Daniel Craig Says Bond 23 To Start Shooting Late 2010

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daniel craig james bond Daniel Craig Says Bond 23 To Start Shooting Late 2010

Yesterday, a snippet of info from James Bond himself, Daniel Craig, made its way online about the upcoming sequel to Quantum of Solace, referred to as simply Bond 23 for the time being. A Bond fansite called Commanderbond.net picked up on the info which came from when Craig was signing autographs after a performance of his stage play, A Steady Rain, with Hugh Jackman.

When I said a snippet of info, I meant exactly that. According to a quick comment Craig gave to a fan, Bond 23 will, “start at the end of the next year.” That’s it. He was really busy signing autographs to elaborate and the play he’d just done was probably at the forefront of his mind more than Bond was. Just in case you think he’s been misquoted, there’s an actual video on YouTube of it and we’ve included it in the post for you (Craig says it just before the 1:00 mark):

If anyone other than the producer or studio would have an idea when the next Bond flick was going into production, it would be Bond himself. But keep in mind, this isn’t totally official – it’s just Craig saying it. For all we know that’s just what he’s hoping for, and a late 2010 start date is way off in reality. Who knows.

I just hope that whenever another Bond film gets made that they improve on the last one, Quantum of Solace. With Casino Royale, they did a pretty fantastic job, bringing us a Bond who really took care of business in a no-messin’, no-gadget way. QoS, however, was a disappointment (albeit still entertaining IMHO), with its lacking storyline and shaky-cam action (amongst other things).

Nonetheless, I’m really looking forward to the next one. And what I’m probably most looking forward to seeing is who they get to play the next Bond villain (another weakness of QoS was the bland villain). As far as actors go, I’d like to throw Michael Emerson’s (a.k.a Benjamin Linus from Lost) name in there. I know it wouldn’t be a huge leap for him, but I could really see him as one of those hyper-intelligent villains.

Do you think Bond 23 will start shooting at the end of next year as Craig says? Or is it just talk? And which actor would you like to see play the next Bond villain?

As stated, according Craig, Bond 23 starts shooting at the end of 2010 – we’ll keep you posted on the validity of that statement. It currently has no official release date, but has a tentative release date of sometime in 2011.

Sources: Commanderbond.net (thanks to ComingSoon) and YouTube

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  1. QoS was a big letdown from CR, but I am still looking forward to Craig reprising James Bond. I think he’s a fantastic Bond, and if they can recapture part of what they had in CR it will be a great film. I agree with you, Ross, in that they need a better, bigger, badder villain. Oh, and we need some GADGETS!!!!!

  2. Sounds like he wasn’t too certain and so just said “late next year” to give people a little wiggle room. I doubt it’ll start any later than that as the script is likely already being written now and between now and then, they simply need to get all the pre-production stuff done.

  3. Casino and QoS , I consider parts 1 & 2 of the bond reboot. Now that Craig’s Bond is introduced, and his baggage is gone (having dealt with his lover’s betrayal) , he can really cut loose now. The body count should be MASSIVE.

    I predict this next 007 will be the best of the three.

    Things I want in the next 007:
    1. A jaws-style villain that has 9 lives and returns for multiple films. not a main boss, but a mercenary that can come and go at will.
    2. Connery was the original womanizing butt-kicking bond, Roger Moore had a great sense of humor, Lazenby – cheesiest bond, Dalton – most intense, Brosnan – classiest. It would be nice to see Craig try to be funny… has he actually got a sense of humor? It would be nice to see.

  4. @The Pitt Man

    I think Craig’s already established his own version of Bond. Look at the first hour of Casino Royale, that’s his Bond and I think it suits him. There is a little humour there (setting off all the car alarms), but he also has the intensity.

  5. Casino Royale was decent but Solice was weak to say the least. Let’s get a rebound for bond 23!

  6. Michael Emerson should’ve played the bad guy in QoS. That one change would’ve moved QoS from “barely adequate” to “very good.”

  7. Pierce Brosnan was butt-awful!! Lazenby was in one of the two best Bond films of all time and would have made a great Bond even though the next two Bond stories (Diamonds and Live and Let Die) were two of the worst(right behind any of the Pierce Brosnan crapfests)

