Daniel Craig Talks ‘James Bond 24′; Hopes to ‘Reclaim Some of the Old Irony’

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skyfall trailer Daniel Craig Talks James Bond 24; Hopes to Reclaim Some of the Old Irony

Skyfall managed to do more than commemorate the James Bond franchise’s 50th anniversary in $TYLE, between it grossing $1 billion worldwide and securing two Oscars for its efforts. The film also introduced the 21st century versions of 007′s famous helping hands – MI6 head secretary Moneypenny (Naomie Harris) and techno-invention wizard ‘Q’ (Ben Whishaw) – in addition to (SPOILER?) introducing Ralph Fiennes as the new ‘M’, who will serve as the boss for Daniel Craig’s Bond on future missions.

Craig will be returning to star in the upcoming 24th James Bond movie installment (his Skyfall costars are expected to join him), as will Skyfall director Sam Mendes – who, after much deliberation while he took a break from moviemaking to work in the world of theater stage production, decided to accept the Bond series producers’ offers for him to call the shots on the 24th Bond flick.

It’s a bit early to to expect any concrete details on the story and new characters that will be featured in Bond 24, as Skyfall co-screenwriter John Logan is still plugging away at the film’s script right now. However, Craig did offer the following tease to Vulture, with regard to what he’s planning (or, rather, hoping) for in the movie, tone-wise:

“Hopefully we’ll reclaim some of the old irony, and make sure it doesn’t become pastiche. I can’t do shtick, I’m not very good at it. Unless it kind of suddenly makes sense. Does that make sense? I sometimes wish I hammed it up more, but I just can’t do it very well, so I don’t do it.”

Filming on Bond 24 will be underway by the beginning of next year, after Craig and his significant other – Academy Award-winning actress Rachel Weisz – finish a fourteen-week run of performing in a fresh Broadway revival of Harold Pinter’s play Betrayal (with Mike Nichols directing). At that point, we’ll know for certain whether or not there’s any truth to those rumors about Penelope Cruz portraying 007′s latest female partner in the film; not to mention, who’s playing the dastardly villain, this time around.

Daniel Craig in Skyfall Atop Train Daniel Craig Talks James Bond 24; Hopes to Reclaim Some of the Old Irony

By the sound of it, Craig is hoping that Bond 24 strikes a tone that’s more similar to Casino Royale than his prior two outings as the Bond character. Quantum of Solace, for example, shows us a vengeful 007 seeking personal payback in a story with darker (read: post-9/11) political overtones, whereas Skyfall is more about establishing Bond’s enduring relevancy – both literally (in the context of the film’s setting) and metaphorically, as a pop cultural icon.

By comparison, Casino Royale is the sole Craig-starring Bond flick so far to have incorporated just enough of the old-school Bond playfulness (read: “irony”) without going overboard; while, at the same time, successfully updating the character for the new century (unlike the final Pierce Brosnan/007 installment, Die Another Day). Following that train of logic, Craig’s suggestion doesn’t sound like a bad idea, in part because that approach would help to give Bond 24 a more unique identity – and distinguish the movie from Mendes’ Dark Knight-inspired take on the Bond franchise with Skyfall.

What sort of Bond flick are you hoping for Mendes to deliver with the 24th James Bond movie – closer to Casino Royale or Skyfall?


James Bond 24 (obviously, not the official title) will be opening in U.K. theaters on October 23rd, 2015, followed by its U.S. premiere on November 6th, 2015.

Source: Vulture

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  1. The 3 best were “From Russia with love”, “Living daylights” ” Casino Royale”. They were all basic and not many gadgets. Craig’s Bond needs to get a little Connery humor. Also needs to bring back the “James Bond theme” especially in the opening credit.

  2. Personally I found that Skyfall was more the real Bond, then any of the other Craig films. When I watch Casino Royale I was choked. I hated it. I did not enjoy Craig at all. Then Quantum of Solace came out, and it only got worse. Then we see some Skyfall and I was like WOW!! There’s the Bond I love. Suddenly I could see Craig as Bond, suddenly I found my favourite Bond. So I hope it doesn’t go back to Royale. That was painful. It was poorly written, stepped away from all of the traditions. And really felt just bad.

