The Dark Knight DVD/Blu-Ray Selling Like Hot Cakes

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joker burning money in tdk The Dark Knight DVD/Blu Ray Selling Like Hot Cakes

After a massive take at the worldwide box office The Dark Knight continues making ridiculous bank, selling over 3 million copies on DVD and Blu-Ray in the first day of release (f you don’t have a copy yet just wait for Christmas, It’ll probably end up stuffed in your stocking).

The Blu-Ray version of The Dark Knight sold approximately 600,000 copies, setting the single day sales record for Blu-Ray. The previous record holder was Iron Man (400,000 copies), which was released earlier this Fall.

I guess Blu-Ray is here to stay, if sales trends like this continue.

Some analysts (a.k.a. internet bloggers) are estimating that The Dark Knight will sell approximately 7 million copies by the end of the week, which would tack another $150-200 million onto its total earnings figure. Redonculous numbers. Finding Nemo remains the bestselling DVD of all time (60 million units), at least for the foreseeable future…

But not everything is sunny in The Dark Knight‘s world right now. The film has been snubbed by the Golden Globe Awards, earning just one nomination for Heath Ledger’s phenomenal turn as The Joker. Fear not though: a snub at the Globes in no way means death for The Dark Knight’s chances at the Oscars later this year. In fact, some analysts (again, I mean internet bloggers) believe that the diverging tastes of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences leaves plenty of room for The Dark Knight to make a dark horse run at Oscar glory.

However there remains one problem which will not have a happy ending: the lack of features on The Dark Knight DVD and Blu-Ray. Fans have been waiting for five months to truly delve into the exceptional film that Christopher Nolan and Co. created, and those fans with an expanding collection of Blu-Rays have grown especially accustomed to the laundry list of features those discs offer.

However, as Neil Miller over at Film School Rejects does an excellent job of pointing out, many of the key features you would think would obviously be with the DVD/Blu-Ray of The Dark Knight are noticeably (and frustratingly) absent:

tdkbluray The Dark Knight DVD/Blu Ray Selling Like Hot Cakes

  • No kind of feature on Heath Ledger’s process in bringing The Joker to life; no real mention at all of Ledger’s contribution and impact to the film. (I know that powers that be are trying to be respectful of the late actor’s memory, but come on, give the fans what they’ve been clamoring for. What better way to honor an actor’s accomplishment?)
  • No real commentary track from Director Chris Nolan. (Just a “Descriptive Narration” from a robotic voice talking over the movie.)
  • No deleted scenes. (Chris Nolan doesn’t believe in them, which is fair enough, but if you’re not going to give us commentary or behind the scenes features, at least give us something!)

Neil Miller does a much better breakdown in his post (which you can read here). In the end, while the DVD and Blu-Ray will likely keep flying off the shelves this holiday season, serious fans are grumbling that they got shorted on the extras. Not the kind of disgruntlement you want to have circling you around awards season. No doubt this signals the classic studio “double dip” where a few months after the initial release of a DVD a new, really special edition of the film is released with tons of extra features.

Do you own a copy of The Dark Knight on DVD yet? Or is this the film that is making you go out and buy a Blu-Ray player? Let us know where you stand on this one.

Source: MTV News & Film School Rejects

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  1. That is good stuff to know, I didnt think that a BR Player could play DVD’s. Does anyone know when Xbox will release their BR Player if they have not already?

  2. I don’t see how so many people are surprised. I’m not surprised. They are expecing the fanboys to spend another $8-$12 to watch it again in theaters for goodness sakes, you don’t think they KNOW they can rip people off with multiple special, “special special” edition DVD’s?? I’m not at all surprised they would do this. And sad thing is, IT WORKS.

  3. People are like foaming at the mouth at even the mention of TDK, the campanies making money from this would be stupid to not take advantage of it, lol.

    And I think they need to change the saying. It should now be “These hot cakes are selling like TDK blu-ray discs!”

  4. Anyone remember the dyas when there was jsut one edition released and you didn’t have to shell out additional money for a 2 Disk edition?? And i am still not sold on the Digital Copy Crap, especially since i can’t put it multiple devices and can only copy once, it, to me is stupid, because really how many copies of one movie do you need? If i am going to watch, Ill get up off my lazy ass and put the disk in the DVD tray.

