Daniel Craig Talks ‘James Bond 24′; Hopes to ‘Reclaim Some of the Old Irony’

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skyfall trailer Daniel Craig Talks James Bond 24; Hopes to Reclaim Some of the Old Irony

Skyfall managed to do more than commemorate the James Bond franchise’s 50th anniversary in $TYLE, between it grossing $1 billion worldwide and securing two Oscars for its efforts. The film also introduced the 21st century versions of 007′s famous helping hands – MI6 head secretary Moneypenny (Naomie Harris) and techno-invention wizard ‘Q’ (Ben Whishaw) – in addition to (SPOILER?) introducing Ralph Fiennes as the new ‘M’, who will serve as the boss for Daniel Craig’s Bond on future missions.

Craig will be returning to star in the upcoming 24th James Bond movie installment (his Skyfall costars are expected to join him), as will Skyfall director Sam Mendes – who, after much deliberation while he took a break from moviemaking to work in the world of theater stage production, decided to accept the Bond series producers’ offers for him to call the shots on the 24th Bond flick.

It’s a bit early to to expect any concrete details on the story and new characters that will be featured in Bond 24, as Skyfall co-screenwriter John Logan is still plugging away at the film’s script right now. However, Craig did offer the following tease to Vulture, with regard to what he’s planning (or, rather, hoping) for in the movie, tone-wise:

“Hopefully we’ll reclaim some of the old irony, and make sure it doesn’t become pastiche. I can’t do shtick, I’m not very good at it. Unless it kind of suddenly makes sense. Does that make sense? I sometimes wish I hammed it up more, but I just can’t do it very well, so I don’t do it.”

Filming on Bond 24 will be underway by the beginning of next year, after Craig and his significant other – Academy Award-winning actress Rachel Weisz – finish a fourteen-week run of performing in a fresh Broadway revival of Harold Pinter’s play Betrayal (with Mike Nichols directing). At that point, we’ll know for certain whether or not there’s any truth to those rumors about Penelope Cruz portraying 007′s latest female partner in the film; not to mention, who’s playing the dastardly villain, this time around.

Daniel Craig in Skyfall Atop Train Daniel Craig Talks James Bond 24; Hopes to Reclaim Some of the Old Irony

By the sound of it, Craig is hoping that Bond 24 strikes a tone that’s more similar to Casino Royale than his prior two outings as the Bond character. Quantum of Solace, for example, shows us a vengeful 007 seeking personal payback in a story with darker (read: post-9/11) political overtones, whereas Skyfall is more about establishing Bond’s enduring relevancy – both literally (in the context of the film’s setting) and metaphorically, as a pop cultural icon.

By comparison, Casino Royale is the sole Craig-starring Bond flick so far to have incorporated just enough of the old-school Bond playfulness (read: “irony”) without going overboard; while, at the same time, successfully updating the character for the new century (unlike the final Pierce Brosnan/007 installment, Die Another Day). Following that train of logic, Craig’s suggestion doesn’t sound like a bad idea, in part because that approach would help to give Bond 24 a more unique identity – and distinguish the movie from Mendes’ Dark Knight-inspired take on the Bond franchise with Skyfall.

What sort of Bond flick are you hoping for Mendes to deliver with the 24th James Bond movie – closer to Casino Royale or Skyfall?


James Bond 24 (obviously, not the official title) will be opening in U.K. theaters on October 23rd, 2015, followed by its U.S. premiere on November 6th, 2015.

Source: Vulture

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  1. The Man with the Golden Gun

    • Harry Man Seth Mason

  2. Surely Bond fans are all hopeful that Bond 24 will find a way to recapture the style that in our view made Casino Royale the best Bond ever.

  3. I’d like to see them do Moonraker based on the novel. That storyline could easily be updated for the 21st century.

    • We know it’s been done TWICE, but Ian Fleming DID participate: Thunderball. Easy to imagine terrorists stealing atomic bombs, and threatening to use them these days. Right? Original T-Ball targeted Miami. NSNA targeted Washington DC AND Middle Eastern oil fields. How ’bout threatening to blow up the Polar Ice Cap?

  4. Rumoured to be the next BOND THEME SONG

  5. At first I though that the James Bond franchise scored a coup and James Bond and Jack Bauer’s 24 will work together on a movie.

  6. In quantum there was a slight reference to fake names when bond asked Mathias dyingz asking “what’s your real name”. Lends to possible continuity argument. Last film even more reference to previous bonds without direct reference the aston being the biggest clue. So he wins it in the first film but suddenly by the 3rd film it’s been kitted out by q branch!! Also it’s so obvious raoul silver looked like a possible roger Moore character… I was once the favourite James so he claims.. So if this is the case why don’t the producers make a more obvious reference to agents moving on. I hate to say it how about continuity like doctor who?