    As someone who has done a back to back marathon of Bond, and a stretched out marathon, and am now starting a 3rd marathon with my girlfriend. I feel properly armed to judge the movies. But I guess it all comes down to personal preference right?

    • I thoroughly agree with your opinion here. I had a very hard time with Craig in his first two outings as Bond. But Skyfall he really brought home the character. He was more bond like even if aging and becoming an old dog. However, that sort of made me think he is done as 007. He could barely hang on in his damaged and old age state. Maybe he retires in the next film or ushers in a new bond.

      Then again, bond movies aren’t really sequels on any kind of timeline… so perhaps I can let his haggard state in Skyfall go for the next movie. Craig as an actor is getting a bit long in the tooth. This next bond will be his last no doubt.

      • Wrong Craig is signed up for at least another 2 movies Bond 24 and Bond 25. Rumour has it that Broccoli wants Daniel until Bond 27 which will Put Craig at the top of the list for most Bond Movies as the lead character.

        In My own Opinion, Casino Royale was absolutely fantastic a much enjoyed return after the dire Die Another Day. I Liked Quantum of Solace but I kind of thought it lost its spark a little. Skyfall was brilliant (Even if it did have a poor bad guy, I really thought Javier Bardem was a very weak choice and Although the film was amazing he proved to be the weak link)

        I hope Bond 24 incorporates the humour of Casino Royale and the seriousness of Skyfall and mixes them up. Craig has fast become my favourite Bond of all time. He is the Bond we want for the 21st century. I honestly now cannot see anyone else in the role (Currently don’t want anyone else in the role) Skyfall just proved that Even 50 years on Bond is still relevant to everyone – 1.4billion taken. Bring On Bond 24!!!!!

    • My friend, Casino Royale and QoS were the rough sketch for us to show how Bond became the suave, sophisticated and extremely intelligent agent. He made mistakes. Learned from them. Had his heart broken and never let that get in his way again. They tried to give us a peek at ‘what MADE Bond the man he is now.’ i love Craig as Bond. And i just cannot wait for 24. I feel sad its another year and a half. Hope he wins you over this time :D

    • Daniel Craig needs to work on his gun shooting post a little better. effortless and irky…even Brosnian’s gun pose looks more professional and thorough.

    • yes, AceofTunes, it is as you say, “personal preference” at the end of the day. I have also just gone through a marathon with the Bond movies, and I love Casino dearly but could`t care much for Quantum. However, I fully agree that Skyfall is the definitive Bond outing. I just hope the tone does not revert back to that of the Moore days, and if it does, I have no plans on forking out my dosh to see it on the big screen and I would not even bother watching it to be honest. I don`t ever want to see tons of crappy gadgets here and there and dumb humour throughout. To me, hearing about those fellas coming in back to do rewrites signals trouble.

  3. Personally, i think Casino Royale is the greatest.ever Bond movie.

    • I totally agree, I think casino was the best James Bond movie I have ever seen.

      • I have to agree. Casino Royale I felt encompasses the elegance and adventure of James Bond the most. And Eva Green became my favorite Bond girl of all time. She looked stunning in the movie.

  4. The greatest thing about Craig as bond is that the tone became more serious and believable. I even love how they showed their resistance for the older schtick. In Casino Royale there was a scene at the bar which illustrates this point perfectly:
    Bond: Martini.
    Bartender: Shaken or stirred?
    Bond: Does it look like I give a damn?!

    I already think Craig is the best bond ever, and if they keep this tone up I will be elated.

  5. Skyfall was the worst Bond film to date. Too many references to an “aging” tired Bond. 007 is ageless and an inspiring romantic hero that spurs the imagination and transports you to exotic lands and circumstances. Next venture should come as close as possible to the excitement of Casino Royale. Long live James Bond!

    • No death to James Bond. British propaganda! Real British agents are evil. And act more like the villains in Bond rather done Bond. And so then death James Bond.

