‘Daredevil’ Reboot Casting & Plot Rumors

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Daredevil reboot in the works with David Slade Daredevil Reboot Casting & Plot Rumors

The Man Without Fear is prepped to return to theaters in Fox’s Daredevil reboot, which David Slade is set to direct. Rumors are already circulating about the film’s plot – which could be based on the work of comic book legend Frank Miller – and what up-and-coming actor may portray the new version of the blind vigilante onscreen.

Miller’s “Born Again” storyline redefined Daredevil during the 1980s – and now Slade may be drawing from that source material as inspiration for the reboot, which is reportedly only in the development stage at this point.

Heat Vision says that Fox is planning for the Daredevil reboot to continue the story begun in director Mark Steven Johnson’s 2003 movie adaptation with Ben Affleck, who is not expected to reprise his role as the titular hero. “Born Again” is a seven-issue arc that chronicles the efforts of the Kingpin (Michael Clarke Duncan in Johnson’s film) to systematically destroy Matt Murdock’s life after learning he and Daredevil are one and the same.

The conclusion of Johnson’s Daredevil very much paves the way for a variation of Miller’s story to be told, without violating the mythology established in the first film. It also fits with Moviehole‘s report that Slade’s pitch for the reboot is “a bit ‘Batman Begins’. The bad guy will learn who Daredevil really is and tries to destroy him – but not via the usual methods.”

Twilight star Robert Pattinson and TRON: Legacy‘s Garett Hedlund (who are not locked in a “silliest hairdo” competition, despite what the above image would indicate) are already being rumored as potentials to play the new Matt Murdock in Slade’s reboot. Seeing as the project is only in the development stage – and original reboot screenwriter David Scarpa is apparently no longer involved with the new Daredevil movie – both these gentlemen’s potential involvement should be considered purely rumor at this stage.

On the other hand, their rumored involvement would indicate that Fox is aiming to feature a younger Daredevil in the reboot – so someone like The Punisher‘s Thomas Jane or Hitman‘s Timothy Olyphant (or any older actors who’ve already played a deadly, morally-ambiguous protagonist onscreen before) is less likely to follow in Affleck’s footsteps. That would also indicate that Slade’s Daredevil really is being planned as more of a reboot and not a sequel, despite the continuity in storyline.

Daredevil movie reboot Daredevil Reboot Casting & Plot Rumors

Despite the previously-mentioned similarities to Batman Begins, Slade’s planned Daredevil flick is also being described as a “close cousin” to recent comic book movies, possibly meaning the likes of this summer’s Thor and Captain America. Both of those films look to feature lots of stylish action and CGI, but will also be more grounded in real-world mechanics – just not to the same degree as Christopher Nolan’s gritty take on Batman.

Does that mean Slade’s Daredevil project isn’t going the “grittier” route that just about every upcoming reboot claims to be taking? The film may be brutal (or even graphic) in tone (a la Slade’s 30 Days of Night adaptation) but perhaps it won’t deserve the name Daredevil Begins after all. And while Daredevil and Batman are similarly dark, psychologically-tortured heroes, being able to distinguish between their respective franchises would be nice, frankly.

How does the Daredevil reboot sound so far? Good/bad?

Do you think that Darren Aronofsky leaving The Wolverine will have any effect on whether Slade directs Daredevil? (Slade was once up for The Wolverine‘s director’s chair as well.)

Source: THR, Moviehole (via Comic Book Resources)

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  1. Gosh darn it, the phrase is “based on”, not “based off.”

    • Changed it just for you Vince. :-)

  2. Bah, I’d rather have Hedlund. But really, get the Kingpin casting right for once.

    • I really don’t think any actor is better suited for the role than Michael Clark Duncan.

      • I have no idea if you’re kidding, but I agree with you. While his race was off, he actually did a good job. He was supposed to be a giant, imposing crime boss with an ego. He played it quite well. Who else is there? Butterbean?

