Daniel Craig Signs for 2 More James Bond Films After ‘Skyfall’

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daniel craig james bond contract Daniel Craig Signs for 2 More James Bond Films After Skyfall

Daniel Craig as a blue steel-eyed James Bond captured the spy’s cold and ruthless manner (as described by creator Ian Fleming) in Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace. However, absent was the swagger and dry air of sophistication that Craig’s predecessors brought to the role, in varying amounts. The character had become less a suave agent carrying out his orders for queen and country, more a morally-compromised killing machine whose disillusionment recalls Matt Damon as Jason Bourne – rather than Sean Connery as 007 going back to Dr. No.

It’s for those reasons that Craig’s run as James Bond has been heralded by some, decried by others. Earlier this year, Bond series producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson announced their interest in locking Craig down to portray 007 for the next decade (or, rather, five films) following the release of Skyfall this November. That public revelation rallied masses of Craig supporters and detractors alike – prompting arguments about just what, exactly, makes for a good screen version of the character (and whether or not Craig has it).

That was well before marketing got properly underway for Skyfall, with trailers and behind-the-scenes footage suggesting that director Sam Mendes’ promises to deliver a proper Bond movie (as he puts it, “a big fabulous escapist movie” for the 21st century) are more than just hot air. Craig remains physically-fierce and hardened in the face as ever, but his 007 appears to undergo a humbling metamorphosis in Skyfall, evolving from a glorified thug (armed with a gun and a license to kill) into a classier, but still deadly, government employee. Hence, the overall reception could be more positive for today’s announcement that Craig has worked out a deal to return as 007 for two additional films after Skyfall.

james bond skyfall trailer Daniel Craig Signs for 2 More James Bond Films After Skyfall

MI6 is confirming the new contract for Craig, but points out there’s a precedent for Bond actors dropping their commitment early – as happened with both Connery and Timothy Dalton. Moreover, EON Productions heads are said to have enjoyed the non-aggressive production timeline for the 23rd Bond film, resulting from a prolonged break between Quantum of Solace and Skyfall (as a result of MGM’s financial woes). That could mean the studio will be less inclined to adhere to a rigid two-year break between installments from hereon out – and, if an extended delay were to occur, it could encourage Craig to walk away prematurely after just one more Bond film.

However, there are currently no signs that EON Productions has plans to do that, seeing how it’s already gone and set screenwriters to begin developing the next two Bond films starring Craig. The actor has let it be known he does not intend to take on another role until after the new year – and the slow progress on David Fincher’s The Girl Who Played with Fire adaptation (where Craig would reprise his role as investigative journalist Mikael Blomkvist) ensures the actor won’t have any other priorities demanding his attention in the foreseeable future.

Are you excited to see Craig play James Bond for (at least) two more films?

Skyfall opens in U.S. theaters on November 9th, 2012.


Source: MI6

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  1. Love Daniel Craig as Bond. Another 2 films is with him is great news in my book.

  2. as long as the quality doesnt degrade im all for another 2 or 3 more craig bond films.

  3. Great news! Daniel Craig is definitely my favourite Bond, can’t wait for Skyfall!!

  4. i love the grittiness that craig brings to the character. i was never a fan of the overly suave bond (although i do realize that is the original interpretation of the character). just my personal preference

    • besides, daniel craig is pretty cool himself IMHO!

    • i agree. I love the gritty part of these movies and I am always worried that they will go back to that stuff of yesteryear – not that it was bad by any means (mostly) but this take on the character and the approach to these movies suits my tastes a lot more.

  5. I think 2 is one too many. One more to close out the Quantum organisation and then Craig should go. He’s not aging gracefully and looks so much older than 44.

    • Its true that HE Doesent age Gracefully but He’s a hell of a BONd

    • Yes, I agree, it is time to bring on another James Bond. In Skyfall, he just does not look handsome, sexy or attractive.

  6. The original contract for Daniel Craig locked him for 4 Bond films. So essentially, the. Des is that they were able to squeeze one more payday out of him.

    Since this series is technically treated as a reboot, I wonder how they will approach the Bond franchise when they are forced to bring on a new face. They’ve never quite faced this problem before. Will they reboot? Or just recast?

    • Hopefully recast. I’m tired of all of these Hollywood reboots. It worked for a few, like Star Trek (sorta-reboot), Batman, hopefully Superman, and of course Bond, but doing it again so soon after the reboot would be ridiculous. The new Spiderman was great, IMO, but the main criticism (which I share, somewhat) is that it often felt like an exact repeat of Spider-Man 1. I think that might have given Hollywood a wake-up call with regards to rehashing the same material, and with Total Recall failing, and Robocop having issues, this may back up the idea that reboots get annoying after a while.

