Danny Boyle Wants To Direct ’28 Months Later’ [Re-Updated]

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28 months later danny boyle Danny Boyle Wants To Direct 28 Months Later [Re Updated]

[UPDATE: Danny Boyle has confirmed his interest in directing 28 Months Later, but says that it won’t happen for awhile.]

[RE-UPDATE: Danny Boyle is still clarifying his stance on 28 Months Later. See post for details.]

The Rage Virus has been spreading and everyone’s eager to find out what impact it’s had on the world 28 Months Later. For zombie fans out there, we have some exciting news regarding a third installment in the 28 Days Later franchise.

Director Danny Boyle, coming off an Oscar win for Slumdog Millionaire and whose buzz-worthy James Franco thriller 127 Hours hits theaters in a few weeks, may be returning to the series he helped start, as the director of 28 Months Later.

Our friend Uncle Creepy at Dread Central has the exclusive scoop on Boyle reportedly showing interest in helming another 28 [Period of Time] Later film, to which they updated with some quotes from their source who spoke with Boyle directly.

The short of it is that there will be another sequel to 28 Days Later and that “in theory” it would be based (and named?) 28 Months Later. Since he directed the first movie and later produced 28 Weeks Later, Boyle was asked if he would again produce. His response: “Actually I want to direct it.”

It doesn’t get more promising than that before the greenlight is given so let’s hope for some official word soon. While 28 Days Later and 28 Weeks Later both featured entirely different casts, they did both tell interesting stories with plenty of action and amazing visuals. Fans have been anticipating a third installment which would continue from the end of the 28 Weeks Later and follow the virus spreading outside of the UK.

RE-UPDATE: The initial comment from Boyle has set off a storm with horror movie fans. Well, at a recent press junket for 127 Hours, Boyle had a chance to elaborate on his position concerning 28 Months Later:

“I would love to direct another one of it because I watched the second one, and I wasn’t that involved in the second one, and I really enjoyed watching it as a punter. (Note: a “punter” would be like an average moviegoer.) When you make films, you never really see them the way punters see them, it’s weird. You’re entrusted with editing a film for an audience and yet, you’re as far away from what they will see as you can ever get, because you’ve watched it hundreds of time. I watched [the sequel] as a punter and I thought I’d love to direct the next one, and that’s where that began really, but it’s a question of time.”

Later, in an exclusive interview with Shock Til You Drop, Boyle added:

“If a thing’s good enough, a story, an idea, there are no rights problems. Not on the kind of level we work at it. Basically, if you’re talking about the rights to ‘The Lord of the Rings’ on these massive properties. There are no problems if it’s good enough and there won’t be any problem I don’t think. Because it comes from a two pretty cool previous movies, I think if it’s a new idea that’s pretty good, it’ll get made whether I direct it or not.”

So again, we may see 28 Months Later with Danny Boyle at the helm…but it won’t be for a couple years yet.

While 28 Weeks Later made less money and earned lesser scores from the critics, it still did very well in both respects and was a worthy successor to the franchise. With the potential of Boyle coming back to take charge of the next installment, we may have something special to look forward to as there’s not many directors better than he at creating and handling human drama and intensity.

The challenge and blessing of 28 Months Later will be in telling another similar adventure with yet another new cast in a new location. They don’t have the familiarity of the first two movies to help sell the flick, but Boyle has the chance to start fresh again with an entirely new story.

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Source: Dread Central

Update Source: Cinema Blend

Re-Update Source: Shock Til You Drop

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  1. I personally would like to see a 28 Seconds Later

    that shows what happened before 28 Days Later

    meaning from the second the animal activists became infected to the outbreak before jim shows up in the hospital

    • “28 Hours Later” would have been a better choice, and the ending should show Jim at the hospital.

