Daniel Craig Talks ‘James Bond 24′; Hopes to ‘Reclaim Some of the Old Irony’

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skyfall trailer Daniel Craig Talks James Bond 24; Hopes to Reclaim Some of the Old Irony

Skyfall managed to do more than commemorate the James Bond franchise’s 50th anniversary in $TYLE, between it grossing $1 billion worldwide and securing two Oscars for its efforts. The film also introduced the 21st century versions of 007′s famous helping hands – MI6 head secretary Moneypenny (Naomie Harris) and techno-invention wizard ‘Q’ (Ben Whishaw) – in addition to (SPOILER?) introducing Ralph Fiennes as the new ‘M’, who will serve as the boss for Daniel Craig’s Bond on future missions.

Craig will be returning to star in the upcoming 24th James Bond movie installment (his Skyfall costars are expected to join him), as will Skyfall director Sam Mendes – who, after much deliberation while he took a break from moviemaking to work in the world of theater stage production, decided to accept the Bond series producers’ offers for him to call the shots on the 24th Bond flick.

It’s a bit early to to expect any concrete details on the story and new characters that will be featured in Bond 24, as Skyfall co-screenwriter John Logan is still plugging away at the film’s script right now. However, Craig did offer the following tease to Vulture, with regard to what he’s planning (or, rather, hoping) for in the movie, tone-wise:

“Hopefully we’ll reclaim some of the old irony, and make sure it doesn’t become pastiche. I can’t do shtick, I’m not very good at it. Unless it kind of suddenly makes sense. Does that make sense? I sometimes wish I hammed it up more, but I just can’t do it very well, so I don’t do it.”

Filming on Bond 24 will be underway by the beginning of next year, after Craig and his significant other – Academy Award-winning actress Rachel Weisz – finish a fourteen-week run of performing in a fresh Broadway revival of Harold Pinter’s play Betrayal (with Mike Nichols directing). At that point, we’ll know for certain whether or not there’s any truth to those rumors about Penelope Cruz portraying 007′s latest female partner in the film; not to mention, who’s playing the dastardly villain, this time around.

Daniel Craig in Skyfall Atop Train Daniel Craig Talks James Bond 24; Hopes to Reclaim Some of the Old Irony

By the sound of it, Craig is hoping that Bond 24 strikes a tone that’s more similar to Casino Royale than his prior two outings as the Bond character. Quantum of Solace, for example, shows us a vengeful 007 seeking personal payback in a story with darker (read: post-9/11) political overtones, whereas Skyfall is more about establishing Bond’s enduring relevancy – both literally (in the context of the film’s setting) and metaphorically, as a pop cultural icon.

By comparison, Casino Royale is the sole Craig-starring Bond flick so far to have incorporated just enough of the old-school Bond playfulness (read: “irony”) without going overboard; while, at the same time, successfully updating the character for the new century (unlike the final Pierce Brosnan/007 installment, Die Another Day). Following that train of logic, Craig’s suggestion doesn’t sound like a bad idea, in part because that approach would help to give Bond 24 a more unique identity – and distinguish the movie from Mendes’ Dark Knight-inspired take on the Bond franchise with Skyfall.

What sort of Bond flick are you hoping for Mendes to deliver with the 24th James Bond movie – closer to Casino Royale or Skyfall?


James Bond 24 (obviously, not the official title) will be opening in U.K. theaters on October 23rd, 2015, followed by its U.S. premiere on November 6th, 2015.

Source: Vulture

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  1. Can we get any more Bond updates? Even something trivial or speculative would be great.

  2. Some ironic fun would be welcome. And it’s a little disconcerting that James’ only reaction to Fields’ horrid death by drowning in oil, after she presumably saved his life by tripping the bad guy at the fundraiser, is an angry “I WANT THAT INCLUDED IN YOUR REPORT!:

  3. I personally believe that Skyfall delivered to both audiences (Dark, Rough and Suave, Gadgety) better than Casino Royale.

