Daniel Craig Signs for 2 More James Bond Films After ‘Skyfall’

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daniel craig james bond contract Daniel Craig Signs for 2 More James Bond Films After Skyfall

Daniel Craig as a blue steel-eyed James Bond captured the spy’s cold and ruthless manner (as described by creator Ian Fleming) in Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace. However, absent was the swagger and dry air of sophistication that Craig’s predecessors brought to the role, in varying amounts. The character had become less a suave agent carrying out his orders for queen and country, more a morally-compromised killing machine whose disillusionment recalls Matt Damon as Jason Bourne – rather than Sean Connery as 007 going back to Dr. No.

It’s for those reasons that Craig’s run as James Bond has been heralded by some, decried by others. Earlier this year, Bond series producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson announced their interest in locking Craig down to portray 007 for the next decade (or, rather, five films) following the release of Skyfall this November. That public revelation rallied masses of Craig supporters and detractors alike – prompting arguments about just what, exactly, makes for a good screen version of the character (and whether or not Craig has it).

That was well before marketing got properly underway for Skyfall, with trailers and behind-the-scenes footage suggesting that director Sam Mendes’ promises to deliver a proper Bond movie (as he puts it, “a big fabulous escapist movie” for the 21st century) are more than just hot air. Craig remains physically-fierce and hardened in the face as ever, but his 007 appears to undergo a humbling metamorphosis in Skyfall, evolving from a glorified thug (armed with a gun and a license to kill) into a classier, but still deadly, government employee. Hence, the overall reception could be more positive for today’s announcement that Craig has worked out a deal to return as 007 for two additional films after Skyfall.

james bond skyfall trailer Daniel Craig Signs for 2 More James Bond Films After Skyfall

MI6 is confirming the new contract for Craig, but points out there’s a precedent for Bond actors dropping their commitment early – as happened with both Connery and Timothy Dalton. Moreover, EON Productions heads are said to have enjoyed the non-aggressive production timeline for the 23rd Bond film, resulting from a prolonged break between Quantum of Solace and Skyfall (as a result of MGM’s financial woes). That could mean the studio will be less inclined to adhere to a rigid two-year break between installments from hereon out – and, if an extended delay were to occur, it could encourage Craig to walk away prematurely after just one more Bond film.

However, there are currently no signs that EON Productions has plans to do that, seeing how it’s already gone and set screenwriters to begin developing the next two Bond films starring Craig. The actor has let it be known he does not intend to take on another role until after the new year – and the slow progress on David Fincher’s The Girl Who Played with Fire adaptation (where Craig would reprise his role as investigative journalist Mikael Blomkvist) ensures the actor won’t have any other priorities demanding his attention in the foreseeable future.

Are you excited to see Craig play James Bond for (at least) two more films?

Skyfall opens in U.S. theaters on November 9th, 2012.

Source: MI6

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  1. Actors vital enough to be considered somewhat above that of a character actor are not looking for merely a role in a film but a franchise because they can see the handwriting on the wall — television. Daniel Craig is not there, not yet, but time stands still for no one.

  2. Daniel Craig can’t give up James Bond now…
    If there will be at least 2 more films, then they had better damn be good. So far, in my opinion, Skyfall was the best out of all of them.

    • weird…it was like the Land of the Living Dead…yea it was you “challange”

  3. I want to be the new JAMES BOND AGENT:007

    • hi

      • That’s the point of this Bond, you big dummy.

  4. Daniel Craig is the worst Bond yet. He looked really old and ready to retire. He adds nothing of the suave, debonair, intellect of the previous Bonds.

    • Man, what a sad life you must live. I pity you.

    • That’s the point of this Bond, you big dummy.

    • Are you serious Sean Connery was more action Timothy was more playboy like Daniel Craig played it perfect in both worlds it’s more realistic not to pretty and a little rugged best 007 character ever

    • Daniel Craig. Definitely best Bond yet. I couldn’t agree more with you Tommy. I really hope his commitment to two more films pans out, every one of his bond films get better.

  5. hello Daniel I’m such a big fan of you

  6. i love Daniel Craig woohoo

  7. daniel is best bond ever,and casino royal best bond movie ever

    • I have to agree with P Craig is the best bond and Casino Royale is the best and i will say Quantum of Solice was as good as skyfall. Adele was a poor choice for the song which was lame. Casino Royale song was great in line with the other great past songs.

  8. Craig has outdone himself on the bond films, infact I think he has set standards for the james bond franchise, its going to be hard finding the next bond who nails the role like he does, I can’t wait to see the next bond film after skyfall, which was also a stuning movie!!!!!