      Just recast him after these 2.

      • Re-casting Bond never works. (re:George Lazenby in for Sean Connery); 007 is notoriously rebooted each time another actor fills the role, if not the shoes, of the Fleming creation. The character is a snake, really, sloughing off its skin with each incarnation. This is how James Bond has survive over these past 50years. To recast is to replace, and no one will ever replace Connery…or Craig…in the eyes of their respective generation of fans. (There are actually people who like Roger Moore in the role.) A reboot will be for the next generation.

        • I think rebooting again would be too much. It worked with Craig, but audiences might grow tired of seeing the same characters rebooted so soon. (see: The Amazing Spider-Man) Just do what they’ve been doing for years, get a new actor. Doesn’t have to continue the same storyline but also shouldn’t be a reboot. Get a new star, keep some of the supporting cast (M), and have some more stand-alone movies, or maybe another short series of related movies, like Craig’s. But definitely not a full reboot like Casino Royale was.

  7. I like how they moved away from the episodic story format of the previous Bond movies and made a direct link between Casino Royale and Quantum. Quantum certainly seemed to be a direct sequel to Casino, unlike any other two Bond movies. Having said that, Quantum was pretty crap to me. Too much mindless action. I got the feeling that whenever they got to a point where they didn’t know where to go, or ran out of ideas, they would just throw in an action set piece. Now, James Bond movies pretty much wrote the book on action set pieces. They found a great location and said we need an action scene here, regardless of whether it made sense or not. Like in a View to a Kill. They said “We need an action scene on the Eiffel Tower.” So they did it, not that it may have made any sense or not.
    But the old Bond movies had their slower periods, which were a nice change of pace. I just wish the Craig movies would have a few more slower scenes in exchange for fewer, but better action scenes.

  8. The original contract for Daniel Craig locked him for 4 Bond films. So essentially, all the news is that they were able to squeeze one more payday out of him.

    Since this series is technically treated as a reboot, I wonder how they will approach the Bond franchise when they are forced to bring on a new face. They’ve never quite faced this problem before. Will they reboot? Or just recast?

  9. Although I was hoping to see Fassbender play Bond at some point I’m happy with Craig.
    I just hope the next Bond announcement we hear is that Nolan will direct one of these films.

    • Get out of my head! I was going to post exactly that! :)

      I’m happy with Craig doing a few more Bond films (he’s makes an awesome Bond IMO – one of the best), but I’m also hoping that Fassbender might be the next in line to take up the mantle from Craig…

      And yeah, Nolan directing a Bond film would be absolutely amazing! I was skeptical of the idea at first, but after some thinking I’ve really embraced that possibility.

      • No can do. I’m there and I ain’t going anywhere. :)
        PS, you need help. Nobody should think the way you do. :)
        I kid, I kid…

        • … uh oh, we have a comedian in the house! ;)

  10. I always knew he would appear in 5 movies,I agree that he needs to be more suave in his portrayal of Bond. They should reboot the franchise after he’s done and replace him with Michael Fassbender and a male M.

  11. I like Daniel Craig as an actor but not as Bond.
    I was imagining a reboot with Nolan taking over.

    • Nolan ain’t all that. Take a break.

      • My comment was based on what Nolan said not
        any relentless fan devotion you presume I possess.

        So before you over-react to the word Nolan be
        a good little poster and take a break yourself.

        • +1

          Very often I find the anti-Nolanites to be even more closed-minded and irrational than the Nolanites. (Not saying you’re a Nolanite, just making a point).

  12. I think Nolan should be left to make his own movies from his own ideas, they work much better when he does, i can’t see him ever going after another franchise movie after Batman, I think he has made his mark with that type of movie and will be looking to move on, Batman has given him the freedom to do what he wants, can’t imagine him wanting to work within the constraints of the Bond machine

    • Nolan expressed his desire to direct a Bond
      film in an Empire Magazine interview in June.

    • Nolan has repeatedly said how much he wants to make a Bond film, he’s clearly a huge fan, TDKR and Inception have huge moments that were almost ripped straight from an old Bond.
      Put Fassbender, Hardy or Elba in the mix, the producers will let Nolan have control over the picture.

      • Chris is a tremendous fan and his favorite James Bond movie is
        On Her Majesty’s Secret Service which reminds me to see it again.
        Nolan would get his usual demands for control should he ever get it.

