‘Daredevil’ TV Series Will Begin Shooting in July

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Daredevil using echolocation Daredevil TV Series Will Begin Shooting in July

The Avengers may have stopped off in New York City to fight a wave of invading aliens and a mad Norse demi-god, but once the smoke cleared they got on with their superhero lives, some of them travelling very far away indeed. In the everyday life of the city, a team of home-grown heroes are about to join the Marvel small-screen universe: Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist and finally a team-up of all four in The Defenders.

Daredevil, probably the best known of these characters thanks to the 2003 film starring Ben Affleck, will be the first to get a series. All of the shows will be filmed in New York, and Marvel recently cited a planned start for Daredevil some time this summer, with roughly 13 episodes in the first season.

In an interview with HitFix, Marvel Studios TV head Jeph Loeb got a little more specific. He confirmed that Daredevil will begin filming in July and that Jessica Jones will be next up, followed by Iron Fist and then Luke Cage before culminating in The Defenders. Jessica Jones already has a showrunner in Melissa Rosenberg (Twilight), and Daredevil will be created by Drew Goddard (The Cabin in the Woods), but development for the other two shows is still in the early stages.

jessica jones Daredevil TV Series Will Begin Shooting in July

Loeb would not answer the question of whether the episodes would be serialized or simply made available all at once, as was the case with other Netflix series like House of Cards and Orange is the New Black. He did promise that people would be “delighted” with the new set of shows, but since Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. garnered many less-than-positive reviews during its first season Marvel has yet to prove that its comics-based TV shows can work as well as the movies.

While Disney CEO Bob Iger has said that the Netflix shows were based around characters that aren’t popular enough to warrant feature films, there’s nothing to stop the shows and the movies being tied together in small ways. For example, recent Marvel One-Shot All Hail the King was set inside Seagate Prison, where Luke Cage is falsely imprisoned and acquires his superhuman strength and invulnerability.

With a filming schedule for Daredevil already in place we expect to hear casting news fairly soon. Tell us in the comments which actor you think would be perfect for the Matt Murdock role.


We’ll keep you updated on Marvel’s Netflix shows as development continues.

Source: HitFix

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  1. It’d be nice to see the original yellow and red costume for the first few episodes, if possible.

    • I have lower expectations….I am hoping they don’t cast a badly over weight comedy actor for Foggy rather than hoping they get the actual canon right. :)

    • that is actually such a good idea

  2. Benedict Cumberbatch for Daredevil and Idris Alba for Luke Cage!!

    Just wanted it out there before the thousands that think these two should play every role chime in.

    • Nope, Benedict Cumberbatch as Spike Spiegel in the Cowboy Bebop movie. Matt Smith or Michael C. Hall as Daredevil… chime!

    • nathan filion for foggy…chime.

      • I don’t think I dislike that idea… That just might work. I’m liking the show Castle more and more!

  3. In my typing haste, I spelt Elba wrong, my apologies. He is in no way related to Jessica Alba.

  4. I really hope Melissa Rosenberg’s screenwriting follows her general style from Dexter episodes, not Twilight (barf)

  5. When I saw DD was going to start shooting In July, I went shooting right out of my seat! I think I am going to enjoy all these Netflix marvel-morsels if they are done right. I am pumped for these, although I am not real familiar with Jessica Jones, other than the name. Does she have special powers? I sometimes confuse her with the two girls who were in Heroes For Hire. If these shows appear to be doing well, I hope they do something similar with Moon Knight.

    • Super Strength, resistance, flight. She’s also married to Luke Cage.

      • She needs most of those super powers married to Luke Cage…if ya know what I’m sayin’!

  6. Richard Madden for Daredevil!

    • This is something I would totally support. Great actor, right age, and right look.

  7. So since this is on netflix does that mean we’re going to get a more adult show with sex, violence, and grittier characters? If they’re going to make some non-serialized g-rated show, putting it on netflix would be kind of a waste.

    • I think they’ll be able to get away with a bit more, but Marvel is still owned by Disney, so I don’t think they’re going to go much further than 14A

    • I can’t see how to do Jessica Jones without sex and violence.

      • Holy Misogyny. I just about barfed.

  8. Anybody hear any casting rumors for the role of Daredevil yet?

  9. Michael C. Hall needs a job! Make him Matt Murdock! I’d love to see him as part of the MCU, plus I think the showrunner for Jessica Jones has Dexter to her credit. Could be…

    • That’s actually a great idea! I loved Michael C. Hall on Six Feet Under and Dexter and physically he’s a match!

  10. Soooo… Why hasn’t Marvel stated whether or not these will take place in the MCU?

  11. i can’t wait…i even got Netflix just for this, because 97% of what they carry is bunk

  12. After the debacle that is Agents of Shield, I wouldnt expect much. Marvel/Disney cant even produce quality content with the Avengers, Hulk, or straight DVD movies
    Somehow, they will make all these shows… wait for it…comedies. Its MaRvel M.O. now..unfortunately.

