‘Daredevil’ Reboot Casting & Plot Rumors

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Daredevil reboot in the works with David Slade Daredevil Reboot Casting & Plot Rumors

The Man Without Fear is prepped to return to theaters in Fox’s Daredevil reboot, which David Slade is set to direct. Rumors are already circulating about the film’s plot – which could be based on the work of comic book legend Frank Miller – and what up-and-coming actor may portray the new version of the blind vigilante onscreen.

Miller’s “Born Again” storyline redefined Daredevil during the 1980s – and now Slade may be drawing from that source material as inspiration for the reboot, which is reportedly only in the development stage at this point.

Heat Vision says that Fox is planning for the Daredevil reboot to continue the story begun in director Mark Steven Johnson’s 2003 movie adaptation with Ben Affleck, who is not expected to reprise his role as the titular hero. “Born Again” is a seven-issue arc that chronicles the efforts of the Kingpin (Michael Clarke Duncan in Johnson’s film) to systematically destroy Matt Murdock’s life after learning he and Daredevil are one and the same.

The conclusion of Johnson’s Daredevil very much paves the way for a variation of Miller’s story to be told, without violating the mythology established in the first film. It also fits with Moviehole‘s report that Slade’s pitch for the reboot is “a bit ‘Batman Begins’. The bad guy will learn who Daredevil really is and tries to destroy him – but not via the usual methods.”

Twilight star Robert Pattinson and TRON: Legacy‘s Garett Hedlund (who are not locked in a “silliest hairdo” competition, despite what the above image would indicate) are already being rumored as potentials to play the new Matt Murdock in Slade’s reboot. Seeing as the project is only in the development stage – and original reboot screenwriter David Scarpa is apparently no longer involved with the new Daredevil movie – both these gentlemen’s potential involvement should be considered purely rumor at this stage.

On the other hand, their rumored involvement would indicate that Fox is aiming to feature a younger Daredevil in the reboot – so someone like The Punisher‘s Thomas Jane or Hitman‘s Timothy Olyphant (or any older actors who’ve already played a deadly, morally-ambiguous protagonist onscreen before) is less likely to follow in Affleck’s footsteps. That would also indicate that Slade’s Daredevil really is being planned as more of a reboot and not a sequel, despite the continuity in storyline.

Daredevil movie reboot Daredevil Reboot Casting & Plot Rumors

Despite the previously-mentioned similarities to Batman Begins, Slade’s planned Daredevil flick is also being described as a “close cousin” to recent comic book movies, possibly meaning the likes of this summer’s Thor and Captain America. Both of those films look to feature lots of stylish action and CGI, but will also be more grounded in real-world mechanics – just not to the same degree as Christopher Nolan’s gritty take on Batman.

Does that mean Slade’s Daredevil project isn’t going the “grittier” route that just about every upcoming reboot claims to be taking? The film may be brutal (or even graphic) in tone (a la Slade’s 30 Days of Night adaptation) but perhaps it won’t deserve the name Daredevil Begins after all. And while Daredevil and Batman are similarly dark, psychologically-tortured heroes, being able to distinguish between their respective franchises would be nice, frankly.

How does the Daredevil reboot sound so far? Good/bad?

Do you think that Darren Aronofsky leaving The Wolverine will have any effect on whether Slade directs Daredevil? (Slade was once up for The Wolverine‘s director’s chair as well.)

Source: THR, Moviehole (via Comic Book Resources)

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  1. o god no if one of them gets the role this movie is dead

  2. Good GOD not Pattinson! I’d rather they bring back Ben Affleck! I didn’t think the first movie was that bad, but to put that hack Pattinson as Matt Murdock would be the kiss of death to this franchise. Hell, I’d rather see Matthew McConaughey as Matt! I also like Ryan McPartlin for that role too.

  3. Someone buy these toilet-faced brats some hair! Looks like the same nitwits trying to come up with a kiddie-show Spiderman remake thought of these wet-behind-the-ears pups to paste their schmoos up there. Get real, get a real man to play DD, and I’m in!

