Marvel’s ‘Daredevil’ TV Series to Hit Netflix In 2015

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Daredevil Netflix Details Marvels Daredevil TV Series to Hit Netflix In 2015

Marvel Studios seized the day at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con. Between prop shots, incidental (but important) story and character details, first glimpses of footage from The Avengers: Age of Ultron and Ant-Man, the casts of both films showing up in force, and news about a third 2018 release, Marvel gave DC a run for their money. Maybe none of this is especially surprising, given that their lifeblood flows from the pages of comics, but the breadth of fan-service Marvel provided in Hall H and beyond was impressive nonetheless.

Coming on the tail end of festivities is an update on one of their decidedly more small scale enterprises: the impending serialized reboot of Daredevil, backed by Netflix for their Instant streaming service. Most of the broad details about the show are well known – its troupe of actors is in place (ranging wide and varied, from Charlie Cox, to Vincent D’Onofrio, to Rosario Dawson, among others), showrunner Steve S. DeKnight has his hands on the reins following Drew Godard’s departure, and despite the fits and starts, the New York City based production is well on track.

What hasn’t been transmitted yet is a premiere date, or at least something more concrete (and much less narrow) than “sometime in 2015″. No longer, though:  at the very last Marvel press event of the weekend, Daredevil will hit Netflix starting in May 2015. The precise day of availability didn’t come up, but knowing the month is a lot better than not knowing. If nothing else, it gives us a clearer idea of when to expect the revitalized adventures of Matt Murdock to begin anew.

Speaking at the panel, Joe Quesada – Marvel’s Chief Creative Officer – pirouetted around questions about interactions between Daredevil and the other street level superheroes (Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and Jessica Jones); he only went so far as to express his excitement at the thought of these four characters teaming up for Marvel’s planned Defenders miniseries – also touching base briefly on Daredevil‘s NYC backdrop. Sounds like he had a lot to say about the nuts and bolts of the show, but little and less that actually ties back to new details on what to expect from it.

daredevil netflix series Marvels Daredevil TV Series to Hit Netflix In 2015

Maybe that’s okay, though; just having a time frame for when Daredevil will be in the can and ready to go is pretty exciting, especially given how much emphasis Marvel is putting on their bevy of hush-hush future projects. The effort they’re putting into their theatrical endeavors is striking enough on its own, so much so that it’s easy to forget about their ventures into uncharted waters by streaming original content. Official word on their fledgling attempt at bringing their brand to new platforms might seem slight, but it’s a reminder of the studio’s expanding ambitions.

With about ten months left until Daredevil vaults its way onto our Instant recommendations pages, and with filming just beginning to get underway, there’s not much else that Marvel possibly could offer to satiate fan anticipation. But now there’s an end goal in sight, and that beats being left in the dark.

Daredevil will become available on Netflix Instant in May 2015.

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  1. I wish they had filmed all four shows at the same time because now who knows when we’ll get the other three shows

    • The one issue with that is that the Daredevil show hasn’t been aired yet.

      If anything, Marvel wishes to test the waters. If the Daredevil show goes over well, and is well liked, then we can definitely see the Jessica Jones and Luke Cage shows being made.

      But until the show has aired, Marvel is wise to err on the side of caution, and only focus on one show at a time. That prevents the shows from spiraling out of control or having to have their budgets slashed in order to justify the MASSIVE cost that such a project would require. Remember, a superhero show will almost always have a higher budget then something like Breaking Bad, if only because they have to pay for stunt men and lots of VFX. That’s probably another reason they chose Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage as the first Netflix shows, since overall, they can be made on a nice, decent budget, and have minimal heavy VFX (i.e. no flying, laser vision or stuff like that.)

      • That’s why I wish they made all of the shows at the same time because if daredevil doesn’t do very well then they could easily cancel the other shows. Whereas if all four were made at the sCCMame time at least we would have shows about all of them to watch.

        • If they were to film all four shows at the same time, it is four times the risk. Four times the potentail loss of dollars. Marvel/Disney & Netflix are business. They need to make smart businss choices.

          Given the Daredevil movie with Ben A, Marvel should be cautious.

  2. Daredevil taking on some Ultrons? That would be an excellent tie-in to the Avengers and be instant awesome.

    • It’s reportedly a period piece, set in the 1970s. So unless we get a flash forward sequence of elderly Matt Murdock, probably not going to see anything that connects to the modern MCU. I could be wrong, of course.

      • I would hate to see him fighting crime in the 70′s.

        If it is based in the 70′s, then that means… SWEET CHRISTMAS! So will Luke Cage and all the Defenders.

        • It was not stated as a period peice. “We’re going for a gritty, 1970s’ New York feel for the show. We love the idea of beauty and the decay of the city”

          The ton is about urban decay, like NYC in the 70s/80s.

          • Tell that to Joshua, not me.

      • I dont think they said it was a period piece, just that it would have the feel of a period piece.

      • It’s a 1970′s feel but set in modern time. I think people got that mixed up thinking it’s set in 1970′s. That’s just the style in which DeKnight is going for when this is filmed(visually). The timeline though is set in modern day 20th century

        • oh no, and i thought we were in the 21st century!

  3. I remember the show runner talking about Daredevil being set in a 70s style NYC but that doesn’t confirm or deny that it actually WILL be in the 70s and i would assume it will take place in present day so i’m curious whether this takes place before or after Age of Ultron also released in May 2015.

  4. I remember reading somewhere that they plan on doing two series every year. So Jessica Jones is also expected to come out in 2015, and then Iron Fist and Luke Cage will come out in 2016. Is this accurate?

