David Slade: Official ‘Daredevil’ Announcement Next Week

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Daredevil reboot official announcement David Slade: Official Daredevil Announcement Next Week

It’s nearly been a year and a half since reports indicated that Twentieth Century Fox was moving ahead with a reboot of Daredevil to make up for the failed attempt to launch another Marvel superhero franchise with Ben Affleck starring in the titular role. A few months ago, David Slade (30 Days of Night, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse) was chosen to direct the new Daredevil adaptation, with the goal of bringing a more serious take on the character of Matt Murdock.

Since that time, a few rumors surfaced regarding which comic book stories the film’s plot may draw from and of course, potential candidates of interest to play the fearless hero (Robert Pattinson & Garrett Hedlund). Now comes word from Slade himself, that an official announcement for the Daredevil reboot is incoming.

David Slade went on an anti-rumor rampage on Twitter last night, clarifying speculation and non-truths about such projects as Justice League, The Shadow and what we’re interested in: Daredevil.

After explaining that there’s no truth at all to a film adaptation of The Shadow and that he was never hired to work on the last attempt at a Justice League movie (pre-George Miller), Slade did say that Daredevil is still ongoing and that we’ll be hearing some news on it very soon!

“Daredevil is ongoing, official news will break next week.. Can’t say more.”

Since the obligatory onslaught of casting rumors isn’t something we’ve experienced yet for the Daredevil reboot, at least, relative to other comic book films, the news is unlikely a casting announcement but perhaps an official release date alongside a listing of who’s involved with pre-production, writing, producing and directing.

That being said, Fox is clearly timing this announcement with the growing excitement and positive buzz surrounding the theatrical release of X-Men: First Class (also a (quasi)reboot of sorts) this Friday and maybe they will drop a major revelation.

Who would you like to see play Matt Murdock? Of the rumored candidates, Pattinson has experience working with Slade and I wouldn’t be surprised of Josh Hartnett is also a contender, having worked with the director on 30 Days of Night as well.


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Header image edited from covert art by Lee Bermejo for Daredevil #92 (2006).

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  1. Garret Hedlund (is that spelled right?)

    • Add another “t” :)

      • Garret Hedlundt? I didn’t know he was German. 8-)

  2. I really hope they make this movie. The first one wasn’t bad but I would like to see them do it different.

  3. Anyone that can do martial arts? the fights on the original Affleck flick ere painful to watch any my chinese friends just laughed at the gwaylo trying to look cool. Since he spends his time blind oe behind a mask, I would say pick a martial artist please…

  4. I have to agree there Gus- not the great majority of people that go to cinema know martial arts but something that at least looks credible. We are looking at a comic which main focus is action and it develops all its main characters through violence in a violent environment. Dad was a boxer, Stick was a martial arts master, Matt is blinded and becomes the ultimate fighting machine, his lover is a martial arts assassin….I really dont know how else to make it clear that action – well choreographed is the main thing which develops the main character. If this is not believable this will be an absolute sham- if I had to mention anyone get the Transporter guy, he is a bit old but he can fight on film and doesn’t just pose. Be nice to have someone with a boxing background too. No mixed martial arts tho, if the fight finished on the ground against anyone with even just one friend he would be killed in Hell’s Kitchen in a jiffy, no questions asked.

    • You know, even passable fighting skills would be a start but not as important as gymnastics. Being able to gracefully jump and swing from random city objects is a huge reason I like Daredevil at all as a comic book hero and that last movie’s attempt at making a CGI version come even close was horribly laughable. Also, it’d be nice if there was actually some court room scenes that tied in the fact that Murdock is a lawyer by day. And for God’s sake, if they are going to add Elektra in the first movie, please have her be more attractive than Jennifer Garner. I know there are only 27,000 actresses out there that can claim this, but there has to be someone who can do it. Of course, none of this would matter if they cast Patterson. There is no amount of CGI or enough airbrushed abs in the world to make me watch a Daredevil movie with him in it.

      • I don’t know who this Patterson guy is, but he would certainly be a better choice than Pattinson.

    • lol, I love Isaiah. This isn’t his first Luke Cage pitch video either. If one of us has time, we’ll try to get it all up.