  4. Anyone but Pattinson please. He’s a horrible horrible actor. He’s just awful.

  5. If they cast Robert Patterson in this movie their entire budget would be eaten up just airbrushing his muscle tone. No, actually, if they cast Robert Patterson in this movie I will find Hollywood’s junk and punch it seventeen times.
    @TJ Budz, nice way back machine call to Billy Zane. He’d make an interesting Bullseye if he could bring his acting chops up to par. Actually love that guy but he’s always seemed B-rated acting wise IMO.
    Overall it’s just too impossible to wipe the stink of the first attempt off this to do a revamp. And Elektra really pushed the final nail in the coffin. Frank Miller’s work was amazing but I’m also worried people may still be cringing over “The Spirit” to put any weight on his work translating over to movies well (Sin City not included).

  6. Vic I’m amazed you had to nerve to put this on your site. Cajones of iron you must have. Brother, that’s like swimming with Tiger Sharks in shallow waters during mating season while bleeding. ROFL!

    This whole younger trend is irritating to say the least. No one friggin wants their super heroes to be boys/young men unless the hero is a boy to begin with.
    Daredevil: grown A$$ man
    Luke Cage: grown A$* man
    Black Panther: Grown A$$ man
    Capt America: GROWN A$#.. man!

    • Hafta agree there. And to another possibility; who days it’s gotta start at an ‘origin’ point? They could get Frank Miller himself to pen a movie script formatted around the ‘Born again’ books that he wrote years ago…the stories could start at what could look like an ending point, ya know? The could’ve done something like that ten years ago…if they were to do an older daredevil story, personally I’d like to see Dennis Quaid do it. He’ll, he could even do Millers’ Dark knight returns book as a seasoned batman…even so his time has prolly come and gone lol…people are campaigning to get Michael Kai white anti the Luke Cage role but you prolly knew that. I’m all but certain that whatever FOX does with Daredevil I’m going to thoroughly hate it, as it will no doubt be written and filmed at a pg-13 market, thereby removing the very essence of what makes the best daredevil stories so gritty and intense. He’s my favorite Marvel character, and I have just had to come to terms with the fact that we will all just have to be satisfied with the books and novels, because the studios will not make a DD film that cuts out the 13 year old market. I never had much of a problem getting into an R movie when I was younger, but I guess times have clearly changed….

  7. I bet they call it The Man Without Fear. And I bet it will suck hairy monkey balls.
    RObert Pattinson as Matt Murdoch? What a joke! Casting this role young would be catastrophic! Get Affleck back!

  8. Ok, here’s a strange choice, but I can sorta see it working…

    Matthew McConaughey. He is the right age, could have threatening physical presence, could easily portray Matt as well as DD. Yeah, he would be my choice.

    • Just one problem DSB: The role would require acting and I’m not sure McConaughey is capable of that.

      • Kofi dude that’s harsh! Have you not read Vic’s review of The Lincoln Laywer? Ha.
        I think he could do it.

          • Yeah Reign Of Foire was what I was thinking of, he can do intense, he’s a big guy, he wouldnt look ridiculous in the suit. And he can act. And I think absolutely everyone would agree MM is better than a glittery vampire.

      • Could he lose the Aw Shucks accent and do a H*ll’s Kitchen/New Yorker one?

        • I’d be curious to find out.

  9. DSB:: No doubt. MM would be a great DD.

    I would like to see Michael C. Hall.

    • I’m certainly not against Michael C Hall in this role, he is a brilliant actor, but I just can’t picture him in the DD costume.

    • I like Kilmer for Kingpin.

    • I feel sad that Kilmer has gone the way of the rotund. But if he is cast he might have a hard time with the physicality of being the Kingpin. When he did the batman forever movie he had some pretty decent fight scenes, hope he can bring something like that if he ever played the kingpin. Acting wise I know Kilmer can bring it.

  10. They have to include Elektra Natchios in this film and I think that either Mila Kunis or Megan Fox should play her. I actually liked the Daredevil movie, I felt it was dark, edgy, original, and altogether entertaining. Hopefully, the reboot is good.

    • Megan Fox? You do want this to die a grissly death, don’t you? :-D

  11. yeah, I vote NO for Megan Fox thank you. Jordana Brewster or even Elisha Dushku would fit better as Elektra. But that’s my personal Opinion.