        • Should Christopher Nolan do a Bond film he won’t get any more control than the producers wish to give him (just ask Quentin Tarantino), if he wants that kind of control he will make up his own spy, or do something like Inception, which was a Bond tribute.

          With that said I think what this news really means is that they know they have a hit on their hands and now they’re officially looking ahead story-wise and that Sam Mendes will be directing 24 & 25. Don’t kid yourselves, Daniel Craig will be Bond for a long, long time. And I fully expect Sam Mendes to eclipse Nolan with Skyfall.

          • All of which isn’t to say that a Christopher Nolan-helmed 007 film starring Daniel Craig won’t still happen at some point.

            • Nolan has expressed interest after this cycle of Bond
              is over implying a Bond reboot where a new actor
              will be chosen so Nolan and Craig looks unlikely.

          • If Christopher did not get his usual control he would never do it.
            And the producers would be foolish not to give him what he
            wants given his track record but they are stubborn.

      • @DrSamBeckett Agreed!

        Fassbender showed his Bond potential in X-Men 1st Class
        Hardy showed his Bond abilities in Inception
        Elba = Luther = Would be riveting as Bond. Any of the three is an instant ‘Yes’ by me

  13. Woot!

  14. Craig doesnt age gracefully but he has been a blast as Bond. It would be cool to see his Bond go from young and reckless to older and smoother over the next films to compensate for his age and progression in character growth.

  15. Nice! I love Craig as Bond! It would be great if Chris Nolan would come in and direct one of the movies from this series. Not a reboot or anything, just direct one of the future Daniel Craig Bond films. Also, it would be great to see Fassbender or maybe even Tom Hardy (or Idris Elba if Hollywood would go for that) as the next Bond.

    • I would love 2 see Elba in the role of bond, but unfortunately I still don’t think Hollywood has gotten past certain stereotypes and you know there will be idiots who will rant and rave and act like its the end of the world. “Sigh” pity.

      • You’re probably right. I personally am hesitant (at least initially) to having a black James Bond, but I think it could be pulled off and it would be a VERY interesting and original take on the character. But ironically, the public, while ready for a black President, might not be ready for a black Bond.

        • Even though I’m an African, a black Bond will be heresy, there are some characters that should not be tampered with, even though I love Idris Alba, a black Bond will never cut it for me.

  16. People need to stop using the word reboot in concern to Bond. It’s not appropriate.
    They just recast the role and play to the strengths of that particular actor.

  17. Also, does anyone else want to see an American play Bond? Heck, we have Brits playing 3 of the most iconic superheroes, all of whom are American (or in Superman’s case, lives in America). While I loved the Harry Potter series, when I looked at the cast on IMDB, I noticed how literally (and I mean literally) every single actor in the movies who is playing a British character is English, Scottish, Irish, or Welsh. Don’t get me wrong, the supporting cast of those films were amazing, but it seems that the producers were somewhat closed-minded to getting any non-Brits for these roles. I don’t care if Bond is played by a Brit or American, I just want him to be played by the best possible choice, regardless of country, and it seems the Bond producers have been somewhat closed-minded as well. We have an American playing Sherlock Holmes, and he was great. Why not the same with Bond?

    • Jon Hamm would be a good Bond. The nationality or race of the actor isn’t really an important factor, there’s no reason Bond should be played by an American just because he hasn’t before.
      It’s the best actor for the job.

      • Exactly.

        Hmm, John Hamm. Never thought of him for Bond, but I think he could be pretty good.

      • In the final minutes of the last episode of Mad Men
        Jon Hamm channeled James Bond and I thought the
        same thinking Jon could play a credible Bond on film.
        I would even set Bond in the 60′s but that’s just me.

    • Actually, it was the author of the books herself that asked (begged) that all of the cast, be played by British actors. (And that they didn’t hire Steven Spielberg as a director; Her first choice of director was Terry Gilliam)

      • Interesting. I did not know that. I just lost some respect for J.K.

        • So you lost respect for her because she cared about her country? At the time, film in England was struggling and the Harry Potter movies brought a huge amount of money to the British Film industry. Also, Hollywood was wanting the boy from the Sixth Sense to play Harry, and she was afraid that her books would be bastardized by Americans with bad accents. Her other demand was that a portion of the profits would go to literary charities. That made me admire her more, and I’m American.