      If you missed it, he also did an excellent job as Marvel’s correspondent on the red carpet for the Thor LA premiere.

      • lol, his not my first choice as Luke Cage but i give him credit for giving awareness to Luke Cage to the general public. i one of these people who would like Terry Crews to play Luke Cage but his getting old and it looks like Marvel Studio are looking for younger actors for their characters.

        another thing Isaiah Mustafa is not well known over hear in the UK with the Old Spice advert. but whats funny they just started showing his Old Spice Advert yesterday LOL.

        • Which one did they show? There are about 10 I know of.

        • Isaiah Mustafa isn’t rigt for Luke Cage, neither is Terry Crews (Idris Elba would have been the right choice), BUT Isaiah would be perfect as anothe hero from Harlem. . . THE FALCON.

  5. garret hedlund? the guy in the tron legacy? isnt he too young to be matt murdoch? and josh hartnett is too wimp looking to be the man without fear. and robert pattinson? oh c’mon guys… please no..

  6. michael c hall for daredevil!

    • I 2nd that.

  7. If daredevil was done right the first time it could have been on par with the dark knight or surpassed it..

    • Totally agree!

  8. I am one of the only people that really enjoyed the first Daredevil? I just didn’t like the villains (the costumes, the casting etc.) but apart from that I actually thought it was really good. Well the Director’s Cut was goo I mean

    • The main problem with the Directors Cut was that nothing was actually cut.
      Seriously, if they had removed most of the drivel with Garner, the inane fight scenes and the horrible CGI sequences (not the sonar vision thing, but stuff like the fight in the church) Daredevil Directors Cut would’ve been a really good movie.

      Instead it was just marginally better than the cinema version, cuz they kept all the stupid.

    • I’ve tried to watch this film 2 or 3 times since my first viewing, and I could never make it through again. It’s just too terrible. The shiny leather outfits and bad choreography are enough to ruin it, but the acting is terrible too.

      • I will have to disagree. Daredevil was a good flick. I feel Bulls Eye was the worst thing about the movie. They got him all wrong. But other than that it was very close to the comic and all out entertaining. It shouldnt win any awards but to say it is terrible is a HUGE stretch.

  9. i say scott adkins, the man can act (not the best out there but damn decent for a martial artist) and he is a killer martial artist, one of many underrated hollywood actors/martial artists.

    if they want a younger, more tee looking DD then they could go with matt mullins (johnny cage from MK:legacy)

  10. I’m not sure Daredevil will work. The last film was decent but mainly rushed. It focuses too much on the action parts and feels pretty shallow in my opinion. Let’s see if they can turn the boat around and make it a thriller of high standards this time.

  11. i would rather just see marvel get their properties to x-men,spiderman,fantasticfour,daredevil and see them done by the ones who made them and know the characters better.

    • Ditto.

    • I agree, I would love for Marvel Studios to get the rights to many of the properties, but the studios that have them are going to hold on for dear life, because they’re moneymaking machines.

    • I think everybody would, but on the other hand, it may be a good thing at the same thing that Marvel doesn’t have these properties because they might have felt ambitious enough to do a TON of cross-over movies besides the Avengers.

      We’ll never know though.

      • not just corss overs, but they’d all be toned down M rated cheese fests where the main has a love interest etc, they already butchered IM2 with the tony and pepper bs no need for them to ruin others. one character that i hope doesn’t get reverted back to marvel in blade, b/c new line has done a great job with the franchise thus far (blade 3 went abit to far with the excessive comedy but was a great action movie none the less).

  12. i do agree dr thriller and most movie are made like that these days. they focus too much on action and not enough on characters and story.i would love to see films actually made with some love and thought, and make them thrillers,with drama and the right action placed where it needs to be instead of every scene.i for one love the little details in a great drama/thriller, and i love all that in monster films/sci fi thriller as well but we hardly get them made that way. i think people are starting to kinda come around and realizes that this is what most people want.