    • HELL YA on Elisha Dushku as Elektra
      I still think she would make a great “Wasp” for the Avengers though

  12. And maybe, Brad Cooper as Matt Murdock/Daredevil.

  13. I would like to them keep as many of the original cast as possible. If not then, James Gandolfini for Kingpin,Matthew Fox or Jason Padalecki for DD, and Jason Statham or Jasen Ackles forBullseye.

    With Elektra it all depends on who they cast for DD. If they want go with some one around what Ben’s age was then could go with Betty White. If not then Kate Beckinsale, Mila Kunis, Zoe Saldana, Vanessa Hudgens,Eliza Dushku, and Jessica Szohr could all fit the bill.

    • Jimmy G for Kingpin…hmmm, now there’s an interesting idea I never thought of….! I would like to see the idea from a few years ago carried out. There was a proposal of using villains Kingpin and Mr. Fear against DD. A new actor as Daredevil, OK, but not the dorky-looking sappy little punks pictured here, looking like someone ravished their faces. Heck, I could make a better Daredevil, and I very closely resemble “Napoleon Dynamite”, looks-wise!

    • Kate Beckinale would begood but iwould be distracted i would see her andonly be able to think of Selene from underworld

      • As long as she doesn’t bite anyone..

  14. I hope they used some lesser known villains like the purple man and mr. fear as well as the owl.

    • Mr fear should be a cool mistary villain that wants to take down not only the city & daredevil… but also the king pin. Lesser know villain are cool for reboots.

  15. Yes!! This time please do justice to this great marvel hero!

  16. I still have trouble following the net community on this story…it’s a sequl, but it’s not. It’s not sequel, but it is….I go by the source, which says it is not a reboot, but a sequel. That’s how they can use the Born Again storyline, have Kingpin put away for x years, come back and sabotage the life of a Hell’s Kitchen lawyer.

    Slade also has another pic before this, so actors he talks with now might have nothing to do with Daredevil. A (new) script also isn’t written yet, so any actor talk is premature I think. Wolverine doesn’t affect this project. There were other directors on a short list as well.

    As for other bad guys, I’d like Owl or Mr Fear—but they could rework Nuke a little bit, couldn’t they?

  17. Lousy! David Slade is a hack!

  18. sorry but sounds to me like this movie is probably going to suck. look what happen to pervious movies when they tried to “reboot” a movie with different people as the main actor. like the punisher. good movie at first but the second one sucked. even batman begins wasnt that great although the dark knight was good but i think that had more to do with heath ledger. sorry just not a fan of directors try and change the main character and make a stupid story to try and accomodate. i think actors who take on these kind of roles should be obligated to play the role when a “sequel” is made.

    • Actually, if you want to get technical…War Zone was the THIRD Punisher movie, as the FIRST one was actually 1989′s release of The Punisher with Dolph Lundgren as Frank Castle

  19. People!!! You should all want a grity daredevil. He is like batman. I fear this movie won’t be THE daredevil movie we all been waiting for :/ It should be grity. Talking about fear now… I think the should have Mr fear in this movie. I will love to see (in a saga) King Pin, Bullseye, Elekrtra & Mr Fear. I think with these villains they can make a good movie. Oh! and but some ganster theam to it as well.

  20. Were it up to me, I’d keep the original cast — maybe changing up some of the villains. For instance, Kingpin is in the pen, Bulls Eye is still recovering in his body cast. Both are referenced kind of like Nick Fury.

    I’d bring in Death-Stalker and the Unholy Three, not as genesis stories, leaving a little mystery in it. Not sure I’d consummate the Matt/Elektra story. This would definitely be Daredevil front and center.

  21. i want black widow in it!

  22. I am so excited that they are doing another Daredevil film. I would have liked to see Frank Millers Man without fear, but hey I am just so happy its based off Frank Millers version of Daredevil. I hope they capture Daredevil as a character with more than meets the eye, as a man who has a dark sad side of his life. I hope they don’t make it like a child oriented spiderman. I hope they go through with this movie. Looking forward to seeing it.

  23. i heard that Jason Statham was gna be daredevil he would be the best choice i think if robert patterson or whatever is cast i wont even watch the movie Jason Statham is a great actor and an expert in martail arts he would be the best choice

  24. have matt murock be blonde in this movie

  25. have matt murdock be blonde this time . the only thing wrong with the 2003 movie

  26. Did not see what was wrong with the first DD movie but whatever…..