    • Incorrect.

  4. I’m a lifelong fan and would like to see number 24 move closer to Casino Royale or Goldeneye, those were by far the best of the modern bond films. Skyfall was a little too cheesey, unrealistic and politically correct for my likeing.
    Moneypenny couldnt just be moneypenny, she had to be an unconventional ethnic sharp shooter who then becomes a secretery??? PC rubbish.
    I like the bond films which are realistic, not PC. Dr No for example.
    I’m surprised they haven’t turned the entire cast of bond Black yet, just to please the PC brigade who they seem so desperate to impress, although they’re already half way there.

    • Which part of Dr. No was realistic? The part where he had metal hands with full articulation in the ’60s? The part where people mistook a flamethrower truck for a literal dragon? It’s a classic film for sure, and a great Bond film, but I’ll believe a black woman can fire a rifle and then decide to take a desk job before I’ll believe either of those things about Dr. No.

      • The flamethrower misidentified as a dragon was straight out of the novel though. There were some unPC comments in the novel too, as I recall, such as when Bond arrives at the Kingston airport he laments the passing of the British empire and the advent of Jamaican independence.

    • Careful there. Your racism is showing. Of course you love the Bond movies where the “ethnic” characters are no more than ridiculous stereotypes, so maybe it’s not like you are really trying to hide it. One black character and suddenly their looking to change the whole cast? I’m not sure where your math is, but one character out of 4 does not a “half” make.

      The only people the filmmakers are trying to impress is the people buying tickets and from the results of the box-office it looks like most people don’t seem to have a problem with direction their taking Bond in.

      So I guess you’ll be stuck with your vhs tapes of the good old days when bond smacked around women, and asians were played by white men in makeup. Enjoy!

      • i absolutely agree with him. 50 years of the classic characters being white. they should stay white. its not a race thing. also, i heard something about people wanting idros elba to play bond. heard anpther thing about will smith. bond needs to stay english and white. 50 years and 23 films of it.. it needs to stay that way until the day where theres no more white people alive. its not a race thing

        • Sean Connery is Scottish, Timothy dalton is welsh, pierce brosnan is Irish and George lazenby is Australian so the only actor to play bond to have ever been “English” is roger Moore please check your facts before commenting

          • Silly me I forgot daniel Craig who is also English so two Englishman

          • You know what he meant, dude. Come on.

    • The cast in live and die was mainly black, guessing that isn’t one of your favorites? Naomie Harris as Moneypenny? Why the hell not? She’s pretty hot. Btw, we still have the sexist playboy as we always have. Doesn’t seem politically correct to me but I guess you forgot that for some reason…

      • btw, if you want to stick with tradition, why not keep moneypenny a much more elderly desk worker with little sex-appeal? And Q the strict and rigid scientist with small patience for James’ boyish personality?

        The funny thing about racism is that it really is an ‘you are’ or ‘you aren’t’ sort of deal, you can’t be somewhere in the middle. So when a person is showing their prejudice in an unintentional way, it’s still pretty easy to pickup on. I provided other examples to support your original point but the only thing you seem to want to keep the same is the skin pigmentation, the rest doesn’t seem as important.

  5. Agreed with kev. Get rid of the PC crap. Casino Royale was a better overall movie than Skyfall which had a silly villain with his over-the-top attack at the end. Next movie needs to match Bond against a no-nonsense, cool-headed villain much like himself. And bring back Adele for the title song!

  6. Casino Royale was not bad, Quantum of Solace was lacklustre at best. I loved Skyfall, it was a great film, however it didn’t feel like a James Bond film. There wasn’t the James Bond feel about it. The previous 3 films have been lacking in some sectors. The quips from all previous Bonds are very well missed. As are the villains with their often ludicrous plots to cause world devastation, but now, although the villains are certainly more realistic, they have been pretty forgettable from Casino Royale to present. They’ve all been mediocre at best. On the contrary, I thought that the Skyfall ending was pretty anti-climactic. It has certainly been too long since a villain posed a physical threat to Bond.

