‘Daredevil’ Movie Rights Revert Back to Marvel

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Daredevil rights have reverted back to Marvel Daredevil Movie Rights Revert Back to Marvel

It’s strange to think how close Twentieth Century Fox came to rebooting Daredevil, only for it all to come to nothing. The plans were around for so long and saw so much effort put into them that the studio’s second attempt at a Daredevil movie began to feel like an inevitability. Frank Miller and Jason Statham took an interest in getting involved as director and lead actor, respectively, and Fox executive Tom Rothman said that the prospect of a reboot was “something we are thinking very seriously about.”

Fox thought so seriously about the Daredevil reboot that they hired first one screenwriter, then another, then another to write and polish up a script. David Slade was brought on to direct the project and remained attached for over a year before eventually dropping out. Then, last fall, Joe Carnahan made a pitch for the director’s chair, but by that point Fox seemed to have cooled on the idea altogether and decided instead to let the rights revert back to Marvel.

Speaking with Newsarama at a press junket today, Marvel’s President of Production, Kevin Feige – who co-produced the 2003 Daredevil movie – was asked whether or not Twentieth Century Fox’s failure to produce the reboot meant that the rights to Daredevil are now back with Marvel and parent company Disney.

Feige’s response?


In fact, Daredevil probably came back to Marvel Studios a while ago, since the the deadline for Twentieth Century Fox to get a reboot into production passed on October 10th, 2012. However, since this is the first time that someone from Marvel as spoken on the matter, Feige’s one-word confirmation is more or less the equivalent of a “welcome home” banner, and many comic book fans are celebrating the news.

The big question now, of course, is what Marvel plans to do with Daredevil. With all the various attempts to get the reboot off the ground, it’s possible (though unlikely) that Joe Carnahan might be granted his wish and given the green light on the ultra-violent, ’70s-set Daredevil movie that he created a sizzle reel for, or that David Slade will finally be given the chance to get his “complex” approach to the handicapped hero onscreen. The most likely scenario seems to be that Marvel will choose an entirely new creative team with a fresh take on Daredevil.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner in Daredevil Daredevil Movie Rights Revert Back to Marvel

Aside from being featured in his own stand-alone film, there’s also room for Matt Murdock within the shared Marvel movie universe that currently consists of The Incredible Hulk, Captain America, Thor, Iron Man and The Avengers. In the comic books, Daredevil recently teamed up with Spider-Man, Wolverine, Luke Cage and others as part of the New Avengers, and the instrumental role that Hawkeye and Black Widow played in last year’s The Avengers proved that even human superheroes can fit in alongside gods, superhumans, and iron men.

Do you think Marvel are likely to take an interest in a Daredevil reboot? Share your thoughts on the homecoming in the comments.


Source: Newsarama

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  1. Call me crazy, but in costume since you can only see his jaw line.. MICHAEL FASSBENDER FOR DAREDEVIL! Even though I want him to play a DC character in the future.

  2. Maybe a Daredevil reboot in Phase 3?

  3. YES!!!

  4. Only movie rights? Does the deal also include TV? I remember when the Spectacular Spider-Man cartoon show can’t use Kingpin because Fox has the rights. Now it seems Marvel gets Daredevil in any type of medium.

    • My guess is since Daredevil reverted back too Marvel, then it stands too follow that all the characters associated with Daredevil also reverted back too Marvel.

      • Not Elektra, because she had a solo movie in 2005, so those rights are still with Fox, but if they don’t make a reboot for her I’m sure she will go back to Marvel very soon.

        I heard no news about a new Elektra movie, so it’s only a matter of time I believe. Daredevil was in 2003 and came back to Marvel in 2012, then I guess Elektra rights will return in 2014 maybe.

        • To be honest, I’m more hoping to see him in cartoon form again. If a Daredevil film is not a priority right now for Marvel Studios, at least put him in Ultimate Spider-Man or the upcoming Avengers Assemble cartoon. The Daredevil appearance from the 90s Spider-Man cartoon was one of the best.

        • By the way, I’ve always thought that Elektra is part of the Daredevil rights and having her own movie just renewed the Daredevil contract.