  3. I think gilbert gottfried would be a good choice

  4. Please don’t cast Robert Pattinson, he’s terrible! Garrett Hedlund would be good though. Some other people they should consider for Daredevil, Chris Pine and Bradley Cooper

    • fail

  5. They need someone a little rough around the edges. I’m sorry but neither of those mallrats looks like they could fight.

    man, millions of actors out there looking for a role like matt murdoch and they’re looking for someone in tiger beat magazine? just give it to beiber.lol

  6. No. Just, no.

  7. Would you like Paterson as Daredevil? Well would you like to get hit by a semi-truck? Really I would sue Fox if they casted him. Hedlund is by far the better choice of those two. But even then I would want someone else, but idk who right now.

    As for Kingpin, I would like MCD to get a chance again but I know they wont let him. He was a good Kingpin.

    • Yah, no, just because he is a big guy, that didn’t make him a good Wilson Fisk.

      • I thought he did a good job, and seriously who would be another good actor that can play Fisk that is big too? Closest guy I can think of is John Rhys-Davies and that would be a miscast.

        • Toss out good actor and behold, Butterbean.

  8. Agreement here… ACTORS not ACTChildren, ACTteens, etc. Ca’mon Hollywood, give us someone who can ‘act’ and has experience. REALLY tired of the ‘Fresh Face’ approach. (Besides, just the cost of ‘Brow-Waxing’ on the above should convince you! ~ Stark

  9. Born again is one of my favorite Daredevil comics. I think it would be cool if they did “The Man without Fear” with the new actor first, and THEN Born Again, but whatever.

    Pattinson. No.

    Hedlund. Not ideal but bearable.

    The Kingpin was a big fat white dude. But whatever.

    Timothy Olyphant is one of my favorites right now, and I think he would make a great Matt Murdock, although he doesn’t look like him as much.

    It doesn’t make sense to me to cast a younger actor for the Born Again storyline, especially if they are continuing off of what happened in the first one. A younger actor would make more sense if they were redoing the origin as well. An older actor like Olyphant would be perfect for a Born Again adaptation.

    I don’t have any other bright ideas for lead actors, but I really hope this gets done right because Daredevil is definitely one of my favorite Marvel characters.

  10. Pattinson and Hedlund are in their twenties… Hardly “teenagers” or “children”. I would expect someone slightly older to play MM, especially if this quasi-reboot takes place after the first film.

  11. im reading on marvel movies facebook bradley cooper is being considered as well. that i think is a good choice he deserved a shot at green lantern i think he should have been GL and reynolds should have went on to DEADPOOL. but he got hoed out i think this should be his chance to prove his skills

    • Skills, LOL….

    • Cooper could work. Do you really think he could pull off the whole “dark” persona though?

      • i think we havent seen him in the “dark” light yet he was in case 39 and he showed a bit more dramatic performance so yea i think with the right opportunity,character, and director he could be just as badass as downey jr or chris pine in their roles. and yea hes gotta have good skills nun chuck skills, super senses skills you know DD skills.

        • I think the movie was called “Midnight Meat Train”, that had cooper as the protaganist, and that movie was dark as hell… I think that he could pull it off, no question about it… You should watch that one, I think it was called that, I think, It also had vinnie jones in it… 😀

          • great movie, based on a clive barker story.

  12. Are you kidding me? Why don’t we try to get someone who doesn’t look like they’re a college kid that didn’t grow out of his emo phase? Personally, I think Michael C. Hall would be a great Daredevil.

    • Michael C. Hall would be great. He could really sell the Character.

    • I cant imagine him in the costume though.

  13. I thought movie execs wanted to make $. I don’t understand the motivation for going back to the Daredevil well. The first was not a commercial or critical success – and not enough time has passed for people to forget that they weren’t crazy about that movie.

    How do you expect to make $ on a second movie that the fans and public aren’t anticipating or asking for?

