stellar performances considering 70+ years of comic book history on their shoulders.  The Dark Knight deserves at least some credit for what it has given to its audience and the next generation of filmmakers.

Though I support most of these nominations, I want to especially highlight Wally Pfister for “Best Cinematography” and Nathan Crowley for “Best Art Direction” on this film. Wally Pfister has received nominations for Batman Begins and The Prestige previously and Nathan Crowley also has a nomination for The Prestige; neither or which garnered them awards.  What they have done on this film is far better than their previous work and also contributed greatly to the total package that was The Dark Knight.

A full list of nominations can be found here.

The 81st Annual Academy Awards will be broadcast on February 22nd, 2009, one year and one month after the passing of Heath Ledger.

Source: Warner Bros. Awards

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  1. Oscar for Heath definitely, and Christian should get one too. He’s given so many great performances and has yet to be even nominated! I mean, his first major role was amazing despite his age. Empire of the Sun, American Psycho, the Machinist?
    The man should at least have one nomination by now. For me it comes down to him and RDJ this year, and RDJ’s already got his statue. Chris Nolan best director, definitely- Best Picture, certainly. Sound? I don’t know. I was not that impressed with the score. Cinematography and art departments definitely deserve the nom, not sure about Mr. Oscar though. But acting-wise, this movie’s gotta lock ‘em up.

  2. What I love about TDK is that they didn’t rely on “exterior” sets built inside a soundstage. They shot around Chicago for outside scenes, with appropriate art direction. That made it feel real. I know a lot of people commented on this, but it really feels like the first Batman movie where Gotham felt like an actual city.

    I remember, years ago, when Batman Returns came out, and I told my two cousins, “Wow, you can totally tell this is a set.” They agreed with me, even though they aren’t uber filmmaking geeks like me.

    The photography is superb, as is the art direction.


  3. @huntthejest

    Even though I think Bale was great balancing the three personalities, I’m not so sure he’ll get the statue. And just because he’s done other great roles doesn’t warrant an auto-win.

    I saw TDK in IMAX, so the sound award is without hesitation for me.

  4. I think TDk should win most of these awards though it’s doubtful the academy will allow such a thing to happen. I am surprised that you enjoyed Eckhart so much.I thought he was well bellow the standards that were set by everyone else in this film. I was really disappointed with his performance.

  5. Good movie? Definitely!
    Oscar worthy? Definitely……not.

    Ledger was good, Nicholson was better.
    Bale was good but not enough for academy consideration.

    Carl Lee was right, best sound for sure though.

    Daniel was right, why Aaron Eckhart when there are so many others that could have brought so much more to that character?

    And too bad Best Score was just eliminated from this one. It’s awesome

  6. What would be a real grin-maker would be if Ledger won and, with the film-editing magic we have in the present day, show him accepting the Oscar in a very Joker-ish way; relax, I’ll explain:

    Remember the disappearing pencil trick?

    Why not a disappearing Oscar trick?

  7. Well put. Christian Bale however did have the harder job in the Dark Knight when compared to Heath Ledger. All Heath Ledger did was just put up a phenomenal acting performance-which is all well and good. But only had the one personality to redifine-the demonic, psychotic Joker. But Christian Bale had to balance out three personalities-Bruce wayne the playboy Billionaire,Bruce Wayne the lonely, dedicated guy(the true personality of Bruce Wayne)- which only Alfred and Fox got to see and then there is Batman-his alter ego that represents his outlet of rage and his means of war on the criminals. To top it of , he had to do all his own stunts. But balancing out these personalities and making sure that Batman was the dominant personality would have been a very had job due to Nolan looking for exactly the right thing as per the comic books. There is a good reason why Nolan picked Bale for the role of Batman. And Bale should be noted for redefining the Characters of Wayne and Batman. Heath’s performance was more entertaining and he was the glue and got 11 mins more screen time compared to both characters of Bruce Wayne and Batman.
    But Ledger is a champion, sad to see him go the way he did. and Bale is seriously underated. His caliber of acting almost comes close to Tom Cruise’s acting caliber.

