Daniel Craig Signs for 2 More James Bond Films After ‘Skyfall’

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daniel craig james bond contract Daniel Craig Signs for 2 More James Bond Films After Skyfall

Daniel Craig as a blue steel-eyed James Bond captured the spy’s cold and ruthless manner (as described by creator Ian Fleming) in Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace. However, absent was the swagger and dry air of sophistication that Craig’s predecessors brought to the role, in varying amounts. The character had become less a suave agent carrying out his orders for queen and country, more a morally-compromised killing machine whose disillusionment recalls Matt Damon as Jason Bourne – rather than Sean Connery as 007 going back to Dr. No.

It’s for those reasons that Craig’s run as James Bond has been heralded by some, decried by others. Earlier this year, Bond series producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson announced their interest in locking Craig down to portray 007 for the next decade (or, rather, five films) following the release of Skyfall this November. That public revelation rallied masses of Craig supporters and detractors alike – prompting arguments about just what, exactly, makes for a good screen version of the character (and whether or not Craig has it).

That was well before marketing got properly underway for Skyfall, with trailers and behind-the-scenes footage suggesting that director Sam Mendes’ promises to deliver a proper Bond movie (as he puts it, “a big fabulous escapist movie” for the 21st century) are more than just hot air. Craig remains physically-fierce and hardened in the face as ever, but his 007 appears to undergo a humbling metamorphosis in Skyfall, evolving from a glorified thug (armed with a gun and a license to kill) into a classier, but still deadly, government employee. Hence, the overall reception could be more positive for today’s announcement that Craig has worked out a deal to return as 007 for two additional films after Skyfall.

james bond skyfall trailer Daniel Craig Signs for 2 More James Bond Films After Skyfall

MI6 is confirming the new contract for Craig, but points out there’s a precedent for Bond actors dropping their commitment early – as happened with both Connery and Timothy Dalton. Moreover, EON Productions heads are said to have enjoyed the non-aggressive production timeline for the 23rd Bond film, resulting from a prolonged break between Quantum of Solace and Skyfall (as a result of MGM’s financial woes). That could mean the studio will be less inclined to adhere to a rigid two-year break between installments from hereon out – and, if an extended delay were to occur, it could encourage Craig to walk away prematurely after just one more Bond film.

However, there are currently no signs that EON Productions has plans to do that, seeing how it’s already gone and set screenwriters to begin developing the next two Bond films starring Craig. The actor has let it be known he does not intend to take on another role until after the new year – and the slow progress on David Fincher’s The Girl Who Played with Fire adaptation (where Craig would reprise his role as investigative journalist Mikael Blomkvist) ensures the actor won’t have any other priorities demanding his attention in the foreseeable future.

Are you excited to see Craig play James Bond for (at least) two more films?

Skyfall opens in U.S. theaters on November 9th, 2012.


Source: MI6

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  1. If we think of the James Bond we have now (really, he’s Jason Bourne) as the 007 we will have in the future then, certainly, Daniel Craig is our man — even when he celebrates his 50th birthday in a few years.

    In 1962 Sean Connery (of Cary Grant/John F. Kennedy sophistication) was also a man of his era and looked back upon as a “icon” of his time. A decade later Bond became Roger Moore and so on.

    Who’s to say what James Bond 007 will look like (be like) in the next phase? Personally, I’d like to see the Bond that author Ian Fleming created which, interesting enough, is a combination of Connery and Craig. That secret agent would be one to behold.

    • I think Craig makes a good 007

      • no he is one of the west james bond in bond picture history because he acting 3 bond pictures(casyno royal,the quantum of solace,sky fall)are very boaring and mindless pictures but PIERCE BROSNAN was one of the greatest bond in bond cinema’s history so pierce pls again act in bond pictures. pls danieal (useless fellow) don’t act in more bond pictures

        • Well you can say PIERCE BROSNAN had a good face for James Bond but the guy definitely wasn’t an action hero.. Craig brought that to the table with him and that’s why I think he is the best Bond after Sean Connery. Craig’s James Bond has a darker tone to it than others. The only Bond movie Brosnan delivered somewhat good (for its time) was Golden Eye.

    • It’s high time I heard some substantiation for the James Bourne criticism apart from, “Well, it was in one critic and/or another’s review, so…”

    • Daniel Craig has been the best James Bond thus far, because of not only his acting skills, but also the technology that accomponies the newer genre’s of movie making. I’ve seen a lot of actors being considered for the next Bond, but the one who I believe would be the best, and hasn’t even had an honorable mention is Tom Hardy. If Tom Hardy isn’t considered for this role, someone will have missed the oppurtunity to have chosen the best of the best for this role. Sturdy, rugged looking (like Craig) and a Brit who is a fast rising star who can handle any role thrown at him. Can you imagine anyone else but Hardy for this role? I think not.