  9. Craig’s Bond is the perfect synthesis in portrayal of what has come before, and the origins of the character in the original Fleming books. Bond was never witty, or “debonair” or even that suave. He was a killing machine with a conscience, one that oftentimes plagued him. Read the books. Connery was great, but 60’s era snarky, Moore was fun to watch, but more befuddled as Bond than any other, Lazenby/Dalton came close but lacked a public chemistry that was essential to the character, and Brosnan entered the series when it had fallen to the joke level of invisible cars. Craig’s visceral reimagining is much closer to the Fleming intent, and speaks much more to the storytelling style of today.

    • Skyfall is the best Bond yet. Followed 007 since I was a kid. Connery was the best until Craig. I hope he stays on for the next two. I cannot imagine anyone filling in Craig’s shoes.

    • I’ve noticed an overall disdain for tradition, and it’s apparent in this poor casting choice as well as the direction of the franchise.
      For those of you who decry gadgets, Dr. No had very little of this, if any…Even the Craig villains are lacking and do not measure up to those Connery faced.

      Daniel Craig reminds me of Timothy Dalton. I say that’s a bad thing. Terrible casting decision. I believe better choices would’ve wanted more money – (Clive Owen anyone?) which I felt lead to Craig being chosen. The novels cannot be literally transferred from the page to the screen – if they were, the franchise would not have enjoyed the success they have over the years.

      With that said, Dr. No, Goldfinger and From Russia with Love are the best Bond films. Oh well, thank God for DVDs.

      After Connery, any actor as Bond has an impossible standard to live up to.

  10. Craig is the only bond to have his balls scratched by his enemy, He’s the man!!

  11. I think daniel craig does a great job portraying bond esp in the latest film skyfall. I just think that they really need to bring back the well known and always anticipated “gadgets” that we as bond lovers have come to expect and enjoy. I say BRING BACK THE GADGETS yea, anyway I cant wait to see what they come up with next. And I think they might have a time finding someone to take the place of M. Cant wait for the next movies. Thanks

  12. Daniel Craig is the best bond yet hands down. He appeals to the younger audience as well as the slightly older, he plays the role so well and gives Bond an ageless look and feel, how anyone could ever say he’s a bad bond have to be either blind or stupid. He’s a fantastic Bond and the franchise wouldn’t have had the success they’ve received without him.

  13. Craig is a great Bond. He is rugged and not to “slick”. From a woman’s point do view, he is what we want our man to be- strong, not more beautiful than us, will get dirty defending us, and then make us feel wanted at the end of the day. I want some vulnerability. So glad he will be back for two more!

  14. Just watched skyfall with Daniel Craig and what a load of rubbish. Film was very disappointing lacked excitement and Daniel Craig needs replacing as he does not portray a believable James Bond character. Time for a change script writers before your next film flops

  15. Just watched skyfall with Daniel Craig and what a load of rubbish. Film was very disappointing lacked excitement and Daniel Craig needs replacing as he does not portray a believable James Bond character. Time for a change script writers before your next film flops.

    • In reply to Samantha’s flop comment over £1000 million dollars made to date by far the biggest grossing bond film in history.
      Great film

  16. I justed watched Skyfall, but it was a bit slow in parts of the film. It was lacking some of the orignal bond Gagets, but still a good film. Not very keen on Craig as 007 we need a new replacement. I know some fantastic actors that can upstage craig that will make a bigger impact as 007. Not the best bond film, a bit disapointed.

  17. I’m completely excited to know Craig will be playing Bond again. I’m really looking forward to the next one and wish they wouldn’t wait so long to make them. I really haven’t enjoyed a Bond portrayal like Craig’s in a very long time! Skyfall was fabulous.

  18. I don’t know how anyone could think Craig isn’t the epitome of Bond. All that other stuff was cheesy. The role seems relatable now at least for a spy movie. I have watched some of the Bond movies whenever a new actor took over the role and just couldn’t find one I liked again until Craig took it. I think he does a great job and would really like to see him do more than just two more movies!!

  19. Hah, many people are disliking Pierce Brosnan’s version of James Bond. I loved Brosnan as Bond and to me he was the best of them all. In my mind I arrange bond-movies as old and as new. Older ones are from 1962 to 1985 that is from “Dr. No” to “A View To A Kill”. And from that period Seasn Connery was the best. The new ones are the rest, 1987 to 2012 “Living Daylights” to “Skyfall”. And the best actor from that period is Brosnan as Bond. Craig is very good also. And in “Skyfall” we get back the Bond -feel that was missing in my opinion of the “Casino Royale” and “Quantum Of Solace” -movies.