    • TBH,Tombstone worked quite well in that show,and I wish that the new Spider-Man movie would use him instead of going down the Norman Osborn road again.

      Alas,if Marvel owns the rights to Tombstone then we’ll never see him in a Fox Spider-Man movie.

      • Your comment is just so full of wrong

  5. Daredevil is pretty much the closest thing they’ve got to Batman. I say go for it.

    • Moon Knight?

      • Moon Knight has a cool costume in the early comics. Yes, I would vote for a Moon Knight flick as well.

    • Iron Man seemed like Marvel’s Batman to me… until he got all Extremis.

      I say tie Daredevil in with the upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Movie.

    • Actually, Nighthawk is even more like Batman than either Daredevil or Moon Knight. :)

  6. I Only care if Marvel actually does something with the property. Please don’t sit on it for 4 years

  7. Can’t believe they haven’t tried to cut Fox and Sony a couple of billion-dollar checks yet in exchange for the rights to all their characters. I honestly think that if they were to find a way to culminate Phase Four or Phase Five with an Avengers vs X-Men or Civil War movie they might crack the $2billion mark.

    • Even Disney can’t afford to produce that many super hero movies each year to accommodate all those properties. The four or five they are trying to do now each year is tough enough.

    • Believe or not. Marvel having the rights to ALL their characters would be a terrible thing for fans. They simply don’t have the resource to manage that many movies. If I were them I would honesty sell the Daredevil rights to SONY immediately to help them build the Spider-Man street level universe (with a stipulation that both can cameo in Avengers).

      I’m a bit concerned that Daredevil’s on an island over at Marvel. I bet we don’t get a movie until at least 2017

      • Good idea… send FF and X-Men to Sony too.

      • I wouldnt sell the rights as much as rent them. Making sure that creative control still remains within the Marvel/Disney stable.

        It is like subcontracting out. The job (movie) has to be done a certain way and that is what they (Sony/Fox etc) get paid to do.

    • Even with the success of all the movies and Avengers, Disney still hasn’t turned a profit on the 4.5 Billion dollars it spent to acquire Marvel. So where are these billions supposed to be coming from?

      Add to that, they just purchased Lucusfilm for another 4 Billion, with only talk of movies, but not a single box office ticket sold yet.

      As many have noted, they’re already too busy with all the other movies they are currently working on and planning to take on such huge properties as Spider-man and X-men and Fantastic Four.

      And finally: IF Marvel had already owned FF, X-men, and SM, do you somehow imagine that there would have been all of the other characters like Iron Man, Cap, Thor, Hulk, Avengers? Not to mention Ant Man, Dr. Strange, and GotG. There may have been a few, but nothing like we’ve seen, not even close.

      • Exactly. We’ve marvel have accidentally created the ideal model for how there characters hit cinemas, separated out to different studios. How amazing and unlikely is it that we can look forward to GOTG and Ant-Man? 10 year old me would’ve been happy with a couple of great Batman flicks. Despite criticisms of how the X universe is being handled we’re truly living in a golden age of genre-films.

        Can’t wait for my local cinemas midnight screening of Iron Man 3 tonight!

  8. I’m probably in the minority here but I actually enjoyed Fox’s Daredevil but it would be cool to see what Marvel can do with it. Marvel has rights to The Punisher, Blade, Moon Knight, Cloak & Dagger and now Daredevil. Phase 4 or 5 needs to focus on the dark street level heroes.

    • yeah i agree, i bought the Daredevil Directors Cut on DVD and i thought it was really good. Though thats probably why the theatrical cut didnt do so well because it didnt include everything that the directors cut did. also interested to see what Marvel does with it. Hope we get to see it in phase three but i doubt thatll happen. so hopefully phase 4 (if they make it that far which im sure they will).

    • I rather liked it as well. I thought Ben Affleck did a great job. Statham would have made a good Daredevil but I think he would have made a horrible Matt Murdock. Affleck nailed both parts.

      A “darker” story would be interesting but I don’t know how well it would mesh with the MCU’s family friendly summer blockbuster model. I really hope they do something with those though even if it’s not directly tied into The Avengers. I really want another Punisher movie.

    • No offense but im going to feel old if phase 4 happens! :P

    • Amen! Please please please Cloak and Dagger.