  2. Then you’re looking for a movie for accurately describe as 28 hours later (non-existant, at the moment).

  3. With so much freedom of creative directions that a story starting nearly two years after 28 weeks later would allow for, let’s hope that DB does direct the movie. In this respect, it would seem a bit too contrived to follow the movie throughout Europe. They’ve already done that in the second movie, with the main story arc being the reintroduction of the virus into the London safe-zone, hence respreading the virus, albeit with a larger impact. An idea that would have more appeal to me would be to have a take on how animals were affected during this two year hiatus. Since the virus was able to cross species between chimps and humans, it is not unrealistic to conceptualize how it could have spread beyond vast areas with animals as couriers. It would be more captivating for me to see how DB would interpret a story based in, say, mid Africa, like Chad or the Congo, which could also incorporate the idea posed earlier of finding cures. We could have a team working to understand the virus by studying it’s behaviors on other species, as well as finding some kind of natural jungle-remedy of sorts. Of course, small groups are often potent breeding grounds for unbridled horror (cabin fever, anyone?). Just a thought.

  4. I really would like to see what happens to Flynn, Tammy and Andy….

  5. Hope DB gets his wish to direct the next 28 months and (28 years).
    DB please if you’re reading this keep the theme soundtrack running

  6. Since the first time I watched 28 weeks later I’ve been waiting & hoping for a third movie. Make it happen!!!!

  7. I really hope this get’s made for 2013 :)

    • Ennitt I just wanna see another one of them films and I hope if they make a 28 months later it’ll be better then the other two even though they were amazzzinnggg

    • It’s 2013 now!!!!! :( really want them to hurry up

  8. I just looked on youtube for any info or trailer on this and people used the movie “Doomsday” for this…..Had me confused cuz I watched it when it came out and don’t remember it being the sequel. I really hope it comes out soon.

    • 5-2-2012 or 5-12-2012 there is a trailer on youtube just gott find the right one!!=)

  9. It’s not a zombie movie since they are not dead. It’s a infection that’s why in the first movie “28 days* they where called infected not zonbies living dead or what not. The even said at the start of 28 days the monkeys are infected with rage not there zombie monkeys. Simple infection gone wild making amazing a couple of good films.

    • I love this film. Almost everyone who I know hate me because of it.

      Any way just wanna say that I love the way a few seconds or one human can lead to the apocalypse. Like in the first scene when Don gets alice in the bedroom and tells her to run with him but she say ‘no, let go’ and tries to get the child. It was those few seconds that chose Alice’s fate. And how Alice kissed Don in the room where she is strapped up and that little thing chose the end of humanity.

      A simply amazing idea.

  10. I am so thrilled that Danny Bolye maybe directing 28 months later. After 28 weeks later ended I really wanted to see what happens next. I hope they come out with the movie by the end of 2012 but no later than 2013 because I think it’s long past over due.

    • 28 days later…perfect scary movie…28weeks later…was good..i did like the military presence in the 2nd one but the 1st one w/ the military in one little house i thought was so much more creepier and perfect. if boyle directs this new 28months…i think he’ll make a killing once again. i would like 2 see the infection in America…im a floridean and think seeing american sights would be awesome. i would also like 2 see what happened to jim selena n anna. well if a new one gets made…youve got one more ticket sale at the box office.

  11. would really want to know what happened to Andy and Tammy.have been waiting for awhile for the third installment. please make it happen.

    • who Andy the boy with the blue and brown eyes and his older sister, they were killed or I suspect that tammy was in infected and Andy was killed because obviously he either sneezed or his blood some how got into someone else, probably one of the people in the helicopter because it crashed- it might not have been one of them, but Ann’s saliva or blood went into someone once they got to France that’s how the infection got in France

      • the infected got to France through the channel tunnel, we saw this when Andy got bit by his dad in the underground.
        I dont mind a cliff hanger so in the next installment i hope we see the story of another group. Hope it is based on solders and not civilians because it is better action with guns and more entertaining to watch.
        I also liked the way we saw through doyles rifle sights.
        I want there to be another film maybe “28 weeks later part two” or months later, but it is 2013 and there is no sign of it.

