‘Daredevil’ Reboot Getting a Rewrite

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daredevil reboot rewrite Daredevil Reboot Getting a Rewrite

Little progress has been made on 20th Century Fox’s Daredevil reboot since David Slade was brought aboard to helm the project – so little that the 30 Days of Night and Eclipse filmmaker has found time to direct an episode on Breaking Bad and the pilot for Awake, while also preparing to oversee the pilot for Bryan Fuller’s Hannibal series.

However, the Daredevil reboot’s engine looks to start puttering once again, now that Fox has recruited a little-known writer in the form of David James Kelly, to rework the screenplay for the Marvel comic book movie project.

Deadline has the scoop on Kelly being hired on to revamp the current script draft for the Daredevil reboot, penned by Brad Caleb Kane (a former co-showrunner and writer for Fringe). Slade, as it were, is still poised to direct the project, once he completes his additional television show production duties.

Kane’s screenplay is reportedly based on a famous Daredevil comic book storyline written by Frank Miller – dating back to a time when that was a good thing – titled “Born Again”, wherein The Kingpin systematically destroys Matt Murdock’s life, after discovering that he is the face behind “The Man Without Fear.” Such a plot setup would tie in organically to the conclusion of Mark Steven Johnson’s 2003 Daredevil movie, where The Kingpin (Michael Clarke Duncan) was on his way to prison, after having learned the titular, devil-costumed hero’s (Ben Affleck) secret identity.

Hence, Slade’s Daredevil project could ultimately prove to be more of a rebooting sequel that maintains continuity with its predecessor, along the lines of The Incredible Hulk or this summer’s G.I. Joe: Retaliation – as opposed to, just a rehashing of Daredevil’s origin story.

Daredevil reboot official announcement Daredevil Reboot Getting a Rewrite

While the writing talent associated with the Daredevil reboot doesn’t do much to generate excitement, Slade being set to direct has provided good reason for fans to expect a movie that genuinely deserves the label “darker, grittier and better.” Here, that would actually be appropriate too, given the nature of the Daredevil universe and Murdock’s life in general – to say nothing of the brutal twists and turns found in Miller’s “Born Again” storyline.

Similarities between the “Born Again” plot and the acclaimed “Batman: Knightfall” comic book storyline (thought to be partly the basis for The Dark Knight Rises) could be interpreted as an encouraging sign for Slade’s movie – or a sign of a lack of creativity, depending on how you approach it. If nothing else, though, at least the Daredevil requel (rebooting sequel) shouldn’t be lacking in substance to go with the “edgier” style (Ghost Rider 2, looking at you).

We will continue to keep you up-to-date on the status of the Daredevil reboot as more information is released.


Source: Deadline

“Daredevil: Shadowland” Header Image Artwork by Ben Oliver

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  1. I thought Kyle Kellen from Awake was supposed to have written it?

    • Not that I know of-?

      If anyone’s heard otherwise, feel free to let me know.

        • Yeah, I double-checked it on IMDb too, and it no longer says that.

          IMDb’s a good site, but it also definitely has an imperfect tracked record. ;-)

          • Oh yeah, no doubt about it

  2. I hope that future Daredevil movies are good. He’s really a great character and has some amazing stories behind him– I remember reading one, I forget what it was called, but it had Daredevil protecting a child who was the Anti-Christ and Mysterio was the villain. Obviously, they can’t use Mysterio, but Daredevil can be dark and edgy like Batman while also adding religion and super senses into the mix.

    Also, I’d love to see the yellow and brown suit on the big screen.

    • maybe not as dark as the R RATED DEADPOOL coming out

    • That arc was the Guardian Devil by Kevin Smith. One of his better comic related runs. Frank Miller and Bendis also provide great story arcs for the character. In a way he works better than Batman since he isn’t some super rich genius with a plethora of backup. Sometimes it really is just Matt against the world which helps stroke the drama.

      • @ WELP

        Yes, that was it! I’d love to see that on the big screen, or at least a new script with elements of that in it.

  3. Marvel should get the rights to Daredevil so a good reboot would be made.

    Still if Daredevil turns out to be gritty, darker and better than the first original movie, I’m in.

    Also I hope Robert Patterison or any other good-looking actor doesn’t get cast as Daredevil, the studio should get a great actor who would be amazing in the role and not someone who would destoryed the role (For example: Ben Affleck).

  4. to bad the directors cut for Daredevil (2003) didnt make it to theaters, then we couldve gotten a sequel to that. I really liked the directors cut version.

