Daniel Craig: ‘Skyfall’ Better Than ‘Quantum of Solace’ & ‘Casino Royale’

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Daniel Craig Quantum of Solace Sucks Skyfall Daniel Craig: Skyfall Better Than Quantum of Solace & Casino Royale

Martin Cambell may have let us down this summer with Green Lantern but there’s no debating his masterful job in rejuvenating the James Bond franchise with Daniel Craig as the new 007 in 2006′s Casino Royale. It not only earned the love of fans new and old with a grounded take on the British super spy, but it earned a sequel, one that wasn’t so well received.

Titled Quantum of Solace, the more action-focused sequel earned the same success at the box office as its predecessor, but it did not earn the same respect from fans and critics. As it turns out, star Daniel Craig wasn’t too fond of it either and promises better with his third outing: Skyfall.

In a chat with Time Out last week, Craig explained the situation that played into the lowered quality of Quantum of Solace and how he was involved with its story, although not entirely by choice. It’s yet another victim of the 2007–2008 Writers Guild of America strike, one that also diminished Michael Bay’s Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.

“On Quantum, we were f***ed. We had the bare bones of a script and then there was the strike and there was nothing we could do. We couldn’t employ a writer to finish it. You swear you’ll never get involved with s*** like that, and then it happens!”

Craig even took part in writing some of the scenes with director Marc Forster, admitting ,”and a writer I am not…” He explains that it wasn’t originally meant to be a direct sequel that takes off from right when Casino Royale ended although that wasn’t really the issue surrounding the sequel. Craig promises that with his third take on James Bond, which we now know is titled Skyfall, we can go in with much higher expectations.

“I really think this one is better even than Casino Royale”. [Director] Sam Mendes has lived with Bond all his life, and he grew up with Bond in the same way I did. We have exactly the same reference points, we both like the same Bond movies, and we both like the same bits in the same Bond movies we like. We sat down and we just rabbited for hours about Live And Let Die or From Russia With Love, and talked about little scenes that we knew from them. That’s how we started talking about it. That’s what we tried to instill in the script. He’s been working his arse off to tie all these things together so they make sense… in a Bond way!”

While the writer’s strike held back the second film for Craig, it was MGM’s bankruptcy woes which held back Skyfall. Fortunately for those involved and Bond fans, production is on track with Craig joined by the talent of Javier BardemRalph FiennesBen WhishawNaomie Harris, Albert Finney and Judi Dench.

Skyfall opens in theaters on November 9, 2012.


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Source: Time Out

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  1. I must be one of the few minority that actually enjoyed ‘Quantum of Solace’. I think people just expect too much from films these days, for example; I thought ‘Green Lantern’ was an enjoyable movie. It didn’t take itself too seriously and it was fun to watch. On the subject of ‘Skyfall’ – I don’t like the name and I’m guttered it won’t be tied to the previous two films, however I’m still looking forward to it. I just have one question; is this regarded as ‘Bond 3′ or ‘Bond 23′? Because it seems people were unsure if ‘Casino Royale’ was a reboot as they always refer to it as ‘Bond 21′, kinda like ‘X-Men: First Class’, is it a semi-reboot? I’ll probably just always refer to it as the first film.

    • i actually liked quantum of solace better than casino royale. so i must be in the minority of minorities haha

      • CR and QoS are best viewed as one 4-hour movie. I really enjoyed QoS once I finally figured out the lessons Bond needed to learn and why the various characters were there, and what their motivations were. The pacing wasn’t as good as CR (which was darn near perfect).

        I’ve read complaints that there wasn’t really a “Bond Girl” in the movie, and how very un-Bondlike it was for James to not sleep with Camille. Fact is, Camille was a very different Bond girl, one that wasn’t a romantic interest or foil, but one who helped Bond find his own personal Quantum of Solace, and helped him understand that vengeance is not justice. That Bond doesn’t kill Yusef in the final scene is evidence as how far he grew emotionally.

  2. Putin,.. Vladimir Putin

    • <.<

  3. Well I’m glad everyone is up for this outing. Perhaps it’s best to just forget about that terrible strike year. Franchises have bounced back and now that MGM is moving forward I hope we can get us a kickin Bond movie. I believe Craig can deliver the goods and if what he says is true then Bond is back…

  4. I didn’t even bother watching Quantum of Solace. I’ve outgrown the desie to watch mindless action movies with big explosions and car chases. Bond movies are supposed to be about something more: drama, danger, intrigue. The action and sex is supposed to be the icing on the cake, not the whole cake. I do hope they go back to the old Bond story and drama-driven formula.