    Next film should have “some” gadgets. Not wall to wall ludicrus gadgets (as in the Pierce Brosan Crapfests that ruined the use of gadgets). Hollywood has absolutley no restraint like a bunch of semi-rcovering junkies, it’s either all or nothing because they are seemingly completley incapable of doing anything in moderation. No gadgets or Pierce “Crapfest” Brosnan windsurfing on an icecap outrunning a giant solar laser after fighting in his Cloaking spaceship car??
    I would also hope that they have a real interesting villian in the next film, maybe real islamo facsist terrorists instead of the whole evil white euro-capitalist in tweed suits thing. THose bastard free market capitalists!!! How dare they not go Socialist, it’s so trendy!!!!! Everyone in Washington is doing it and in hollywood too!! It’s so much fun to play God with regular working America’s money and futures especially since most of them have so many tax shelters that they will never have to “spread their own wealth to the poor”. So much fun to forcibly govern the middle class to give charity to Unions and the poor minorities as policy. Those evil Quantum Bastards!!!!
    Finally a bit of comedy would be nice, just a touch here and there. Bond doesn’t have to be a steroidally enhanced Krav Maga fighter in every scene. Sometimes a cute quip while he sends a villian to the afterlife works exceeedingly well. Connery obviously, but also Roger Moore (prob did it too much but not his fault)but also Lazenby in his one outing. It’s about charm. I think Daniel Craig is a charming guy. I know he is because he became Bond all because of Layer Cake. Layer Cake in many ways was much Bondier than QOS.

    No more Paul Haggis please. Tired of his trite leftist commentaries. Had enough. Just want to watch a brilliant entertaining film not be lectured by a pseudo intellectual, Spago, hippie about inequities in society. “Another bottle of $800.00 reserve Shiroz, Mr. Haggis??”

  8. I personally enjoyed QoS very much. Of course, it probably helps that I watched Casino Royale right before going to see it. It’s easier to swallow if you actually take in the fact that it literally starts ten minutes after the CR.

    That being said, I hope Craig doesn’t get into trouble for saying this. Hollywood is being ridiculous enough about Twitter, they shouldn’t jump over actors for throwing out bones to keep the fans happy.

  9. QOS was the worst Bond film ever. But none of the blame should be put on Craig, a shockingly bad script, lacklustre directing, and a mostly poor supporting cast were responsible.

    Personally I was hoping 23 would be out sooner than that, I think the people in charge if the franchise are over thinking this next film. It is James Bond, not Shakespeare. 
    I could write a decent Bond film in a weekend.

    Hopefully 23 will have some humour and wit, and a gadget or two. Also, Billie Piper for Moneypenny.

  10. @Lord Garth

    I’m sorry, but no. Brosnan was a great Bond. He just had the misfortune of being in some of the worst Bond movies, not counting Goldeneye, of course.

    As for Lazenby, there’s no denying that On Her Majesty’s is a good film, definitely in the top half of the Bond canon, but that’s NOT because of Lazenby. His Bond was terrible, not quite as bad as Moore’s ridiculous, but still second to worst. It doesn’t help that half his lines redubbed by a different actor because his accent was way too thick.

    And to all of you who are hating on Quantum (Really, Drsam? You really think QoS is the worst one?), for all it’s weaknesses it was still a very entertaining movie, and is considerably better than almost every one of Roger Moore’s stupid flicks.

    As for Bond 23, we need Q back. There’s nothing wrong with giving Bond a few gadgets, like in the first couple Connery films. Nothing too extreme, but still something. And Moneypenny. I can understand the absence of Q, seeing as they wanted to go gadget-less, but how could they leave out Moneypenny??

  11. Yes I really do, at least Moore’s films provided a laugh. QOS was truly terrible, after CR I though bond might be more like a spy, instead he was written as a violent thug who kills frantically everyone in his path.

    The action sequences were awful. The plot made Die Another Day seem refined. And the only decent characters were killed, Fields, and Mathis. They should have appeared in subsequent films.

    And will people stop calling Bond 23 a sequel!!!!! They are seperate films. Apart from QOS which was a direct sequel. And look how well that worked out!

  12. I liked Solace better than Royale. I know I am in the minority. I thought Casino Royale was really good the first viewing, but then after repeat viewings, I realized how SLOW it is.

    Bond movies need to have a good pace to them.

    Quantum of Solace was tighter, and I feel like the plot was of a higher scale, even if a bit heavy handed in its whole philosophy. The Opera house scene is one of my favorites in all the Bond movies.

  13. @Evan

    Here’s the thing, I loved the Opera House scene as well… until I later realised it served almost no purpose to the story at all. The only thing that comes out of it is the death of that one important guy, but his identifying all of those people who had the earpieces (okay, so I only watched QoS once at the cinema when it was released so I may be mis-remembering things), while cool, ended up effecting nothing in the rest of the movie.

    That was kind of irritating. That and the bad guy was very weak (his character was weak, I don’t care about his physical strength).

  14. billie piper for moneypenny… good choice.

  15. No one who calls themselves a Bond fan could have enjoyed QOS. It is so far removed from Bond, it’s a poor action thriller at best. The character isn’t James Bond.
    Over edited. Badly plotted. Poor acting. Awful directing.

    QOS destroyed all the good faith CR built up, I wanted to believe in this new Bond, but instead we got a rubbish Bourne rip off. Bond films should be unique, not generic.