    • Yeah the first Daredevil movie was awesome.

      • The Dardevil movie was a crapfest and so was Elektra. Both of those characters deserved so much better.

  9. This is such great news for the nerds out there!!!! If you love comics, you love daredevil. Not only is he human but a handicapped one to boot! His dark character stories are perfect for Marvel’s R-rated line of movies. Can’t wait to see what they do. Maybe they can tie in Matt Murdoch as an attorney liaison for the avengers, thus thrusting him into the superhero group or something. Sooooo pumped!

    • I’m sorry, but Daredevil doesn’t apply to me as being handicapped. Murdock is a blind man with the power of sight.

  10. Far as I’m concerned, they should use the idea I posted a week or so back and have Michael Chiklis as the Kingpin. That would be a good start. And make it a higher ae rating to deal with the subject matter properly.

    • Never thought of Michal Chiklis for a Kingpin part, but you know, he could probably pull it off. He has the look and is a great actor (perfect for the character of Vic Mackie in The Shield). Now that marvel has DD back, let’s see that long-ago proposed flick of Daredevil versus Mr. Fear and The Kingpin.

    • I love Michael Chiklis, but not for Kingpin.

      For Kingpin, I’d rather have Will Sasso or Abraham Benrubi. If they still want to go with Kingpin being a big black dude, then they could try Bob Sapp. He’s not a good actor, though.

  11. I suppose if Marvel is quick enough, they could get Daredevil into production just in time to come out sometime after Ant-Man, which will be just the start of Phase 3. Although for me right now, there are two flipsides to Daredevil becoming a part of The Avengers. The first being that I’m not even really sure if we NEED to see Daredevil with The Avengers if they’re already going to be adding Ant-Man, Black Panther, and Doctor Strange into the mix. But then on the other side, I feel that if they want to bring in Iron Fist, then I definitely think they should get Daredevil in as well, and of course Luke Cage so he can partner up with Iron Fist (but that really goes without saying).

    But as for the possible reboot itself, I can go either way with Joe Carnahan or David Slade doing it. I like both of their ideas, especially Carnahan’s 70′s Daredevil. Hopefully either one of those guys can get second chances at bringing their respectable Daredevil’s to life.

    • No daredevil, Iron Fist, or Luke Cage/Power man in The Avengers. A seperate movie featuring the heroes for Hire, and a daredevil flick, would be welcome, tho. For Avengers, we need to worry more about getting Goliath, Quicksilver, Wasp, and Scarlet Witch in there.

  12. All we need now is spiderman

    • +1

      • -1

        • -1,000,000

  13. Course I’d probly see the reboot if they made it darker in tone, maybe even an “R” rated movie. I, for one, would love too see an “R” rated movie of Deadpool and Wolverine. And recast Deadpool, I hated Ryan Renolds has a skinny-ass Green Lantern, He really needed too hit the weights and add about 40 pounds of muscle. Plus I doubt if he’d draw in a crowd if he played Deadpool. I think the studios look at that and will feel he’s not bankable. Plus, too me, he jumped ship and went too DC, and betrayed Marvel.

    • So your saying that Ryan Reynolds… One of the biggest stars as of right now spends his nights making movies and working out to stay in top shape, and you plan to say he needs to “hit the weights”?
      Good luck

      • He’s a good actor, but he just wasn’t a good Green Lantern. Sorry if he’s one of your favs. But each person has differing opinions. lol

    • You don’t play second fiddle in another characters film when another studio wants you to headline a potential new franchise. Reynolds did what any actor would’ve done

      • Yeah, he did what any actor would of done. And don’t forget he was probly paid a huge fee. But the studio only sees dollar signs, and the movie bombed, has Green Lantern did. Plus the story needed allot of work too.

  14. I don’t understand why people are pulling for an R rated line of superhero films. Heroes are meant to be role models. Seeing them like the ones portrayed in The Watchmen, for example, only creates reasons for people to NOT watch them. Nudity, heavy profanity, etc… I find it tasteless and pointless.

    • Yeah, some heros are ment too be role models. But Wolverine, in the comic, actually kills too get the job done. Especially when he was part of Weapon X, and was a trained killer. Hugh Jackman himself said he’d love too do an “R” Rated Wolverine movie. But the studios would probly lose money, since most genre movies are set for teens, adults and parents. So the studios would probly be against an R version. But they would probly go for an an unedited directors cut in the future.