  7. There were so many holes in Skyfall’s plot but the worst was Bond & M leaving London with pretty much no weapons or ammo knowing full well lots of baddies would pursue them. I personally would love the producers to remake On Her Majesties Secret Service, one of my favourites though the love issue may be a bit too soon after Casino.

  8. im hoping for a happy middleground, more towards casino royale for the more gritty bond, the problem i find with craigs bond is that all three movies so far have ended terribly after what has been an excellent film, skyfall the most so as the ending made the rest of the film pointless as the bad guy eventually gets everything he wanted.

    what i loved about royale is that it established crags bond as a any-hat-for-the-job man who wasnt afraid to get his hands diry, smacking of overcofidence and radiating violence and purposeful demeanor.

    i hope they take tips from all three however because his emotional involvement in solace actually brought the character down to a more understanding level and humanised him whilst allowing him to showcase more of what we love.

    i just hope the strength of the writing improves a bit but most importantly i hope they keep the artistic impression from skyfall, the settings, camera work and lighting(especially towards the very end, re: scotland) were beautiful and dynamic and something not used before in a band movie, what we are given is a smooth, sleek and heroic bond more like the books, he is good at everything but many are better, what makes him excel is is dogged determination and that is how fleming wrote him in the books, craig just polishes it off with his on screen chaisma

  9. I grew up watching James Bond and never tired from watching them over and over, I don’t like change so was really dreading the change from pierce to Craig. But, wow casino royale was and is the best film iv ever watched iv watched it so many times, it ticked every box, quantum was such a huge disappointment,sky fall was good but to me it doesn’t come close to casino, I felt depressed watching sky fall and didn’t rate the villain or the ending. I’m a true Daniel Craig fan and can’t wait for the next one, who ever has to fill his shoes is going to have to tick every box, personally I can’t see it happening,that man is wowawoowoo lol

  10. Casino Royale with gadgets

  11. I you watch every bond movie. tell which. you. enjoyed most blindfolded without any predetermined concepts or ….you will find casino royale golden eye for your eyes only and not to favoured living daylight, the outstanding mesmerizing OMSS and Dr.no from Russia with love. goldfinger also the spy who loved. me THIS ALL ARE FILLED TILL THE BRIM WITH FUN AND EXCITEMENT INSTILLING YOU WITH ADVENTURE AND OVERALL INCITING YOU WITH LOVE FOR YOUR MOTHERLAND WHICH IS THE REASON WHY JAMES BOND IS ALIVE. and become IMMORTAL if I exaggerate. not at all dude
    Now if we are going. to skyfallize this series then rest aside with your Oscars. but I am damn sure that the producers are empty and want to end the series. cause they are not considering the teenagers and youth who have pumped life line in series by watching. and waitin
    g eagerly. for next JAMES BOND FLICK and not essentially biggest award winner with record.
    I will

  12. Casino Royale and Skyfall were both superior in their own ways. I remember not quit sitting all the way on the couch and never moving with Casino. The physical action was unforgettable! No magic weapons or cars, just physical action that seemed so real I couldn’t move.
    Skyfall was so emotional to me. It gave a depth to Bond we have never seen. I’ve seen it maybe 10 times and I’m thinking it might be my favorite Bond film yet. That’s saying a lot since I’ve seen every film at least a dozen times thru the years.

    Answer to your question…. I would have to say somewhere in between both of them.

  13. I hope some of the ‘old charm’ that the previous bond characters showed will be more apparent in the next movie. What separates Bond films from ordinary spy films is some of the tongue and cheek humour and subtle ‘calmness’ when all around is falling apart.

  14. As long as EON / Bond Franchise keeps Daniel Craig in the lead, I will remain glued to the screen. He brought the character to life by making him human and relatable. Cant wait fir the new release!

  15. As I think back of sneaking into ‘Goldfinger’ at the theatre I remember Sean Connery being the ’00′ with a cold no nonsense type. It was nice to see it again in Casino Royale. And, again back to the modern and very good film ‘Skyfall’, where the new ‘Q’ tells Bond that sometimes a trigger has to be pulled and Bond’s reply back was “and sometimes when not to.”
    I would like to see the continuation of the ‘Bond that has evolved from these last two films. All business with the ’00′, and double meaning satirical irony when an opportunity is presented.
    What about Bond trying to stop a multi government EMP attack on the capitals of Washington and London by shadow people working without national borders, but supported by our known enemies.

