‘Daredevil’ Reboot Casting & Plot Rumors

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Daredevil reboot in the works with David Slade Daredevil Reboot Casting & Plot Rumors

The Man Without Fear is prepped to return to theaters in Fox’s Daredevil reboot, which David Slade is set to direct. Rumors are already circulating about the film’s plot – which could be based on the work of comic book legend Frank Miller – and what up-and-coming actor may portray the new version of the blind vigilante onscreen.

Miller’s “Born Again” storyline redefined Daredevil during the 1980s – and now Slade may be drawing from that source material as inspiration for the reboot, which is reportedly only in the development stage at this point.

Heat Vision says that Fox is planning for the Daredevil reboot to continue the story begun in director Mark Steven Johnson’s 2003 movie adaptation with Ben Affleck, who is not expected to reprise his role as the titular hero. “Born Again” is a seven-issue arc that chronicles the efforts of the Kingpin (Michael Clarke Duncan in Johnson’s film) to systematically destroy Matt Murdock’s life after learning he and Daredevil are one and the same.

The conclusion of Johnson’s Daredevil very much paves the way for a variation of Miller’s story to be told, without violating the mythology established in the first film. It also fits with Moviehole‘s report that Slade’s pitch for the reboot is “a bit ‘Batman Begins’. The bad guy will learn who Daredevil really is and tries to destroy him – but not via the usual methods.”

Twilight star Robert Pattinson and TRON: Legacy‘s Garett Hedlund (who are not locked in a “silliest hairdo” competition, despite what the above image would indicate) are already being rumored as potentials to play the new Matt Murdock in Slade’s reboot. Seeing as the project is only in the development stage – and original reboot screenwriter David Scarpa is apparently no longer involved with the new Daredevil movie – both these gentlemen’s potential involvement should be considered purely rumor at this stage.

On the other hand, their rumored involvement would indicate that Fox is aiming to feature a younger Daredevil in the reboot – so someone like The Punisher‘s Thomas Jane or Hitman‘s Timothy Olyphant (or any older actors who’ve already played a deadly, morally-ambiguous protagonist onscreen before) is less likely to follow in Affleck’s footsteps. That would also indicate that Slade’s Daredevil really is being planned as more of a reboot and not a sequel, despite the continuity in storyline.

Daredevil movie reboot Daredevil Reboot Casting & Plot Rumors

Despite the previously-mentioned similarities to Batman Begins, Slade’s planned Daredevil flick is also being described as a “close cousin” to recent comic book movies, possibly meaning the likes of this summer’s Thor and Captain America. Both of those films look to feature lots of stylish action and CGI, but will also be more grounded in real-world mechanics – just not to the same degree as Christopher Nolan’s gritty take on Batman.

Does that mean Slade’s Daredevil project isn’t going the “grittier” route that just about every upcoming reboot claims to be taking? The film may be brutal (or even graphic) in tone (a la Slade’s 30 Days of Night adaptation) but perhaps it won’t deserve the name Daredevil Begins after all. And while Daredevil and Batman are similarly dark, psychologically-tortured heroes, being able to distinguish between their respective franchises would be nice, frankly.

How does the Daredevil reboot sound so far? Good/bad?

Do you think that Darren Aronofsky leaving The Wolverine will have any effect on whether Slade directs Daredevil? (Slade was once up for The Wolverine‘s director’s chair as well.)

Source: THR, Moviehole (via Comic Book Resources)

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  2. I want robert Pattison to play as Daredevel in the reboot movie.

  3. I loved the first movie, didn’t mind much that DD wasn’t blonde. If they were gonna reboot it I think they should cast Michael C. Hall, he’s epic, a really good actor and he looks the part. I think he would do a great job. Robert Pattinson sucks, he’s a terrible actor with a distractingly ugly face and no charisma at all. I don’t think a young DD would work, he needs to look sort of… weathered. He’s had a tough life and it needs to show on his face.

    • The first Daredevil was terrible (the only good part was bullseye). They should just straight out reboot it instead of this half reboot, half sequel crap.

  4. This David Slade hasn’t really directed any films (apart from maybe Hard Candy) that would be considered good films and he is not the right director for this. And the idea of either Pattinson or Hedlund staring as Matt Murdock/Daredevil is just a terrible idea! Daredevil is a dark character with a troubled life and this needs to be played by a relatively old and decent actor, who’s had some experience in these roles (and shiny Vampires doesn’t count).