  5. Hoping for the best on the reboot/sequel, Ben Affleck did nothing with DD.

  6. I LOVED that storyline. That can only be a good thing if they are adapting it.

    Would be the ultimate “what if your archenemy finds out who you are” superhero movie.

  7. That would be a great storyline to follow, with the right care taken daredevil could rival the batman movies. It can be just as dark gritty and the villians can be just as crazy as heath ledgers joker. And i think Scott Adkins would be perfect as daredevil his fighting/martial arts ability are perfect and his high flying acrobats are perfect.

  8. some reasons this Daredevil reboot make no different i find him hard to translate on film. if it was a tv show on AMC it would be great.

    • like a Law & Order, he finds all these people and takes justice in his own hands that sounds better than a Punisher show

  9. its a fine line behind reboot and sequel, and it doesn’t seem like they care so much anymore haha

    wish this could be part of the MCU..

  10. DD is one hero I wouldn’t mind staying with Fox. He isn’t exactly a known Avenger and I would much rather see people like Vision, Witch, Quicksilver, Cage, Panther, Strange, Ms Marvel, ect show up there than DD.

    DD is a great character and is comic is awesome right now. He is one character that NEEDS and dark and gritty tone. Unlike Spider-Man, it fits.

    • Agreed…

      DD and moon knight are the marvels version of batman, Moon knight is basiclly batman but crazy. and DD is dark and gritty, like the comics…

      DD is one of the most unique characters in comics, a blind superhero, I love what Miller did to the guy, and what Kevin James done too. hoping for a good bullseye and kingpin this time though.

      • Moon Knight has super strength, Batman doesn’t.

        • Moon knight doesn’t have super strength.

          • Not according to Marvel:

            Moon Knight gains enhanced strength, endurance, and reflexes at night, reaching his pinnacle during a full moon, and sometimes has prophetic visions.

            • He isn’t gonna be EXACTLY like Batman of course, he will be different in ways, but the same in others. Both have fighting skills, both have a lot of tech to support them. Also, I forgot who said it, but someone said that Moon Knight is batman if he had split personalities.

              Thats where I was going with my comment…

            • I haven’t followed moon knight for years, they must have added that sometime in the last fifteen years, because I don’t remember him having powers. Is it the ultimate MK with strength?
              I know he was ressurected a couple times by Khonshu, maybe those ressurrections came with upgrades.

            • I’d like to see a Moon Knight movie. He has a really cool costume (of course that is not the sole reason). Also, re: Daredevil, the first movie was not great, but not so bad, either, when there were not that many superhero movies to choose from. I would like to see Daredevil against Mr. Fear, which actually was originally sort of an idea being floated (DD vs. Mr. Fear & Kingpin) back when the first movie had just come out. I hope this idea is revived.

  11. Sounds good to me but I want marvel to helm it. I love slade directing it but marvel needs the rights.

    I garret hetland the guy from tron. I like him playing daredevil. Also I’d like Liam hems worth. I think hea a great actor.

      • Yeah I saw limitless. I like it.

        But I think Bradley copper is more flash then dd.

        I do agree with no a listers. I’d like to see Liam hemsworth get a marvel role.

        • It would be weird having liam and chris on the marvel team. They look to similar. Bradley cooper sounds like a great DD. Patrick stewart is my flash

          • It’s funny you say that because for the longest time i thought Cooper would be a good flash, but i feel like no matter what way it’s done a flash movie is bound to be far from perfect. And a better DareDevil movie would be more worth it, in my opinion at least. Nothing against flash but it’s like some of the other guys have said, DareDevil’s story goes along with the dark, gritty, trend we’re so into right now. IN FACT, one could actually take the Batman Begins screenplay and just mix and match. Replace Scarecrow with Mysterio, Ras al ghul with Kingpin (Minus the training sequence), etc lolol

  12. Born Again is one of the best superhero stories ever written and drawn. With that said, that’s the LAST place anybody should start with a Daredevil movie, that’s like making Return Of The King your very first Hobbit movie.

    The Man Without Fear is the place to start, tailor made for cinema (literally). And ignore all that Bendis rubbish that’s been done since, there’s only one writer for Daredevil and that’s Frank Miller. Crazy as he is today, that was Frank at his finest, most passionate, most brutal, heartfelt and romantic. Sin City PALES in comparison…

    • What? Bendis run was great too. It’s not prime material for a new film but sequels definitely

      • Bendis is the most overrated writer in comics today, along with Neil Gaiman. He’s just recycling dialogue from the comics he read growing up in the 80′s and feeding it to a younger audience that doesn’t know any better. Same with Gaiman, if it wasn’t for aping Alan Moore he wouldn’t have a career.

