Daredevil Reboot Confirmed

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daredevil reboot Daredevil Reboot Confirmed

Back in 2008, Frank Miller and Jason Statham demonstrated their interest in a Daredevil reboot and Tom Rothman, head of Fox, made it clear that the reboot was definitely something the high-ups were interesting in getting to work on.

To no surprise, Mike Fleming just picked up the exclusive that Daredevil is now definitely being rebooted. Regency will be handling the remake for distributor Fox and David Scarpa will be writing the script.

From Fleming’s report:

Regency is mounting the remake with former News Corp No. 2 Peter Chernin producing. Writing the redo is screenwriter David Scarpa, who scripted The Day The Earth Stood Still for Fox.

I’m not excited for this movie and I have low expectations for it. Not only was the first Daredevil not a well-received movie (the director’s cut was better if you’re a fan), but the reboot is only happening so Fox can maintain the film rights to the character. See, by contractural stipulation, if Fox doesn’t put the movie into production, the license to the Daredevil property would revert back to Marvel (and Disney would love that).

Another reason I’m not excited is the fact that David Scarpa is penning the script and he wrote The Day the Earth Stood Still, a movie that in my mind, is a contender for worst film of 2008.

Some other rumors that popped up over the last year were from Xavier Gens (Hitman) saying he would definitely like to direct the next Daredevil and of course, there was the report of Katee Sackhoff (Battlestar Galactica, 24) going to a comic shop to pick up any books featuring the character Typhoid Mary.

Now that we know the remake is coming, the next stage is the out-of-control rumors and speculation, so why not start now; Who should play the title character of Matt Murdock, replacing Ben Affleck?

More details as we hear them, at Screen Rant.

Source: Deadline

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  1. I think simply rebooting somthing just so the rights dont revert back to the people who actually will do somthing worthwhile with it is pretty underhanded and just plain poor buisness. this just continues to solidify my belief that FOX is the worst movie studio around, and its a shame in my eyes they didnt go under instead of miramax. we could have gotten a fantastic dardevil movie had marvel gotten the rights back but thats just a dream now.

  2. Bradley Cooper could do blind and get in shape. He was great in Midnight Meat Train as a nosey photo artist, that could easily be molded into the fighting prosecutor.

    And Typhoid Mary? Definitely looking forward to that.

    This film ranks up there with the Ghost Rider reboot, it could be phenomenal, but it will probably dissappoint.

  3. Wow, this is terrible news. Everything about the first Daredevil was terrible and I was hoping that Marvel/Disney would get the rights back and do the character the right way it should've been done in the first place. I hope Fox doesn't ruin this the way they ruin every other comic book adapted movie they had the chance to make big. But if they go through with it I hope its a complete reboot and they actually show the origin story and how he learns how to use his powers and all that stuff they failed to show in the first movie; I also hope that it is not a (reboot)sequel, which would be the worst possible scenario for this movie.

  4. Jason Statham, Jason Statham, Jason Statham. If he doesn't get this role, then I couldn't care less about this movie.

  5. One of the best comic book characters is getting one of the worst translation to the movie screen.

    Oh Fox, what will they ruin next?

    Btw, Jrose

    I hope you mean Jason Statham for the role of bullseye

  6. I would loooooooooooooooove to see a Daredevil reboot !!!!!!!!

    Now , don't be hating on me but I loved the first Daredevil movie !!!!
    I thought it was fun ; the action was good , the story was good , Michael Clarke Duncan was fantastic as the Kingpin , Colin Farrell was an awesome Bullseye , Electra was delicious and ( I'm actually serious ) I thought Affleck did a very good job playing Murdock/Daredevil.
    Now , I don't expect everybody to like every movie that I like , but I am still surprised by just how MANY people seem to dump all over this movie.
    I also am puzzled by the fact that I have never EVER encountered a woman who thinks the Three Stooges are funny.
    but I digress…………..

    New DD movie ???????
    Yes PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I think Jason Statham would be good for the part ( IF he can do an American accent ).

    @ PittmanOG

    I think Bradley Cooper for Dardevil would be pretty cool .
    He's a terrific actor who can do drama action and comedy equally well.
    good call !!!