  7. Well, reading the comments I once more realise you cannot argue over taste. My take is that Craig’s Casino Royale is the best Bond movie ever made. I’m just an average Bond fan but that movie had it all. It’s almost as if it’s 2 movies, there’s that much going on in the script without getting hectic. Skyfall didn’t even come remotely close to that in my book. Casino Royale is just a lot more movie. I’m not sure if it was the script or the direction, I know Mendes is (can be) a great director but it looked like a shaving commercial at times. The Hong-Kong and Macau bits were just completely ridiculous in my opinion. And Casino Royale? Raw, exciting, immensely cool, “realistic”, great villain, just great. So, as far as the script goes go back to C.R. for sure. And direction, well Mendes take a few pointers from Martin Campbell on how to handle the matter. We don’t want another Inception type deal, we want just want a Bond.

    • Jay74, very well said! All of those reasons combined is exactly why Casino Royale is my favorite movie of all time. And on top of all of those, loved all of the filming location choices, sets, etc. It was just so complete.

    • As a disclaimer, Casino Royale is not only my favorite Bond movie, but my favorite movie overall as well.

      I liked Skyfall. Although it had a little too much here and not quite enough there, and some parts that I’m glad we’ve moved past from (all the “heh Bond’s gettin old” allusions), I think it did its part as 1/3 transitioning to the new era, 1/3 memorial (50th anniversary), and 1/3 pure classic Bond. But it still did seem slightly stitched, as far as what we’re used to. I loved the Hong-Kong and Macau bits, but it seems like they belonged a little more with a movie whose plot was centered more China than all over world. Basically I liked it but wish they expanded it – especially Severine.

      #24 will be great though.

    • Casino Royale should by all accounts be credited as one of the best Bonds (the best, in my opinion). I agree with Jay: scriptwriters and director Campbell did a GREAT job. Nothing too much or too little in this one, and the pacing is far better than Quantum of Solace (the title sounded just as much as a sleeping draught as the movie was, in fact) or Skyfall (which had its thrills, and just a mite too much arthouse style silences for my taste). I don’t agree about the conclusion of Skyfall being disappointing, though… After decades of exploding rocketbases, submarines and satellites, the idea of Bond inciting a 19th-century-style blowup with improvised boobytraps in a country house is just great… and symbolic, as it’s his birthplace. The next movie should have a villain like Skyfall’s Silva and the overall tone (script, pacing, locations) of C.R. And who could possibly complain?

    • I preferred the original Casino Royale with David Niven as Bond and Woody Allen as the villain (still the best acting he ever did since he was not playing himself).

      I also hated the jitter cam filming. Didn’t they invent the steadicam so they wouldn’t have to film like they did back in the stone ages? It was obviously an attempt to copy the commercial success of the Bourne movies. In other words after this many Bond movies they had run out of originality. Or perhaps it’s more accurate to say they ran out of originality a long time ago.

      The final reason I disliked Casino Royale is Daniel Craig. He’s a dead ringer for Boris Yeltsin with just as much vitality. In one of the first novels, Ian Fleming said Bond looked like Hoagy Carmichael who has been described ass “potato faced.” So in casting him they obviously tried to stick to the novel’s original concept. He has all the animal magnetism of Mr. Potatohead. If they filmed it realistically the women would bag his head before having sex with him, not a brown paper bag but a plastic one with the child suffocation warning printed on it.

  8. Have to agree with Casino Royale folks. Martin Campbell has a better feel for crafting the Bond role than Mendes. Thought Skyfall was good but lacking in “Bond Feel”. The villain (great actor) but way too over the top (Batman Like). Hope the next one is much more Casino Royale and less Skyfall.

