The Dark Knight Heads Back To Theaters January 23rd

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joker rachel The Dark Knight Heads Back To Theaters January 23rdBack in September, you’ll remember we reported that Warner Brothers planned to theatrically re-release The Dark Knight in order to further its chances at next year’s Academy Awards. Well now the studio has officially set a release date: January 23, 2009.

Of course, there’s another (i.e. obvious) reason for this decision. The massively successful Batman Begins sequel is just $4 million away from earning $1 billion at the box-office. And the studio wants their blockbuster to be the second highest-grossing film of all-time worldwide – not that I blame them.

But I just find it silly. The film will roll back out into theaters just over a month after it’s released on home video – where it will no doubt absolutely destroy in DVD and Blu-Ray sales!

Meh – all power to them. When everything’s said and done, the film will end up surpassing The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest as the only film to have made less money than Titanic.

The Dark Knight will be released on DVD and Blu-Ray this coming Tuesday and grace the silver screens (again) on January 23, 2009.

Source: Variety

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  1. I don’t know what to think about this…
    For one side I would really like to see it again in a really big screen. But for the other I find it a little unnecessary as it’s only half a year since its original release. And I also think that the Academy will most likely see it as a way to make even more money (which for me is fine). But I could be wrong…

  2. hmmm… lets see go home and watch the movie for free, or pay to go see it in a theater. I think the free option wins.

    I get what they are trying to do but it is a little unneccesary.

  3. IF they re-release it in IMAX theaters, I might go see it again. However, I might just wait until I (finally) purchase a new tv and go with Blu-Ray. The one thing I REALLY like about watching movies at home is the PAUSE button so I can hit the bathroom…..

  4. These people have no shame! lol

    I wonder how much more money other big blockbusters would make if they would re-release them.

  5. I dont get why anyone would be against this. They arnt delaying the DVD to do this so it dosn’t hurt you in any way. Yet some people get all pissy over it. I say good for them. Call them Money hungry say they have no shame but why would anyone pass up a chance to make more money ? It would be cool if it was re released on Imax but if not no big. The higher up they are in the record books the better is how I see it. It wont happen but would be cool as hell if it passed Titanic.

  6. But then they can just re-release Titanic.

    Then they’ll re-release TDK again.

    Then they’ll re-re-release Titanic.

    Then Lord of the Rings will want some of the action and they will re-release that.

    Then the producer of the Harry Potter movies decides he wants another yaucht, so they’ll re-release the first few.

    Man, keeping track of box office takes will get so complicated, lol.

  7. I think its pretty cool if for no other reason than to give the three or four people who didn’t see it on the big screen another opportunity…(snicker…)
    Really hoping Heath bags at least a nomination, what an astounding performance!

  8. Hey they re-release The polar express each year and it makes big money. So I think that it’s cool they’re re-releasing it. If I ever have money and a weekend off I’d see it(even though I own it on blu-ray). Just buy the costco movie tickets they’re cheaper you know.

  9. For all of you who abhor capitalism,who thinks its shameless to make a profit,just remember this that a lot of the money WB makes from TDK will go to help make other movies such as a Superman reboot,a Green Lantern movie,and other worthwhile causes.So please stop drinking the Obama cool-aide.

  10. So what? Disney has been doing this shamelessly for decades by now.

    Oh, and since he’s the biggest ripoff of Disney marketingwise, George Lucas also tries it every 1-2 years on VHS/LD/DVD – and every 10-15 years in the cinemas. In new CGI-enhanced versions – worse versions. ;)


  11. LOL…why are people getting pissy. You can buy the DVD, or go watch in in theatres or, OMG, do both. You are not being forced to go either way.

    Its a rather smart strategy, I believe A LOT of people are going to go for another viewing to go watch it in IMAX.

  12. Yeah… if WB wants to re-release it and people show up, so what? I think people are wondering though how many will still go to the movies to see it. Everybody and their mother has seen it once or twice plus with the release on DVD/Blu-Ray I wouldn’t think they’d bring in more buckets of money.


  13. I think that they should also advertise thatthey will hook popular trailers to the first one to two weeks of the movie.

  14. If you look back at my posts, I’m mainly just talking about where it stands in the Box Office takes compared to other movies. Everyone is so excited that it might pass some movies (released once) on its second release. My reaction is more of “whoopdy freakin doo” lol. I’m impressed with TDK’s take in its first release, but I can care less where it stands after multiple releases. Same with any other movie.

  15. well, this is a movie worth seeing again on the big screen! I think they should do more re-releases, but after a bigger period. And for a shorter time, or even a special evening. Would love to see Saving Private Ryan, Titanic, Gladiator, … back on the big screen!

  16. For those of us who “abhor” capitalism and the “shameless” ways they make money, only to put it into other movies we will like….we should still hate it….why?