  6. will be 9 years of this guy- times changing- time to change this Bond guy

  7. I think the Bond franchise needs to go ‘old school’ and try to capture what Roger Moore achieved in ‘Live and Let Die’ or ‘The Man With The Golden Gun’. Bond does not have to be the ‘ripped’ action hero, but the cunning ladies man who has wit and charisma. Let’s remember the Bond character is based on the exploits of Ian Fleming, who resembled Geoffrey Rush…

    • I agree with you Keith. Bond needs to be cunning and smart not a thug with a machine gun. Have a look at English actor Frazer Douglas – the Grey Poupon mustard guy. He’s got the right ingredients.

    • I totally agree; Skyfall was so typical of what we see ordinarily. It lacked completely the James Bond we have read about.
      Daniel Craig to me is not a Bond.

    • What? Roger Moore’s Bond absolutely blew. He was the worst and mean, THE worst Bond.

      • ‘Couldn’t agree more. The Moore movies became comical, bordering on self-parody. By the time Moore finished his run as Bond (and looking incredibly and unbelievably old), I half-expected Wile E. Coyote to be the villain.

    • Wouldn’t work in today’s market, Hence the reason why the changed it up. Its moved away from Bond bagging every woman he meets which it rightly should. It’s not all about that and it never should of been.

      With Bond it should of always been about the action. People need to stop living in the past.

      I do think they should of made the decision to keep Eva Green on as she basically is the 21st century main Bond Girl in many people’s eyes. I understand the reason they killed her character to crush Bond’s feelings (Ala On Her Majesties Secret Service) But would of been nice ya’know.

  8. Daniel Craig needs to work on his gun shooting post a little better. effortless and irky…even Brosnian’s gun pose looks more professional and thorough.

  9. I just hope we don`t return back to the s**** stain that were most of the previous Bonds prior to the top Casino Royale, the not that bad Quantum but fairly bad compared to Casino and the top Skyfall. I hope I don`t see them go back to that awful world of Bond where dumb humour is in almost every scene and stupid little gadgets are aplenty – please no invisible cars. There is a reason Skyfall made so much money – I love what it did and the different things it introduced, be that the unshaven Bond or getting shot at the start. Please give us more of this approach. I have to say that I am one of those people that couldn`t care less for the Roger Moore Bond and I hope this doesn`t go back to being like those films. If they keep reverting more and more to the crapola that existed, they will eventually see the decline in profits. Like I said, there is a reason Skyfall made so much money. Keep the tone and don`t go back!!!

  10. Of the Craig movies .. Skyfall was cr*p, Quantom of Solace was beyond pathetic .. but .. Casino Royale was brilliant .. except for all the product branding such as a car park full of brand new Range Rovers and fords and whatever it was.

  11. skyfall bored me. it treated bond like he was took in by the kindly old lady m. and speaking of m why so much focus on that character. also killing off the girl 3min after introducing her was lame. and please some gadjets are required to make bond a spy. not just an assasan. hope the next one pays attention to this franchise and strikes a better balance.

  12. Kind of hoping the next one gets back to the glory days of Moonraker. How about Bond on Mars?

  13. Well, as a huge bond fan I have to say what I would need in the next film

    Gun Barrel, which Daniel officially hasn’t done yet like past bond’s.
    Bond music with gadgets on the car, but more like Sean Connery style

    • I really didn’t care for the pierce brosnan bond films. There was too many corny lines and unrealistic technology. The tone of the Daniel Craig installments made me a true Bond fan. Plausible script, uncorny dialogue, great fashion all while retaining the traditional components of Bond. I think that casino Royale was a great installment and quantum of solace not so much..and skyfall was the best of all of the daniel craig era. I was however saddened by the death of M. The mother son-esque dynamic between her and Bond was one that I felt defined Bond. I am apprehensive about having Ralph Fiennes taking over in her stead but we will see how it goes. In general Daniel Craig has earned my respect as Bond. A covert agent must be fit and have some grit and he definitely fits the part. I heard the idris elba rumors and was not pleased to fathom a non traditional Caucasian play the role despite me being black and also a big idris elba fan. Im glad to hear that Daniel Craig will be having at least one more crack at it before he becomes too old to play the part. If only Daniel Craig was given the role earlier in his career..oh well..I guess less is more.