    • I thought that there was a ridiculous amount of mental struggle in Quantum of solace, what with the backstory of Vesper and everything that occurred there. Also, Bond’s reaction to that is quite fascinating. and am disappointed that you didn’t give the film a chance. It was intriguing and there is a significant amount of danger when bond leaves the agency and is stalked on all sides by everyone. I think you have judged this book by overexaggerated reviews and trailers, and you should DEFINATELY go check it out. I thought it was just as good as Casino Royale. Go try it out. You won’t regret it. ;)

    • I’m 57 so I’ve seen Bond since the 60′s when I was a kid……You know what Bond was to us back then? A view into both the most modern and future gadgets used in the spy game. A car that shot oil and tacks, cars the flew or submerged, pens that could burn like a torch and much much more……With today’s technology it’s pretty hard to impress anyone so I think that’s why the chases and fights become ever bigger….

  5. Aside from the title I can’t wait to see this one. I also liked QOS just thought it was a tad short. I wonder who they’re going to get to sing the title song.

    • I think I read somwwhere about them talking to the Killers about doing the theme song, but that was a while back so that may have changed.

  6. Quantum of Solace was less a movie and more a compilation of chases. Its “plot” was merely a means to link one chase scene with the next chase scene. Very disappointing… Hopefully this one will be better, but better than Casino Royale? That’s setting the bar pretty high…

      • I thought it was cool that he actually did some spying in QoS, that scene when he infiltrated the opera and stole one of the transmitters to listen in to the bad guy’s business was great. I always felt like that was lacking in many Bond films especially since he is a spy. He was always busy giving his name and shooting his way out with a machine gun in so many outings. I’ll be happy if they continue with his spy techniques like they did with that scene.

        • Bond was not originally written as a spy, but a hitman – albeit a resourceful one. If anything, he’s contemptuous of the spying game. I believe the character is stronger for a return to that core principle.

  7. Casino Royale is one of my all time favorite movies and Craig is one of my all time favorite actors. I seriously pray he truly believes its as good as he says. Better than CS, hmmmm….
    first I’d like to see what his opinions are of Cowboys & Aliens, Dream House, The Golden Compass, etc.

  8. The one problem with CR is that every time you thought it was going to end it didn’t. And then when it finally did you were like Nooooooooooooooooooo! But other than that it was great.

    QOS was great because it showed the aftermath of CR and it moved the story along at a fast pace to keep up the excitement. Which it did IMO.

  9. Good headline Rob ha ha, well Daniel Craig is not going to say – this one is worse than the previous two bond movies or Skyfall is garbage?

  10. I can only hope for the best. Quantum was a bore and unmemorable. The action was poorly filmed and edited.

    Hoping Skyfall can be an apology.

  11. I really like Daniel Craig as bond. I also like the brutish realism of the new ones, but I still really miss the theme tune when it is really bursting out at you with a REAL orchestra with plenty of brass (instead of a trance/drum and bass version), This also HAS to be accompanied by the perfect chase/stunt sequence.

    I know the silliness of some of the later previous Bond films got too much, but they need to add the fun and escapism back into Bond. We need excitement not just tension!

    • Agreed about the music. Can we please put the overproduced kiddie RnB rubbish behind us now?

      Look how many instruments Jack can play and pretend you don’t notice how many Alicia can’t. All for what? A load of trite pretentious irrelevant vocals wailing over an endless power-chord vamp based on the refrain from CR. Grrrr.

  12. So I think, this film be the box office in 2012. Congratulation

  13. Oh dear. Mr. Craig doesn’t have very good taste in movies, does he? Or perhaps he was bullshitting for the press.

    Needless to say, I thought both “CASINO ROYALE” and “QUANTUM OF SOLACE” were a lot better than “SKYFALL”.

    • I agree with you Rosie

  14. I really liked quantum of solace. Skyfall was ok but it was too centered around bond and MI6 directly, it was the bad guy coming for bond and M rather than the other way around which we’re more used too, needless to say, i didnt really like that twist, but skyfall was still great nonetheless, just not as good as quantum of solace in my opinion. I dont really want to talk about casino royale, it was classic bond but was too boring at times especially when they were just playing poker nearly half the movie. It was awesome towards the end though.

    • The heart and soul of Ian Fleming’s James Bond never relied on action. It was the story written into them, and thats what Craig’s era focuses on more than anything. Thats why I believe his run is legendary in terms of honoring Ian Fleming’s vision and being able to modernize while staying true to the mythology and stories at the same time.