‘Daredevil’: Michael C. Hall Denies Casting Rumors

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Dexter Have a killer day Daredevil: Michael C. Hall Denies Casting Rumors

Twentieth Century Fox’s planned Daredevil reboot may have failed to take off, and Marvel may have deemed the character not popular enough to lead a feature film, but Matt Murdock is nonetheless making a comeback in the first of several Marvel TV shows being produced by Netflix.

With the time until the scheduled production start date for Daredevil fast closing in, the most pressing question is that of which actor will be chosen for the lead role. A source claiming to be close to the production recently reported that Netflix and showrunner Drew Goddard were interested in Dexter star Michael C. Hall, but didn’t mention whether this interest had progressed into official negotiations.

It’s possible that Goddard and Netflix really are interested in casting Hall in the role of Matt Murdock, but if that’s the case then they haven’t approached him yet. When questioned by Vulture on the subject of the casting rumors, Hall said that he doesn’t believe there’s anything to the rumors and that he hasn’t been made any offers… yet:

“I’ve heard them, but I think that’s all they are — rumors. Don’t misunderstand, I would definitely consider it … but I can’t tell you any inside information, because I think they’re nothing but rumors… I really am enjoying mixing it up a little bit, and I’m committing to things that have a foreseeable end in sight when I start them. I wouldn’t rule out the possibility of [a new series] happening at some point. But I’d have to read the script!”

Michael C. Hall Daredevil Rumors Daredevil: Michael C. Hall Denies Casting Rumors

Fans who are rooting for Hall to be offered the role shouldn’t give up all hope just because the actor has denied the recent rumors – after all, his schedule is looking fairly free right now and he did say that he would “definitely consider it” if approached. There is still time for Netflix to make an offer before filming begins in July, but if Hall was a top choice we’d expect him to have been personally informed by now.

Netflix now has a fixed schedule laid out for its five upcoming Marvel shows. Daredevil, the best known of the characters, will get a series first, followed by Jessica Jones and then Iron Fist and Luke Cage, respectively, before bringing the heroes together in The Defenders. It’s an ambitious plan, but Netflix original series like Orange is the New Black and House of Cards have already set a strong precedent.

Although at 43 years old Hall would be playing a slightly more mature version of the Hell’s Kitchen vigilante, he’s displayed enough talent for playing dark and complex characters that we definitely wouldn’t object to him being cast as Matt Murdock if the rumors do turn out to be true.


We’ll keep you updated on Marvel’s Netflix shows as development continues.

Source: Vulture

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  1. First! Yes please do this. I miss Dexter

  2. Thanks for debunking a rumor that I never heard of before. That was useful. ;) :D

    I’d like to use that opportunity to let everybody know that I’m not running for President in 2016. So please stop not asking me about it! :D

    • I clicked the article just to post the same thing lol. I have a feeling his publicist came up with this idea. I never heard the rumor and never thought there’d be a need for Hall to confirm or deny it.

  3. He would be an awesome daredevil. Why not offer him the role.

  4. He is definitely too old. Marvel always starts with the origin to bring fans up to speed and to explain why a superhero character was missing in action in the universe before his/her first on screen appearance. As a guy who is intent on avenging his father and becoming a lawyer ASAP, Matt would never wait until his 40s to become Daredevil. I mean what would he have been doing with his life? Jeeze…

    I would like to suggest Jake Gyllenhaal, Richard Madden, Ryan Gosling, and Chris Pine instead.

    • Might as well add Ben Afflect to that list……

      • I’m so anxious for this series that, heck, add ME to the list for the part! (OK, I may be 56 chronologically, but I look like about late 30s to age 40 at the most, and feel like I am 25 years old on rocket-fuel, and very agile!!) (Of course, with a few aches and pains, but not ready for the Geritol drip yet…now someone tell my massage therapist she can rub my back!).

    • Why would you have Jake G.? He sucks in action movies. Although not a comic book movie but Prince of Persia was a pile of crap, like your dumb comment. Ryan Gosling is cool but too much of a pretty boy. Chris Pine is the only legit one out of the 4 you mentioned.

    • Wtf… I hope you’re trolling…

      Marvel doesn’t NEED to go into the origin. With the film being not so long ago, it’d be a waste of time. The origin from the film is fine (except that Matt was blinded because he was a dumbass instead of saving an old man, and the removal of Stick). He can just give a quick recount of his origin for whatever reason. Hell, the most recent series by Mark Waid sums up his origin in a page that takes all of 20 seconds to read. He doesn’t have to go in-depth about it. That can be added later, if the plot calls for it.

