David Slade: Official ‘Daredevil’ Announcement Next Week

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Daredevil reboot official announcement David Slade: Official Daredevil Announcement Next Week

It’s nearly been a year and a half since reports indicated that Twentieth Century Fox was moving ahead with a reboot of Daredevil to make up for the failed attempt to launch another Marvel superhero franchise with Ben Affleck starring in the titular role. A few months ago, David Slade (30 Days of Night, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse) was chosen to direct the new Daredevil adaptation, with the goal of bringing a more serious take on the character of Matt Murdock.

Since that time, a few rumors surfaced regarding which comic book stories the film’s plot may draw from and of course, potential candidates of interest to play the fearless hero (Robert Pattinson & Garrett Hedlund). Now comes word from Slade himself, that an official announcement for the Daredevil reboot is incoming.

David Slade went on an anti-rumor rampage on Twitter last night, clarifying speculation and non-truths about such projects as Justice League, The Shadow and what we’re interested in: Daredevil.

After explaining that there’s no truth at all to a film adaptation of The Shadow and that he was never hired to work on the last attempt at a Justice League movie (pre-George Miller), Slade did say that Daredevil is still ongoing and that we’ll be hearing some news on it very soon!

“Daredevil is ongoing, official news will break next week.. Can’t say more.”

Since the obligatory onslaught of casting rumors isn’t something we’ve experienced yet for the Daredevil reboot, at least, relative to other comic book films, the news is unlikely a casting announcement but perhaps an official release date alongside a listing of who’s involved with pre-production, writing, producing and directing.

That being said, Fox is clearly timing this announcement with the growing excitement and positive buzz surrounding the theatrical release of X-Men: First Class (also a (quasi)reboot of sorts) this Friday and maybe they will drop a major revelation.

Who would you like to see play Matt Murdock? Of the rumored candidates, Pattinson has experience working with Slade and I wouldn’t be surprised of Josh Hartnett is also a contender, having worked with the director on 30 Days of Night as well.


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Header image edited from covert art by Lee Bermejo for Daredevil #92 (2006).

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  1. Fantastic Four needs a reboot far more than Daredevil.

    • Yes, but a reboot by anyone but Marvel should be avoided at all costs. For every Good version of a Marvel character Fox or other studios come out with, there are 5 or 6 terrible ones. Case in point, Spiderman 1&2 were good to great (depending on your personal opinion) but Ghost Rider, Daredevil, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Fantastic Four were all garbage, and those are just the first few I could think of at the moment.

      I would love to see a FF reboot, with Dr. Doom and all that stuff, but I want to see it done by Marvel Studios.

      • @Ken, I can’t agree more, I absolutley hate the fact that Fox will do whatever it takes to keep milking these Marvel characters until infinity. I know it’s business and Marvel’s fault that this is even happening but I’d prefer Fox to leave well enough alone and move onto some original work and leave the MARVEL stuff alone.

  2. A lot of you seem to be forgetting that whoever plays Daredevil will also be playing Matt Murdock. Which means that actor will have to be believable as a lawyer and not just a guy doing martial arts and fighting crime. Some of those courtroom scenes from the comic are very dramatic and intense. That said I can’t get down with Hedlund or Pattinson. Daredevil/Matt Murdock needs to be slightly older actor AND have some serious acting chops.

    • Very good points indeed. And with that said, I want a gritty DD and not a no blood spill like Xmen Origins Wolverine where he sticks his claws alway to his elbows and pulls out a bloodless utensil from Sabertooth’s abdomen. Make this MMA gritty sir.

  3. Ah, c’mon, reboot Catwoman!

    • You mean like when she appears in Dark Knight Rises?

  4. Jake gyellenhaal

  5. I still think it should be gyllenhaal because he already has the depth he’s roughly the same build as DD plus he’s had parqur,hope that’s spelt right, training which will come in handy with all the running and jumping DD does in his pursuits/fights.

  6. you guys need to come down a bit !! they are not casting for it yet , so it could be anyone right now .. ethan hawkes is a bit old and i don’t see him in the action scenes..someone mentioned pattinson and no levity ..LOL this is a comic book movie , nothing too serious here …and he was not in the run for spiderman either or daredevil bloggers just do this on purpose to get a rise out of the fanboys ! i guess it worked!!! i just hope they make a decent choice on the casting and make the movie watchable .Slade did a decent job with 30 days so hopefully he will bring Daredevil back and make it good ..

  7. fanboys having a sh*t fit over pattinson, even though he said in an interview the he is NOT doing it. sometimes i dont know which is worse hearing fangirls whine, or hearing fanboys go at it. it really wont make a difference who plays him, because it still won’t be good enough for the fanboys.

