Daniel Craig Turns Down Thor

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On Monday, Stephanie Sanchez at IESB.net had a chance to speak with Daniel Craig in Beverly Hills for a Quantum of Solace press event.

Sanchez asked Craig if he would be up for trying something new and different in a character role such as Thor and he laughed it off. Sanchez then told him she had heard that Craig was on Marvel’s shortlist to play Thor.

In response, Mr. Craig, Daniel Craig, revealed that Marvel indeed had already approached him for this role and he had turned it down. He jokingly clarified that it would be too much of a power trip playing both James Bond and the mighty Thor.

I guess I can understand that.

With future Bond movies, Thor, Avengers and other potential Marvel followups, Craig would be booked for a long time for huge blockbusters and the corresponding millions of press events. On the other side of that coin, it’s a little crazy to hear someone turn a role like this down.

Marvel is looking for A-list actors to fulfill to roles of Thor and Captain America and Daniel Craig is certainly that. Although Craig is a tank physically and has the voice and presence, I can’t see him sporting long blonde hair, a winged helmet and a big honkin’ hammer (though you might not think that seeing the image above). Using movie magic, they’d also likely have to make him appear much bigger than he already is. Then again, I don’t think there are any real people who can fill out Thor‘s physique.

I wonder who else is on that short list… It was rumored back in June that Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt were in the running for the lead roles of Captain America and Thor.

Do you think Craig could of pulled off the role of Thor? Who do you think Marvel should go after next? [UPDATE: Regular Screen Rant reader “The Old Man” thought it would be nice to give us a more “muscular” version of Craig so we could make a better decision. simple smile Daniel Craig Turns Down Thor ]

Thor will be directed by Kenneth Branagh and is due out July 16, 2010.

Source: IESB.net

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  1. If I had even thought of Daniel Craig as Thor before, I would’ve said “perfect” to myself. Thank goodness you ended the dream as soon as it entered my brain; if not it would’ve been worse.

  2. Indeed, the physical presence is not there. Ah, if only Arnold Schwarzenegger was still young…

  3. I would have liked Daniel Craig as Thor, however he’s a bit short considering the mammoth size of Thor. I think Leo or Pitt might make a good choice, but maybe not. I’d really like to see Kevin McKidd do the role or perhaps to a lesser extent Matthew Davis (mostly because of Tigerland). Most of all though, I’d like to see them pull Dolph Lundgren off life-support and get him to do it!

  4. @Copperknob,

    I’m a big Kevin McKidd fan and would love to see him in the role. He was LONG rumoured to play him years ago but I guess he isn’t nearly as high-profile for what they’re apparently aiming for :(


    same here man, I had no idea Craig was considered before but the more I think about it, he’d be a pretty cool God of Thunder…except for the blonde wig…not sure on that.

  5. Craig is an awesome actor, but I see Josh Holloway (Lost) as Thor – but he is not A list.

  6. woah, you read my mind smartalec.

    I was just telling a buddy Holloway would be perfect. Seeing him with real blonde hair and a less-rugged face, on top of a more serious character would make him unrecognizable as Sawyer and I think he could totally pull it off.

  7. They must be desperate if they are asking the current James Bond.
    Pickings must be slim.

  8. Leo needs to take a hike, I can never see him as a super hero… he’s too rugged and his acting is only good for at most 2 types of characters (though I would pick a movie he’s starring in over Keanu Reeves any day of the week). Back to the subject… Daniel Craig would have been a pretty sweet Thor, last I heard some wrestler legend was approached to play Thor… thank goodness that no longer seems to be the case… As for who else I would recommend as a Thor candidate… I like Holloway but he seems to have too soft of a face to pull off the role…. nope really can’t think of anyone….

  9. Wasn’t Kevin McKidd on the rumor list at one time?

  10. I really need to learn to read more clearly. McKidd was already mentioned above.

    I’d prefer seeing Pitt as Steve Rogers over Thor.

  11. Pitt, Craig, Mckidd are all great actors but too old to play Thor, or Cap. Thor is an ageless god and Steve Rogers is 23 when he becomes Cap. NO ONE over 33 for either part. I know they want a list actors for these roles but they require youth as well. Cap more so than Thor could be used by a young solid actor to build a career on. Besides With RDJ, Sam Jackson, Eva Longoria and a A list actor for the Antman movie you have enough weight to carry an Avengers movie. And anyone can play Banner/Hulk since he’ll probably be the Hulk most of the time anyway.