    I think Fox should go about this the way that Universal studios went with the Hulk films. The first Hulk film wasn’t really that good at all, but with the next Hulk film, they just re-casted the actors and carried on from the previous film and it turned out much better. What is it with this need to reboot everything lately?

    I like this idea of going for the Frank Miller stories, because the first DD film’s story was similar to Miller’s first take on DD, and so revolving it around Born Again this time could work because Kingpin knows his identity at the end of the first DD, so it could easily follow the same storyline.

    Personally, I think that David Fincher as Director and Brad Pitt as Matt Murdock/Daredevil would work really well. David Fincher has directed some great films that revolve around dark themes such as Fight Club, Zodiac and in particular Se7en. Brad Pitt is in his late 40s (giving him a slightly withered look) and also looks the part for Murdock. Also, he’s good at getting into an athletic physical shape, is a decent actor and has starred in both Fight Club and Se7en. I think Fincher and Pitt could really take this film down the dark and gritty route which DD needs to go down.

  5. I honestly believe that they should go with an unknown actor. I think it would just be a paycheck for an A list actor to take the role of DareDevil. If they can find someone who really wants the part and can connect with the character it would turn out better. Their best luck finding someone like that, an unknown actor.

  6. I was sooo hyped up about this…until I saw Robert Pattinson was an option. For crying out loud, keep that man AWAY from Marvel movies!!!

    • like… robert pattison has no place being in a marvel film! get an unknown actor!!

  7. Close cousin to the crappy modern day super hero films you say?

    So in other words it’s going to be less gritty and more bland?

    Why do all the super heroes have to be these young skinny quirks who can’t act?

    Why not Brad Pitt? Brad Pitt is pure badass, he is a great PHYSICAL actor, perfect for a blind super-human acrobat like Daredevil. I demand Brad Pitt, you hear me Mr. Slade? Brad Pitt. dye his hair black I don’t care just make him Darevil.

  8. Do NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT cast RObert Pattinson!!!! Let us remember Matt is a TALL Strawberry Blonde. NOt this boy who I really don’t think can act very well. I’ve wanted a reboot for years as DD is my favorite comic book and Ben afflick had no business touching the role. Now you guys are thinking about making the same mistake in casting Robert. Might as well not waste the money on a reboot then. HAve you even considered Neil Jackson who has the looks of Matt plus the stunts/fighting experience to do the role justice?! Come on guys, think outside the darn box!!!


  10. Garrett wouldn’t be terrible but, they should look at others. Ben mckenzie should be daredevil.

  11. Hmm? Another skinny, pale, teen-look, vampire-esk actor in the role of a gritty, street-wise, fighter and hero…? Hell’s Kitchen needs a Matt Murdock not another Peter Parker. C’mon guys, dig deeper, some of us have been fans for more than 30 years and we think Matt/Daredevil is worth it!

  12. Daredevil is possibly the best marvel character. I really hope that David Slade takes some Inspiration from Bendis and Maleev’s run On the title

  13. DD Casting Ideas;
    Emile Hirsch
    Taylor Kiscth
    Joel Kinneman
    Milo Ventimiglia
    Jim Caviezel
    Edward Burns

    “Justice is Blind…. And Justice is Served!” ;-]

    • Bradley cooper. Not the right nose, but hey, who cares

    • The best guy to fit the role would be Ian Somerholder. He’d play the perfect Daredevil.

  14. i do hope Elektra comes back:P

  15. Jensen Ackles all the way. He has that darkness about him as well as the look. He has the acting chops. He’s unknown to those outside the “Supernatural loop”. Why not give this guy a chance? He’s proven he can do fight scenes.

    I hate that people keep saying Chris Pine, Jason Statham, Robert pattison and Ryan gosling. Chris pine does not fit the DD mold, Jason statham is Brittish and is a character actor, Robert pattison isn’t a very good actor on top of the fact that he would be fresh out of the twilight series and would only make the movie tank a la “Huntsmen”. Ryan gosling might be a good fit. But if you look at a drawing of Matt Murdock you will see Jensen. If you read the comics you will see why I’m such a big advocate for him.

    Jensen Ackles would be the obvious best choice.