  16. I am amazed at how many people even consider these Blonde Bond movies the real thing. Even the worst Dalton, Moore, or dare I say Brosnan is worlds better than anything we have seen since. These last 3 movies are literally a mockery to 007 fans. Every choice they have mad is bad, from casting Craig, to the choices for Q, M, love interests, plot twists, and all the dumb things that happen. I find people that were DIE HARD 007 fans like myself, and they are so disgusted by these last few movies…they have given up on the franchise altogether. It is like all the really, really, really bad movies like Transformers, Borne Identity, etc etc…these grade a garbage that passes for movies today because they make a lot…they are totally the wrong direction. It seems this whole franchise has went in the wrong direction. Die Another Day had a few problems, it was still a very good movie. If you took out Halle Berry, and replaced the character, it would be so much better. Instead, they get some person who writes plays to write the script…they make the worst possible choices for the cast, and movies reek of desperation and lame wit. I can watch CR, QoS, and SF and at no point can I even smile or enjoy them. Nothing. 0. I have the 007 boxed set on tape, DVD, and even Blu Ray…I am missing Skyfall on BluRay and to be perfectly honest, I don’t even care anymore. I don’t consider these real 007 movies and I am frankly not sure if I will even keep the DVDs. I am sure I won’t spend any money in the future. If I think back to the days of Goldeneye, and the Brosnan days…I enjoyed the movies so much, I could have NEVER imagined in my wildest dreams that somehow they could ruin the best franchise ever…is that what the future is? Bad movies? Have they made a good movie in the last 5 years? Not that I can remember.

    • Spot on

  17. good collection

    if you want more info catch me


  18. ilike danial

  19. I hope Bond 24 is closer to Casino Royale……………….

  20. jemera se bourtou les flm 1-7 star war bravo a tuse 100000000bravo

  21. Want the films to go back to anything in Pierce Brosnans time and before. Get back, the gadgets the car, the one liner humour and M (John Cleese would be great) and the predictable storyline. Really miss it. Take a look at Moonraker, Diamonds are Forever, Goldfinger, The Man with the Golden Gun, The Spy Who Loved Me You Only Live Twice and Live and let Die were the best.
    Stop going all dark, bond has really lost his way. Casino Royal was def not the best film. Anyone else agree

  22. I’m not going to pretend that it’s easy getting the formula just right. But the thing is, Skyfall and Casino Royale were not notable at all to me, considered in the light of a Bond movie.

    A Bond movie is more than just a movie – It is an institution – like the Olympics or World Cup of movies. No other movie franchise comes close to it in stature – none, when all that it represents and not just grossing is considered. A Bond movie is no Avatar and Avatar, with all its appeal is definitely not a Bond movie.

    In my opinion, Craig is just too rough to look the part. Remember that some of us grew up with the franchise, waiting and looking forward to it for years and rushing to get it as soon as we can when it came out.

    A Bond movie represents the highest level of escape, exotic appeal, style and a blank cheque to get one’s enemy at any cost and, going to whatever length is required suc as bedding several beautiful women, who are just that, “women”, not some figures of female emancipaption – the last thing I want to see in a movie is reality, particularly if that reality is not so interesting.

    What’s interesting in a lady that’s not so beautiful and comes off as a female lib figure, when I can go watch the old Bond movies and see women as women, human beings (creatures) that are to be made love to, given pleasure and pleasure gotten from. Of course, if an intelligent and relevant conversation can be held at the same time between Bond and the woman, why not.

    But, really, which man wants to only talk with a beautiful woman really? So, they need to bring back the magic in the franchise. They’ve ruined it – no real difference between the last one, particularly Skyfalls and a “Mission Impossible” series. And, I Craig’s kind of not tall enough to have that languid, long-legged way Roger Moore used to look and move as Bond. Sean Connery too. Some of my favourites are, “Live and Let Die”, “Octopussy”, “Living Daylights” – because of the openness of the movie and that lady, “…and a cello, cello, cello” at that border, “The Spy Who Loves Me” and so on.

  23. Though Craig is a good actor for me he just isn’t quit a James Bond. When I think of James Bond I think of a dark haired, deep/sensual voice, and a polished charisma man. A man that has a smile that is boyish yet melting, who’s facial expressions can go from charming to deadly in an instant. I like Daniel Craig, Gerard Butler, & Hugh Jackman but they just don’t quit fit the character though they are excellent actors in the right parts. Just my two cents worth.