  14. I loved all the Craig Bond movies. Casino Royale was a complex movie that showed a young Bond learning his role. Quantum of Solice artistically captured his vengeance while exploring the mystery of Quantum. And Skyfall was brilliant in it’s cinematography and it’s connection to Bond’s roots. I can’t wait until the next one.

  15. All I want is a good chick fight…thats it. Simple.

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  17. They should remake Dr. No following the story from the book a little more closely. They have it all set up…Bond gets his orders from M and heads to Jamaica.

  18. anyone ever noticed that besides Brosna, every other long lasting bond actor’s best movie was there third? conery with goldfinger, moore with spy who loved me, and now craig with skyfall. thought that was kinda wierd. but yeah i have faith in the next one, and in mendez. though I wish in skyfall they would have left out the fact bind was getting old, seeing as how casino royal was a reboot and showing how bond got his double o status. makes me feel like from quantums end to skyfall there was a huge gap.

  19. The Bond franchise has endured for being exactly what it always was – escapist entertainment. Bond has successfully entered a new ear with Daniel Craig and that’s great. But the franchise needs to hold on to certain staples for success. The world and the fans doesn’t need another Die Another Day, but a formidable villain, some cool gadgetry, an awesome car chase sequence, classic bond one-liners here and there and the standard gun barrel opening sequence – these are all must-haves. Daniel Craig needs his ‘Spy Who Loved Me’ Bond adventure.

  20. Has anyone taken a look at Daniel Craig lately???? He looks about 60 and not an especially good 60. Brosnan still looks better. That being said, IMO all he has for Bond is an accent and a smirk. I agree with those who say BOND has always been about the entertainment factor. For me, the Craig movies have been ok action flicks, but not Bond movies. No gadgets, no great chases, no great Bond girls, no humor, no double meanings, NO HANDSOME SECRET AGENT. I’ve watched them but haven’t bought them and won’t. Two or three more with Craig???? He’ll look like he needs to be pushin a walker in the chase scenes. Sorry, they should’ve kept Brosnan a while longer and given him better scrpts. I no longer look forward to Bond movies. If I want action, I’ll just opt for Fast & Furious and as far as that goes, Vin and the Rock have better bodies. Go back to the girl with the tattoo, Daniel Craig, cause I want MY Bond tall, dark, handsome, and witty. Thanks for the vent.

  21. Pls keep the new Bond traditional with new technologies, ladies man Bond, car chasing, the Bond theme and a cunning and smart Bond nt some rocky or tripple H kind of Bond

  22. I enjoyed all three of Craig’s roles as bond in their own right. I believe his age can be something interesting if written well. The James Bond novel “Solo” does an excellent job of giving us a new and provocative look at James Bond the spy and the man without too much departure from the classic bond we all know and love. Mendes has done a great job so far and I’m optimistic about the direction of bond24 judging solely on where skyfall left off. I personally believe the new Q will flex his intellectual muscle a bit and introduce believable gadgets that aren’t painfully gimmicky like we remember from the less scrutinized bonds.

  23. I have been a Bond fan since I was 12 back in ’65 and loved Connery. But as far as I am concerned they can remake all of the Bond films with Craig.

  24. Being a “Bond Girl” is a special privilege. Please don’t ruin that with Penelope Cruz.

  25. Casino Royale is OVERRATED. Don’t get me wrong. Some good moments, the closest of the Craig films. But, a 3 hour film where half of it is card playing and 007 getting hit in the nuts?? Wtf lol

    • I take it you don’t read the novels? as the whole film was based off the Novel.

  26. I thought pierce broznan was a great bond. Of course since Goldeneye was my first no dot could be slightly bias, but taking all the bonds I think Skyfall is the best and Goldeneye is my 2nd favorite. Quantum of Solace could have been good, but whoever was in charge of the camera editing made the camera angle change waaaaay too much.

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