    When is enough, ENOUGH?! Make the movie, take it out of theatres, then onto dvd. Then, knock it OFF….Greed sure makes rich people do even MORE stupid things, and you know why? Because people who support out-of-control capitalism will fall for anything, and the rich know it. Go ahead, pay to see it a dozen more times….show everyone on the planet just how intelligent you are.

  17. Rich people get richer because they work for their money and they continue to work for it. Poor people get poorer because they don’t make money but continue to spend it. It’s a fact of life and it’s the fault of the individuals. There’s nothing wrong with the business tactic to earn more money. I mean, that is the purpose of owning a business right?

    The only thing I think is ridiculous is how people think it’s so great that TDK will surpass some other high grossing films because it’s going to be released again. In my opinion, you can only compare movies in the same terms. That means, how much did one movie earn in its first release versus another in its first release. If there are multiple releases, compare them separately.

    But them making money, that’s perfectly fine by me. No need to get angry at people for being more successful than you are. Because isn’t that what you want for yourself? Are you going to get angry at yourself if you won the lottery or start a business that booms? Of course not. It’s the American dream. That’s why taxing the rich aka class warfare, or punishing the successful, is a dumb idea. If the bums want money, they should do this crazy thing called WORKING for it like the rest of us.

  18. How funny would it be if TDK had another 100 mil opening. LMAO thinking about it…

    I’ll get the dvd thanks,,,

  19. It probably will. There’s enough of a fanboy base to do that. We talk about how financially retarded it is to spend another $10 or whatever to see a movie when you most likely already spent the $15-$30 to own it on DVD, but fanboys rarely think logically so…

  20. TDK is sitting at 996.3 million worldwide. Do you really think it is going to make another 120 million when it is rereleased especially after the DVD/Blu-Ray release and also since it is still playing in approximately 300 theaters right now. I don’t think it’s got the parts to make enough to surpass LOTR: ROTK…

  21. Have you SEEN the fanboyism surrounding this movie?? These people are comitted to the point that if you even try to look at the movie with a critical eye they will attack you like you just said their god doesn’t exist… They’ll waste their money to see it again even though they have the DVD.

  22. Charles, Charles, Charles… you are on the WRONG website my friend.


  23. LMAO, Charles Darwin imposter thinks he’s qualified to assess if someone is intelligent or not, first he thinks this website relies on his visit to survive, now he thinks he’s so smart he can tell other people what they need to do to “prove” their intelligence. Damn, I’ll repeat myself, delusions of grandeur, LOL :-D

    Anyone see that episode of South Park about the hybrid cars? Yah, I think this Darwin imposter is a contributor to the smug cloud alright. haha

  24. I loved the smug cloud. :D

    I can see the sense in this from WB’s point of view – more money and attention – and of course, as people of freewill we can not bother going. It will be interesting to see how many do actually go. I take it this is in the US only?

    But I have to say I hate the idea of this becoming a trend. The big blockbusters dominate cinemas enough, without coming back for more so new screenings get less attention.

    So I guess I’m not against this, just hoping it doesn’t catch on.

  25. Well, I’ve got one thing to say to those that are outraged by the Capitalistic reasons for re-releasing TDK: we live in a capitalist country. Hell, a capitalist world, even. If WarnerBros wants to make more money off of TDK, that’s their decision. As for me, I’ll definitely go see it in IMAX again. I’ve seen it quite a few times in theaters, too. It’s a good movie.

  26. I bet it doesn’t make over 20mil.
    Even that’s too much…

  27. @790

    couldnt agree more man, I can understand maybe seeing it in IMax, but I just thinks it a waste of time and money.

  28. I am one of the few who missed it in the theaters (don’t ask, my summer was tough), and so i am much looking forward to a re-release and will go see it on IMAX. I just watched it on DVD a couple of days ago and really enjoyed it, but to me, the home DVD experience and the Theater experience, whether on IMAX or not, are so different that there are many movies i would go to the theaters for even if they have already been released on DVD/BD.

  29. A warner bros esta tentando fazer com que o cavaleiro das trevas ultrapasse a marca de 1 bilhao mas isso ele ja esta quase faltam apenas 6 milhoes para essa quantia e com o re-lançamento nos eua talvez ele consiga mesmo ser o quarto filme a ultrapassar essa marca titanic,o senhor dos aneis o retorno do rei e piratas do caribe o bau da morte sendo esse ultimo 66 milhoes na frente do homem morcego,bem batman o cavaleiro das trevas e a quarta maior bilheteria da historia certo? acho que ele nao vai passar para a terceira a warner bros tambem acredita nisso o que ela esta tentando fazer com esse re-lançamento e aumetar uns milhoesinhos para divulgar que seu filme ultrapassou a barreira de 1 bilhao