  16. That’s a big HELL NO on the Michael c Hall as daredevil suggestion. I get you like dexter but he wouldn’t play DD right. Might as well give it to David Hasselhoff because I like watching titties bounce on baywatch

  17. If Elektra isn’t in it, I’m not gonna watch. Did anybody see anything about Elektra? Because I didn’t

  18. If Elektra isn’t in it, I’m not gonna watch. Did anybody see anything about Elektra? Because I didn’t.

  19. I think both those actors are not good for the role of Matt murdock I thin Shane west has the looks and the built and the voice for Matt murdock and this movie should be started on like now and be ready for a spring or summer realese of 2013. The one with ben afflack sucked ass badly and we need more comic movies down to earth and less comical so David Slade do your magic on this movie and kickass man.

  20. I think it is cool that they want to do another daredevil movie. I have been waiting for it for a very long time. But if they have rob pattinson do if I will freak out because he is not die that role. Personally I would like to seen Ben do it again.

  21. This guys be very good as DareDevil.

    Greg Vaughan
    Eric Martsolf
    Jay Ryan
    Paul Wesley
    Steve Burton

  22. Honestly I want Guy Pearce as Daredevil. I don’t know what about him makes me want him for DD but I just do.

  23. You can trust Moviehole really. An amateur Austrailian fan site? For pete’s sake

  24. Dave franco get rid of accent pump him up make him darker a killer contracted killer/justice server so bounty hunter like daredevil

  25. i honestly think that the directors cut should of been the movie in theaters and it would have done better and i think ben affleck did a good job…

  26. I just hope its not too happy-go-lucky. The idea of that Twilight dude playing Mat is just obsurd and shouldn’t even be entertained. Pleaseee reboot Punisher and Blade xD a Marvel Knights movie would be awesome! (Iron Fist, Moon Knight, Elektra and Powerman movies would work great in the new universe too!) (All R rated, let’s make a mature universe without the ‘um… magic or aliens did it.. screw actually thinking to build the plot’ )

    • Guys guys guys!!! All of these speculative conversations are a great way to bolster off opinions, and steam for that matter. Maybe it’s just the mood I’m in, maybe it’s a complete lack of optimism at this point; don’t really know…but lads, a daredevil sequel/reboot, has virtually no chance of being ‘critically’ successful. For the simple fact that it’s coming from a FOX studios. It will be well cast I’m sure. And their will be a somewhat reputable director in the captains chair. But guys and gals you must remember. The daredevil property rights will fall squarely within the ‘Donner-verse’. Wolverine, the X-Men(all of them) affleck’s Daredevil along with at least a half dozen other titles have been completely awful for a few basic and fundamental ‘movie-making-rules’ being totally ignored. 1. Why do we always see in the credits that 2,3, or even sometimes 4 writers penned the script? 2. Thirty plus people listed as producers or E.P. Credits? 3. They never, ever, EVER shoot ‘on location’ when it’s pertinent to the story being told…there’s simply too many people with their hands in the cookie jar. Fox had completely wasted Hugh Jackmans’ time. FOX did what they normally do when they casted the first X-Men film. They found a classically trained yet relatively unknown (to U.S. audiences anyway) character actor that they thought would fill the shoes of the Wolverine that they wanted to market. And Jackman has said himself that nobody will let him get it right. Fox casted an absolute BEAST of a committed character actor, and instead of making the wolverine films with an R rating they stuffed this brutal, iconic, literal American hero (yes…I know he’s Canadian) into this easy to swallow, ‘cookie-cutter’ action film that 12-13 year olds could go to see without mommy and daddy with them. What’s more, is that when you buy the DVD and watch deleted scenes, even the material that’s taken out doesn’t even bump it up to anywhere near an R rating lol. My view is, if the studio wants to make a pg-13 comic adaptation film, then they need to select characters that fit that bill. Gambit, storm, hell, ANY other Xmen alumnus but Wolverine. He’s a human weapon that literally shreds human beings…if anyone deserves an R rating its F’n James Howlett for god’s sake! I could go on for days about this kinda’ funky Hollywood crap, as I’m sure most of you all can as well. But having said that mouthful, I’m of the firm opinion that Daredevil is gonna be garbage. Which upsets me personally. Daredevil is by WAY FAR my favorite Marvel character. Knowing that it’s doomed is awful. But FOX has done nothing to change their techniques at all, quite the opposite in fact! They signed that idiot Singer to F up yet again another comic film. I’m not even really pissed about the Marvel crap he butchered, my beef is that he was one film away from having created a full X-Men trilogy, and left it go and F up one of my DC boys!!! In summation, it matters not who they cast, who produces or who directs as long as it’s with FOX. Spielberg gets into talks then I will listen, but I believe it’s doomed.