  8. my casting choice would be and someone i’ve always seen as Matt Murdock/DD is Matt Damon…he is just one of those actors that actually SCREAM superhero…..anyways..i dont know about this guy directing,although, i did like 30 Days of Night..im sort of apprehensive cause of his ties to Tweelight:E(mo)clipse..but will see what happens

    • @HT I totally agree with that. As a matter of fact, Matt Damon was originally supposed to play Matt Murdock aka Daredevil but he turned it down and passed it on to his buddy to try it out instead. Which makes me wonder. . . What would have happend IF the old roles where reversed? Matt as Darevil and Ben Affleck as Jason Bourne. Nah . . . Forget I even thought of that.

  9. There are only two people who come to mind when I try to think of who would be good as Daredevil. One older and one younger. Michael C. Hall and Jared Padalecki. Because I can see them being able to be believable as both Daredevil and Matt.

  10. when will they do MoonKnight and who should they cast for the role one of my favorite characters of all time?

    • I personally love Moon Knight but that’s really pushing the limit of mainstream recognizability in my opinion. For a superhero movie to do well, you often need a character people will know or be aware of to get the numbers of viewers that would justify the production budget. Of course there are exceptions, and you can also BUILD awareness to the non-comic nerd crowd, but that’s a lot harder than doing a film about a character everyone knows.

  11. Moon Knight? A Moon Knight film would have to be perfect in every category,( technically, cinematically, pick an adverb ), and would still probably be slammed critically, as MK is a blatant imitation of Batman. Could be a cool movie tho. As for DD, I dont care who plays him. As I’ve stated in many other posts, I want a marvel studio reboot of DD. I dont understand how Fox expected to “…launch another Marvel superhero franchise” with the first DD film. It came out in February, which is not the usual season to launch blockbuster movie franchises.

    • *snickers* u are right my friend..but i think at that point..they were smoking crack or something because watching the final product they didn’t know what they had or how to do it properly…considering they hired another “hack” director like Mark Steven Johnson who’s up there with Bay in “hack” directors…and now Slade who’s going direct this movie..i like you agree that the rights need to go back to Marvel but as long as these studios hold the right to some of Marvel property like FF,GR,X-men and DD and keep making them..it will probably a long while before Marvel get them back..considering the buzz with First Class i think FOX found the “grove” again…now if they can do with DD and FF what they did with First Class…well..

  12. A zillion years ago, give or take a few, there was talk of Daredevil VS Mr. Fear and The Kingpin. I wonder if that idea will revive?

    • I actually wouldn’t mind seeing Michael Clarke Duncan as Kingpin again, tho…

      • I thought MCD was a weak spot of the movie.

        Get James Gandolfini and do it right.

  13. Chris Adkins looks like a great fit.

  14. I have a feeling that the cast of this new reboot will be very young (twenties) good looking guy with a brooding style, i hope this isn’t so what we need is a hardcore Daredevil film, dont worry much about origins we know this to some extent just give me a descent film, oh and my pick is they guy from Dexter to play Daredevil Matt Murdock please let the rumours of that guy from Twilight be wrong….PLEASE

  15. Give me ROM the Space Knight on the silver screen.

    If they are going to do Daredevil, what about using Jason Staitham , “The Transporter”? He has the gravitas and can do all the stunts.

    Any chance that they would do a DD/Wolverine team up?

    • Please don’t give Fox any ideas on team-ups or crossovers. ;(

      • Although Wolverine & Daredevil vs. The Hand does make sense.


  16. Charlie Hunnam, he has the perfect range to portray such a dark character like Daredevil, but also to play the mysterious personality of Matt Murdock.

  17. I think Chris Evans, Paul walker or someone like that should play daredevil. Jason statham should play bullseye. Megan fox or mila kunis should play elektra. I loved daredevil it’s probably one of my favorite marvel superhero movies. Can’t believe it’s eight years old.

    • Paul Walker is a douchbag and is just a pretty boy and for Megan Fox are u serious? Mila Kunis while cute and beautiful i dont think has the acting chop and i don’t think i can take her seriously enough to play that character..while i may not agree with FOX im hoping this director has the balls to stand up to FOX and cast the “right” for those important roles..i don’t want to impose judgment till i see the final product and/or something solid as images or something thereof

  18. Brad Pitt as Daredevil

  19. seriously think michael c hall would be perfect as daredevil and jason statham as bullseye. that would be perfect. jason statham can have some serious intensity like in crank and i can just picture him acting sadistic. i also agree that the guy from the sopranos should be the kingpin