    • I haven`t heard that but I imagine they plan on 2 a year since otherwise we would be waiting almost 5 years for Defenders. As well, if they plan on giving them second seasons, more than 2 years to wait for Daredevil S2 would be insane.

  5. Calling it now, Rosario Dawson will play Misty Knight and act as the Nick Fury character that bridges the 4 series and brings them together for Defenders.

  6. When they announced the four shows which would eventually culminate in the Defenders mini-series I assumed that they would all be filmed simultaneously and aired together, to allow characters to cross over between shows and create a shared universe in preparation for the miniseries. Kind of disappointed that’s not the case, as if Daredevil is airing 2015, and they haven’t announced when the other three – or the mini-series for that matter – are airing, then it could be years.

    • I was under the impression that they they are all taking place in the same shared universe, and there is the potential for them to appear in each other’s series. After all, they are all inter-connected: Jessica Jones works for Matt Murdock and is married to Luke Cage, who is partners with Danny Rand. If Cage and Rand at the least aren’t in each others’ series, then I’ll be surprised.

      We don’t know when they will air the other 3 series or when The Defenders will take place, but they can’t wait too long between them. They don’t seem to be concerned about releasing too many shows or movies in a given year; they’re already releasing 2 movies/year, this year they will have 2 ABC shows airing, and in a couple years there will be 3 movies/year coming out. So they could release Jessica Jones next year as well, and then both Heroes for Hire in 2016 with The Defenders coming in 2017. The only thing with that is that they haven’t made any announcements yet for Jessica Jones in terms of casting.

  7. Really looking forward to the Luke Cage and the Iron Fist series.

    I’m very interested on how Marvel will handle their first true martial art based character (Iron Fist) and if they will tap into the supernatural features of it. It may even be the same year that Dr. Strange’s cinematic movie comes out and help propel the supernatural movement in Marvel. I hope they pic not only a great actor but a superb martial artist who can do his own stunts.

    And of course Luke Cage is just one of the baddest, toughest characters in the tough streets in Marvel. This could easily make a very interesting story. His time in prison, how he gained his power, his relationship with Jessica Jones (possible crossover there), etc.

    • Seems like Iko Uwais would be a good choice for Iron Fist, although I am not sure how good his English is.

      • Unfortunately, Danny Rand is a blonde Caucasian. But maybe Iko Uwais could play Shang-Chi or something?

      • Marvel really needs to get Iko Uwais for a role!
        Iron Fist is a white American though so not sure if they change that. But there’s a few other characters in Iron Fist he could play.

        Iron Fist is probably who I’m most excited to see.

        • If they need a white american who’s great at martial arts, Jason David Frank. Hell he’s had 5 bouts that were all wins by either knockout or submission.

          • I’d also like someone who can act. And JDF can’t act.

    • I completely agree! I made a similar comment in a previous article. If they do two Netflix shows a year, then Iron Fist should come out around the same time as Dr. Strange. So it would be a big year for the mystical side of Marvel.

      I hope they get the Yuen Woo-ping to choreograph the fight scenes!

  8. Will this be part of the cinematic universe? Probably.

    • Yes, these characters exist in the same universe as the Avengers, et al.

      Don’t expect much cross over though (at least not to start).

      On a related note, I’m surprised DC/Warner Bros. have decided NOT to have their Arrow/Flash shows exist in the same universe as the movies. So when they make Justice League, do they leave out Flash? Or cast a new one, resulting in the Quicksilver conundrum.

      • It’s a smart decision on the part of WB. The t.v show wouldn’t leave up to the technological standards of the cinematic counterparts and would thus cheapen the value of the whole brand.

      • Warners dont have neither a working plan or brain
        To lead their team. I cant see any reason to waste
        My time on shows other then when i got nothing
        To do. Two separate universes is dumb.

    • It’s Marvel, so they’re definitely in the same universe. However, the producers said that there won’t be much crossover since the Defenders are street-level heroes based in Hell’s Kitchen. Why would the Guardians of the Galaxy (for example) care about helping them out? So we’re more likely to see the Defenders walk into an Iron-Man or Captain America movie during a battle in New York than for Thor to drop out of the sky and help the Heroes for Hire take out a gang of thugs.

  9. I would have liked to see the costume at Comic-Con, to see how faithful it will be.

  10. I hope ray park is playing iron fist he has been attached to that role for over a decade or Bradly James Allen from Jackie Chan stunt team and gorgeous.

    • Why? Ray Park is like 40 years old and a terrible actor. Any stunt man can play the parts he does and you would never know the difference.

  11. What would have been better is to have 22 episodes featuring all
    The characters like marvel teamup and then lead it into a big screen
    Movie with a existing avenger to help out with the box office
    Take. When they battle thanos they will need lots of heroes.

  12. There is nothing new here. We already know this is coming out in 2015.

    It is disappointing isn’t it? All this wait and anticipation Marvel is just announcing GOTG 2, and to think about Spider-Man is coming to MCU…

    Anyway, looking forward for Daredevil, and the rest of the Defenders, also the Punisher, Moonknight, the Wrecking Crew to tag along.

    • I think everyone was praying Marvel was going to announce they got Spidey back from those incompetent clowns at Sony.

  13. What would be cool IMO anyway is if they had the formation of the defendors team in each series but showing each characters perspective and origins/backstories and whatnot in their own respective solo series so you would get crossovers and cameos in all the series. Then when it gets to the defendors series they are already a team and kicking arse