  16. No one who calls themselves a Bond fan could have enjoyed QOS. It is so far removed from Bond, it’s a poor action thriller at best. The character isn’t James Bond.
    Over edited. Badly plotted. Poor acting. Awful directing.

    QOS destroyed all the good faith CR built up, I wanted to believe in this new Bond, but instead we got a rubbish Bourne rip off that made me like Craig less. Bond films should be unique, not generic.

  17. “QOS destroyed all the good faith CR built up”

    Well said!


  18. Wow the anti QOS is strong in this thread. I personally loved the film and also considered it the second act to CR.
    The Opera house was also one of my fav scenes. Along with the opening chase!

    Lol, Lord Garth,,,
    Also Pitt Man, I agree a new Jaws-type villain would be great!!!
    Billy Piper would also be awesome as Moneypenny. Cool nod to the Who fans.

    Criag has nothing to worry about posting this. The guy is Bond and owns the franchise at this point. ;-)

  19. I agree, the opera scene was excellent and it was the most Bond like moment in the film because he actually did some spying.
    On the other hand I will take issue with the chase, the opening car chase was one of the worst pre title sequences in Bond history. 
    The pre titles is meant to be a mini movie extravaganza in it’s own right, and the car chase was such a let down, and the direction was to blame. As with every other action sequence in the film, it just seemed so slow and boring. I wouldn’t have thought it possible to muck up a James Bond car chase, but there you have it.
    Did anyone see Liam Neeson in Taken last year? Seriously, it out Bonded Bond in every respect. 

  20. That’s funny, I felt that Taken was like QOS. Fueled by revenge/desperation.
    Totally disagree with you on the chase SamBeckett. That chase was very fast paced and realistic compared to some of the Brosnen chases.

    Also the scene where Bond escapes from MI6 and scolds M, for not trusting him was also a classic Bond moment. QOS was a great mid section to the current Bond films. Bring on the next one!!!

  21. Well every one is entitled to their own opinion.

  22. Yeah, I would have to say the opening chase scene was a weak point. There were many weak points in QOS but that opening scene was disappointing.

  23. One thing I liked about the opening chase in QOS, was that Bond didn’t have any hightech gadgets in the car. Like in past films where the car turns into a jet, invisable, or a submarine with surface to air rockets… Lol.

    Nope just good ole fashioned bullet proof glass and a trusty HK assault weapon in the glove box.
    Loved it!!!!

  24. But the chase lasted all of 60 seconds, a real disappointment from the get go. And the theme song was the worst ever!

  25. I hated the way they shot the opera scene. I couldn’t tell WHAT the hell was going on from the way they edited and cut it. After the great, fluid action scenes in Casino Royale, this made the action scenes in the Bourne films look like they were shot in slow motion.

    Oh, and the fact they turned 007 into basically a thug and a murderer.


  26. Hopefully they get a director that knows how to make a quality action movie like Martin Campbell because Quantum of Solace was such a crapfest. It wasn’t an action movie, it was a chase movie. It seemed like it was just one chase that led to another chase that led to another chase which ultimately leads to another chase… There was almost no story, no intrigue, and the action scenes were shot in that crappy shakey cam which is just a cop-out so they don’t need to have a good action correographer.

    The fight scenes had no intensity either. Casino Royale showed how brutal a fight to the death really is. In QoS, it was the crappy Bourne style *bam* *bam* *bam* and it’s magically over. All in shakey cam too so you can’t even tell what happened in those 3 second fights…

    It was a poor excuse for a Bond film and was because the director isn’t a seasoned action movie director, he over-compensated with too much action, not enough story to justify the action.

    It was a pretty brainless chase movie with a few fights thrown in. I don’t get why people seem to like chase scenes so much, chase scenes are just time fillers, this idiot made the entire movie out of them…

  27. View to a Kill was better than QOS

    At least it had a better soundtrack.

    Liked Pierce Brosnan in the Matador. Better Bond than any of his Bond films

    Tired of the crappy Opening Music and scores. John Barry is very healthy and infinately more talented than watshisface who has scored recent Bond films. How about a Bond score not done on a high tech Casio keyboard? Real instruments and fanfare would be welcome.

    Very much liked Casino Royale (except the crap music)
    Like Daniel Craig
    Like the new Felix
    Want him to be a bit more Connery-esque. We all know Craig Bond is tough, a bit of wit and charm would be welcome.
    Matthew Vaughn should be the next director
    John Barry should do the music with a new McCartney opening Song
    They should dig up Maurice Binder and reanimate his body so he can do the opening credits
    Need Q, John Cleese would be fine but without the orange toupee
    Needs a menacing yet slightly chuckley henchman. How about a new Jaws with that Great Khali as younger Jaws
    New Blofeld with the cat
    More chicks

  28. Anymore negative QOS comments and I swear I’m watch the dvd and love it!!!

    I’m warning you,,,

  29. He’ll do it… he’s done it before.