          • Obviously I didn’t lose respect for her for her care of her country, care of the struggling movie industry, commitment to the integrity of her work, and support of literary charities. Those are all great. I started to lose some respect for her, because she insisted that every actor in the film be British. Her decisions seem to imply that she believes that no non-British actor can pull off a convincing portrayal of a Brit, and that having non-Brits (specifically Americans) play the British roles would be giving up the integrity of the film and “selling out” to get more money. (The latter point is a bit of a stretch, I do realize).

            And regarding the boy from the Sixth Sense, he was just supposed to the voice for Harry Potter in the animated HP film Spielberg wanted to do, not actually play the part. I guess that’s not much better, seeing that he still needs to do the accent.

            And btw, I’m American.

  18. so two more after -skyfall-. if -skyf.- will be the ultimate bond that i´ve been waiting more,then the next two can´t come soon enough with craig as bond.

  19. correction: ….waiting for-not more.

  20. If Skyfall is as decent as it looks, then Craig earns a reprieve from me. If its not, then he goes down as the worst Bond.

    • Pretty much how I feel. Skyfall does look good.
      For me Craig is miscast and I don’t blame him.
      There are not many actors who fit the suit.

      • Craig is not miscast, he is a different adaptation of the original character. In all actuality, the original bond from Ian Flemings books is much more like the portrayal that Craig provides than the overly suave and in some ways “cheesy” Bond of the past. You can’t be so closed-minded about how Bond should be played. There’s a reason that those new Bond films are making so much money.

  21. Actually I think I remember reading that, he said if he did he would wait until the time was right and the current cycle of Bond was done, as in without Craig, I still don’t think he would do one, there were elements of Bond in Inception but I think that’s as far as he would go

  22. An American Bond?! Hahaha

    • Why not?

      There is no reason for your mockery of the suggestion.

    • Personally, I’d like to see Fassbender as the next Bond, but I can’t see why an American actor shouldn’t be allowed to play James Bond (especially since Brits are allowed to play American superheroes).

      … and if it’s about the accent, there’s always the option of having the actor do a British accent (just look at RDJ as Sherlock Holmes… he had a flawless British accent IMO)

      • Flawless?? No. I don’t think so.

        • I agree with Avenger here, but I guess it’s a matter of opinion.

          • I too think Robert does deliver a flawless English accent.

            At least as flawless as you can get and speech and
            diction are factors at play as well and even having
            an English actor play Bond is no guarantee that
            he himself will deliver a flawless English accent.

      • Not too sure where your from but that was not a flawless British accent.

        But I do agree with you in regards to an American being able to play bond though.

    • This is exactly the closed-mindedness I was talking about. We have a British Batman, Superman, and Spider-Man, and an American Sherlock Holmes. If an American actor (in a British accent of course) is the best option, then by all means he should be given the role, regardless of nationality.

      • They had an Australian play James Bond. George Lazenby.

        • That’s true. I actually just looked it up and discovered that Lazenby is Australian, Brosnan is Irish, Dalton is Welsh, and of course Connery is Scottish. But still, I feel those are all closer to British than American (especially the last 3). I still think that American will be more controversial, but there is no real rational reason why it should be.

          • *those are all closer to British than American IS

    • why not, two american icons have been played by british actors(i must say,my fav. actors are british) bat and sups. it would be just fair. i think the decision to choose just british actors for -harry potter- was strictly j.k.roawlings wish.

  23. As long as Skyfall and these other two are like Casino Royale in terms of quality, I like this.

    Personally, I would end Craig after Bond 24, but I’m OK with 2 more.

  24. Casino Royale succeeded due to being a damn well-made movie that happened to be a James Bond film. Quantum of Solace a less persuasive continuation. Skyfall (MI6 more an Ian Fleming title) value as a Bond film and/or terrific movie remains to be seen. As far as Bond himself goes, Daniel Craig is Jason Bourn, not Fleming’s grandiloquent creature. EON should reboot after Craig’s fourth outing with a fully-installed, mid-30s…007

  25. Casino Royale succeeded for being a damn well-made movie that happened to be a James Bond film; Quantum of Solace a less persuasive continuation. As far as Bond himself goes, Daniel Craig is Jason Bourn. EON should reboot after Craig’s fourth outing with a fully-installed, mid-30s, sophisticated 007.

  26. Christopher Nolan for director & Christian Bale for James Bond!


  28. I think the choice to have Craig continue as 007, follows the recent Hollywood trend, to have our heroes darker and more grittier than in the past (see DKNR, etc). It’s all cyclical.

  29. Daniel Craig is Barney Rubble in a tuxedo!

    • ???!?!?!?

      I think that may be my favorite comment anyone’s ever made here.

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