  8. Bale’s best performance was the Mechanic. I was entirely hooked onto the role and the film. It was an amazing experience that I will never forget. Sadly he got little recognition for that amazing performance.

  9. Christian bale is well-deserved for the nomination. He did a great job in TDK

  10. Bale played a good Bruce Wayne, but a horrible Batman imo.

  11. Bale is an excellent actor and I disagree that the Machinest was his best. I found him to be at his best in 3:10 to Yuma, The Prestiege and Rescue Dawn.

    I can’t believe anyone actually thought Jack Nicolson was better than Heath. Hell I thought Jack was pretty bad when I first saw the film as a child.

  12. One thing that drives me nuts about different portryals of charactors, in particular The Joker. I don’t think that you can compare the two, as they are two different interprtations, as well, they take place in two seperate worlds. I believe that the only time you would be able to compare, would be if they recast the part and it was portryed in the same world, which Nolan has created.
    I belive they both performed The Joker perfectly, both for the time period that the are in and as well, the world which the writers and directors placed them in.

  13. As for Christian Bale, I belive he is a phenomal actor, my personal favs are American Psyco (the killing that takes place while Patrick is talking about Huey Lewis, cracks me up evertime. Sadisitic, I know), Empire of The Sun and 3:10 to Yuma

  14. Nice to see someone else list 3:10 there was so much depth to his character and he was so amazing in it.

  15. @Daniel, JessSayin’

    I thought Aaron Eckhart did a great job. I believe his performance is reasonably overshadowed by Heath Ledger. His “turn” during the course of the film is the emotional backbone of the story. It resonates far better than that of a billionaire playboy who can’t be with the one he loves because (a) he moonlights as a Bat and (b) he kills her. Harvey “Two Face” loses everything and his threats and rage during the latter acts is a splitting contrast to his gentle and assured personality at the beginning.

    Who do you think would have done a better job?

  16. I think there is a laundry list of actors that could of done a better job. The only scene I thought he did really well in was the scene with out any sound when he sees the coin and is clearly screaming in emotional agony. The rest of his performance was very dry. I wouldn’t even put him in the top 4 performances. I didn’t find him very believable, emotionally or engaging. I’m a big two face fan and I really wanted to be invested in his character, but I couldn’t get in to it because there was nothing from Eckharts performance that dragged me in except for a quick one minute soundless shot. I’m not saying he was awful , but I wouldn’t call him good by any definition of the word. Just barely coming in at an average ok performance. I think the casting choice of him was one of the very few things that held the movie back and I actually supported him before I saw the film a lot more than I supported Ledger.

  17. All the Bale movies and nobody mentioned Equilibrium? That is probably my favorite role for him. That was a great movie! I do like most of the roles mentioned above.

  18. I love Equilibrium, but I don’t think it’s as good as some of his other work. Still a great movie though.

  19. –Best Actor–

    Wow, Bale is my favorite actor — He definitely does not deserve an Oscar for The Dark Knight. He was amazing in The Dark Knight and is an extremely gifted actor but this movie, by far, did not demand more from him then we’ve already seen. Where was the Bale Best Actor bandwagon for The Machinist or Rescue Dawn?

    ***I would like to point out that anyone advocating a win for him needs to see those films***

    Heath Ledger? He deserves Best Actor hands down.

    Gary Oldman and Aaron Eckhart should also be nominated in my opinion.

    –Best Film–

    A win? That would be awesome but it won’t happen.

    If it is not nominated I will be baffled.

    –Special Effects–

    No… why?


    I too saw it in IMAX, the sound quality was unbridled. The music was like a frame, casing an already miraculous picture.

    I have heard no better score this season. Anyone else? Glad it is back in the running. Iron Man and Hulk music were good though.


    Why not? It is a visual masterpiece. Throw in the IMAX scenes, which is just a cherry on top.

    Obviously, this is one of the important films ever. To not be nominated for a slew of awards would be ridiculous.

  20. Oh, I forgot, the Screenplay is also deserving of a nomination at least. It is awesome.

  21. @ Oscar!

    Finally, someone agrees!

    I think Bale is the best Bruce Wayne but not Batman. I must say Keaton was the best Batman. Just my opinion, believe me I know few agree.