Rumor Patrol: Daniel Day Lewis As Zod In ‘Superman: Man of Steel’

Published 4 years ago by , Updated August 24th, 2013 at 10:50 am,

Just a few days ago word got out that Viggo Mortensen is the front runner to star in Warner Bros.’ reboot, Superman: Man of Steel, as the villainous General Zod, despite director Zack Snyder’s previous claims that the Zod talk is “just wrong” and “the Internet has no idea what’s going on.” To be fair to Snyder though, that may well have been the case last November.

Now it looks as though Henry Cavill as Superman will indeed do battle with the rogue Kryptonian Zod in Man of Steel, and Mortensen may have competition for the role in the form of another acclaimed thespian – namely, multiple Oscar-winner Daniel Day-Lewis.

While expressing its immediate disapproval of Zod’s inclusion in Snyder’s reboot of the Superman franchise, Moviehole‘s “The West Hollywood Resnorter” mentioned that it heard Warner Bros. is considering Lewis for “an unspecified role in this film.” Given Lewis’ pedigree as an actor – and assuming this RUMOR has any truth to it – the part of Zod seems like the obvious choice.

Recall that while Mortensen is reportedly the top contender to star in Snow White and the Huntsman, he’s not yet locked down for that project. Similarly, Lewis is onboard to play Abraham Lincoln in Steven Spielberg’s biopic, but it’s not clear whether that feature will actually begin filming this fall as originally forecast – especially since Spielberg still has post-production duties to complete on both Tintin and War Horse, and last October he became committed to Robopocalypse as his next directorial effort.

Here’s the short of it: Snyder’s Man of Steel aims to begin production this year so it can reach theaters by December of 2012, and both Mortensen and Lewis seem to have enough room in their respective schedules to sign on as Zod.

Both Mortensen and Lewis are arguably powerhouse actors who have rarely (if ever) given subpar performances, even when appearing in less than stellar films themselves. The two have also both portrayed regal figures before and posses the proper physicality for a character like Zod. So which one is truly the better fit to tackle the role?

I’d have to say, for me personally, that Lewis has the edge over Mortensen, in this situation. Not only was he (for lack of a better description) fiercely riveting as the larger-than-life antihero in both Gangs of New York and There Will Be Blood, Lewis is just one of those actors who always holds my attention when he appears on screen. Mortensen is solid, no doubt, and he could make for a compelling Zod as well, but the idea of Lewis in this kind of villainous role is too tempting for me to say no to – kind of like when he was rumored to play Moriarty in the Sherlock Holmes sequel.

daniel day lewis Rumor Patrol: Daniel Day Lewis As Zod In Superman: Man of Steel

Would Lewis be interested in a Hollywood tentpole pic like Man of Steel? He’s well known for being very selective about what projects he signs on for, but the chance to work on a movie that was overseen by the likes of Christopher Nolan could be enough to tempt Lewis to seriously consider signing on for a Superman flick. That’s assuming this RUMOR is legit – and that’s always a tricky proposition, isn’t it?

What do you think? Would you rather see Mortensen or Lewis as Zod in Superman: Man of Steel?

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Source: Moviehole

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  1. Don’t rate the guy at all. As I have said, this movie is as doomed as Krypton.

    • DSB, it amazes me that you do not, at least, have a small bit of hope with the casting possibilities being revealed. I can’t believe you’ve given up so completely on this film. Why keep coming back to comment if you KNOW you’re simply going to continue hating the production?

      It makes NO sense…

      • So I should just sit here and watch them totally destroy my favourite superhero without making comment? Nah, I’m not going to do that.
        Especially when it is an actor I don’t like.

        • dude. 1 your comment or opinion will probably never becared for by the people making this movie let alone heard or read. 2 daniel day lewis is an artist and this just goes to show WHY you opinion will not be heard. to the READERS of this forum i think the film will turn out well but not what we expect it to be. and i dont think the casting choice is for zod every casting speculation on the net and on this site has been wrong. hardy and bane. the guy from true blood(cant remember his name) and super man. spider man captain america etc etc. heres hoping for Brainiac.
          Tank Out:)

          • “this just goes to show WHY you opinion will not be heard”

            Or, it proves that you are unable to comprehend an opinion that is any different to your own.

  2. See? Now, wouldn’t it be great if Mortesen were Zod and Lewis were Brainiac (or vice-versa)? This could be GREAT!

  3. What a load of nonsense. First of all, Spielberg NEVER CLAIMED Robopocalypse will be his next film (he never claimed anything). A press release announced it would be his film period and many understood that it left enough time for a project like Lincoln.

    And rest assured, Lincoln WILL film this fall as was recently confirmed by editor Michael Kahn.

    Another thing, by the time these films start lensing post-production on Tintin and War Horse will have been finished. You really need to do better research.

    • I’ve updated the bit about Spielberg and Robopocalypse since you’re correct, it was misleading to say he “claimed” anything.

      However, my whole point was that Spielberg has a lot on his plate right now, including work on the two movies of his that are arriving this December AND his being committed to Robopocalypse in the future. So while he’ll probably manage to get to work on Lincoln this fall, it’s not entirely unreasonable to argue that it’s not a given.

  4. Oh look, the Nolan connection is rolled out again. Even though he isn’t involved in the film. At all.

    • Nolan actually is involved in this movie, he is one of the producers for it, and I also think that he or his brother are helping out on the story.

      • He’s not producing anymore, he has said all of his focus is on Batman, this has been reported many times.
        And while he and his brother may have put some polish on the script, it probably hadn’t made it to the final draft which is reported to be rushed and unfinished, with no third act.

        • I’ve read somewhere that Nolan said he helped Snyder cast Cavill as Superman. That’s an involvement :)

          • I also read that the world is going to end in 2012. Doesnt mean its true.