  7. This will also be an epic fail… Agian. Fox is starting to play hard ball now. They had their “CHANCES” to do movies like Daredevil and Elektra right but they failed miserably so now I think it's time for Marvel/Disney to get ugly and take them to court. All they have to do is let Marvel produce and direct Dardedevil while maintaining the rights and distribution and they don't even want to do that. They want to do all themselves because they're greedy. Fox is trying to get heavy balls now because Avatar was a big success(among a slew of recent failures). Fox=Fail

  8. There was nothing wrong with the original Daredevil, even with Affleck in it, and it should not be rebooted. Fox will screw this one up for sure. They're using the guy who did the script for The Day The Earth Stood Still? Please…

  9. Daredevil's my favorite comic character. Hell yes, get Daredevil on the screen again!

  10. Casey Affleck as DD!

  11. lol

  12. Jason Statham as a mild-mannered lawyer? I don't see it.

  13. I've never seen the director's cut of the first Daredevil movie, which I hear is MUCH better than the theatrical release. Unfortunately I don't think you can rent it and I'm not willing to buy it. :)

  14. “The Day the Earth Stood Still, a movie that in my mind, is a contender for worst film of 2008.”
    Make that TOP contender.

    What a waste of a another golden opportunity. Another referring to, but not limited to: Venom, Deadpool, Gambit, etc, etc.

  15. I agree with rastaZen, I liked it for ALL the reasons he stated.

  16. It's a full 30 minutes longer than the theatrical version – makes a lot of difference. Less romance, tougher fight scenes, more Kingpin, Bullseye and Foggy Nelson. Got mine second-hand for the equivalent of about $8 in a double-pack with Elektra, which I definitely wouldn't have bought either!

  17. ugh. Never liked the first one, Daredevil is just not a character I like one bit. And why was Elektra running around, jumping impossible distances and flinging sighs without any explanation to any powers or abilities she got?

    Fox should just let Disney take the character

  18. Oh no, please God, no. The writer of The Day The Earth Stood Still? Seriously? That's how much you care for the property Fox? C'mon, give up and return it to Marvel please. And dont' forget to carry along the road Fantastic Four too.

  19. OH.. Wait till DrSamBeckett reads this. lol…. Ducks..

    “Daredevil” —> Marvel…

    New “Day The Earth Stood Still” = six different kinds of stupid..

  20. I'm kinda glad about it. It can't get worse than the original. God damnit I hate that movie.

  21. thats sucks bad, i was hoping marvel could have the rights so that there could possibly be more heroes for the avengers.
    fox owns xmen/wolverine right , cant expect much than a pg13 with crappy acting and terrible everything else

  22. I liked the first movie (only saw the director's cut – I bought it, never regretted doing so) and it may be the only time (apart from Good Will Hunting) I actually thought Ben Affleck was doing a good job.
    Well, now, a reboot could turn out nicely, especially if they take the Dark Knight-route. Of course, heavy concerns about the writer, but hopefully his script will be rewritten (as they often get) by someone else.
    Who should play DD? Bradley Cooper wouldn't be my first choice because he's all over the place at the moment, I'd go for Wentworth Miller, who I kind of miss since Prison Break ended.

  23. Fox should just return the rights to Daredevil, Fantastic Four and X-Men back to Marvel and be done with it.

    I own both the theatrical and Directors cut, but neither have gotten any more than 2 spins in the DVD player.

    I really don't have any faith in Fox redeeming themselves by accurately portraying a MARVEL character on the big screen.

  24. Same here, man. Do they have a list of actors yet? Cause I for one do not want a British Daredevil.

  25. Another DD bummer. Why on earth didn't they use Frank Miller for the script? He single-handedly re-created DD in the 80s. He knows the ropes!

  26. I guess I am the only fan of the original. I thought Ben Affeck did a good job, and the rest of the cast did an even better job.

  27. i agree with you on the 1st DD movie i thought i twas well done and that Ben Affleck did a good job on this one (one of his better roles) the only thing that bothered me was the Kingpin, I'm not a big fan of Micheal Clarke Duncan, allthough he was the right size man for the role

  28. I loved the original. It had the only performance from Affleck I've ever liked. And the action and romance was cool too. But I'm also anxious for a reboot. Incredible Hulk and the new Batman films have shown me reboots are often much better than the original films.