Daniel Craig In Talks To Portray James Bond 5 More Times

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james bond daniel craig1 Daniel Craig In Talks To Portray James Bond 5 More Times

Since principal photography commenced on the (delayed) new Daniel Craig James Bond flick, Skyfall, the public’s attention has been focused foremost on the film’s production – and not on the matter of how many more Bond movies will feature Craig’s iteration of the iconic super-spy.

Increasingly-popular actors like Henry Cavill, Idris Elba, and Michael Fassbender have all expressed interest in picking up the Bond mantle once Craig’s run as the character is complete. However, according to a new report, franchise staple producers Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli want to keep Craig onboard for the next decade (or maybe even longer).

People.co.uk is reporting that Craig has been offered a deal to portray Mr. Bond five more times onscreen; the deal is expected to not only snag the actor an additional $60 million for his efforts, but also make his incarnation of the character the longest-running to date, besting even that of Roger Moore’s seven-movie tenure.

While Craig has his fair share of supporters who would probably be fine watching him play Mr. Bond onscreen until he reaches his early/mid-50s, there are surely several Craig supporters out there who feel iffy about the prospect of there being at least five (six, counting Skyfall) more Bond flicks that feature the actor’s harder-edged take on the suave government agent.

Those who’ve already gotten their fill of Craig as Bond are really┬ánot going to think highly of this new development, especially since it essentially reduces the chances of someone like Elba or Fassbender landing the Bond job in the future to zilch.

James Bond 23 India Trains Scene revealed Daniel Craig In Talks To Portray James Bond 5 More Times

Daniel Craig as 007

Director Irvin Kershner’s 1983 Bond flick, Never Say Never Again, played around with the concept of an aging version of 007 (brought to life by Sean Connery). It stands to reason that, should Craig sign on for five more movies, future installments in the franchise could likewise incorporate and work with the idea of a battle-worn Bond – an idea that would also be in keeping with the relatively “grittier and more realistic” aesthetic of the series during Craig’s run.

Craig’s being kept on could also result in a new series of Bond films that are both closer from a narrative standpoint (similar to the immediate storyline continuity between Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace), and feature a somewhat unprecedented evolving portrayal of 007, rather than the episodic approach to characterization that many previous Bond flicks have offered.

Bearing all that in mind – how do you feel about the prospect of Craig portraying James Bond for (at least) the next ten years?

Skyfall reaches theaters in the U.S. on November 9th, 2012.

Source: People.co.uk

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  1. I feel ill. This news has made me feel physically ill.

    • Welcome back, DrSam. I thought you had given up on us.

      • I’m always here my friend.

  2. I wanted some fresh blood after skyfall to be honest. I don’t think this is true, let’s say he does 5 and it takes 2 years between each, that’s 10 years if not more of the same actor. He will be quite old by then right?!

    • And a two year gap is optimistic. It will be four years between QOS and Skyfall.

      • you have to remember that its only four years cause the studio was having financial problems. I for one like Craig as bond and I would like see him play Bond a few more times

    • Yeah, a two year gap between each of the five new Craig-starring Bond films would be the best case scenario.

      • Personally, I’m happy to hear this. Craig has breathed new life into series by introducing a grittier, edgier Bond. While I do appreciate the suave Bond, I appreciate a more realistic one or at least one who looks more like the novels than what we grew up with.

        Having said that, I was really hoping that SkyFall would have been the bookend to Dr. No, essentially introducing us to the Sean Connery version. If this is the new direction they are taking, I would be a little disappointed, only from the continuity portion, unless it’s their plan to eventually dovetail into Dr. No.

        Do we know whether this is the case, or if they ever had an intention of dovetailing Craig into Connery?

        • I’ve heard that Skyfall, in terms of style, is partially being fashioned as a throwback to the Connery era of Bond. Take that for what it’s worth.

        • Eh, what the hell are you talking about dovetail into Dr No. This series is a complete re-boot of the bond franchise and has completley no relevance to the earlier movies. Jeez, I thought that was common knowledge now. I love DC as bond, so this could be a good thing, but the movie going public might get fed up with him after a few more.

    • Craig would be 53-55 when the final installment comes out. Which isn’t to say that’s old. Tom Cruise is almost 50 and is still in crazy shape, so I think that would be true for Craig.