  5. Yeah I remember those days Metalicat79.

    Isn’t ironic that Wall•E preaches that were destroying the eco system with junk, and look there’s 3 versions of Wall•E on dvd/Bluray. The special edition even has that cardboard sleeve thingy that I throw away as I’m walking out of the store. There’s usually no recycling bin near by so I throw it in a regular trash can. (Damn I’m killing the planet)

    I think this is all part of their “Go Green (to save the children) Program?”
    Or maybe going Green stands for making money…
    Nah they wouldn’t lie to us,,, :-)

    I’ve been using the digital copies as dvd coasters,,, they work great for large beer bottles. You can also use the digital copy to signal aircraft if you get stranded out in the desert or on a boat,,, they don’t work good as Frisbees though,,,

    You could use them for target practice?

  6. @790
    The thing that pissed me off the most about Wall-e was not so much the packaging or the Go Green attitude, it was the friggin price for the 3 Disk Edition. $35.00 but with all the taxes and such thrown in there. 35 bucks!!!
    Hellboy 2 3 disc only set me back 28 bucks, Disney is definetly going green, but in the environmental way. I was realy choked that i had to settle for the Single disk, being the Special features Junkie that I am.
    We should get together and see how well we can turn them into Ninja Stars and Fling them at the doors of the studios and their Distributors.

  7. I forgot a NOT in there, it should say NOT in the environmental way.
    Sorry, Brain Thinks faster than my fingers

  8. Yah, if you’re really good, you can try to shoot through the hole without hittig the disc. I think my most accurate rifle that is sighted in at the moment is 1.5MOA, might need something better…

  9. Yeah its all BS with this Go Green crud.
    Its Soylent Green!
    Disney sucks !!!
    The effort there putting into converting films to 3D is disturbing as well!!!
    Ken I was thinking more like digital clay pigeons…
    12 gauge fodder.

  10. What about the “Platinum and Ruby Deluxe Ultra Special Director’s Edition Dark Knight Mantle Set”?

    That thing would sell like Hot Cakes.

  11. All this talk about hot cakes is makn me crave them. Where can I buy the best hot cakes?

  12. IHOP

  13. Well I’m kind of embarassed to say that I did not know that Blipvert…maybe I will go get that BluRay player now :)


  14. IHOP does not have the best hot cakes… That’s like saying McDonalds has the best burgers…

  15. best is subjective Ken J…My house is the place to get the best hot cakes!!

  16. or FOX makes good movies

  17. greenknight

    Save yourself the several hundred bucks. Just get a PS3. (Even if you don’t play console games.) It reads Blu-Ray, DVD and CD formats.

    It’s a huge blunder I’ve noticed from the Blu-Ray developers that simply have not advertised that fact to the general public. Most folks are sticking their feet in the ground and saying ‘no i will not change over again. I just got a good collection going’ If the blu-ray makers informed most of these folks that their collections are still well and valid it would speed along the whole transition.

    Even folks who have bought a Blu-Ray are not fully aware. I just scored 20 pretty recent and decent DVD movies for 40 bucks from a fellow in the classifieds who switched over to Blu-Ray and was under the impression his DVDs were coasters now. I just didn’t have the heart to tell him that his discs would work fine in his blu-ray (plus i wanted his super cheap DVDs lol) Maybe that’s the reason they’ve remained so hush about it.

  18. Within 3 months BluRay players will be around 100 bucks. By next Christmas they’ll be under 100.

    I’m in noooo hurry to get one. My dvd player still works.

  19. It’s most disappointing and a shred of greed would seem to in the mix if they EFF us over with another version of extras later on.

    So like, what, it will the special edition with a Bat Cowl?? It better if they’re going to pull this!

    Grr… argh… phffft.
    Sorry, my cat got on the keyboard.

  20. Yah, PS3’s are way overpriced, and all-in-one electronics rarely perform individual functions as well as dedicated machines. A Panasonic anything will basically out-perform a Sony anything, so I say Vic made the right move. But I’m going to wait until they get even cheaper. My target is in the $100-$150 range for a name-brand Blu Ray player.

  21. I don’t remember a commentary on Batman Begins?

  22. yeah… the movie was awesome and the numbers were bound to be awesome..
    N no doubt they are more records that are yet to be broken..I guess this is just the beginning ..