    I feel that FOX is making this just to keep the rights – which is a great way to loose $. Someone at FOX needs to step up and say – “look, we took a shot at Daredevil, it didn’t work as we wanted, lets move on to something else.” They are just going to get diminishing returns from here on out.

    Someone tell me why making this movie makes sense.

  14. I’d rather see Courtney Love do this over those dandelion-heads.

    • A cracked out Daredevil..not a bad idea!

  15. neither can be daredevil ,Ben afleck was a better daredevil and that film also sucked. David Slade going to destroy a franchise that already in the gutter.

    • Uhhh he was a better Daredevil than WHO so far?

  16. All I know I want a grown Matt Murdock/Daredevil and some Twilighter or Tron star. He needs to look like someone who has been thru some tough things and came out on top…not a young punk with a runny nose. Tighten up Fox, u just screwed up the Wolverine movie yet to film.

    • Hedlund is the lesser of the two evils..

  17. unless daredevil is gazing into the eyes of vampires, Pattinson isnt a good choice

  18. Michael C Hall is a very interesting suggestion – I really like it! Great build, can act, and has skills.

    Bradley Cooper – too polished

    Pattinson – please, please, PLEASE, NOOOOO!

  19. Paterson… Really? Daredevil just always has bad casting luck I guess… Though I though afleck did a pretty good job as DD, more than he gets credit for. But still that was a weird choice that I would never have even thought of…

  20. Adrian Pasdar.

  21. I like the Born again idea, its a great story,written By Frank Miller. Robert Patterson, is a horrible horrible actor, he should put in a box and forgotten, Hedlund, isnt bad , I would nt mind him to much, Bradley Cooper, nope not for DD, Flash yeah, Chris Pine maybe, Cam Gigandet or Sean faris both have Martial arts skills both are the right body type.
    and bring Kevin Durand and put him back in the fat suit from wolverine and have him play kingpin he looked more like kingpin than the blob anyway

    • I don’t think Kevin Durand in a fat suit would make a good king pin, his vocal pace is too slow, it gives of that vibe of brainless thug instead of cold calculating ruthless. I am after all just basing this off the voice, the old amazing Spider-man animated series had a voice actor who sounded very convincing. That said you could put any actor in a fat suit to super size them to kingpin size…
      No offense to MCD but I think the original daredevil movie got him because they blew all their budget on those awful costumes and needed someone very big to play the kingpin to cut costs (I jest of course :p)

    • I’ve been saying Cam Gigandet has the look for a while now, and he’s blond.

  22. I want to see Billy Zane as Matt Murdoch! ;p (hehehe)

    • Are you frakkin’ KIDDING ME?

      Zane was a PASSABLE Phantom, at best; him as DD?


  23. I kinda think Fox is going down the wrong road…ever hear the term “Double D” as used in movies like “Rennaisance Man”? I’m thinking that specific type of “DD” applies to the idea of casting either of these two… but then…that’s Fox 4 ya.

  24. hedlund all the way

  25. Wasn’t Jason Statham interested in playing Daredevil at one point?

    • Statham would make an awesome Bullseye!

      • That I can see!

      • My Lord I agree with that. I never even let the idea cross my mind. I would really like to see Brad Cooper have a shot at Daredevil. Something about him really stands out. Maybe he would be a better Matt Murdock than Daredevil, but I think its worth a shot

  26. To Hedlund – No! Don’t do this film man. This DD reboot is going to be a wreck, just like the first one. Let’s have Pattinson take a shot at hit, he’s all ready got his career effed up with Twilight

  27. Yeah, Um if Robert”Sparkles” Pattinson does this movie then Dare Devil is dead.

    • If Hollywood thinks that any movie with Pattinson will attract the Twilight crowd, I think they’re mistaken.


  28. I mean why cast Kristen Stewart as Elektra while they are at it. Sheesh. I’d rather see Justin Hartley as Matt Murdock/Dare Devil.

    • Huh. That would be cool. But I’d rather Justin Hartley was in a Green Arrow movie!