      I know DSB is not a fan of Craig’s Bond but I wouldn’t mind seeing a longer run (maybe two more instead of five) for Craig’s Bond because of the narrative. It was nice to have a narrative continuity to the films that was missing from the others. Especially if they mature Craig’s Bond as the movies go on, going from that the agent who kills first to the more mature agent who asks a question or two.

      I am surprised to hear that there is support for Idris Elba playing Bond. I think he would a very good and interesting choice but I am surprised no one has voiced an issue about the race of James Bond.

      • Elba would be my number one choice for Bond.

        • Really? I thought Tom Hardy was? Elba would such an interesting change and choice. What makes you lean to him?

          • For me it is between Fassbender, Hardy and Elba. They are the best choices.
            But for me, Elba is an actor who is endlessly watchable, the guy is a tour de force on screen in any role. He could make Bond interesting again, he could inject some wit into the role, he can handle the action and possibly some darker stories.
            The colour of his skin is not an issue for me. Bond should be cool, collected, intelligent and capable of delivering a one liner moments after killing someone. Elba can personify these things.

            • I’m a continuity guy, and having Bond randomly change races is kind of a big deal. Second thing, how do you think Ian Fleming would feel about a black actor portraying his creation, which is widely known to have been based off himself and a friend of his in the army. Idris is awesome, bt its a bad idea. I’m a Fassbender fan, and I hope either he or Sam Worthington picks up the role after Craig’s departure.

              • How would Flemming feel? He didn’t like Sean Connery in the role, that pretty much sums it up.

                • Hey DSM,

                  You consider yourself a Bond connoisseur – do you happen to know of any actors of the time that Fleming DID want for the role?


                  • Fleming had apparently suggested both Noel Coward (who supposedly declined) and Christopher Lee (who was never approached).

    • my issue is that I don’t think anyone can do it yet. All the names mentioned are people who are too well known. 10 years from now there will be different actors to draw from.

  3. I feel like the only two people out there worth playing Bond besides Craig are Clive Owen and Fassbender. Clive is too old, Fassbender is becoming too well known. 007 has always taken less known actors and brought them to the spotlight. Craig’s Bond is a revitalization to the role that the franchise has needed. I couldn’t ask for better news, especially is Skyfall is as good as Craig thinks it will be. Craig is my favorite Bond since Connery,

  4. It might be a good idea to go for an unknown actor for the next bond. It’s the ideal film to start someone’s career, people go to see Bond because it’s Bond, regardless of the actor playing him, like dr who. I wouldn’t have thought Craig would want to do 5 more, I suppose 60 million could twist his arm!!

  5. I find it hard to believe Craig was actually
    offered a contract for five more additional films.
    This may be a case of Skyfall hype in the extreme.

  6. I love the idea of Daniel Craig doing Bond 5 more times! He’s bringing a much more realistic Bond to life,and personally i would like to see much more of that! I have allways been a fan of Bond in the style of Sean Connery,and Daniel Craig is very close,if not better!

  7. I think it is a good move. Roger Moore was 58 when A View to a Kill was released in 1985. Craig is 43 right now and 44 when Skyfall is released next year. If Danjaq would do a Bond film every two years, he would be around 55 when has completed his last film. Danjaq has to be consistent with releasing the films so that Craig is not too old to play the role. So really the ball is in their court as to how they want to proceed.

  8. I said it once, I’ll say it again….I miss the gadgets. And I am not on the team that wants Craig for 5 more Bond films. I keep reading that Fassbender is too well known; I don’t care, I want him as Bond.

    • From what I heard Q branch will back.

  9. 5 more films seem a little to much 4 me,as much as i like Daniel Craig’s take on 007,it will get boring after a while,i prefer him signing a 2 movie deal after Skyfall(wit an option of 1 more) and bowing out while d praise is still strong

  10. This is great news.
    It will allow James McAvoy time to fill out
    before taking over the role

    • mcevoy? ewwwwwww

  11. Fassbender for Bond. Craig was good but 5 more films is crazy. And if Fassbender is too well known it doesn’t matter, Brosnan was well know when he got the role.

  12. OH christ Vlad Putin for another 12 years???

    Fassbender is more Bond that that little troll

    too bad

  13. Yes more Daniel Craig.

  14. While I love Daniel Craig in the role, I believe 8 movies is far, far too many. He will be too old by the time they’re all out. I think his grand total should be 5, and then pass the torch to someone else.