  9. Definitely a more Casino Royale like approach…
    Wasn’t very fond of Skyfall.
    Than a better and more melodic score would do – it has had low priority in the Craig movies.
    It would be awesome if the gunbarrel could just quite simply be in the beginning to sort of make it feel a bit more classic on that one.

    Id would be cool if
    - it was less referential (No need for an overload of Goldfinger references)
    - A more melodic score (Like David Arnold has done before – I’m considering The World Is Not Enough his best so far)
    - Reducing M’s signifigance. I love the idea of Ralph Fiennes returning but with Judy Dench the M characters importance grew a little out of hand I think.
    - Could be cool if Bond became a little more thoughtful (Don’t want to see him run into an embassy bashing innocent people again)
    - He shouldn’t be as untouchable as in the previous one. There was a nice scene where Bond and Silva shoots at Severine but after that Bond takes out all of Silva’s men… That was a little silly I have to say. :) Unfortunately.
    - A good and deep love story.
    - An intimidating villain who is less over the top than the latest one…

    So looking forward to it. Have a good one making great entertainment.

    • To be fair, half of the movie was all about him recovering from his mortality. The bullet hits, suffering, and dialogue about his age. It seems like he more than proved himself as ‘touchable’.

      And the other half was finally cutting out the last of his childhood and “mother-son” emotions. No more emotional ties for Bond now, nope. So I don’t know if a love story would work. It’s not even a trait of Bond…quite the opposite save for Casino Royale, which was his beginning and reason for not trusting anyone else – just Vesper and Dench’s M, and they’re both gone now.

  10. Frankly I think you are all nuts. As a lifelong Bond fan, each reincarnation has had their glory and their grief. Sean as the original and most revered Bond, had You Only Live Twice (hiding as a six foot Asian peasant?) Lazenby’s journeyman’s effort only sails on the wings of Diana Rigg. Roger Moore was charming but stayed way to long at the fair. (No Bond had more clunkers than Roger.) Timothy Dalton was a completely serviceable Bond and his movies were actual stories, but they lacked panache and the series seemed doomed.

    Then came Pierce Brosnan who was the amalgam of all his predecessors, and the result was the quintessential Bond. GoldenEye was a triumph and a direct shot of adrenaline to the heart of the franchise. Still formulaic, yet somehow refreshed, Pierce was as tough as Sean, as suave as Roger and as acerbic as Timothy. Although his subsequent films, while financially successful, were the story of diminishing returns, Bond was alive again!

    Finally enter Daniel Craig and a whole new Bond for a new millennium, grittier cooler and more closely resembling Ian Fleming’s brutish womanizing spy than any other. Give credit to Barbara Broccoli for the courage to break the mold. Casino Royal was the only actual full Fleming story ever put to film and it was brilliant. Craig’s next film, Quantum of Solace was simply the fully fleshed out end to his first, so get over it people and just consider it Casino Royal part deux.

    SkyFall did for spy flicks what The Dark Knight did for super hero movies. It wasn’t just a great Bond movie; it was a great movie period! Bardeem was a terrific Bond villain creepy maniacal and gleefully over-the-top. Now by the end of this film, you have a totally refreshed series that picks up where Sean came in. All the favorite characters are in place M, Q, Moneypenny and Bond, yet we have plenty more to learn about each of them. Bond is alive and well and at 50 looking better than ever.

    No other character has even come close to his staying power. If you are a true Bond fan you have to be excited for the future

    • i agree 100% with your post stu.

      i found casino royal to be a bit on the cold side. gritty, edgy yes but it felt like it was missing some of the old bond charisma. skyfall on the other hand felt fresh yet familiar. there were a few more “winks” from craig. the scene of him arriving on the boat in black tux was spectacular and felt straight out of connery era bond. the re-introduction of “q” branch and moneypenny made it feel like the family was once again complete. although i will really miss judi dench, the re-imaging of the new “m’s” office to look like 60′s era bond brought a lump to my throat.

      it will be interesting to see what the script for bond 24 is because skyfall had a nostalgia “hook” to lean on. bond is getting old, worn out, “m” dies, “q” is re-introduced. bond 24 is going to have to rely on fewer “hooks” and just be a rock solid story. can’t wait.