  13. the first one was ok. but why make a movie of daredevil when he is somewhat irrelevant right now. Lean towards Dr. Strange and a reboot for the fantastic 4 and do Dr Doom right

    • they doing a reboot of Daredevil cause FOX Studio wants to keep the rights

    • I hope to god no one tries to reboot FF until Marvel gets the rights back. It would be great if Marvel could somehow prevent it but I doubt there’s any way (I’m no legal expert).

  14. I’m all for the idea of a DD reboot. I enjoyed several aspects of the Affleck movie, expressly the Director’s Cut. I’d still like to see a Marvel Knights franchise make it to the big screen. The idea of Garrett Hedlund playing DD sounds good, but I can’t say that any actor really comes to mind as a “must” for the role.

  15. They gotta go with real martial arts. Some nice fight scenes is a must. Cut down the CGI, he’s Daredevil not Spider-man. Get someone in their mid 30s, Matt is an older guy. Don’t just fall back on Kingpin. You can use The Hand, The Owl or just some other crimebosses. Kingpin is his archnemsis save him for later.

    A good storyline to base on would be Bendis’ OUT plot, well it would be good for a second movie anyway or a third where it would shake things up enough for people to be like whoa.

    • Guy Pierce was my first Matt Murdock before Ben Affleck came on board. After watching Memento, I said he’s DD.

  16. Micheal C Hall please. He’d be more than capable of playing the blind hero. Plus he’s already in good shape because of Dexter.

    But I’d be good if it was hedlund. But I actually hope it doesn’t get made so Marvel gets the rights back.

  17. Not another sorry Marvel reboot? They already screwed Daredevil up once. They don’t need to do it again!

  18. I enjoyed the first movie and watch it whenever its. The Directors Cut I haven’t seen yet, does it also the movie cut as well? I would like to Mathew Fox as DD.

    • what?

      • Wow, ok let let me try that again. Does the Director’s Cut have both versions of the movie? Casting wise, I would like to see Matthew Fox as DD. Now that I had some time to think about Jansen Ackles might be a good fit as well.

        • you know…Matthew Fox..i havent really though of him playing Matt/DD good choice though

          • Thanks HT.

  19. SCOTT ADKINS!! PERFECT for DD. one of the world’s premiere martial artists, look great, acts great, can pull off a darker-tinged DD no problem. but this is all moot, because it’s probably cast already.

    • I totally agree. Scott Adkins would be awesome as DD!

  20. andy whitfield would be soo perfect as matt murdock

  21. Another Marvel reboot that they will mess up again?? Why?

  22. Just to name a few Jason Gordon Levitt, Clive Owen, and Luke Evens are actors who I think could fit the role. For the action sequences in the movie I would like to see some free running, and close quarters combat. When I think of the action sequences, the roof chasing scene in The Bourne Ultimatum comes to mind.

    • JOSEPH Gordon-Levitt, Luke EVANS. TROLL’D

  23. I just can’t take Robert Pattinson seriously. I don’t dislike him and think he could pull off a character with some levity, but Matt Murdock. Nobody broods like Matt Murdock, not even Batman.

  24. I don’t think that Pattinson can handle playing the mysterious Daredevil, he’s too prep. Hedlund on the other hand can definitely go there (look at his role in Four Brothers). I even got a glimpse of Channing Tatum as a perfect candidate to play Murdock. We’ll see..

    • My god I hated Four Brothers.

    • Channing Tatum?!?!?! How dare you sir? He plays every role like a wooden meathead. I am giving you the anime eye right now.

      • Lol!!

  25. I was terrified at the thought of Robert Pattison playing the next Spider-Man, and I was incredibly relieved when he didn’t get it. I will just get it out right now and say I will REFUSE to watch a DareDevil remake with Pattison as Matt Murdoch. The ONLY reason they’re considering him is due to the fact that almost every teen girl on the planet drools when he’s onscreen in “Twilight,” not because he has any acting skill.

  26. Please, no robert pattinson.. the guy is too overrated. Watching him acti is like he’s having a seizure because a chestburster is about to come out from him…

    Better have Jensen Ackles or even bring back Ben Affleck..

  27. Please, no robert pattinson.. the guy is too overrated. Watching him acting is like he’s having a seizure because a chestburster is about to come out from him…

    Better have Jensen Ackles or even bring back Ben Affleck..