  12. MAn I would like to see Hulk Hogan as thor, but he is too old. Maybe they should pick out WWE wresling stars who have good acting ability, Dwayne Johnson was not that bad an actor, too bad they want A-list actors. I would personally like to see Colin Farrell as Thor, but thats just me, he seems almost A-list.

  13. I agree with 90Caiber they need someone young to do the part not like really young but not someone who looks like my granpa

  14. they need to find unknowns to play thor and other characters for 3 reasons
    1)it’s probably easier to find some that looks the part from the large pool of small time actors
    2)the less the actor is known the more the audience can believe they are the character
    3) it will be easier to commit lesser known actors to future movies

  15. There should be tons of young actors out there with the acting creds & physical shape to correctly play Thor (or Cap). Cast an unknown, it is cheaper and wiser!
    Sign them to an easy deal, I would guess they would sign onto anything just to get to work, right?
    I see no reason to go with a so called ‘A-List’ star. The property itself will sell on its own.

  16. I know everyone is calling for a young guy, but for me the perfect Thor is (and always has been) Sean Bean. He certainly has the voice and lofty tones for it (think Lord of the Rings), and he’s a pretty tall guy who I’m sure could bulk up quite a bit. I’d definitely be sold on the movie if it was announced that Sean Bean was cast as Thor

  17. You know, I was just thinking about the whole A list vs unknown actor to play the god of thunder, and I think I know why Marvel wants an A lister. Obviously, with the whole Terrance Howard debacle currently going on, Marvel should realize that the bigger the name, the bigger the paycheck. However, for a character like Thor, it might be hard for an everyday/average, mainstream audience to accept a character like that with an origin story like his. Might seem like a silly character (I certainly used to think so, until I started reading the comics) So they bring in the big name talent, and maybe people go see the movie just because of the actor playing Thor. If they had the right script, it could be a great movie that no one would see without the help of a little A lister like Pitt.

    And I already know what some of you are thinking. “What about Ghost Rider with Nick Cage?”
    Well, it couldve worked if the big name actor wasnt Nick Cage and the script wasnt total Sh*t!

  18. @90calibre,

    Robert Downey is 43 years old, and will be 46 for the Avengers.

    I’m not sure Marvel will be choosing actors nearly half his age, heh.

    Their goal is to have huge-profile actors who can sell a film on their own. For that reason, I can see them picking older actors.

  19. Daaamn. When Brad Pitt is referred to as an old guy and reminds one of ones grandpa, I know I’m getting old. 80

  20. I’ve seen that guy walking down the beach in Venice…
    He sometimes wears a cape during the evenings…
    He Grunts a lot, we all laugh at him (behind his cape of course)… 😎
    Bond as Thor,,, stupid..!
    Some of Marvels casting prospects are horrible. Seems we really got lucky with Downey, and Norton…
    Watched Hulk last night on Dvd Norton really nailed that one!

  21. DiCaprio is the proper spelling.

    I like McKidd better for Daredevil personally.

  22. good call Rampage,

    Typo has been corrected.

    I can’t see McKidd as Daredevil personally. I don’t think his voice and look fits.

  23. I know he may not have the physical (muscular) traits for Cap but I think Matt Damon would be great as Cap. Jason Bourne, to me, is a new-age Cap without the serum. Tough, resourceful, gritty, nice as pie until provoked.

  24. If were not looking for young actors now then I vote for someone who looks like they could be a bodyguard with the name bubba, lol

    I was thinking Gerard Butler for the part. He is an amazing actor and his physic isnt too bad either. He may be pushing 40 or already is but i think he could pull off the part.

  25. @ Jess

    I like Gerard Butler as either Loki or the Executioner. Maybe even Odin but not Thor.

  26. Hey gang, have another look at the post. “the old man” gave us a beefier photoshop of Daniel Craig. :-)


  27. Just a thought im running out of suggestions

  28. It’s hard to imagine anybody as Thor – whoever it is will most likely look drastically different then they do in real life, heh.