  5. I don’t see any validity to this rumor. I’m going with my gut reaction here and I think it’s laughable to think Lewis would commit to Man of Steel.

  6. It says considered for “an unspecified role in this film.” Has no one considered he could be up for the part of JorEl; he’s got the chops and looks to play against Cavill’s new Supes. Mortenson woul dbe a formidable and oppposing Zod.

    • That’s a good point, JB, and it’s certainly possible. I’d be down with that as well (Lewis as Jor-El, Mortensen as Zod), so here’s hoping for the best. :-)

    • Lewis as Jor’el. That is some serious acting talent to use on a part that will surely not be that long. Probably just shown in flashbacks. But, I was thinking the exact same thing. He does look a lot like Cavill. Also, they used Marlon Brando as the first Jor’el so who knows.
      I don’t see Mortensen fitting in this movie at all. I don’t think I would like seeing him play Zod. As for Braniac, I will be mad it that is just a guy and not somewhat true to the comics. Mortensen would have a great voice for Braniac. I will give that one to him. Other than that… Eh…

  7. Lewis as Jor El and Mortensen as Brainiac would be an amazing cast to me. If it works I think Doomsday or Darkseid could be a tease for a possible sequel

  8. I think Lewis would be a great Lex Luthor…make him dark like Smallville.

  9. Day-Lewis as Zod, Mortesen as brainiac or lex, supes & zod should fight in space for once as they both would go hectic in the city like superman II.

  10. Look…

    If Daniel Day Lewis wants to be in your movie- you get him in period.

    There’s no discussion about it. I can see him as Zod. Can’t compare Vigo to Daniel. Not at all.

    This is easy.

    • That’s what I said, you don’t say no to Lewis.

  11. it’s not zod. it’s brainiac. it has to be. snyder said zod wasn’t in the movie already. people are just saying zod because they don’t know any superman villains other than zod and lex, and they only know about superman through the movies. remember these are the people who still think that batman begins AND the dark knight are PREQUELS to the tim burton/joel schumacher movies.

  12. If we ignore the whole idea that using Zod and flunkies is boring and just take it at face value……I think that either actor would do an excellent job as Zod. I do feel however that Viggo would bring more to the role imho.

    I’m also not getting why people think Viggo would make a great Brainiac. You need someone who is both younger (they have to look perfect since he is a machine built on the premise of perfection so no wrinkles) and has to play the part with no emotion. I really don’t think that’s Viggo’s forte.

    In fact the best ‘person’ to play Brainiac would be a completely CGI version.

  13. Viggo, Lewis… both fantastic actors. But Zod and Ursa? I’d rather see G.I. Joe 2 by the Beiber director.

    • No you wouldn’t.

      • How about Justin Bieber in GI Joe 2?

        Haven’t seen a cinematic splendor like that since, oh I dunno…Michael Jackson in MIB 2 (*rolls eyes*)?

  14. I think both guys are top notch actors,with maybe DDL edging out VM in memorable performances. I do also think that DDL has the more villianous face. Bottom line is I wont pick between them cuz I’m dissapointed that Zod is in the movie at all. I’d like something new,not the same old story thats been told and filmed, and I’d like them to stick close to the comic, the dc universe, and give us great special effects.

  15. Day-Lewis would be great. Think I would prefer him over Viggo.

  16. I say Daniel-Day Lewis will make a great villain playing Brainiac by doing the CGI voice, it will make alot sense to see he can play Jor-El’s creation on Brainiac. I dont care about Zod, leave that out of it. First I casted Viggo Mortensen to play Jor-El’s Brother Zor-El (Superman’s Uncle) in SUPERGIRL (The Remake) as Kara’s Father. I dont like Viggo playing a villain maybe like a Father to Kara in the SUPERGIRL (Remake). It will be intimidating.

  17. Daniel Day Lewis??? I would be surprised if he would be willing to lower himself to the level of being in a Superman movie.

    But having him in it would just about guarantee an EPIC EPIC EPIC villain that could likely put even Heath Joker to shame.

  18. I’ve said before that I HATE that Zod is being reused AGAIN. However, if a true artist like DDL is playing the Kryptonian General, I almost feel obligated to see his portrayal.

    • Iam with you

  19. If Day-Lewis is in this at all he will play Jor El.

    • Yes, I thought that too, in the same way they got Brando to do it in the 70s.

  20. That would be funny if they got him to be Mr. Mxy.

  21. I think DDL would be a magnificent Zod. But I prefer Mortensen for that role while DDL could be casted as Lex Luthor for maybe Man of Steel 2.

  22. a bearded gerard butler from “300″ would be ideal in my opinion!

    • i could see that!

  23. “Now it looks as though Henry Cavill as Superman will indeed do battle with the rouge Kryptonian Zod in Man of Steel, and Mortensen may have competition for the role in the form of another acclaimed thespian – namely, multiple Oscar-winner Daniel Day-Lewis.”

    The ROUGE Kryptonian?

    Rouge, as in the French term for “red”?

    Maybe you meant “rogue”, as in rebel?

    • Dan,

      Yes, we meant “rouge” – haven’t you heard, Zod will be red-skinned to match the red son of Krypton in this film.

      Just kidding – thanks for pointing that out, bud. :-P


  24. I doubt Lewis would even consider a role in a comic book movie.

    personally I think he’s one of the most skilled actors alive.

  25. Has it been confirmed that Supes will fight Zod or could it be similar to the first Reeves movie in terms of learning who he is and not confronting Zod immediately?

  26. Totally left field from the thread but does anybody ever think that Keanu Reeves would play a good Brainiac? I mean emotionless acting…..