      The explanation for Daredevil’s lack of presence can be as easy as him being an urban legend. Or maybe people don’t want to say they saw a guy dressed as the devil beating people up, since it would seem crazy or unbelievable. Or maybe nobody took the rumours seriously, and only after the Battle of New York did someone start investigating this thoroughly (hey, easy way to introduce Ben Urich). He’s always been more of a street-level hero, so there’s no reason why we would’ve seen him in the films.

  5. Morelikeit’sarumorthatwedidn’treport,butwereallywantittohappensowewillmakeanarticle
    aboutit.com is too long of name. So we will call it Screenrant.com lol

  6. Would have been perfect as Ozymandias in ‘Watchmen’…

  7. He’d be a great Daredevil, but i think Marvel would rather cast someone younger, and cheaper!

  8. As soon as Daredevil went back to Marvel I was saying he would make a perfect Daredevil. I wish they offer him the role if they want a veteren superhero who has been fighting crime for years.

  9. I wonder, like seriously wonder, with the fact that the Sinister Six writer/director is also working on the Daredevil TV show, if there is some back door Sony/Marvel agreement going on that nobody knows about.

    Think about it, it’s a Sinister Six movie, not a Spider-Man movie. They are all in NYC and Spidey will definitely have a tough time fighting them. Could you picture, just for a minute, if while Spidey is trying to fight the Sinister Six, the Defenders showed up to help?? I know, I know, it’s a 99% chance of it NOT happening, but it could be, should I say……AMAZING?! SENSATIONAL?! SPECTACULAR?! WEB OF?! (Ok, that last one doesn’t work).

  10. H. Shaw-Williams why you gotta be like this and tear a brothers heart out…

  11. They need to hire a real martial artist like matt mullins or scott adkins

    • Yess! I seconded Scott Adkins as Matt Murdock.

      That guy is overdue for a main role.

  12. I like him but he’s too old for it. Marvel needs to cast a bit younger if they’re gonna keep things going for awhile.

  13. Aaron Paul

  14. I’ve never seen Dexter but I hear he’s a splendid actor and he really does fit the description of Mat Murdock to me If he eventually gets in talks I wish him luck, I really wanna find out who marvel is considering for the role so my ideas can role.

  15. Michael C. Hall is an amazing choice for Daredevil and his age is NOT a factor. He doesn’t look his age so what’s the issue? Actors plays different ages all the time which is why they call it “acting”. If he can get into more shape (because he’s pretty lean already) then it won’t really matter. It’s not like he has a 9 picture deal. He’s just going to be in two different Marvel series in a span of three years. Stop trolling!

    • This is totally true, he even played 18 year old Dexter at a couple points in the show haha

  16. Yeah could definately see him as DD. Let’s hope he’s at least offered the role.

  17. It’d be awesome if they stuck with their “superhero show disguised as another genre” formula and made the DD series into a serious noir detective story with some action. Think True Detective starring Daredevil.

  18. Sam Witwer

  19. I just started watching Dexter today. I really want Michael C Hall to play Daredevil.

  20. Hall is okay, but I still think Damien Lewis is the best choice.

  21. They could always get Michael C. Hall’s cheaper look-a-like:

    Matthew John Armstrong


    • Wow, this dude is all of three years younger than Hall.
      But he’d certainly be more affordable than his better-known doppelganger.
      So your suggestion isn’t as off base as I originally assumed.

  22. Wow, I’m surprised Luke Cage is getting his show last.
    I’m not too keen on who’s more popular, but I’m familiar with the characters and I would’ve guessed that Luke Cage would fall just behind Daredevil, or at the very least, before Jessica Jones.
    I’m assuming that next character won’t be featured in any of the other shows (Jessica Jones in Daredevil; Iron Fist on Jessica Jones; so on and so forth), at least not until just before their own show premieres. If each character gets their own season, we’re looking at two years before Luke Cage comes out. *sad face*
    Maybe it’s anchoring, like a relay race: Fastest (safest bets) run first and last, while the slightly less reliable runners go in the middle. Again, I don’t know if Iron Fist or Jessica Jones is more popular than Luke Cage, but I didn’t think so.
    In either case, hope they all do well and The Defenders comes out as scheduled. I’m pumped to see the Heroes for Hire doing their thing, and possibly mixing it up with DD the first time they cross paths.