  2. I think Craog provides the perfect egotistical, cold, romantic, intelligent, arrogant mix making it always exciting to see him on screen as a Bond. I’ve seen all the Bond films and in my opinion Skyfall was the best. Between the plot, the antagonist and the way they were able to set it all up at the end for more films in a satisfying and understanding way was perfect. I can’t wait to see more 007!

  3. Daniel Craig is the best James Bond portrayer yet! Can’t wait for next film!

  4. I don’t like Daniel Craig as James Bond. And who ever heard of Bond movies without sex?
    My son says he’s more like the Bond in the books. Yes and no. There will never be another SEan Connery. But I remember my friend MH and I did not like him either to begin with.
    Those movies were funny and sensual though. Craig doesn’t have any sense of senuality. He loved Vesper Lynd, but what after that?

    I’d like to see a new Bond. A really good one.

    • I am sorry I have to disagree. I saw skyfall tonight and I absolutely love it. I think Craig brings a sexy manly form to James Bond. Where the former ones were more jiggalo types. I love that he had the soft feelings for M. I just love him as Bond.

  5. i’m sure that craig will do more then 5 movies of jb series

    • Uh… he breaks off mad chick wtf are u talking about?

  6. Skyfall was a good movie, but still not up to Bond calliber! Yet 1000 times better than Quantam of Solace. Also, why did Danial Craig look so awful throughout the film? And what is with that stupid haircut? The man looked old and haggared. Certainly not the “sex” symbol of yesteryear.

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  8. I love daniel Craig as James Bond. He brings a more human role than a superhero like the others that have been bond
    Still gotta love Sean Connery though

  9. I love daniel Craig as James Bond. He brings a more human role than a superhero like the others that have been bond

    Still gotta love Sean Connery though

  10. I think that Daniel Craig is the perfect actor for James Bond and I hope to see him in future James Bond movies

  11. I think Craig is a terrific Bond. I hope to see him in more than just two more films.
    He’s the best actor since Connery.

    • wont happen, by the time they make his fifth bond movie he will probably already hit 50 year old as hes 45 year old now

  12. DC as James Bond , a master stroke , he is a rugged man and actor, not a pretty boy , tough and hard , thats what is needed , i do think though that Bond films should NOT be produced so far apart, seeing DC in The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo was belittling him as the current JB as his role in Layercake , not good to see the Cureent 007 being “done In ” in other productions I think, I wish DC was younger so he could make as many films as RM did , BUT as it stands DC is The Best of the Best as 007 !!

    • “DC as James Bond , a master stroke , he is a rugged man and actor, not a pretty boy , tough and hard , thats what is needed” <<< Couldn't agree more!

  13. pierce brosnan was the true and only good bond ever, daniel craig just doesnt fit the role…

      • You guys must be crazy to think Brosnan was the best… it seems like you people say that because that’s all you remember… or maybe just because he was pretty. Remember Connery? Dr. No? The pictures seem dated now, but they eclipse Brosnan’s nonsense! Espionage is a young man’s game, and although Craig is not young he injects youth into the action sequences. Brosnan just butchered it. Die Another Day was sluggish, and the plot was ridiculous. If I was him I would have turned down such nonsense. Just ask yourself this: Would Casino Royale and Skyfall be one of the top rated Bond films if Brosnan starred in them (Rotten Tomatoes)?

  14. Hey, With due respect to all opinions I like our current James Bond. I find Mr. Craig inspiring.

  15. I think James Bond is fit and he is cool

  16. Daniel Craig is perfect as Bond. His acting is, without question sublime. When it was first announced he would be the next Bond it was the best news in a long time. I’m more than happy to see him play Bond for as long as he wants…and then, more than happy to see him in other films/theatre.

  17. I really think Daniel Craig is the best James Bond, just everything about him fits the role, I don’t think there will be another actor to better him, and I would love to see him in more than 2 more James Bond films.

    • You said it bro!!


      • go back to the 90s then.. its not your era lol

  18. Daniel Craig should do a movie with Gillian Anderson.

  19. I really want to see David Craig in more 007 movies, I like his british style in his role. See you Craig!!!!

  20. I think Daniel Craig plays Bond a lot closer to what Fleming wrote in the books. Bond is not comical, as some of the previous films have depicted him. Bond is morose, sometimes manic, depressed and violent.
    At the end of Casino Royale, Bond says to “M” and I’m paraphrasing “Thank god the B**ch is dead”, that is more like the Bond of the books.
    Keep DC playing Bond, brilliant.

  21. I LOVE Daniel Craig as 007. The man is cut whatever his age is. He has the hard edge with the sensitivity required of the character. He is also cold where it is required. There is no hamming up of the character with DC. No stupid female conquests with “catty willow”. He is a man’s man and I appreciate that. No chauvinistic quality about him.

  22. I think DC is great but Sean Connery will never be surpassed, the difference between the actors show. One young and the other older. Then again if your older I suppose you have more experience and live longer. Shame about Q not giving out gadgets as I loved to see them working. Goes to show the difference as well in the times the JB films were made when the past did more on sex and gadgets and now they are more realistic. Love them all