    I love the new movies better because of the awesome gadgets and technology. Invisible car was awesome too. I am excited to see “Skyfall” get us back to traditional Bond setting. Meaning Q, Moneypenny and male M. Ralph Fiennes is the new M at least according to the last scene of the Skyfall. Bond calls him M.

    On more thing. I see the Daniel Craig trilogy as a way to recreate, to reborn and modernize the Bond. And in the “Skyfall” we get to the place from where we can expect more classic type Bond -movies with a modern twist. I really am excited about the future Bond films! Interesting to see how Craig pulls them off.

  20. I like Daniel Craig as bond. He brings life into the character. Where other previous Bonds were more like cartoon. Bond is not a super human. He gets hurt just like everybody else.

  21. Casino Royal was good but boring in the long run. Quatum of Solace was just really bad in my eyes. Skyfall however was great and fun up til the end. Daniel is a great actor who i know could be the best bond if given a couple movies slightly better than the already great skyfall. Craig has been one of my favs since Tomb Raider and i hope he continues Bond for more than just two movies.

  22. You used the word swagger, please kill yourself. I stopped reading early on thanks to that as I couldn’t take the rest of the article seriously.

  23. Bond got older. It’s not always about the women. It’s time to move forward out of the dumb women scenes! Craig is a PERFECT 007. I hope he continues as he looks awesome and can’t wait for the next one!

  24. No offense but Daniel Craig does not make a good James Bond. I am a James Bond fan, and something is missing with the current James Bond, Daniel Craig. He just is not handsome enough, sexy enough, voice is not unique enough as with Sean Connery, James Moore, and Pierce Brosnan which are my top 3 James Bond actors. I would like to suggest some actors that will make a better James Bond. The actors I recommend are Idris Elba, Colin Egglesfield, Hugh Jackman, and Jason Statham and or Christian Bale.

    • Did you really suggest Hugh Jackman or Christian Bale to play Bond?

      Who is the best James Bond ever? This will always be debatable and every viewer will always have an opinion. No one single actor is the “best”, as they all have had their ups and downs. Personally though, I do enjoy the recent trilogy of Craig’s Bond and Skyfall was the best of the lot. Mendes did an amazing job showing that Bond has his weaknesses and is a real human, not some fairy tale unscathed super agent. The days of fantasy Bond are hopefully behind us now. Don’t get me wrong though, I love the Bond gadgets as much as the next, but jet packs and “exploding pens” are a bit cliche. Mendes showed that a gun and a radio can be very effective! Plus, the old DB5 should have satisfied ever Bond fans need for some old school gadgets. I am looking forward to seeing what they come up with next and the writers will definitely have there hands full trying to top Skyfall. And the fact that Mendes is stepping away from the franchise won’t help either. Now, I don’t care what anybody says, the last 45 mins of Skyfall is Bond or at least in my eyes what a 007 movie should be. Hopefully the following films will get better and better, but we will just have to wait and see.

      • Well said. Personally I loved the gradual return to 1962 that the movie portrayed – Q, Moneypenny, and the scene in the new M’s office was fantastic! They did a great job of recreating the feel of the old films right down to the same lamps on M’s desk and the inset bookcases behind him. Plus, the return of the padded door. Excellent!

        • We may be seeing a move toward the Connery/Craig mix, one hopes. It would appear as the natural evolution in a post-Jason Bourne resurrection of James Bond. To wit, something old (the Connery era); something new (the Craig era); something borrowed (the Bourne era); something blue (more sex in a Bond film). If we’re lucky.

  25. Daniel Craig for me like so many of my female friends just does not have the wow factor,Pierce Brosnan, Christian Bale, Jason Statham, Hugh Jackman yum yum, these should be considered for your female viewers

  26. I’ve loved Craig in the role since Royale. I think there’s a Connery-like hardness to him that Moore and the others never had. He’s also an amazingly good actor and makes you believe he’s actually James Bond and not just the most recent replacement like Brosnan and Dalton did. So yes, I do hope he stays on for at least one more before handing off the role. I’ve got to say, however, that as a fan of the film series, I’ve enjoyed all of the actors, and they’ve all been excellent and entertaining in their respective films, even Lazenby.

  27. Daniel Craig best bond ever! dont think theres anyone that can make a better bond, but definitely think TOM HARDY will be the next best 007, . if not him then dont think there will be much interest in the bond films. Just my opinion…

    • okay sorry, there will always be interest just really believe he will make a good Bond.

  28. Daniel Craig best Bond ever! dont think theres anyone that can make a better Bond, but definitely think TOM HARDY will be the next best 007. Just my opinion…

  29. I thought Casino Royale was an amazing movie. Craig is by far the best Bond ever. I hope he does many more movies in the future….