  11. These new comments do nothing to help me avoid my 007 addiction. Thanks guys. +1 Rant coming up:

    I agree with pretty much everything you guys are saying. I like Skyfall a little more than I originally did but it still holds nothing to Casino Royale. And they really were trying to say too much:

    -Re-establish the next generation of original characters
    -Give Judi Dench a proper M send-off
    -Overly acknowledge that Craig is old and that this is a young world
    -Acknowledge how spying isn’t really what it used to be, but that there still is a place for 007 out there.

    -Finish homage to all the past Bond movies for the 50th anniversary and more hyper-aware audience

    -Finish the new Bond’s developmental story arc.

    -Had to compensate badly for Quantum of Solace, both to win back fans and put in what QoS should have had.

    So they really tried to pull all of that off because it really was a unique set of circumstances. But the next one should be completely and truly self-contained and perfected. As for my thoughts on that…

    [Commentary continued on next comment]

  12. The top 2 threats today are Cyber-terrorism & Middle Eastern terrorism. Cyber is boring so Middle Eastern it is.

    The villain: Some brash revolutionary from a village who’s taken up a split faction of a terrorist group. Like a break off of al-Qaeda. A great physical match up for Bond. The IED atmosphere provides a perfect reason for Q to make up cool gadgets for Bond.

    Some legitimate and positive Middle Eastern cultural exposure it would be an excellent background message for a modern world that fears most Middle Easterners.

    Locations: Middle Eastern/Arabian desert, and the more modern cities – Qatar & Saudi Arabia. Good chance for the countries/cities to show off to Hollywood/the world.

    Two locations mean two Bond girls – native down to earth and what Olga Krylenko’s character should have been (not spread-eagle but not asexually feminist either) and the city girl is class Bond girl – seductive, bad guy (girl) who’s more dangerous than she seems. Also allows for 2 villains – the financier will be the ‘connected” bad guy, who actually has connections to Quantum or even Spectre.

    The good village girl has history with the revolutionary and she almost convinces him to do right, but nope. He blows up some building or whatever and they have a class Bond showdown. Something something something (I’m actually writing out a full plot elsewhere) and the Financier guy steps in. Spectre/Quantum is revealed, and something something something roll credits.

    Yeah I started writing in more detail but I’ve seriously written 5 pages to myself now so forgive me if this seems rather shallow.

  13. Homo of the year club royal high king daniel craig. Married to not merely a beard, but a yak.

  14. It has to bring The Quantum back! How can Bond discover a global organisation of industrialists, financiers, etc… and NOT become obsessed with it??? Ernst Stavro Blofeld as the head of The Quantum… Lord Ernst Stavro Blofeld if you really want to take the p**s! ‘The House of Blofeld’… a 300 year old banking dynasty of European bankers and financiers… hardline Zionists and die hard supporters of Israel! :D wait… we’re suppose to be talking about fiction and the realms of fantasy!

    • The Blofelds (‘The House of Blofeld’)… a 300 year old European banking dynasty, with British and French branches of the family. Offices throughout the world, including The City of London and Paris. Helped finance and provide political support for the nation of Israel, and instrumental in global Zionist propaganda. Major stakeholder control in almost all national Central Bank, as well as global oil companies such as BP (an MI6 revolving door), global resource companies (water, phosphates, GOLD). Current head of the family is, Lord Ernst Stavros Blofeld, financier, philanthropist and collector of art! His son, Nathaniel Blofeld, was recently caught up in the Bumi scandal, where he raised almost a $1 billion to float an Indonesian Coal company from London investors… HE LOST THE LOT! :D

      • “The characters in this film are fictitious and any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental.”