  15. This news (or rumor, at least) makes me very happy. I don’t need the stories to all be one big arc, as that means someone will be tempted to do the reboot thing when the next actor takes over, which I feel is unnecessary. But I’d love to see Daniel Craig do this for as long as he can pull it off convincingly. As long as he doesn’t wind up doing a spoof of himself like Moore was doing by the time “View To A Kill” came along.

  16. Wow, everyone sure is putting the itch into b**** in some of these comments. Daniel has made an amazing Bond so far and I’d love to see him on board for 5 more Bond films. I’m sure if you all think you can do a better Job then go ahead and audition and quite bitching like a bunch on hormonal tweens.

    • Maybe the reason is that not everyone likes Craig in the role?

  17. I’m for it.

  18. Real Bond fans don’t mind one actor playing the role in as many as 5 to 7 films (at least back then). It has been done before. But I think today’s audience would get bored with it. I would enjoy it as long as the stories are completely different. But I don’t think it will actually happen. Daniel Craig is too great an actor to stay in a role for that long. I’ve seen five of his films. His acting talent has such a wide range and he chooses films wisely. Because of changing directors, producers, and writers I just don’t think that this period in the franchise will maintain that kind of successful longevity. Making movies today isn’t the same as it was when Sean was Bond. But I love DC no matter what happens.

  19. Another 5 movies? No thanks I can’t stand Craig’s Bond.

  20. I’m in. Brosnan was good, so was Moore, but Craig is Bond. His portrayal of the character is close to the character from Flemming’s books. I think they should keep Craig for as long as he wishes and focus on hiring good scriptwriters.

  21. Why is it people are always speculating about who should be the next James Bond when the current one isn’t even done yet.

    Besides it has to be hell on the producers to recast all the time hence why they want him for more films. Personally I hate when characters are recast because you then have to get used to a new actor in the role and by the time you’re used to them in the part, the character gets recast.

    And for those who don’t agree with me watch the series starting with Dr. No all the way through Quantum of Solace and tell me you didn’t find it annoying when the actors changed.

    This is why I think Star Trek works is because they kept the same actors from the tv show through all of their movies.

    • I don’t find it annoying at all. In fact I find it to be one of the best aspects of James Bond as a series, the actor defines the character in the case of Bond. That’s why it is always interesting when a new actor is going to be cast in the role.

      And for me, I’ll watch from Dr No to Casino Royale. QOS isn’t something I wish to repeat. Although my edited cut is a vast improvement.

      • DSB, I did not think someday we would beon the same page. but I am glad that we finally are. lol I agree with what you just said. :)

        • Had to happen one day. :)

          • And now the world will end. :-P

  22. Has anyone seen the set pics from Skyfall? Craig looks old already, certainly older than 43, he may have a good pysique but his face hasn’t aged well at all.

    • Just like Gordon Ramsay. That guy’s my age and I look like a baby next to him.

  23. Daniel Craig is hands down one of the best Bonds we’ve had.

    I will be happy to see the grittier, edgier, manlier Bond leave a worthy legacy.

  24. @DSB
    Why all the hate on QOS it’s no where near as bad as Die Another Day or A View To A Kill.

    • At least A View To To A Kill had a great villain in the form of Christopher Walken’s Zorin.
      QOS is so utterly devoid of charm that it is my least favourite Bond. I’ve seen all the others 20-30 times. But QOS I could only watch twice.
      The story doesn’t work. It’s Bond on the run against MI6. Again, we’ve had that at least 4 times before. QUANTUM’s plant to steal water is ridiculous. The Bond theme isn’t used in the film at all. The song is the worst one yet. Craig looks tired and disinterested. Killing Fields and Mathis, the only two good new characters, was pointless. The editing is insane and renders the action scenes unwatchable. That awful cgi freefall sequence. Camile was a boring Bond girl. There are more things but I can’t think of them right now.
      The only part I liked was the opera sequence. Where Bond watches them and the well choreographed shoot out that follows.

      • I would try to argue but since I couldn’t stay awake throughout CoS, I have to agree with you. :-D

        • Meant QoS.

  25. @DSB
    Why all the hate on QOS it’s no where near as bad as Die Another Day or A View To A Kill. IMO.

  26. 8 Movies would be too much.

  27. People would get way too bored with Craig. There are plenty of other actors who can do a “gritty” bond.

  28. I’d like to see Craig portray Bond more as I for one am a big fan of Craig’s Bond, although I still think Connery’s is the best however.
    Loved Casino Royale and even though a lot of people didn’t I really liked Quantum of Solace too so the more the Craig the better :D