        Man Without Fear was originally written as a treatment for television. It’s perfect even today for a film or tv miniseries. Trying to shoehorn DD’s childhood, origin, The Kingpin, Bullseye, and Elektra as well as his resurrection from Born Again in one film would be madness. Go read Man Without Fear again. Larks is Bullseye. Daredevil unwittingly is responsible for his creation. If the producers are smart they’ll go all ‘Daredevil Begins’ with it and leave the rest for the sequels once the foundation is solid.

  13. anyone know what graphic novel photos 1 + 2 above of DD are taken from?thanks

  14. For once I will say that I hope they use little to no CGI for this movie. I really liked the first one but all of the crazy stuff he was doing goes completely against them saying he is just a man. With Freerunning being a superfast growing trend it would be retarded for them not to use some really good freerunners to do all of the Daredevil parts. Can’t wait for this movie. I really love Daredevil. I really like them using Frank Millers ideas. If I had my choice, I would go with Frank Miller directing it too. I would love to see Daredevil in Sin City style. I could also live with Kevin Smith writing the script. I have every issue of Daredevil that Kevin wrote and I really like them. Just sayin.

  15. Gur Pearce would make the perfect Daredevil.

  16. I liked the Directors cut of Daredevil. Didn’t even know that existed until about a year or two ago. But if it is a “Requel”, then they should at least leave Duncan as King Pin. He’s a great actor. He just needs direction and a good script to be a solid villain.
    I wasn’t as upset with Ben Affleck as most people. But a change of actor wouldn’t upset me in the least.

  17. Now why do I have a feeling DD would do better as a TV series? With the popularity of law shows on TV (LA Law, Boston Legal, The Practice, Ally McBeal etc) DD would be an easy sell. Medical and law dramas seem to have enough emotional connection with viewers and adrenaline to keep them tuning in every week . The added twist of a fearless blind vigilante in the mix would only take it up a notch. And he has a supporting cast to make it work.

    The next Smallville.

    • Agreed. Would be a better idea for a TV series on the CW.

  18. How about instead of a reboot do a redeath??? Don’t make it!

  19. Wolverine, Batman,& Daredevil, Frank Miller helped define these characters in the 80′s and Hollywood is finally forced to give his stories their due.

  20. I want Daredevil to appear next in an Avengers sequel.

  21. AS long as Ben Affleck has nothing to do with this then i will be pleased, never read much on the charcter but hope this comes to life. I personally want him back in Marvel’s hands, as i said on fb when someone posed a question of who you want in the Avengers, i said daredevi for they need a ass kicking lawyer on thier side.

  22. I dont know, i actually liked the first daredevil especially the directors cut, Collin Ferrel did a real good job as Bullseye so id hope to see him again. I doubt Ben Affleck would return again not just cause everyone was complaining about him, but that he is pretty busy now and like to direct now.

  23. I dont know who should play DD, but I liked Colin Ferrel as bullseye, I always thought of DD as a guy that was 5’10″, Ben Affleck was too tall if you ask me ( and that was the thing that bugged me the least)

    I also liked Jon Coffey (get it?) as Kingpin. Even though Kingpin was white in the comics, he was still good if you ask me.

  24. Dont tell me, its going to be a darker version, with a lot more grit. Its going to be more like real life – blah blah blah, soon these reboots are going to be so dark there will be no picture on the screen!! Have fun with it for a change.

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  26. Daredevil is an amazing character, and I really disliked his previous movie (haven’t seen the director’s cut though).
    I just hope they finally get it right with this one… if not, give it back to Marvel, and let them take a shot at it.

    I’ve always liked the idea of Marvel doing a feature film that consists of a few short films (In the vein of the animated movie “Batman: Gotham Knight” – but just better ;)):
    They could have heroes like Daredevil, Luke Cage, Iron Fist and Moon Knight each have a 30 minute story that takes place in Hell’s Kitchen… it all takes place during the same night, and you’ll see each hero as they go out on patrol in the city. The heroes never interact with each other though, it’s very much solo stories — it might sound a bit odd to you guys, but it’s definitely a new take on a “superhero movie” wouldn’t you agree?

    • I think marvel should hire you as like “fanboy” consultant. Most of your posts on here are really informed and really come from a true fans perspective , I think that’s a great idea and agree that’s the proper way to introduce lesser known characters to the mainstream it would be like a marvel sin city type feel

  27. The Incredible Hulk maintained continuity with what predecessor?

    • Ang Lee’s 2003 Hulk movie.