  12. I thought the director did a great job folllowing 28 days later, but lets be real here, theres only one DB!

  13. Wish people would stop calling them zombie’s!! There not zombie’s there just like me and you or anyone for that fact, But been infected with a rage virus. There not attracted to flesh, i.e (not zombie) a zombie would live for ever, as the infected will die of starvation.

  14. I have been waiting it seems like forever for the next sequal. I wish DB would hurry up and make the next movie. I’m getting sick of watching the 1st 2 movies. Lol. So, hurry up DB!

    • So why would the walking dead be a zombie show if the infected of the show die off of starvation as well?

  15. please make 28 months later I love the series very great film!

  16. they should have it where the whole planet is now infected except Mexico/U.S.A./Canada. where they set up a perimeter at the Panama canal and manage to contain it there…for a while. Then it does break into the last hope..the U.S.A. we witness this last stand of human race.

    These are great films and have given me more nightmares than any other.

    Please make one more to complete the story!

  17. Well I ask you to PLEASE make this movie believe me there is a demand for this.
    I think 28 weeks later is the greatest intense, real like GREAT QUALITY zombie movie!!!!!!
    Of all time better than George Romero , better than horde, night of the living dead, dawn of the dead…
    Awesome !!!
    America will wait in expectations !!!!!!
    The only thing on the market today is world war z)
    We will see how that turns out..

  18. Yes please do!!! it will be interesting. I am looking forward to watching it!!

  19. DB, Give me Cillian Murphy in 28 Month Later and do it quick! :D

  20. I would love to see a part 3 I have seen both of them at least 20 time and keep watching them so please make a part 3

  21. I really think this is a lot better then the walking dead.walking dead is ok till the 3rd 28 days comes out so please hurry………….Ronnie

  22. I loved them both, yet I’m not the type of person who likes to be left hanging, really hope that the survivors from 28D and 28W are shown or at least briefly referred to in this possible sequel

  23. I think the movie should be called 28 hours later if the movie is starting right after the event of 28 weeks. Just saying .

    • Although that is a good idea, it wouldn’t work as the titles 28 Days/Weeks/Mounth suggest that that is the time period since the virus started, so 28 hours later would suggest literally 28 hours sinse the virus has spread.

  24. so everone is trying to write the 3rd part, well here is mine.

    1st 3 survivors are picked up by an american copter, taken to america and questioned, The american then send out some special forces to Europe to get some subjects(a few infected, while they are there they discover that Andy and his sister are the children of a lady who was immune. They take kill the copter driver and take the 2 children back to the USA. study them. Find the immunity gene, to prevent all the rest of the world from future catastrophe they give an anti-body taken from andy to the world. OK they do not know that this anti-body only causes contamination because it only works for awhile. lets say 28 Months Later. that is how the world gets infected. only a small % of the world population does not take the Anti-body. So now just to put in the adventure of survival horror. I will let you or who ever to decide that. i would rather watch it than write it. anyways that is my story of how it could be called 28 MONTHS LATER. Thanks for reading. goodbye.

    • ok mate it has some nice ideas but overall there is way to much to fit into one film. what makes the films good are that they are kept simple, a small group of people,a single task to survive. focus on only that and you can go into lots of depth. you are talking about 3 Atlantic crossings (not mentioning helicopters dont have enough fuel to cross that distance), a mission in europe, the killing of there pilots? and lab work back in the US. In truth the mother was not immune but infected, just not full of rage. the whole idea sucks, in order to make it good they should have a small but tough group of people fighting for there lives in Paris, maybe armed french police. sub-titles would work well for a film like this. this franchise is good because they are decent British films,it would not work as a American block buster where they put making money infront of making a good film. it is why world war z looks s***.

  25. If they keep pushing it of the movie is gonna cost me 28$ later