    • I’m sorry that you haven’t allowed comics to evolve part your eight year old mindset. The medium and culture has grown up. Apparently you haven’t.

    • I understand why people would like more R rated films for some superheroes, like Andy said, Wolverine has done some messed up stuff that can only be seen in an R rated movie. Deadpool also, it’s just how the character is in the comics. However, to extend the R rating to characters that really don’t need it, like you said, would just make it feel forced and there wouldn’t really be taste to it.

      • If you remember the old “Planet of the Apes” movies, there was allot of controversy then when they did the second one, called “Beneath the Planet of the Apes.” Where they had a screen test for an ape/mutant/human child. Ultimately the studio was worried that it would lose it’s “G” rating and the movies core audiences then were kids. Same with Conquest of the Planet of the Apes, there was so much violence in it, that the studio ordered many cuts. The first few times, it wouldn’t get past the censors, and would of had an “X” rating. Eventually, they got a “PG” rating.
        But nowadays, they have the unrated movie on blu-ray. So I feel once the studio has gotten their money from a theatrical version in theaters, they will release an unrated version on dvd. And eveyone will be happy, the studios will be making more money from dvd sales, fans will get their R rated comicbook hero, ect.

    • Frankly, these “dark” interpretations of a given “universe” is leading inexorably toward a new standard for R-rated comic-to-film narratives…nudity, language, sexuality, drug use, etc. will abode and abound, wrapped in a prohibitive rating with more the look and feel of SIN CITY.

      “Tasteless” is a moral judgment; “pointless”, a value judgment. But box office the final judgment. (re: SIN CITY 2 is coming)

      What else can “a darker version” of a superhero mean? It’s not a role model.

  15. Call me crazy, but isn’t DD a “superhuman”?
    The chemical spill that blinded him heightened his senses far beyond what the typical blind person receives upon blindness. His sense of smell is better than Wolverine’s, his hearing is better than bats (he can hear through sound-proof walls), his touch is so sensative he can read the text in books and on paper by the slight impressions on the page, his sense of taste is so sensitive he can distinguish every flavor of anything he eats and can detect ingredients in one part per millions. His sense of balance is so acute he can effortlessly perform Olympic level gymnastics and perform “technically-impossible” gymnastics. Somehow his strength is augmented too; he can lift 400 lbs as easily as a healthy moderately-exercised man can lift 50 lbs. He has been shown ripping steel locks, punching through industrial bricks, ripping city mailboxes off the sidewalk and flipping a limo full of people by himself.

    All that, plus he’s a ninja.

    • Oh yeah, and the mutation in his brain that gives him his radar sense which gives him a complete 3D ‘visual’ of his surrounding environment. It goes through walls and the image is sharpened through his hearing when vibration goes through the object.

    • When they had crossovers in the comics, both Batman and Daredevil ended their fights in something of a stalemate. With Bruce Wayne telling Murdock too get out of his town in the end of the comic. And Matt just smiles at him. And perhaps he’s thinking a rematch in the future. lol

      • I didn’t know they ever fought! What comic is that? I didn’t think Batman (DC) crossed over with DD (Marvel)

        • Yeah, I still have it downstairs in my comics collection. The crossover was either before the major DC vs. Marvel fights of the 90s. Or shortly afterwards. One crossover that I have was when the Punisher and Batman fought. Only it wasn’t Bruce Wayne, it was the guy who filled in for him when Bruce was broken by Bane. But in that fight, the Punisher won. Then 6 months too a year later, after Bruce had reclaimed his mantle, him and the Punisher fought again. This time Bruce won and told him too stay out of Gotham. Castle was in shock, thinking he had fought the same guy earlier. But Bruce has had years of experience that Jean Paul, (his replacement), didn’t have.

    • I’m guessing there going to tone down all the superhuman elements of his character to that degree.. He will still have heightened senses but I see them shooting for the more realism route. We don’t really see Capt. America lift 400lbs in the movies much less Dare Devil.