  15. idont know one think why u all prasing danieal craig , peirce brosnan was faar more better than this old pathethic craig bond . brosnan films have style have fun have entertaintment and one more think he is more smart then denial , skyfall is the one of the most boring film and quamtum of solace is the big pathethic film ever made in bond history
    if they cant make pierce back then plz make more entertaining bond rather then bookish bond plz

  16. Sam Mendes, surprise me. Each Daniel craig, s bond films are noteworthy and outstanding performance. Please use him to the fullest to bring more “true Bond” to us. He is my favorite bond after Sean Connery. I wish to hear the dialogue that says shake. Not stirred. Bring more of old dialogues that make Bond to the true character.

  17. Skyfall was the most in-depth Bond storyline ever. With real meaning to his life and purpose for his creator and the true emotion between characters, i.e. him and M. I am sure writing and directing is most of it, but Daniel Craid brings it all to life in one the most convincing acting protrayals of a character that we all wanted to see and never thought we would and he did it perfectly. Truly excellent movie making is acheived when you put all of those pieces of the puzzle together in one vehicle.

  18. Since you ask…I would like to see more joy in the film. I don’t want to go to Turkey or Bolivia again. Bond told Mallory at the end of Skyfail he was ready to work “with pleasure”. Let’s see something pleasurable this time…Bond should kill the bad guys, not watch the bad guys kill the beautiful women…I would like to leave the movie this time feeling “en”joyment instead of “en”durement…Not more Dark Knight, no more American Beauty, real life is depressing enough, thank you very much!

  19. I agree with everyone’s take on Casino Royale add one of, if not the best Bond film.

    Since Goldeneye, Bond had been going through an identity crisis, partly because Pierce phoned in his final two films. CR did a great job of ushering in a new era with an old feel to it. Quantum was indeed a tad drawn out and at times more arid than the desert setting, but it had its moments.

    Skyfall was a bit hackneyed at times but made great strides to humanize a character that had previously lacked any sort of feeling or humanity since George Lazenby took the screen 43 years prior. Bond’s battles with his own mortality and struggle to reinvent himself proved to be a tougher battle than any he had fought with a villain.

    Javier Bardem was a little over the top, but isn’t that the essence of Bond villains?! No one will likely top Mads Mikkelson as a great villain, but all you need to do is watch one episode of Hannibal to see why.

    Skyfall was rather true to the Bond formula. It had great action, amazing and beautiful exotic locations, beautiful women, and a very necessary DB5. Put aside the “old dog, new tricks” references and watch the film a couple more times in order to truly appreciate the whole package. If Mendes somehow manages to combine CR with Skyfall, we may be treated to the best Bond film we could ever hope for.

    • Pierce was originally supposed to start with the two that Timothy Dolton ended up doing. The show he was on before he did James Bond was given another season or something and it kept him from doing those two. They producers actually told Pierce he was done.

  20. is everyone forgetting “Quantum”?
    007 was still on their tail at the end of Craig’s 2nd outing as Bond, don’t you think he should finish what he started?

  21. i’ve always loved bond movies from sean connery to daniel craig..,, and i expect bond 24 with to be a action/thriller/suspense movie.. and please car racing should be there only with aston martins.. looking forward for it..

  22. I am not a fan of the Dark Knight Bond…put some joy back into the franchise…and stop killing off the women…kill the bad guys instead.

  23. Am I the only one to think there should have been a movie in between Quantum of Solace and Skyfall? I mean Bond has come to terms with Vesper’s death. He’s found the boyfriend who set her up. He tells M that he never left the secret service. in Skyfall he’s burnt out, doesn’t seem to believe in the mission and is ready to play dead. What happened in between these two movies to make him ready to quit?

  24. I like Daniel Craig and his acting so pls do the shooting quickly and launch the movie for audience very quickly

  25. I really like the idea or them going back to some of the originals. Lots of action, lots of gadgets, pretty girls etc.