  13. I’m just hoping that they won’t drop the ball on these like they did with Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and are able to tie it in better with the bigscreen MCU. I’m not expecting a RDJr. cameo or anything, but at least something better than “Thor stopped by the other day. Too bad you guys just missed him.” For these shows to fit within the bigger pictureit’s gonna need some more organic cross-pollination than the lacklustre attempts so far on AoS,

    Since it’s set in NY this should even be fairly simple to accomplish. Perhaps a shot of Avengers Tower in the background, or Iron Man doing a fly-by (don’t even need RDJr. for that, just CGI). Maybe that waitress who did that post-battle interview in Avengers could serve them coffee (make that place a regular lunchspot for DD and Foggy and she could make regular guest appearances) or even have them order take-out from that shawarma joint. Also, cast Luke Cage, Jessica Jones and Iron Fist as soon as possible for some early bird cameos so we won’t feel like “Where have THEY been hiding?” when they finally get their own series.

    Also, if/when a Dr. Strange movie is finally confirmed and cast, have HIM do an early bird cameo. Heck even a guest appearance from that cardboard AoS team wouldn’t hurt to paint a bigger picture. And it would help if they didn’t put a restrain on which characters these mini-series could use in case they’re saved for possible use in a future MCU film. Instead use these series as an opportunity to establish lesser known characters or villains in the public mind prior to a cinematic outing.

    As for casting choices, well… my personal wishfull thinking cast list would be something like Matthew McConaughy for Matt Murdock, Mary Elizabeth Winstead for Jessica Jones, Wood Harris for Luke Cage and uh… some dude… as Iron Fist.

    • Perhaps Murdock could be Cage’s lawyer before he gets sent to jail.

  14. I agree with everyone on this one. Marvel best not drop the ball with making these four miniseries (particularly Iron Fist’s!!!) the way the did AoS.
    They CAN be part of the MCU or start off as a TV universe before latching on the bigger one. At least they won’t be expected to be crawling with all the movie tie-ins and what not. Plus the future lead-up to The Defenders will really set them as their OWN group rather than expecting them to be part of or indicated to the Avengers right away.
    I really just hope the tone is set for each show and their origin stories and not some very lighthearted, gimmicky stuff we’ve been seeing on AoS.

    • these shows are not “mini-series” … they’re just series, same as many other shows these days on cable or elsewhere, they have shorter runs to elongate the full run of the show but with an aim to maintain a certain quality of storytelling.

      the likelihood Marvel wouldn’t want to make season 2 (or more) for any of these shows is about a negative 0.1000

  15. Neil Patrick Harris as Daredevil?

  16. I’m stoked, I am on the production team for two of the Marvel shows. I can’t wait..

    • If that’s true, can you speak as to why Marvel hasn’t officially announced that the shows are a part of the MCU?

  17. Netflix ALWAYS releases all episodes at the same day. There is not an exception, and I don’t think there will be.

    • From Dusk Till Dawn is released in weekly episodes, at least over here.

    • Turbo Fast. They released that show in batches as opposed to all at once.

  18. Mark Paul Gosselaar as Daredevil!

    • Dustin Diamond for Foggy

  19. Can they cast a Caucasian Luke Cage since they made the Human Torch African American?

    • DAFUQ !?

    • I don’t see why not.

  20. Sam Witwer as Daredevil, Nathan Fillion as Foggy, and Norman Reedus as Foggy’s son Franklin Jr.

  21. Christian Bale would dominate this role!

    • I just don’t see the guy signing on for a series, that seems so small time compared to the past couple Oscar bait films he starred in. Plus he said he was done with the hero genre.

  22. Michael muhney could be interesting

  23. Matthew Fox for Daredevil. He isn’t a movie star, so he won’t be expensive. He also hasn’t had much work recently.

    In 2012’s “Alex Cross” he played a RIPPED psychopath, so we know he has the physique and physicality required for 13 episodes and a special.

  24. Michael C. Hall for Daredevil! …Or maybe James Marsden.

  25. Mark Paul Gosselaar or Matthew Fox (as was previously mentioned)

    No to Dustin Diamond as Foggy Nelson! LOL!

  26. Scott Adkins for Daredevil hands down…

  27. You know, I have no clue as to who should play DD. I had wished that they would have made a 1980’s t.v series with Rex Smith, along with a The Mighty Thor t.v series with Eric Kramer and Steve Levitt. But I guess its to late for that. They should have done it back then. I am probably the only one who wanted this.

  28. Michael C. Hall for Daredevil

    Michael Jai White for Luke Cage

    Scott Adkins for Iron Fist

    Katee Sackhoff for Jessica Jones