      • Captain America snapped the steel door between him and the Hydra Gear in the Avengers. Movie Cap is waaaaay stronger than 400lbs-lifting DD. Infact Marvel’s definition of ‘peak human’ has changed recently. Captain America’s potential is much higher than it used to be.

  16. This isn’t a property that I feel marvel will do well, needs to be darker not follow the marvel formula that we have seen. Yet, we have counted them out before and they have suprised us

  17. The problem is Marvel doesn’t have the resources (i.e. crew, studios) as stated by Feige on on several occasions. One of three things will happen, No movie, sold to another studio, made into a T.V. show.

    I would love a Marvel Knight’s TV show, alternating between DD, Punisher, and someone like Moon Knight or BP.

  18. Pleased! :)

  19. Michael Chiklis would be a good Kingpin. Also Pruitt Taylor Vince might also do a decent job.

  20. Daredevil is not that interesting… if Fox really wanted to have the hold the rights, we would already have a movie by now.

  21. Here is what Marvel needs to do for me with DD in the meanwhile…I want an awesome, gritty animated movie about 2hrs in length and drawn WELL! With villians like small time mafia, the Gael and Bullseye to keep him busy in Hells Kitchen. That will hold me till they produce a good movie. Done.

    • That would be pretty awesome, also a 2 hour animated superhero movie alone would be awesome. Every animated superhero movie i’ve seen is only around an hour to 75 minutes long, bugs the hell out of me. I’d be more into CGI than hand drawn though, they can create a living and breathing New York City and really go crazy with it.

  22. @ Agent 0

    I was thinking more along the lines of a live action series on HBO or something,where they could get away with a lot more than they could on network tv.

    I personally agree with Joey that DD isn’t very interesting,at least at this point amongst all of the other comic book movies.

    Chances are that if they made a movie out of DD,it would probably tank because they wouldn’t give it that much of a budget and the quality would more than likely suffer.

    Marvel has bigger fish to fry than to worry about rebbooting DD,and that’s why I think it would be better served as either an animated or live action show on HBO,or another premium cable network.

    Actually,now that I think about too,FOX is pretty stupid for not making a live action DD show and putting it on FX.I guess they just really weren’t that committed to making anything more out of that character.

    • I’m cool with live action on HBO, but I stress gritty and unapologetic in the approach…MMA style of combat. Maybe not for all he encounters but he is dealing with deadly people who have to know Hell Kitchen is his baby!

  23. This is news? What’s it been, almost a year since Marvel got DD rights back?

    • It was just announced yesterday that the rights to Daredevil went back to Marvel, so yes it is news to the general public.

  24. Daredevil is not that interesting? Seriously?

  25. I hope Carnahan gets his chance. I like his style.

  26. Yeah they should definitely get on a Daredevil remake. If not a movie, I wouldn’t mind a tv show.

  27. Daredevil/Punisher film Nuff Said!!

  28. I had this idea for a film which I’m simply calling ‘Marvel Knight’ it would be like a street level version of the Avengers and would consist of Power Man, Iron Fist, Moon Knight, The Punisher, Daredevil and Electra. Wile The Avengers are of stopping alien invasions these heroes would be fighting the likes of Kingpin and The Hand.

  29. I see the ideas being tossed around for all of these characters being involved in different phases of The Avengers series… but why?! So far (since IM3 hasn’t been released) we have yet to see a quality solo film for our beloved heroes. It seemed like everything in Phase 1 was so rushed and tried so hard to tie in each other. Phase 2 apparently isn’t going that route which is hopeful in my eyes seeing as that I don’t care much for Marvel (Outside of X-Men). But why would we want to add all of these characters that currently don’t play a HUGE role in any of The Avengers? Give the characters a good solo film. Let them have their own world. Why worry about how it will tie in with 30 other movies?

    • Well, that’s just your opinion that we haven’t seen a quality stand alone film. Don’t act as if you wrote for all of us. In my opinion, Iron Man and Thor are both really good comic book movies.

      • “Don’t act as if you wrote for all of us.”

        Really? Really? LOL

        Of course it was an opinion and I can direct it how I want.

        • Yeah, really. Learn how to actually express an opinion without coming across as a tool.

          • And why would I want to do that? It obviously gives you a rise.